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Will of Robert Hagerty
Submitted by descendant:  Karen Souhrada

Will of Robert Hagerty
Proved January 13, 1917 - Letters issued to Harry E. Hagerty; Boyd C.
Parshall, Reg.
(written in ink on lined 7x9" tablet paper)
In the name of God, I, Robert HAGERTY, resident of Carroll Township,
Washington County, Pennsylvania make this my last will and testimony.  I
hereby appoint Harry E. HAGGERTY [sic HAGERTY] as executor.  I direct that
no Right-of-way be given or granted through my property to any other land.
I direct that Right which I have with Philadelphia Company for free gas be
reserved for the dwelling house.  Bell Telephone Company has no Right-of-way

The reason I am making the following reservation is for Wind protection for
the house.  A plot of ground bounded as follows:  beginning at a post at
little front gate of dwelling house following original property line south
one hundred thirty twenty-five feet (125), thence proceeding at right angles
thirty two feet (32) West; thence North one hundred twenty five feet (125);
thence east thirty two feet (32) to place of beginning.

After all my debts, funeral expenses and bequeaths are paid, I insturct my
executor to make equal division of all remaining property among all my
children or their heirs.
First:         I bequeath to Francis Hagerty and Elmaria HAGERTY, daughters of my
son Clarence the sum of two ($200) hundred dollars each.
Second:          I bequeath to my daughter Margaret COULTER the sum of five
hundred ($500) dollars.
Third:          I bequeath to my son Harry E. HAGERTY one thousand ($1000) dollars
Fourth:          I bequeath to my daughter Viola HANNA one ($100) hundred
dollars.  For the reason that you have turned me down time and again.
Fifth:         I bequeath to my son Robert D. HAGERTY one ($100) hundred dollars.
For the reason that you have turned me down time and again.
Sixth:        I bequeath to Maggie PETERSON the sum of one ($100) hundered
dollars.  In condition that she stays in my employ during my life time, at
rate of ten ($10.00) dollars per         month and that after my death, if
she does not demand anything in exces of the ten ($10.00) dollars a month
she is to receive one ($100.00) hundred dollars from my         Estate.  If
she demands a greater amount than said sum ($10.00 per month) she is not to
receive the said one hundred ($100.00) dollars.

Dated this third day of July 1913.  Signed, Robert HAGERTY

CODICIL (2 pages on 5 x 7 lined paper):
I, Robert HAGERTY, of Monongahela, Carroll Township, Washington County,
Pennsylvania upon further consideration do make this codicil and supplement
to my last will and testament dated the third day July 1913.
I do hereby change same to read as follows:
To my daughter Margaret, I bequath three ($300.00) hundred dollars instead
of five hundred ($500.00) dollars mentioned in my will.
To my daughter Viola I bequeath five hundred ($500) dollars instead of one
hundred ($100.00) dollars mentioned in my will.
To my son Robert I bequeath five hundred ($500.00) dollars instead of one
hundred ($100.00) dollars mentioned in my will.
I also bequeath to the First Baptist Church of Charleroi two hundred
($200.00) dollars.

Further it is understood that in case any of the legatees of my will shall
enter or shall have entered against me or my estate any account for service
to me or for me of any description, that, her or she forfeits the amounts I
have mentioned in my will and Codicil and will receive instead only one
($1.00) dollar.

Dated the Fourth day of December 1916.
Signed, Robert HAGERTY         [Note from researcher: the signature appers almost
unreadable - scrawled - must have been quite ill.]

[Research Note: Robert Hagerty is the grandson of Mary Hagerty; son of
Samuel James HAGERTY and his wife Elizabeth BLANEY Hagerty]


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