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A Duplicate of the State Taxes for the Year 1786

s=single man | SF=Single Freeman | ()=a different spelling in the original tax list

Fallowfield Township

Adam, John  
Adams, Jacob SF
Adams, John SF
Alis, Amos SF
Allen, Joseph  
Allin, John  
Allison, Robert  
Allman, John  
Allman, William  
Allon, Allie  
Alman, Thomas  
Anstol, John SF
Baily, Henry SF
Baily, Thomas  
Baily, Thomas SF
Baldwine, John  
Barrel, James  
Barton, Stephen  
Bell, Zephenia  
Berry, William  
Best, Vallentine SF
Beverdn (?), James  
Bonner, Edward SF
Bonnet, Thomas SF
Bourke, John  
Bowman, Thomas  
Boyd, Dugall  
Brenton, Joseph  
Bright, William  
Brooks, John  
Brown, Joseph  
Buffinton, John  
Burkley, Stephen  
Burkly, John  
Campbell, Johnston  
Carmichael, John  
Carr, Robert  
Carrol, John  
Carson, James SF
Carson, Thomas  
Case, Mesick  
Casnor, Peter  
Chaffen, Mordica  
Chaffin, William  
Chambers, James  
Chester, Joseph  
Christ, Nicholas  
Clark, Michael  
Cloud, Thomas  
Clouse, William  
Coburn, William  
Cockran, Robt. SF
Colvin, Vincent  
Coonrod, Henry  
Coonrod, Henry  
Cooper, Frederick  
Coulter, John  
Coxx, Thomas  
Crab, Henry  
Crab, Philip  
Cross, Henry  
Crow, John  
Crow, Laurance  
Cull, William  
Cunningham, Richard  
Daniel, Depew  
Darnal, Isaac  
Davis, Fielder,  
Decker, Abraham  
Deems, Adam  
Deems, John  
Deems, Marks  
Dixson, Abraham  
Dixson, Henry  
Dixson, Joshua  
Dixson, Samuel  
Dixson, Silas SF
Dolittle, Moses  
Douddle, Clemm (?)  
Dowler, Thomas  
Duncan, John  
Duncan, John SF
Dunn, John  
Dwier, Thomas  
Earle, Edward  
Edward, William  
Ellis, James  
Ellis, Jesse  
Ellis, Nathan  
England, David  
England, John SF
Everly, Leonard  
Everret, John  
Everret, William  
Falconer, Jacob  
Fasset, Robert  
Fasset, Robert Estate  
Fitzgerral, Nicholas SF
Flemming, John  
Fry, Abraham  
Fry, Abraham Junr.  
Fry, Samuel  
Garratson, Jonathan SF
George, Alexr.  
Gillespie, Neal  
Graybill, John  
Grebill, Christopher  
Gregg, Henry  
Gregg, John  
Guthrie, John  
Guthrie, John Estate  
Hales, John  
Hales, Nathan  
Hall, Joseph  
Hamilton, Danil SF
Hannan (?), Thomas  
Hart, John  
Haskins, George  
Hawk, John  
Hayley, John  
Hays, Enoch  
Hays, Jacob  
Hays, Joseph  
Henderson, Archibald SF
Herman, Thomas  
Hickman, Abraham  
Hill, Alex.  
Hobbs, Joseph  
Hollis, William SF
Hollis, William SF
Hollowell, George  
Hopkins, Alexr. SF
Hopkins, James  
Hopkins, John Junr.  
Hopkins, John Senr.  
Houghland, Richard  
House, Adam  
House, John  
Howe, William  
Hoy, Charles  
Hull, Archibald  
Hull, John  
Hutten, Joseph  
Hutton, Thomas  
Innis (?), James  
Jackman, Edward  
Jackman, John  
Jackman, Richard SF
Jackman, Robert  
Jackman, William  
Jamison, David  
Jarret, John  
Jerple, Isaac SF
Jeterown, Peter  
Johnson, Bernard  
Johnson, Mary  
Johnson, Nicholas  
Jones, Evan  
Jones, Jacob  
Jones, Jacob Junr.  
Jones, John SF
Jones, Rebeckah  
Kelaugh, Francis  
Kelley, James  
Kennedy, Thomas SF
Konner, Thomas  
Lash, Jacob  
Leady, Jacob  
Lean, Henry  
Lewis, Stephen  
Marquis, Kidd (?)  
Matthews, James  
McCardell, Fergison SF
McCaull, John  
McChard, William  
McClain, John  
McComas, John  
McCombs, Daniel SF
McCombs, Samuel SF
McCommas, William  
McCourtney, John  
McEntire, Alexander  
McFarland, James SF
McGellon or McGillon, Alexr. "or Andrew"
McGuire, Philip  
McKinney, Daniel  
McMullen, Hugh  
McMullen, James SF
McRory, David  
Mifferd, John  
Milhollen (?), Patrick  
Miller, Phillip  
Miller, Thomas  
Mitchel, James  
Moore, Samuel  
Morrison, William SF
Nicholas, Thomas  
Nicholas, Thomas Junr.  
Nigel, Bernard  
Nigh, Samuel  
Nox, George SF
Nox, Hanna (?)  
Nox, John  
Noxx, Enock  
Noxx, William  
Offin, Philip SF
Offord, Nathan  
Omphrie, Orr  
Parkinson, James  
Parkinson, John  
Parkinson, Joseph  
Parkinson, Thomas  
Paterson, James  
Pedon, Isaac  
Pennicks, Thomas  
Penter, Ezekial  
Perry, Edmond "or Edwd."  
Peters, William  
Philips, Henry  
Plater, Nicholas  
Platter, Joseph  
Platter, Peter SF
Plotter, Christian SF
Powell, Isaac  
Powell, Nathan  
Powers, Michael  
Prichard, James  
Procktor, John  
Pursley, John  
Raily, John  
Raily, Robert SF
Ralph, Jacob  
Randle, David  
Randle, Enos  
Randle, Samuel  
Ready, Laurance  
Reed, George  
Reed, James  
Reed, John  
Reese, Elijah  
Reily, Robert  
Rice (?), James  
Riddle, George  
Riddle, John  
Ridle, Samuel SF
Rigg, Eliazer  
Rigg, Elliment  
Rigg, Emond  
Rigg, John  
Rigg, William  
Riggle, George  
Riggle, Michael SF
Riggs Jeremiah  
Ritchie, David  
Ritchie, William  
Robock, Benjamin  
Roe, Samuel SF
Roughland, Henry  
Rowler, George  
Rusk, James  
Rysinger, William  
Scott, Alexander  
Scott, John  
Shean, James  
Shively, John  
Shoptaw, John Junr.  
Shoptaw, John Senr.  
Simson, Allen  
Sinnard, William SF
Slibs, Mary  
Smedley, George  
Smith, Abraham  
Sonnard (?), Thomas  
Sparks, William  
Spears, Henry  
Springer, Jacob  
Stacker, Christopher  
Steward, John  
Stillwell, Elias  
Stilwagan, Jacob  
Swearingam, William  
Tannihill, John  
Taylor, Robert  
Temple, George SF
Thomas, Jacob  
Thomas, James  
Thompson, James SF
Tice, John  
Vanhorn, Benjamin  
Waits, Joseph  
Wallace, Harbert  
Wallace, James SF
Wallace, John  
Wallace, William SF
Ward, Richard  
Warth, John  
Watson, Abraham  
Watson, Daniel  
Watson, Isaac  
Weaver, Conrod  
Wells, Augusta  
Wells, Samuel  
Wells, Thomas  
Wells, Thomas SF
West, Edward  
West, Isaac  
West, Jonathan  
West, Joseph SF
West, Thomas SF
Wheeler, Charles  
White, Amos  
White, Benjamin  
White, Edward  
White, Jacob  
Whitehill, George  
Whiteker, Daniel  
Whitelach, Charles  
Wilks, Robert SF
Williams, Christopher SF
Williams, Isaac  
Willks, John  
Willks, Joseph  
Willson, Ephraim  
Wilson, William  
Wirst, Martin  
Young, James  
Young, James "or Jacob"  
Young, John SF
Young, Silas SF

Source: FHL #1027064


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