Wayne County Bios

Adams, James
Brundage, Arvilla Swingle Diary
Cavanaugh, James & Mary
Fletcher, John E. - Family Record
Harvey, John W.
Killam, John
Lord, John
Maloney, Sylvester
Myrick, Daniel Charles - See bio posted at Find A Grave
Olmsted, Osborn
Palmer Family
Peck, Rev. Elijah
Potter, Jacob
Scholl, William  new
Seely, Sylvanus - Offsite link to Diary
Shaffer, John
Simpson, Jonathan Drake
Stegner Family
Wheeler, Martha Harriett Diaries

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Commemorative Biographical Record, Including Susquehanna, Pike, Monroe & Wayne Counties  - J. H. Beers, 1900, Chicago  Online at DistantCousin.com

Family Histories Online at LDS Family Search

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