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Will of William B. Hagerty
Submitted by descendant:  Karen Souhrada

Intestate court action: William B. Hagerty, 1907: Monongahela City, Washington Co, PA
William B. HAGERTY
Estate of WILLIAM B. HAGERTY, deceased; now April 2, 1907 Washington county,
PA The petition of WILLIAM M. HAGERTY, a son and heir of the above named
decedent, respectfully represents: That WILLIAM B. HAGERTY, late of
Monongahela City, Washington county, Pennsylvania, died on or about December
22, 1901, intestate, seized in his desmesne as of fee the following
described real estate situate in Monongahela City, Washington county,
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows... [Here follows a legal
geographic description of the property...edited out for the sake of space
and interest.] Upon which is erected a two story frame dwelling house, and
out buildings. Being the same lot or piece of ground conveyed to the said
WILLIAM B. HAGERTY, by deed of GEORGE A. KELLER, et ux., dated February 8th,

1893, and recorded in the Recorder's Office of said Washington county in
Deed Book Vol. 182, page 82. That the said descendant left to survive him a
widow, [KEZIA GEHOE HAGERTY] who has since died on May 23, 1905, and the
following heirs,
viz: 1) WILLIAM M. HAGERTY, your petitioner: 2) CHARLES LESLIE HAGERTY, of
Duquesne, Allegheny county, PA., a son; 3) ANNA K. HAGERTY FLETCHER, a
daughter, intermarried with HENRY E. FLETCHER, of Avalon, Los Angeles
county, CA; 4) CARL S. FOULKE, of Monongahela City, Washington county, PA.,
a grandson, being the only child of MARY HAGERTY FOULKE, a daughter of said
descendant, intermarried with ....FOULKE, and the said MARY FOULKE having
died intestate on November 18, 1886, a date prior to the date of death of
WILLIAM B. HAGERTY, the decedent. And the said CARL S.
FOULKE is now a minor, of the age of about 20 years, and has the Monongahela
City Trust Company for his guardian. 5) The following named Grand children
of the decedent, who are children of THEODORE J. HAGERTY, a son of WILLIAM
B. HAGERTY, who died intestate on July 11, 1900, and left to survive him a
widow and the following named five children, viz: a) DELLA ROSE (HAGERTY)
JOHNSON, intermarried with W. O. JOHNSON, of Niagara Falls, NY; b) LAURA
LEMORA HAGERTY, of Niagara Falls, NY; c) WILLIAM CLYDE HAGERTY, of Niagara
Falls, NY; d) ELIZABETH PEARL (HAGERTY) POPPELL, intermarried with A. J.
POPPELL, of Jacksonville, Duval county, FL; e) THEODORE GLENN HAGERTY, of
Niagara Falls, NY, being a minor of about twenty years of age, and having
the Monongahela City Trust Company for his guardian. ... Your petitioner
therefore prays the Court to award an inquest to make partition of the
premises aforesaid, to and among the parties entitled the reto, in such
portions as prescribed by the Laws of this Commonwealth, if such partition
can be made without prejudice to and spoiling the whole....And he will ever
pray, etc.
[Research Note: William B. Hagerty is the grandson of Mary Hagerty; son of
Samuel James HAGERTY and his wife Elizabeth BLANEY Hagerty.]


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