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These diary entries were submitted in January 2002 by:  Debby Shaffer Bell

Diary entries are from the diary of Arvilla Swingle, b. June 28 1887

   Arvilla was  married to Henry Brundage. Their children are Daniel, Warren, Lucy and Louise.  Louise is Debby Shaffer Bell's grand mother.

[ *(*(*(*( means that the writing cannot be read]

Diary of Arvilla Brundage 1945

Mon Jan 1 1945

I am over to Louises yet have looked for the folks all day. Lucy ask me what I want for new year and I told her to get me a ford v8.  She thought I was homesick. I do worry a lot about home but am not homesick. Sam has a very lame back they got a red cross plaster for it Lucy dosent feel very good either.

  Tues Jan 2 1945

Still over to Scranton havenāt heard a word from home. Louise called last Wed night 8 I slept till 11 then Lucy woke me. After we eat I went to sleep again and was asleep when Sam came at 2 pm Lucy didnāt go to the Dr after all she went to a meeting to a church got home about 10 PM It was in the paper  where John Seeley was found unconscious near his work was taken to hospital and died about 11 am this morning. Didnāt hear from the folks at home guess they canāt write. Robert Lamberton birthday born 1915

  Wed Jan 3 1945

I never heard Louise when she went to work it was 20 after 10 when I woke up. No word from out home yet Edna and Boyd went to Earnest at White Haven for new year.

  Thurs Jan 4 1945

We had a card from Henry. They think I better come home on the buss. I had to go I have my blankets over here and need them out home. Sam got a basket of lovely apples for $1.25(could be $.25)

  Fri Jan 5 1945

Louise Andy and I went to a show it was nice the toilet got stopped up and went all over the floor. Lucy was told her work would last some time longer.

I had a apple pie for supper and cooked some beans and Sam got the nicest fish.

  Sat Jan 6 1945

Lucy went to the Dr today didnāt get home till after 6 pm. Then after supper she and Sam and I went to town and went to the show and she had to get a prescription filled. We went to a 10 cent store and got some things there was a big fire in town on north Washington Ave. Louise and Andy stayed home she didnāt feel to good had a sort of sore throat Lucy was awful cold.

  Sun Jan 7 1945

Lucy and I stayed home Louise Sam and Andy went to see where the fire was last night They went to the show Louise call up out home they are all right said they might come over next Sunday. I was disappointed when they didnāt come today

Mon Jan 8 1945

It was awful cold today. But Lucy washed a few pieces and hung out I didnāt hear from out home.

  Tue Jan 9 1945

Louise went with Andy to call on his brother She called Dr Cook for more medicine for me. Itās awful cold here I wrote to the folks out home Sunday night

  Wed Jan 10 1945

Lucy had to start about 2 hours early

She was supposed to down there at 11 am. We made rice pudding and she had some before she went.

We made macaroni and cheese for supper. Then Lucy and I laid down to listen to the radio and we both went to sleep Louise shut it off.

  Thurs Jan 11 1945

Lucy got up before I did and fixed the fire to burn and took a bath and was back in the room dressing when I woke. Then we had breakfast and I got a letter from Edna Enslin and Louise one from Jim Bell Sam got home about 2 oāclock went to the store and got hamburg and cookies. Lucy went to the elm park church she bought me a pair of silk stockings so I could go but I really felt tired so went to bed and went to sleep.

  Fri Jan  12 1945

Last night Lucy went to the Elm Park Church to a meeting and was so cold when she got home she slept with me and Louise on the bed couch. So Lucy had the hot pad to get warm by. Andy was in today and warmed up a can of soup and took it down for Louises dinner at work. My medicine came from Dr Cook. Sam couldnāt get the refrigerator set till tomorrow.

  Sat Jan 13 1945

Lucy had to go to the Dr without anything to eat or drink since her supper last night she didnāt get home from work till most 9 pm last night. Henry Warren and Jimme and the children came for me.we got home about 5 oāclock. Jim washed dishes and got supper and washed the supper dishes and cleaned my stove good for me he came in about half drunk and stayed all night it sure looks as if they must have had a bee to upset things the way they are. the big clock wont go and broke the midly  size brown ^*&^(^(*^ that Louise got me and the fire stove. Lucy hadent got home when I left over there.

  Sunday Jan 14 1945

O dear such a day Jim has been so mean he and Daniel got in a serap a real fight with Mike Bolick

And Henry Jeruniels are booth missing over acount.

Baked 6 loaves of bread and 4 pans of cinnamon rolls 2 pans of bread biscuits. Doc *(*(* up bottle flour  and I washed quite a lot and cooked beans also. Mandy called Mrs. Knapp was very sick but I felt so bad I couldnāt go out. Beverly came down to see me today but I was going to bed. but she didnāt stay very long.

  Mon Jan 15 1945

I havent felt a bit good all day Daniel didnāt go to work Henry thought he had to file a income tax return but they phoned and found out he didnāt. I wanted them to take me out to see Mrs Knapp but they wouldnāt in the afternoon they got a load of wood. then at night Daniel was going to see Eleanor and I was going to Hetzels but it started to snow so he didnāt go so I couldent go. Ves was in half drunk Beverly came down to see me and got some potatoes for supper and tomatoes apples and a can of cloke cherries. I wrote to the girls and got the letter in the mail.

  Tue Jan 16 1945

Daniel went to work to Honesdale. I called at noon to tell him to go to Aunt Berthas and stay till the roads were open but he had left at 11 they said he dident get home till most 3 oāclock. He said they left the car at Vanerchachs and walked the rest of the way in was awful tired and Veses car came by Waymart to So Cannaan and he had to walk in from *(**(*(* Pete Warcholyaks brought our mail with the horses he had seen the mail man some where and he sent to in Dan got us 3 pounds of butter. Schools all let out at noon but they had to shovel so to get home. Jim didnāt get here till after 3 oāclock a terrible snow storm the worst in 5 years the radio says.


Wed Jan 17 1945

No milk went, no mail and no schools on account of snow. The roads all blocked told Ves walked out to Karnicks the men didnāt get up till after 8 oāclock this morning it was after 11 oāclock when he had breakfast. Henry helped me do the dishes I cooked squirrel and cabbage and potatoes for supper I looked out the window and saw Beverly coming down to see me her daddy had her by the hand but she would *)*) and get again. Our mail box is all covered up but just the very top with snow. We heard last night Walter Thom had broke his leg and is in hospital in Kingston Pa

  Thursday Jan 18 1945

Our road wasent open yet today Pete Warcholyak and one men took the team and broke the roads to Goe Nolans so they can take the milk in this morning. I went up to J&*(&& when they took some wood up with the horses. Lucy called while I was gone. When I went up to the barn to see the new calf and went in and saw the new milk house. Edna called up and said Boyd took his milk out to So Cannaan he had 12 cans.

    Fri Jan 19 1945

Pete took his team and all the milk and Warren went with him and they had to go clear to Hoadleys They didnāt get back till afternoon Daniel went to Eleanors and will stay all night. Jim went to Alberts they didnāt open this road today still worked on the state road again today the mail *)*)*)( left our mail out to *)*)(*) Doc Jim went out and got it. I got a lovely letter from Lucy.

  Sat Jan 20 1945

Roads all blocked up yet but our mail men went to Honesdale and to Lake Airel Brought our mail and left it at So Cannaan. Daniel Lamberton brought it in. Daniel is down to Eleanor went yesterday and Jim went to Alberts and stayed all night and they *()*)*)*)*)*(*)*)(*and Jim went to S*(*(* to Bolocks were over and plowed to the *(*(*(*(* to open this road so they could take Mr Bolock to a doctor in Jessup

  Sun Jan 21 1945

Jim nor Dan either one came home the *(*(*(*(*(*Opened this road this afternoon and up

 past Lambertons. Daniel plowed

He wouldnāt be home but would go to work from Eleanors in the morning and Jim called he wanted to stay and go to school from Alberts and come home on the school buss tomorrow night. June and the babies went down and June made ice cream and they stayed down for supper.

  Monday Jan 22 1945

Our road was open but the mail man didnāt come over this way but Jim brought our mail from Geo *(*)*)  when he came home from school its snowing some and the radio says the wind will blow. Daniel came home from work tonight it seems so good to see him. Ves missed his ride to work this morning he has only worked ø day since I came from Scranton and Dan 1 ø since I came home on account of bad roads.

  Tue Jan 23 1945

Daniel went to work it is snowing some this morning the men there got some wood sawed, us and Warren both some. Maurine called and said they were going to have a birthday card shower for Walter Tlorm who is in a Kingston hospital with a broken leg the 26 of Jan. I donāt feel able to look up card so will get a letter ready and send it out the first time I get a chance.

  Wed Jan 24 1945

The roads are worse than before our mail box is completely covered up cant even see parts of it through the snow. Daniel got home about 9 oāclock last night had to leave the car at So Canaan and walk on home here about 3 miles Lonnie Anderson stayed up with Earl Bowenbury(sp)

No milk went today I see in the paper they think civilians will have more sugar in the next 6 weeks I guess every one hopes so

  Thursday Jan 25 1945

No milk went today so of course no milk checks. We need some things in *(*(*(*( cow feed no hope the roads soon get passable again *(*(*(*(**(*(*(Tuesday and last week it was the same Ves came in from Karnicks with a quarter of veal and he stayed all night he had the lights and liver and heart I cooked the lights for him and *(*(*( to get sick with a cold this afternoon but not very bad yet. The water in the back room froze the lot water only Edna Enslin called me up from Adrean Van Sickler.

  Fri Jan 26 1945

Henry and Warren and Dan went to Lake Ariel to get some things and took up the note on Boonies car. And Henry paid *(*(*( on the one for the Electric Daniel didnāt come home stayed with Eleanor Henry went on to So Canaan and Dr cooks to get me some medicine and mailed my letter to Walter Tlorn and Louise but they wont leave So Canaan till tomorrow Henry got 25 pounds of pancake flour our mail was left to So Canaan.

  Sat Jan 27 1945

Warren and Henry took the milk and got the milk checks and got Peter. Pete came over and got him after diner I came right down (*( bad with cold and grip and Henry got gloss starch instead of cough drops like *(*(*(*( to him Daniel didnāt come home today and Warren wants to go and see Marshall Frisbie tomorrow and cant if Daniel dosent come home.

  Sun Jan 28 1945

They had to take the milk to Hoadleys its afternoon when they get home half froze then have all the chores to do Jim wont help Doc do anything so if Henry goes with Warren there is nothing done till they get back home. Still good and sick with this cold and trouble from my stroke.

  Mon Jan 29 1945

Today is the 26th anniversary of my sister Elsies death I wonder if her and mother are so they know of each other. Still no better can hardly set up at all and  how awful mean Jim has been all day. I tried to get him to clear the table and do the dishes but he wouldent do it they sawed wood for Warren and us both no mail today.

  Tue Jan 30 1945

Boonie dident come home yet and he dident work yesterday I heard he was in Lake Ariel Henry went with Warren with the milk then after they got home they butchered a pig for Warren Wayne and Phylis Frisbie walked to *(*(* I have been to bed most all day.  

Wed Jan 31 1945

Bonnie dident come home and I am sure awful sick today donāt sit up at all. Jim Barett called and said Annie Boot Jack died this afternoon and the road are all drifted full. Lucy called and of course wants me to come to Scranton and Boyd called and offered to come and get me and take me to his house. Then Edna and Hazel could take care of me. I canāt even get myself something to eat all I have had today crackers and coffee. There is no one here to do *(*( for me.

  Thursday Feb 1 1945

Boonie dident come home or dident work either I *(*(* he would come home *(*(* makes it awful hard for Henry he has to go with them with the milk to Hoadleys and it makes him about sick all day. Frank Lamberton was in and said they had to take a team and bob sleigh to get Annie to the funeral Parlor and a bunch of men to shovel. I called Mrs Williams and she said Geo had just gone to Ed Van(*(*(*(*(* just died this afternoon they donāt know where they will bury her.

  Fri Feb 2 1945

Boonie dident come home yet I am so sick that some how I miss him awful I wish he I wish he would come he dident work today so now I think maybe he will come tonight Warren and Jim butchered 4 pigs today 2 for Henry and 2 for Warren the milk dident go at all today Henry was so tired he wouldent sit up long enough to call Boonie after he got the chores milking done.

  Sat Feb 3 1945

Boonie dident come home today Pa talked to him but he wants to stay till morning and then come up. Doc went with the milk teams to Hoadlys and rode in to Honesdale with the milk truck. They are going to bury Annie Earl Swingle tomorrow in the afternoon Geo Williams has to go with team and bob sleds to get Earl and family and take them to the funeral parlor

  Sun Feb 4 1945

Daniel and Eleanors brother came up and they butchered the beef cow it seemed so good to see Daniel. Edna Warcloyak came over to spend the after noon. It seemed good to see her. My cold is quite a lot better but cough quite a lot yet but I got *()*)*)* and most of the dinner today. Louise called tonight and she called me while Lucy was getting to the street car.

  Monday Feb 5 1945

Daniel went home with Ottis Swingle so he could get to work from there he cant from here. They are going to have Annie Earl Swingles fureral this afternoon Maurine Lamberton said they had a vault for Annie I am sure glad Geo Nolan put our milk in his s*(*(*( and took the milk to Hoadleys with him so Henry and Warren went to the Lake and got feed and grocerys and paid his insurance and the electric.

  Tuesday Feb 6 1945

Mandy called and said she saw Doc going by the turn out by her house so he is on his way back here Beverly came down to see me today and Warren and June was down tonight Daniel called tonight ()()( him to get me a bottle of ())()( saehamie tablets Doc brought  the mail I had a letter from Mrs Knapp ()()() said she has lost her *(*(*( I felt so sorry about it I couldnāt help but cry over her letter

  Wednesday Feb 7 1945

Doc cleaned the pigs head all good for me and Jim helped Pete Warcholyak shovel out by his house Ves shoveled snow out on the state road they got up as far as ()()(  Jim was awful tired and mean when he got home from shoveling snow.

  Thursday Feb 8 1945

 Pete and Warren took the milk to Hoadleys in the afternoon Pete and Warren and Henry shoveled the roads to Karnicks ()()() for hours and Warren walked on out to So Canaan and he went to Dr Cooks for medicine for me Jom worked on the state road shoveling snow he and Ves both worked no mail today.

  Friday Feb 9 1945

Jim worked on the road again today he was awful tired and mean (*(**(*(*( to get home eat his supper and went right to bed Sam called at *(*(**(8 Lucy had a *(*(*)*)*))*(**(**(*(*(* in the afternoon then I had a letter from ()*(*)*(*)(*)) When Jim came ()**)*)**)(*(the mail Edna Enslin called from Boyds.

  Saturday Feb 10

Jim worked again today but got done they are going to put *(*(*(* snow plow on Dan is still down to Swingles he also worked on the road down there. No mail today. Edna and Pete Warcholyak came over to listen to the radio Louise called said if Lucy had gone to the Dr again  

Sunday Feb 11 1945

Daniel dident come home today this afternoon I went up to Warrens and June and the babies came down with me and stayed for supper and spent the evening Henry called Daniel and told him the road to Waymart was open and that Doc Spangenberg was going that way to work so now he could get to work that way.

  Monday Feb 12 1945

Doc cut up some beef and we had a nice roast for supper Jim made a freezer of ice cream and they came down for the evening Daniel came home in the night Maouine Lamberton was up to *()*)* for some feed and said that they were going to open this road Wednesday. I sure hope so.

  Tuesday Feb 13 1945

Daniel didnāt go to work today but they got quite a nice lot of wood in the *(*(*(*( and *(*(*( up here to the house it snows quite a bit but didnāt *(*(*( and drift almost like rain about started today and Howard went it seems so awful good Beverly wanted to come down but her dident bother with her

  Wednesday Feb 14 1945

Daniel dident work in Honesdale but Daniel Lamberton went by and gave him work opening roads so its just the same anywhere Jim went to school but Geo *(*(*(*(* couldent *(*(*(* the  8989898 OUT BY Sam Ferrislo and they had to walk on to school Ves dident go to work in Honesdale or wouldent work for Daniel Lamberton opening roads he left here at noon with Daniel but wouldent work


Thursday Feb 15 1945

Daniel and Ves went to Honesdale to ()()()( Daniel brought home those wedges that Doc bought and left in Honesdale *(*(*( is **(*(*( and they weighed 6 pounds each and 4 pounds of sugar I canned a *(*(*(* of meat 14 quarts Henry cut it off  for me I got a letter from cousin *(*(*(** Lake.


 Friday Feb 16 1945

I got a letter from Louise with 8 dollars in it.

Daniel whet to work in Honesdale but Ves dident show up Pete Warcholyak took the milk but Carl Jerusick took it from Nolans our Jim went to school and Warren shoveled snow on Lambertons hill Dan brouht his father a bottle of beer and me a box of *(*(*(*(* I ask henry for a quart of cider to put in the mince meat and he wouldent give it to me so I had to make it without it. Pete Warcholyak was in and spent the evening.

  Saturday Feb 17 1945

Oh dear how awful mean Jim has been all day. he has made me feel so bad I cant stay up went to bed before dark. Warren and Daniel both helped open roads up on Lambertons hill Daniel went to Eleanors tonight Ves came in and Henry went and got him a quart of cider I sure was mad cause he wouldent let me have any for the mince meat Lucy called about noon.

  Sunday Feb 18 1945

Daniel came home about noon Eleanor and her brother brought him as far as Karnicks turn Daniel wanted his pants washed so I did quite a bit of

washing 5 shirts for Daniel and got them ironed. Edna Warcholyak came over and spent the evening.Eleanor called up and wanted Daniel to come back down tonight so he went back and is going to walk from there in the morning. The men from all around shoveled snow on this road started from our house and went towards the highway.

  Tuesday Feb 20 1945

Daniel dident go to work today after staying down there called and said their car broke down and they had to come back Warren worked on *(*(*(*(*(* after he got back with the milk they got done from the high way to Harry Warcholyake house and most to Bolecks gate from our house Henry got mad at me tonight cause I ask him not to play the radio so hard and wouldent play it at all acted to mean for anything over it.

Wednesday Feb 21 1945

Daniel dident come home again tonight heās been gone now since Sat night Henry took the horses and plow and plowed up the snow so the men could shovel it out. Ves worked on the road and they got it open for cars to. Botecks gate Jim got me some medicine of Dr cook I got a letter from Wells Fredrick.

  Thursday  Feb 22 1945

No mail today even if the roads were open the men worked on the road in the afternoon and got it open to our mail box it rained in the fore noon so they dident go our in the morning. Daniel came home from Honesdale tonight Daniel Lamberton was in and told the men he wanted them to open this calender hill but Pete and Geo want half so I donāt know if these men will finish it or not.

    Friday Feb 23 1945

Jim Barrett helped open the road in front of our house and in the afternoon Henry and Warren opened our drive way then at night Warren and June and Daniel went to Ariel for some feed Eleanor got me a nice pan cake turner in Honesdale I got a  letter from Lucy and Louise with 2 bucks in it I havent felt very good all day been to bed most of the time.

  Saturday Feb 24 1945

Jim Barrett came over and helped open the road they got done most to the pine tree. Pete **(*( George would help nor Ves he went and got drink I baked 6 loaves of bread 4 pans of buns and 2 pans of biscuits.

Itās a year ago right now 5 till 5 that my mother died how I miss her. Daniel acted mean about helping on the road to Ka*(*(*( went to Eleanors and they came up after we had been to bed but we got up and met her.

  Sunday Feb 25 1945

Minnie and Doris came down and Earl and Willma and Mildred and Bill came up Warren and June and myself went out to Hetzels in the afternoon And Daniel called and said he and Eleanow were coming up for supper so when I got home they were here and her brother Ot*(*(* and milford Carl were here they went home about 11 pm

  Monday Feb 26 1945

Daniel dident come home from Eleanors nor he dident go to work. Henry called about 11:30 am and told him he needed his car in the afternoon so him and **(*llis came up but they got here so late that henry and Warren dident make the lake before the bank closed then when they came home from the lake Daniel and *(*(*(lis went back down to Eleanors and he called about 3 in the morning and dident want to come home. But they had to have the car to go to the lake again so he came home at 4:25 am so he wouldnāt go to work again till Tuesday.

  Tuesday Feb 27 1945

Well I got my check from mothers estate $114.85 cents Henry Warren and Jime and the babies went to the Lake again we had a sick cow but they got home and tended to her but Warren came **(*(( about 11 oāclock and went up to see how she was but she had cast her weathers so they all got up and went and took care of her. Doc got his check also today so now he says he had got to go to Honesdale tomorrow the mail man came here to the house the first time since Jan 15th and he got stuck on the hill.

  Wednesday Feb 28 1945

Henry Warren and Jim Barrett all opened roads on the calener hill Daniel Lamberton and wife got a baby girl yesterday Doc went away today said he might not be back he was going to Keneth Carfield for a visit. I washed and cleaned his bed all up nice and the things got dry and I ironed what I washed today and Monday we had pancakes and fresh ham for supper.

  Thursday March 1 1945

The men dident work on the calender hill after all but it was to late when I found it out to go out to Hetzels after all so I baked bread and got ready to go in the morning. Beverley was down and said she had been shoveling snow and*(*(*( we cracked wallnuts and had a nice little visit we had spagetti for supper and Ves came in and had supper with us Jim and I had a real serap over a drink of tea.

  Friday March 2 1945

I went out to Hotzels and spent the day and visited with Mrs Knapp poor soul she donāt know where she is how I would have loved to put my arm around her and tried to make her understand how she had been so sick and something had happened to her that she dident realize just how things are with her. Henry and Warren came and got me at night Daniel got my watch in Honesdale cost $1.50 Daniel and Ves rode with Frank Rock and met him down by Daniel Lambertons turn. Daniel brought his dad a quart of beer tonight.

  Saturday March 3 1945

The men are really working on the Calender hill today they want to get it finished today Daniel Brundage and Daniel Lamberton helped and they did get done. I rec a letter from Louise with two bucks in it one from Sam Ves brought Jim a pair of *(*(*(* pants Daniel went down to Eleanors and stayed all night the men here dident get done with the chores till most 10 oāclock we heard Pete Theafold is dead.

  Sunday March 4 1945

Eleanor called up wanted to know if it was allright for Daniel to stay and help butcher so he stayed came home some time in the night Henry and Warren took the team and lumber wagon and went to Geo Nolans and broke a track through the snow and there was no road and Jim wouldent get ()()()()() and Beverly was here and she and I had to go to bed it was so cold till Henry came and made a new fire got the house warm again June came down and helped milk and I took care of Bonnie and she was real good.

  Monday March 5 1945

Jim got his foot cut the left one by the little toe. Daniel took him out to Dr Cook and he put 3 stitches in it Ves dident work today I have felt pretty *(*(*(* all day Louise called at night *(*(* they were gone with Jim to the Dr June and Warren were *(*(* and she baked pan cakes and we all had supper *(*(*( and she helped milk I cooked a ham and  am going to send Lucy and Roe part of it.

  Tuesday March 6 1945

Ves came in this morning after Daniel had been gone about ø hour said his clock wasent right he got our beef down and the pigs and cut them up for me I got one canner done today 17 quarts and got quite a bit in the cans and got some to soak Ves stayed all night so he sure would get up in time in the morning I sent the meat to Lucy and Louise.

  Wednesday March 7 1945

Daniel went to see Eleanor dident get home till two am. I cooked meat all day but still have a couple of canners for morning and Veses meat to do tomorrow  Jim is anxious to get around wants to build a fish rack. Henry and Warren cut a big maple and cut it up for wood it burns so much better than that fire we had. Ves went home tonight Edna Enslin called and said she had work she would get her *(*(*(*(

  Thursday March 8 1945

I finished canning the meat got all done about 5 oāclock I baked two coffee cakes and done quite a bit of washing this afternoon. I went to the Dr with Daniel when he took Jim to the Dr to have his foot dressed and be *(*(* out so Mrs Cook and I visited till he came and my heart beat was 74 and high blood pressure 166 where it should be one hundred and 48. The Dr said to come Monday night and he would take the stitches out.

         Friday March 9 1945

Warren and Henry cut some wood on Warrens place. Beverly came sown and had supper with me we had a nice time and Jim and I wanted to go to Honesdale with Daniel but he thought Frank wouldent want to take me Eleanor got my tablet and envelops and post cards. And Daniel brought them home to me and Daniel got a 100 watt bulb for the bath room.

  Saturday March 10 1945

Harry Warcholyaks called and wanted Pete to greet the buss in Honesdale at a quarter till 9 pm. Daniel went to Eleanors and stayed all night they got our chores done at 7 pm so they could listen to the plays on the radio. Phylis Frisbie came over to join and stayed all night. They were down this afternoon. Daniel went to Honesdale with Frank Rock to drive big car home it wasent done so he had to hire a way to get home and was he mad.

  Sunday March 11 1945

Daniel came home and brought Eleanor up for dinner and stayed till evening then went home Gene Krasky was up for dinner and said his brother john left him 5 thousand dollars  *(*(*(*(*(* son and Eddie 5 thousand he died in the Phil*(*(*( Harry and Edna Warcholyak were this afternoon Ves was in and wasent drunk he helped Henry saw wood so Daniel could help with the chores.

  Monday March 12 1945

I washed some today we had roast left from supper and potatoes and beans so I dident have to cook. I went to Hetzels when Daniel took Jim to the Dr to have the stitches out so I visited with Mrs Knapp and Mandy. Eleanor called while we was there but Daniel waited till we got home to call her. Mandy got me 6 loaves of bread off the bread man.

  Tuesday March 13 1945

I went with Daniel to Doc Spangenberg to Honesdale and went to aunt Berthas she went over town with me. I got two new *(*(*(* Earl Rinemberg(sp)  came over to Berthas to see me we had a nice visit when I got home Warren had got a notice to go t Wilkes Barre to be examined for the service. Henry was terrible mad and so mean he thought I had took a dollar of his I got a flash light for Sam he wanted it so at xmass time Jim and Henry dident even have a fire when I got home

  Wednesday March 14 1945

Henry and Warren and Jim went to Honesdale to the draft board and went on over to Nathaniels and got my apron and Warren took a chimney block to show Nathaniel. Ves or Daniel neither one got up to go to work. Ves had been drunk and dident wake up and I dident have the alarm on so it was 10 to 6 when I looked at the clock and Daniel first wouldent get up and I got a letter from Louise with 2 dollars in it.

  Thursday March 15 1945

The men were here to get the right of way to go to Warcholyaks I have some sausage to can today I washed and got it all done and the water emptied and **(*(*(*( cleaned while Henry was listening to the radio. Dan came home and laid down on the couch and went to sleep and wouldent get up to help with the chores or eat no supper. Edna Enslin called and said she was coming over Sat night and Boyd had gone to the Dr and he said it was a heart condition she had been to Scranton on business I canned up the sausage today.

Friday March 16 1945

Ves told me that Bertha rode home with them last night she was going over to their farm to get some tools for him to work with around their house. Jim was to school and went to the Dr and had his foot dressed its doing all right Ves came by and had some candy for Jim and give Beverly.

  Saturday March 17 1945

Henry and Warren and Jim went to the lake Henry had the check cashed and put it in the bank got some lemons and some fish I dident feel very good in the afternoon so was to bed most of the time. Edna and Boyd came over and Henry was snoty enough to sneak out the front door and went up to Warrens and stayed till after they had gone. He makes me sure awful ashamed of him to act like that. They have both done plenty for us that is the way he always used me but I hate to have other folks know how he acts.

  Sunday March 18 1945

Daniel came in about 11:30 said he thought we wanted him to come he went back again at night got stuck in the mud out by Botocks gate Warren took the team out and got him out. June and the children were down in the evening. Ves came about drunk and stoped and Jim went down and stayed all night with his dad. Jim got mad at me because I wanted to get Gaberil Heaters on the Radio and he wanted to get crime *(* so he went with Ves he got 2 fish and gave them to Jim.

  Monday March 19 1945

Jim went to school again today. I got a letter from Roe. Sam called about noon. Today Louise dident go to work Lucy called also and said she felt so bad that she had decided to go to the Dr now so she had made a appointment with Dr Mattis and was going with her.

  Tuesday March 20 1945

Itās very windy here today so I washed my clothes got dry in no time. Daniel dident get the *(*(*( for warren and I scolded him and he got real sore at me I did some of the Ironing but had to stop to get supper and was too tired to finish after supper.

  Wednesday March 21 1945

Finished the ironing this morning. Daniel got Warren the underwear in Honesdale after all I baked 9 loaves of bread. Daniel took Frank Lamberton out to his brothers Robert tonight so he would be there and will ride up with Warren Edwards to honesdale he has to go with the bunch to Wilkes Barre that leave Honesdale at 6 am in the morning. Our Warren bay has to go also Daniel talked to Eleanor and*(*(* was drunk and raising the devil.

  Thursday March 22 1945

Oh lord such a long day I donāt believe I have had Warren off my mind more than 5 minutes at a time all day. Lucy called tonight but Warren hadent got home yet. Daniel got the coffee but not the butter forgot the nature book. Oh thank the lord Warren got home about 8:30 pm and was rejected a heart condition and high blood pressure. I feel so thankful for him and his little family and my self also. Jim broke another one of my dinner plates a real one this time the other day a blue one Frankie Lamberton had to stay in Wilkes Barre all night.  

Friday March 23 1945

Warren donāt feel to good yet today his one hand and arm shakes and trembles *(*(* hard yet but he and Henry and Jime and the babies all went to Ariel for feed. Henry got me 3*(*( of sweet peas. Warrens little Magie**(*(*((*(*(*(*(*( a little heifer calf Daniel went to see Eleanor Henry ask him to come home early he and Warren wants to draw the straw over from his barn I hope he comes so he can help them Warren feels so bad and there is so much to do. Warren called Lucy and told her about his being rejected.

  Saturday March 24 1945

Daniel did not come home and the men feel pretty bad about it they needed him so bad. Jim plowed up the pipe to the watering trough and he had to dig up the pipe then they couldent get the pipes back together again so will have to take it to the lake and have some pipe threaded before they can fix it. Warren and *(*(*( were down for supper Louise called and said she had found a radio for Jim for 25 dollars and Jim told her to get it but Daniel dident come home so we couldent get it.

  Jim came home for dinner and went right away fishing again

Sunday March 25 1945

Well Daniel isnāt home yet it donāt make much difference today only that Warren feels so bad he could help out with the chores and let Warren rest. But Warren had to take the milk. Frankie Lamberon dident pass either. Carl Swingle came over and had dinner with us. Edna Enslin was over in the afternoon for a little while. Ves and Jim came home late but in time to help milk. Ves was about drunk. Daniel dident come home till one oāclock in the night been gone since Friday night. How awful bad we needed him. Warren is about sick and has to keep going Jim wouldent help Warren either went fishing 9 am got home 6 pm.

  Monday March 26 1945

Henry Warren and Jim and Minnie Lamberton went to Lake Ariel and got the feed and cashed the milk check. Willma called and said we could go to Honesdale so Warren and Jime and Henry and I all went up. I was out to Hetzels and she stopped there and got me and Warren drove out to Doc Sp**(enburg and we stopped there when we came home in Daniels car. Warren and June was here for supper Henry dident get no flour at the Lake so I cant bake till I get some.

  Tuesday March 27 1945

Edna called to see if Henry was going with her to Scranton Thursday and he is. Edna Warcholyak was over this afternoon they have their wireing about done it cost them $1168(could be $168). Ves got a big mess of fish give us and Warren and himself all had a nice mess. I got Ves an alarm clock at Bo**ds in Honesdale $11.82(could be $1.82) he was real pleased with it. Willma and Earl came up and brought us a sack of flour Lucy called to talk to Warren.

  Wednesday March 28 1945

Daniel dident work in Honesdale took his car out to the garage then at night he went to Eleanors they had a farewell party for Layton Swingle. He leaves for the service Friday. I baked 6 loaves of bread 2 pans of biscuits 3 pans of cinnamon rolls Jim was awful mean he wouldent get no wood nor take the things up stairs for me threw them on the floor.

  Thursday March 29 1945

Daniel stayed to Eleanors all night came home after Warren had gone with the milk. Edna came over and got Henry and took him to Scranton with her. I have been sick all day the men came from *(*(*( about the milk cooler he looked at the refrigerator but couldent do anything with it. Warren has been working on his truck. I had a letter from the men from Murrays looked at our refrigerator and said it needed the lot wore relay and I would have to have a electrician come and take it off and put it back on.

  Friday March 30 1945

Daniel went to Honesdale and came home by Alberta Horst and got those Japanese lantern roots and a couple of *(*(* roots. Eleanor went with him and he took her home and had a flat tire so dident get home in time to help much with the chores. Eleanor and Ottis came home with him so he had to go back down to the Lake again tonight. I wanted to go with him but he dident want me to so I stayed home.

  Saturday March 31 1945

I baked some cinnamon buns and 9 loaves of bread. In the afternoon we had a hard shower wind blowed terrible the wood silo came near going over. Warren took the hay fork rope and roped it to the barn. He got a new milk cow. Daniel went down and got Eleanor and she came up and stayed all night. Warren and June are going to Scranton in the morning Daniel set out the roots he got me to Albertas and a couple of bushes from June.

  April 1 1945 Easter Sunday

Eleanor was here today also Tommy McD**nough from Carbondale. Eleanors brother Ottis came in when we were eating dinner. Warren and June and Henry got home about 5 pm. Louise sent me ø bushel of oranges ø doz grape fruit they brought Jims radio. Jim got 1 fish and one duck today. Ves stayed here all night. Beverly had a hat with a veil she thought it was just the thing. Daniel took Eleanor home and Jim is to bed.

  Monday April 2 1945

Itās Louises birthday from 1915. Daniel dident come home from Eleanors to go to work. I called about 11 oāclock and he was just eating his breakfast I ask him to come home and he dident get home till 2 oāclock in the afternoon. Ottis came with him and he had to go down again after supper his car the generator went from and he had to leave his car to the garage. Jim got a big big ell. About 3 ft long we had it for supper Ves came in and had supper Henry and the boys fixed fence this afternoon Ottis helped. Ves went to work.

  Tuesday April 3 1945

Daniel dident go to work again today had a flat tire. When Ves came home tonight he brought me word my brother Nathaniel died very suddenly this morning at 8:30. Bertha poor girl was alone with him but she said in 5 minutes it was all over, she had to have the corner. How my heart aches for her, her two boys in the service and over seas. Louise called tonight said Lucy was in Wildes Barre. Edna Enslin called said she might come over I hope she does I am so up set I am sick.

Wednesday April 4 1945

I rec a telegram from sister Rachel that she is sick and unable to come to our brothers funeral. My cousin Mannie Lake called last night to see which brother it was thatās dead. Edna Enslin came over and spent the afternoon she is about sick with a cold. Louise called and said she would be out tonight with Chas Spangenberg she wants to go to the funeral parlor with us. My back is some better but hurts quite bad yet. Daniel went to work has worked since a week yersteday he went out to the garage tonight to get the generator *(*(*( on his car and then went on down to Eleanors.


Thursday April 5 1945

Daniel dident come home at all went to work from Eleanors house this morning left the car there so Warren cant take it to get the things fixed to his car. We got Willma and Earl Shaffer to take us and Warrens family out to the funeral parlor. There was a bunch of folks there from the Baily company where he worked he had lovely liner a lovely pillow from his children of white colla lillys and red roses. Louise couldent come after all.

Friday April 6 1945

Well Daniel dident go to work or get home in time to take us to the funeral. Earl and Willma came up and took Henry and Warren out and I dident go nor June either. Jack nor none of his family went to the funeral. I am sorry Warren said aunt Emma ask about me. I had a air mail letter from Rachel today. Boyd and Mike were both to the funeral. Warren said Boyd looked worse then Nathaniel. Jim sure has been mean and mad both tonight since school and before he went this morning.

Saturday April 7 1945

Sylvester came in and gave me a dollar to send Bertha because he wasent there when they took up the collection. Louise was here this afternoon. Warren and Daniel took Warrens truck radiator out and got it soldered and came home worked with the truck so he can take it in the morning with the milk. In the afternoon Louise and Andy came out from Scranton Charles Spangenberg brought them out. Edna Warcholyak was over this afternoon too. Daniel went to Eleanors and brought her up and spent the evening Edna Enslin called and said Boyd had been to the Dr and he says sugar diabeaties.

Sunday April 8 1945

Sylvester went up above Honesdale to see his mother and his sister and husband brought him home. Edna Enslin took them, Louise and Andy, to Carbondale to get a buss to Scranton. Charles Spangenberg and Earl Swingle and Edna Warcholyak was with him they had been to Scarnton and stayed all night brother Lucy was over calling. This afternoon Frank Rock brought my roaster home that he borrowed to roast their xmass turkey with. Jim Barrett was over to see about cuttung wood. Beverly told Ves he ought to take her to the Banner shoe store.


Monday April 9 1945

I done a big wash Daniel had 10 shirts Henry 2 Jim 2. Daniel got me the flashlight for Louise to the Smiths. Electric 65 cents Wayne Frisbie came over to Junes and stayed all night Jim got a permit and is staying home from school to fix fence this week.


Tuesday April 10 1945

Washed again today blankets got everything dry nice. Henry took up those bushes at last. I have been at them about my back is starting to get better. Jim sure was awful mad at noon cause I dident have dinner ready when they got in, so he got some wood and I baked pancakes cause I dident have very much bread. Daniel wouldent take Jims radio to Honesdale talked awful mean about it to me but did get Jim a ariel wire for his radio and Jim got it put up.

                     Wednesday April 11 1945

I mailed the little flashlight to Roe yesterday the men are still at the fence. The vet was here and our cows all passed ok. Minnie Lamberton lost a couple. Beverly was down and did something I donāt know what but she wouldent come in the house tonight. I wanted her to get some *(*( and she said she wouldent go down cellar for grandma but I donāt see anything sown cellar she done.

  Thursday April 12 1945

Jim got a big mess of c*** sli** the first we have had in a number of years. Warren and June went to the store and I went to Hetzels with them and got the paper fixed for Mrs. Knapp. Our president died at 3:35 pm today of a cerebral hemorrhage of the brain Franklin D Rosevelt. I have been to big most all day my leg hurt so to be on it we had a nice potato stew for supper.

  Friday April 13 1945

Daniel dident tell Bertha about his not going to work so she will be looking for me tomorrow. But he said he would take me up in the morning. He and I went to Boyd Shaffers and spent a little while with Alberts folks. They brought Nathan Jr home with no cast on but has to have crutches for 6 months and a lift put on his shoe. I got 3**** of flower seed at Lockwana. Ves was laying in the ditch drunk just this side of Karnicks.

  Saturday April 14 1945

Howard went with the milk truck to Scranton to see his mother. Daniel worked for all *(*(*( so I couldent go to see Bertha after all. I felt very disappointed about it. Louise called this afternoon and said Jim got there ok and would be out on the buss Monday morning. Daniel went out again tonight so with Jim hone Henry and I are just us two home together like we started 46(?) years ago.

  Sunday April 15 1945

Henry Warren June and the babies went to So Gifon(sp) to see some cows that are going to be sold next Friday. Dan got the couch a fire went to sleep smoking. Henry got home before Daniel had fed or watered the horses at 3 in the afternoon. Ves came in and helped him. Daniel went and got Eleanor and she came up for the evening. Henry Warren and June went to Dermings(sp) to see about a horse. Jim is over to his mothers in Scranton coming home tomorrow going to school right from the buss. 

Monday April 1 1945

Jim Barrett called and said Henry could go to the lake with them to get the parts for his tracker, he went and they went on to Hort(sp) Mergengle(sp) and their son had a horse to sell and Henry thought it was fairly nice so he and Warren went back in the afternoon to see it. I baked Junes bread so she could go to and washed 1 hundred and 38 cans that Henry got in from Duvells(sp) garage that oil comes in Then I cooked macaroni for all their supper but was so tired June got it on the table and I went to bed and rested.

Tuesday April 17 1945

I went to Honesdale with Daniel when he went to work in the morning. Spent the day with Bertha poor girl. We went to the red cross and found out how to go about it to have Bertha get a allowence (from Alton)(?) so she came home with Nathan to get papers fixed to start it. I am so thankful for her if she gets it. I bought two ladders off a lady near Berthas for $2.50 met Willma and her sister Virginia she has 3 little boys I got a new table oil cloth red block work. Willma bought one also. I got 3 pairs of stockings and left them to Berthas.

Wednesday April 18 1945

Henery, Warren June and the babies went to Tony Mergargles(sp) and Warren bought the horse gave 92 dollars for it. Nathan told Ves he dident want the ladder Warren could have it he only thought he would take it and sell it and make some money on it. Henry bought me one hundred and 30 more cans from Drvalls(sp)  and I washed 30. Jim was terrible mean all the evening would not get one stick of wood little Beverly brought it in for me.

  Thursday April 19 1945

Daniel went to Aunt Berthas and got the stockings and the black saucer that Bertha gave me when I went up there. Warren had his new horse hitched up and it worked real good. I got a letter from Wella Fredricks sister.

  Friday April 20 1945

Aunt Bertha came here to stay all night I was sure awful glad to have her. I went out to Hetzels and got Mrs Knapps check to get it cashed. Willma and Earl Shaffer and her sister Virgina were here today. Earl brought me a lot of onions I was sure glad to get them. Lucy called me today she thanked me for the flash light she is going to Mable Curtis(?) over the weekend.

  Saturday April 21 1945

Henry and Warren went over to Jim Barretts and cut wood with the tractor. Henry dident tell me he was going. I cooked a dinner and told Daniel to call his father and Daniel told me he was over to Jim Barretts cutting wood. Minnie Lamberton came in this forenoon to tell ***** there was school today Louise called and said Lucy had gone to New York city to Mable Curtises(?) for the weekend Edna Enslin called me tonight aunt Bertha is staying with Elsie Shaffer tonight.

  Sunday April 22 1945

Edna Enslins home burned in the night it was Boyds house and Edna dident have no insurance and her dog Tiny found up in it. She Edna went up to Boyds and stayed all night so she dident save a thing. I went over to Berthas old place and bought a 30 gal jar for 5 dollars, saw Howard Swingle. Boyd moved a load of coal and other things for aunt Bertha down to her mothers to Lake Ariel. Eleanor came up in the afternoon and Edna Warcholyak was here in the afternoon I sure felt awful sorry for aunt Bertha over to her old home so much to look after and not well.  

Monday April 23 1945

I washed Vesās washing and some of ours and got the letter out to Lucy and Louise and Margarett Kyer(sp). Edna called and said she was going to try and ***** the big front room of Boyd up stairs for a bed room and pay board and then come and go just as she wanted to. Daniel just wouldent help milk laid down on the couch and went to sleep and wouldent get up to go to the barn and Jim went down and stayed all night with Ves June had to help milk cause Daniel wouldent help how I wish I could help  milk especially when they act so about helping.

  Tuesday April 24 1945

Jim dident get here this morning and Ves dident get here in time to go to work at 10 after 6. Daniel waited for him the way Jim done it made Warren and Henry have all those cows to milk alone. Well Jim finally came home at 10 till 9 to late even to go to school. Henry Warren and June and the babies went to Honesdale and got the first trees. Warren got some *(*(*(* for a extra *** and was he mad about it said I could have them.

  Wednesday April 25 1945

Milk check day and 3 hundred and 2 dollars. Henry and Warren and the babies all went to the Lake and Henry got me a yeast cake and a bag of coffee. Doris Enslin **** was in the paper she has joined the wacs. Gene Robinson tried to commit suicide cut his throat Clifford Rock found him and took him to the memorial hospital in Honesdale where he is not expected to live. Maurine called she said we could have a pig. We heard our president talk to open the San Francisco conference.  

Thursday April 26 1945

Henry and Warren went out to Hetzels and stayed till 12 or midnight after all. We got a little pig off Maurine she sent me a catalogue that had nut trees 3 black walnut and 3 hardy pecan nut trees for $4.40. Daniel wouldent get up and help milk it was 9 pm when they got all the chores done. Warren helped Jim Reily(sp) fix his tractor and then in the afternoon they went to Mrs *alolank(sp) sale.

  Friday April 27 1945

Daniel says he quite his job today got mad at one of bosses. Edna Enslin called she was going to Honesdale to stay all night and tomorrow she might go to Scranton. I wish I could go with her but I wont ask her to go with her. Henry set out our 6 peach trees on the hill above the house. Jim was awful mean tonight. The Russians and the alliance met in central Germany.

Saturday April 28 1945

Daniel and Jim was home here all day and set around the house near drove me crazy, at night of course Daniel went to Eleanors and stayed all night. It came over the radio that Germany had surrendered unconditional to the alliance it was good news while it lasted but president Truman announced it wasent true. Eugene Robinson got out of the hospital last night and drowned himself in the river. Ves was awful drunk and got a setting of duck eggs and broke 4 getting them home.

Sunday April 29 1945

Edna Enslin was over to see me yesterday. Minnie Lamberton was in this forenoon. Daniel and Eleanor came up about noon then Warren and June and Jim and Dan and Eleanor went to the show at Honesdale. Edna Warcholyak was over this afternoon. Warren said Bonnie cried so he and June could only see about 20 minutes of the show they had to take her out.

Monday April 30 1945

I did a big wash and was all done by 10:30am and Daniel was going to the lake with Minnie and I ask Henry to put in the 5 dollars he promised Bertha for the jar and he got mad and scolded me so I was sick and had to stay in bed most of the day. At night Henry Warren and June and the babies went and took *(*(*(*(*(*cement mixer home they stopped to Alberts on there way home Henry said Doris and her boy friend  came while they were there they got home about 11 pm. Daniel went to Eleanors again tonight and stayed all night he has been there Sat night Sunday night more and more.

Tuesday may 1 1945

Jim was mad and sore at me and slammed the door cause I put his lunch in a white bag. Daniel got home after 8 tonight so we none of us could go to the funeral. Warren went out to co*** bones for Geo Owens with his truck at night they went to Jim Barretts at milking time at night to Ves was in here awful drunk at night. I baked 9 loaves of bread. We havent got one bit of butter I wanted Henry to leave Daniel go to the lake while he was down there yesterday but he wouldent.

Wednesday May 2 1945

It came over the radio last night that Hitler had been killed but no one believes it in this country *** Now today they announce Berlin has fell to the Russians. Daniel went and got his car inspected today when he got home he went and took Harrold Lamberton to the Dr at Lake Ariel. Warren called Lucy and made an appointment for June to get her hair waved Saturday next. Daniel was down to Eleanors again tonight every night since Saturday night wont go to work. Ves was in drunk dident work today either.  

Thursday May 3 1945

Henry Warren and June went to Honesdale to get grocies. Henry got Mrs. Knapps check cashed for me. Henry got me 3 grape fruits. It rained awful hard and Ves and Dan got the cows in and fed them Ves hasent worked only one day this week. I called Lucy for an appointment for Eleanor to get her hair waved Saturday when June does. Henry said they couldent bring the ladders on the car. Edna Warcholyak came over tonight to talk to her brother Harry he is coming home this weekend for the Russian Easter.

  Friday May 4 1945

Lucy got an appointment for Eleanor at 3 in the afternoon. Jim wouldent take his dinner after I packed it. Daniel went to Honesdale and got his pay to the Banner(sp) Shaffer Co and got me 3 birthday card sand Henry a bottle of beer. He said Lonnie told him that Earl was coming down and stay all night but he dident. Ves dident come home at all so I dident get no bread Jim went fishing with Geo Owens boy(?) but they only got 3 fish. Edna called and said she was going to Scranton Monday.

  Saturday May 5 1945

Warren and June and the children and Eleanor and I all went to Scranton. The girls got there hair waved in the afternoon. We got home about 9 oāclock and Henry and Dan was still in the barn doing chores they hadent even had there supper. Sam gave me some lobster tails and clams and **** Louise and I went to the giant market I got butter and soap Louise gave me a packet of Jimmie(?) seeds. Eleanor stayed all night it was so late when we got through and her dad said she could.

  Sunday May 6 1945

 Earl Revinburg(sp) came and stayed all night last night so did Eleanor. Earl and Jim slept together up stairs. Harry Warcholyak sent me two lovely handkerchiefs for a Russian Easter present. Henry and Earl and Warren went to Harry Wagoners(sp) and Walla and Seeleys and over to Warcholyaks. Ves and Jim went out and got a wood chuck but Jim said it was Sunday and he wouldent work so wouldent get no wood in Eleanor had to ho home this afternoon so to be there to get supper for the folks.                     

Monday May 7 1945

The word came over the radio that Germany had surrendered unconditionally to the allies but it hadent been announced by the president and Churchill. Daniel dident come home till noon. I wanted to go to Honesdale and get us a flag but he dident have gas. He said we dident go to Hetzels after all. Eleanor called and wanted Daniel to come down so of course we had to stay home. The radio says the president will talk tomorrow.

  Tuesday May 8 1945

We went to Hetzels this afternoon. Daniel started to work for Goe Nolans but it stormed so they dident work after all he slept all the afternoon. Our president talked at nine this morning told us the war was over in Europe. This is V E day here and Russia will be tomorrow. The Germans in Czechoslovakia are still fighting the Russians they have surrendered unconditionally to the alliance. Warren and June took their eggs and went to Lockwoods while Daniel had the car home for one evening.

  Wednesday May 9 1945

Daniel did work for Geo Nolan got home at 5:30 pm got dressed and went to Eleanors. I tried to straighten up some up stairs bit Jim orir Daniel either one wouldent help so I couldent do it alone so it dident get done. Jim stayed home from school to help Henry fix fence so they could let the cows out nights so they wont have the stables to clean mornings so they left them out tonight.

  Thursday May 10 1945

Daniel went to Geo Nolans to work but it was stormy and they dident work. I washed my washing and 3 blankets. Daniel slept till 5 pm then got up and helped with the chores and then went to Eleanors again. My pecan and walnut trees came today and Henry paid the postal charges they cost 42 cents. It rained quite a lot all day. June was down tonight when they milked. Ves stopped on his was home from work. Edna called and said she stayed to Louises Sunday night she said she was going to Honesdaly Saturday I could got with her.

  Friday May 11 1945

Henry and Warren set out my nut trees. I gave Warren one of each. Jim only had school till noon. Edna called and said I could go to Honesdale in the morning. Ves and Jim are going along he is going to his sister Mildred up above Honesdale. Warren and June and Daniel and Jim Beverly went to the show in Carbondale and Henry and I kept Bonnie she dident bother too much and if they had not come for 5 minutes she would have been asleep.

  Saturday May 12 1945

Daniel worked for Geo Nolan and took his car so Edna had to come in here for me. We went to Hawley after we got there she got the 6 dollars back for the electric in the home she burned out. I went to Earls house and he had it very nice. I met Vernc(sp) Coff and Alden on the street met old Doc he was dressed very nice. I got two kettles for Ves and one for June for her birthday. When I got home I had a card from Louise and Lucy with 5 dollars each for me for mothers day.

  Mothers day

Sunday May 15 1945

Warren and June and the babies went to Evelyns(sp) in Carbondale. Daniel went to Eleanors Sat night and Henry had to call him this morning 9 oāclock to come home and bring the pig feed that he got and the mill last night. So he wanted the feed to feed them their breakfast. He got home a few minutes after 11 Eleanor came with him. Ves and Jim got home around 1:30 in the afternoon. Jim had a pan of white rabbits. Louise called and said Lucy dident feel very good.

  Monday May 14 1945

Daniel worked for Geo Nolan he took the truck with the milk and stayed at Geo Nolans. Warren went and got the lime most all sowed. Jim was awful mean when he got home from school wouldent help get the chores started and Warren and I had to go to Hetzels for rye bread for me and Ves. It was 20 to 11 when we got home so Jim had his way and made it late to get the chores done he had had a lunch and left the bread out and left it on the table to dry out and gone bad. 

Tuesday May 15 1945

Geo Nolan had Daniel help him with stone today again Elfe(sp) and Eleanor Swingle and Hellen Gillette came here yesterday drove up to see where Daniel lived and they got a flat tire most in front of the house. Warren fixed the tire for them they started home and went by Lambertons and tried to turn around in Jim Reileys field and got hung up on a stump and Frank Nolan had to help them out. Eleanor called tonight and Daniel was to the barn and when he did call her they dident answer.

Wednesday May 16 1945

Daniel worked for Geo Nolan again today but got done and Warren got the fertilizer all sowed. I found 6 little peach trees that came up from pits last year out in my flower garden. Frank Nolan was here this afternoon my back started to hurt me awful today so have been to bed most all day. Jim sure was mean about getting to help with the chores. June came down tonight Pete Warcholyak got kicked with his horse.

Thursday May 17 1945

Daniel dident come home so we could go to Holesdale is Warren disapointed. In fact we all are he dident call either so we donāt know why he dident come home. Minnie Lamberton was up in the afternoon to phone to Hellen to get Ted to take her to Honesdale.

Friday May 18 1945

Eleanor called this morning said Daniel was helping Eldred to build a milk house but I told her he better come home to go to Honesdale cause Henery and Warren were both provoked(?) so the both came up and we all went to Honesdale saw Earl Rivenburg(sp) and he sent my slippers up with us. We had a flat tire and they couldent get it fixed last night so Eleanor had to stay all night. I got the soap plaster for Junes birthday and gave them to her last night I saw Murrays about a refrigerator they thought 4 or 5 months.

Saturday May 19 1945

They got the tire fixed to take Eleanor home and Warren went with him and took the big ****** from the front porch and Veses front ***** and they cant fix it till next week the first part. Henry and Warren and June and the babies all went to Merrill Bronsons sale and Warren got a cow. I went and stayed to Mandy Hetzells while they were gone. Lucy and Louise both called I had a lovely nice visit with both of them. Had a box of candy and two dollars from Louise. I got the order all made out to Montgomery Ward for shades for the dinning room parlor kitchen and bedroom borrowed Mrs Sam Fenis catalogue.


Sunday May 20 1945

Earl Swingle came over and spent the forenoon with us it seemed good to see him. Jim wouldent help here at all today went fishing with his dad got home in time to help with the chores but he would not help with the chores and Warren was trying to get ready to go to Frisbies and go get Daniel so it made it so late for June to get started for father. Ves was drunk. I finished the letters to the girls and wrote about pulp wood.

Monday May 21 1945

Herbert McDonald came and got the cows that he bought last week. I was up on top of hill by the old house and walked out the letters and took up three little greet trees gave Warren one. Henry said he would set the other two out but he hasent yet. Daniel worked for Minnie Lamberton. Warren plowed for potatoes on his tractor. Earl Rivenburg came up and stayed all night and Henry Earl went to Bakers to see about a cement mixer and see about cows.

Tuesday May 22 1945

I washed all the blankets and sheets and spread on all the beds in the forenoon and of course was in bed in the afternoon. Henery wouldent fix me a clothes line so had to lay the sheets on the grass. Henry went to Geo Bakers about cows again in the forenoon but wouldent tell me a word about them when he got home but they called up at night and asked if he was going to take them and he told them yes so he had to let me know after all. At night Henry and Warren went out to Hetzels and got the pigs $10 each one for Warren one for Lucy and Louise and 2 for Sylvester got home by 11:30 pm.

Wednesday May 23 1945

Henry did get two cows off Geo Baker. I am so awful sorry there is more milking here now then they can do and Daniel acts so mean about helping around here. Warren had to chase the milk truck to souerducts(?) and Daniel just laying around down to Swingles but I was talking to him on the phone and he said he would be home tonight if he had stayed home we would have got the oats in yesterday.

Thursday May 24 1945

Daniel dident come home till about one oāclock said he fell asleep and couldent come. To damn bad about him and his sleep. The cows he got off Baker got out and went back to Bakers and Geo came over and told us so they all went out and Warren brought one to and they each lead a cow home. Ves came in for a little while on his way home from work he tried to get Beverly to give him a kittem but she wouldent. Warren got skim milk to start our pigs with to Harry Wagoners(sp) for 25 cents a can.  

  Friday May 25 1945

Milk check day 3 hundred and 85 dollars. Henry and Warren and June went to the lake and got the milk checks cashed our phone is out of order. Daniel and Jim made a stone boat to get the stones from the oat patch in the afternoon. Daniel got sick in the afternoon and Eleanor came up and stayed all night. Warren and June went to the lake at night and got the cell*** for their up stairs they dident get the bread from Maurines or pay for Ves pigs.  

Saturday May 26 1945

Jim worked for Karnucks planting potatoes he earned $2.50 Ves was around drunk most all day I went up to Junes to see the little pig and chickens she is trying to screen in her back porch and it looks real nice I came by the trees on our place it sure was discouraging to see how they were broke and bent over Daniel donāt seem no better Elinor stayed again tonight her sister was up today and said she could stay till morning.          

  Sunday May 27 1945

Daniel is no better so we had the Dr and he said it was tonsillitis and his temperature is 103 her dad said she could stay tonight yet Daniel wanted her to stay so bad. Harrold Lamberton is very sick they donāt expect him to get better Harry Warcholyak called from Honesdale and wanted Pete to come and get him Warren went out and told him Earl and Warren went to Harry Wagoners and got a can of milk for the pigs. Ves got mad at me cause I ask him to go home before the Dr got here he was so drunk and dident want him setting around he told Jim he never would come in my house for a long time anyhow.

  Monday May 28 1945

My curtains came today they are better ones then I sent for but are so light I donāt like them much. Daniel is some better just a very sore throat yet. Harry Warcholyack was over in the evening Edna Enslin called up and wanted June and I to go to a brush demonstration to Ellen Vansickles next Tuesday she will come and get us. Harrold is very sick Frank and Betty Lamberton Frank came in to bid us good bye he goes in the service in the morning. Lucys birthday 35 years.

  Tuesday May 29 1945

Henry Warren and June all went to Honesdale and Minnie Lamberton and Jerry went also. Earl and Willma were here in the afternoon with their new car a Robins egg blue Dodge sedan. We all went up to see Harrold first he dident know we were there Daniel and Elinor went and got our window to *(*(* and Henry and Earl put it in tonight. Dan and Elinor started to get Doc plaster off of the kitchen June and Jim helped.

  Wednesday May 30 1945

They got the plaster off all the kitchen but Elinor had to go home at noon after dinner and June started to paper the side wall and got it more than half done Eugene Krasky came down and stayed all night with Dan. Henry planted 2 bushels of potatoes Earl Rienburg came Friday night and stayed he is going home in the morning.

  Thursday May 31 1945

Willma and Gladys Swingle and Earl were here on their way to Honesdale. June got the paper all on the side walls and at night when Henry and Warren went to pay that road tax Daniel and June finished the ceiling all done now but the border. Edna Enslin and Ellen Vansickle were here to see about the brush demonstration to Ellens next Tuesday. Edna sold me her broom $2.09 she will bring it over Sat night I am sure glad cause I donāt have any. Minnie Lamberton was down and talked with the Dr Harrold is no better.

  Friday June 1 1945

Daniel and June painted the kitchen one coat and June put up the border and June cut the window

shade, drawn them in the afternoon. The men planted potatoes for Warren. Today is the last day of school for Jim and he called and wants to go to Waymart to a ball game his mother sent his two pair of pants Willma called and said she would go to Scranton for the girls in the morning.

  Saturday June 2 1945

Earl Shaffer called from Lockwoods and said I could go to Scranton with Willma so he came over and got me and I went to her house till afternoon her sister Virginia and children came on the buss she met them and then we all came home June was in the house sleeping and Daniel and Jim was asleep on the couch and Warren and Henry went after the cows Edna and Boyd was over for the evening Lucy stayed up to Warrens.

  Sunday June 3 1945

Daniel dident come home last night from Elinors so they had to milk alone. Boyd took Ves to his sister Mildred for some *(*(*(*( Elinor came up with Daniel they started home with Daniels car with Lucy and Louise and it went bad so they run in to Hetzels and called me and had Daniel come and get Warren and June and Edna Enslin took the girls on to Scranton Warren took Elinor home with the truck.

  Monday June 4 1945

Daniel and Warren worked all day out to the garage on the truck. Lonnie Anderson brought a letter from Mr Boodie at the Banner Shaffer co for Daniel to come back to work but Elinor dident want him to go up there so he went to her house to *(*(* and work to gravel branch I sure felt broke up to see him leave home when there was no use of it she sent the man after him so he left home tonight to be with her I suppose I will get over it but it hurts hard he finds so much fault with me it I am not here when Lucy and Louise wants me to go to their house.

  Tuesday June 5 1945

Edna Enslin came over and took June and I to Ellen VanSickles to a Stanley brush party June won a Brush and a dish mop for getting the most words out of the word Stanley 27 she got. Willma and Virginia and Gladys Swingle were there they came down tonight and had the Dr for Harrold Lamberton he is very bad. Ves stopped in on his way home from work this is his first day work in a week been drunk. The head and a piston is broke in Daniels car I feel very sorry for him but of course cant help him with it.

  Wednesday June 5 1945

Louise call to see about Daniels car the garage man called again today its much worse then he thought at first guess he will have to get a new engine $110.00 they all think thats all right but cant see their way to bur war bonds. Warren broke his battery all to pieces on the truck had to go out tonight and get a new one for $14.00 poor kid he tries so hard and has such bad luck. I made Beverley and Bonnie a pair of pants and Beverley said where did you get the rag our ducks are hatching.

   Thursday June 7 1945

I baked what flour I had up in bread had only 6 loaves about noon Earl Shaffer and Mildred came and brought me a hundred pounds of occident flour. I had a letter from Wells Fredricks sister telling me about his death she found him dead on the bath tub faucets had fell over on his face from the toilet and was dead when she found him. Elinor called and said Daniel wanted Warren to call Duvalls and order the new engine poor kid I feel awful sorry to see him have so much expenses as provoked as I get at him cause he wont help here.        

  Friday June 8 1945

Junes birthday the men finished planting our potatoes picked out a bushel of smaller ones for Warren so he planted them after all and Henry claims he planted another bushel but lord only knows if he did or not he is so mean about planting potatoes. Earl Rivenburg came up from Honesdale and stayed all night he thought he could help plant potatoes but they finished through the day June was real pleased about the kettle I gave her Geo Boteck was over and got a axle from warrens Plymouth he broke one in Honesdale the night before.

  Saturday June 9 1945

Warren was the only one that done anything Henry and Earl read and slept in the forenoon Jim cleaned my oil stove and in the afternoon went to Alberts to run around tonight he got a box of candy from his mother in the mail today when the men finally got off of the couches so I could I scrubbed the kitchen bathroom and pantry about 5 pm. I gave Beverly and Bonnie a bath both in the tub at once we all had fun I got a real kick out of it myself Daniel called and said he couldent come home to help milk in the morning he had to work so Henry will have to get up a quarter after 4 to get the cows.

  Sunday June 10 1945
Earl Rivenburg went up to Louies and they walked to Waymart and took the buss to Honesdale Jim dident get home till they were milking at night tired hungry and so mean Ves brought me up one of those perrisan kittens Daniel dident work after all ves paid me the $12 he owed me June brought me a lovely bunch of mock*(*(*( blossoms.

  Monday June 11 1945

Warren worked on his house and Henry and Jim in the barn. Lockwood will have us some tomatoes plants $1.5 a box we got 3 box of celery. Edna Enslin called and wanted to go to Willmas and wanted to know the way. I got to sorting out seed beans for string beans.  

Tuesday June 12 1945

Jim started to mow the yard but Henry stopped him Henry is awful mean today. Minnie Lamberton was in to call the Dr about Harrold. This afternoon they did go out and get the plants a box for Ves and a box of *(*(* tified celery plants and Ves Paid me for his when he come home from work tonight. *(*(* Lockwood left for the Navy today. Daniel called last night and really ask to talk to me said to forward his letter on to him the men went for fertilizer last night.

  Wednesday June 13 1945

Henry Jim and I got out tomatoes out but it rained so hard we couldent get the celery out and we planted some cucumbers came down for dinner and it rained so hard we couldent do no more. I washed last night and the clothes got mostly dry before the rain today so I will iron today. I washed my black sweater.

  Thursday June 14 1945

Lockwood got us some pepper plants a box for Ves and Warren and us together 2 dollars Minnie Lamberton walked up to talk to the Dr about Harrold but he wasent home Ves stopped in he give us each a ripe tomato he had Beverly a nice bag of candy I wrote to Earl Rivenburg to get me a couple of hoe handles Warren and June went to Canaan and on down to her folks but they had company and they dident go in.

  Friday June 15 1945

Marshall Frisbie came over here and spent the day with us and June this is his first furlough he will go to cmap Mead when he goes back his girl friend came for him at night Willma came up and took Warrens watch to Honesdale and got a new crystal put in. She also ask Elinor to come along  but she wouldent oh well its ok if thatās the way she wants it. I baked bread and cake and biscuits I had a letter from Aunt Bertha and the lady I bought the ladders of wants us to come and get them.

  Saturday June 16 1945

Henry went to Honesdale with the milk truck and got those ladders and Warren went to Gar*(*(* and got him. Jim wouldent help hardly at all tired and just laid in the glider and slept wouldent sweep for me. I feel so bad and I wouldent care. Jim got a nice box of candy from his mother Jim Henry and Ves and myself set out our celery and Warren helped Henry and I set out the pepper.

  Sunday June 17 1945

Lots of rain today I slept most all day. Edna Boyd and Garl*(*(* were over tonight Warren and June went to her fathers for the evening Eugene Karesky came and stayed all night with Jim. My bread I baked Friday all spoiled 5 loaves.

  Monday June 18 1945

Warren brought down the money for to send to Sears Roebuck for the burners and sa**((* Henry got a fathers day card with 5 bucks in it for him for fathers day. The cucumbers that we planted last Wed are up real nice we finished the row and planted musk and water melons and some dill set out the onion sets and some corn and squash and pumpkin. Henry went for the cows and Jim wouldent help no more. So we came to the house mad had a terrible shower so now we cant plant for a few days again. Minnie sent for the Dr for Harrold again.

  Tuesday June 19 1945

I got a letter from Roe with two dollars in it. I also wrote to the girls and Alberta. Warren and Jim went to Harry Wagoners for milk for the pigs and Jim got a gallon of buttermilk. Its so hard for me to breath today I have to keep the door open most of the time. I tried to start to get Daniels room done but cant do much alone cause I cant lift things very much. I want to paint the bed and paper the room. Earl Rivenberg came up and stayed all night and brought one hoe handle.

  Wednesday June 20 1945

Not feeling very good but washed for Ves today and Edna Enslin was over this afternoon. Ironed for myself and got the clothes put up Warren is sure discouraged his big pig is real sick wont eat. I sure hope it gets all right. It rained awful hard again so the garden is soaked again.

  Thursday June 21 1945

I mended a lot today on the machine. We went up to try to work in the garden but it was so wet we couldnāt do anything with it it was sowed. I baked bread and stopped to Junes on my way home. Henry and Jim fixed fence. Henry got me a quart of Ice cream by Warren when he came back from the Lake. Ves was in he had some meat that he had got from Karnicks for butchering it was so much I canned it for him there was 7 quarts we put it in the cans tonight.

  Friday June 22 1945

I got Veses meat canned this fornoon. I fixed 4 (vail?) dresses that was my mothers for myself. mended a pair of pants of Veses, shirt for Jim. Earl Rivenburg came down and brought another hoe handle. Henry paid for them and now he donāt want me to put them in my hoe so I will have to send for another one. Warren and June went to her dads but he wasent home. Mourine got me some rye bread off the baker and Warren brought it in to me. Harrold Lamberton is very bad this morning they sent for the Dr.

  Saturday June 23 1945

Henry and Warren took our pig to Wallace Seeleys and dident get home till noon. Jim helped his dad in trying to build his pigpen fence. I stayed to bed most all the afternoon. Lucy or Louise or Daniel dident even call on the phone. They were down to phone for the Dr for Harrold Lamberton and for his sister Kate to come and stay tonight.

  Sunday June 24 1945

Earl Rivenberg came down from Honesdale Friday night and he got another hoe handle but Henry wouldent let me have it so I sent for another one. Earl helped and we cleaned the cellar up real good and Henry put me up 3 shelves to put empty cans on and still not enough room. Warren and June went out to Frisbies to see Marshall his furlough ends tomorrow. Earl and Warren went to Harry Wagoners and got 4 pounds of butter for Earl.

  Monday June 25 1945

Milk check day $515.00 Henry and Warren went to the Lake with Geo Nolan as we dident have no car or any way to go. Henry got some cheese and mustard loaf of bread and ¹ of tea 1 of coffee. I had to bake bread 4 loaves but let Ves have one loaf. Had a nice letter from Alberta Horst my *(*(* Jim was sure mean today got mad cause he couldent find his hi cuff pants. Lost the bobbin to the machine and we couldent find it it must have rolled under the piano.

  Tuesday June 25 1945

We moved out the piano and found the bobbin to the machine and laid it up and *(*(*(* I cant find it again myself. They planted our field flowers just a few not very many. I wish they had planted more. They went to Wallace Seeleys and got out pig she had been bred they said. Henry and Jim and Warrens family went out to So Canaan after they got home from Wallace Seelelys. Henry got a yeast cake an a box of soap *(*(* and a box of whole wheat bread. Daniel called and said he could get his car Thursday night. Something happened to our radio it wont play.

  Wednesday June 27 1945

Warren plowed for Miller. They went to plow Ves garden it was growed up so it has to be mowed. I made the beds all up clean. Henry and Jim finished planting the garden and was going to cultivate it but laid down and had a nap so it got to late. They went to Harry Wagonars at night and got milk for the pig Ves go a ø can of milk too. Daniel Lamberton and I made cottage cheese for us both.

  Thursday June 28 1945

Henry Warren and Jim took Minnies pigs to Wallace Seeleys to have them bred and they brought them both home with them. I baked bread and mended pants for Jim and washed some things *(*(*( up the *(*(* and Edna Enslin is coming for me to go to Boyds to stay all night and we are going to Scranton in the morning to stay till Saturday. I had a letter from cousin Blanche she has moved to Scranton to live.

  Friday June 29 1945

My birthday born 1887. I was to Scranton with my girls I went over with Edna Enslin got there about 9:30 AM and Edna had to go to her sons in White Haven it is terrible lost her in town. Lucy got me a bottle of sachrine 1000 tablets. Louise and I went to the giant market and I got 8 packets of *(*(*(* 4 of lard and a broom to sweep the porch and *(*( for .89

And I slept with Hazel over to Boyds at night.

  Saturday June 30 1945

Lucy and I washed and the clothes got nice and dry. I went and got one more pound of butter and Sam went to get a pound but couldent get more so got lard so I am glad. When Edna got home we went to the show and Louise Lucy and Sam all went *(*(* and got me paper for the dining room and parlor for my birthday. Sam got 3 Sunday papers for me to bring home. Henry wouldent even come out to the car to help carry things in.

  Sunday July 1 1945

Its very warm here today Hazel left Boyds today the truck came at 10:30 AM for her. Edna and I passed Ves coming home with a jug of cider between the school house and the Wim Shaffer place quite drunk. Came in at night and went for more cider. I tried to get him to stay home so he would go to work tomorrow but he wouldent the free Methodist preacher and Walter Thorn were here to see me while I was to Scranton.

  Monday July 2 1945

Ves dident go to work he and Woodie Shaffer came here real drunk but Henry got them to go to Veses house. Then towards night they went out again but Ves came back about 10PM and Woodie got his car in the ditch out near the highway so stayed in the car. Henry and Jim hoed out tomatoes and brought my hoe down and I got my Jenars hoed and sit out 14 tomato plants where flowers didnāt come up. June trimmed the paper for the dining room. Minnie Lamberton was down and said Harrold seemed quite a bit better.

  Tuesday July 3 1945

Willma and Earl was up today. June papered the side walls of the dining room. Henry hoed the cucumbers. Ves got sobered up and went to work. Edna Enslin went to Honesdale and Carbondale she got Warren a bottle of sacherine 1000 tablets. Warren got Veses garden plowed and harrowed and marked out and Ves planted some peas tonight after he got home from work. Henry hasent heard anything from his tractor parts yet and they are trying to do with a team. Warren go some millet in Willma brought me 3 *(*(*( tomato plants.

  Wednesday July 4 1945

June came down and finished the paper on the dining room. Jim helped good on the ceiling and up over the stair steps we papered that with blue ceiling it sure looks nice. Edna Enslin was over and Garland Shaffer was with her. Henry went for Daniel and I felt so bad I dident go with him Jim did though. Elinor came home with them I was glad to see her and Daniel both.

  Thursday July 5 1945

Daniel Henry and I all went to Honesdale we took our radio it was a tube and it cost .70 to get the tube and .10 for a plug in. Elinor was with us also I got two screens for these big windows on the front porch. Henry got a hoe handle for my other hoe but it dident have no ferrel(?) on it. Daniel and Elinor and I went to Hamlins and got a tire for Dan and got a scythe and snach for Warren to *(*( daires(?) we went to Mildred Botecks and waited for the men to come home about the car and to Earl and Willma Shaffers but they had come up here we met them on the east hill when we were coming home. 

  Friday July 6 1945

Daniel had to take Elinor home after we got home last night. Elfa and her dad had a scrap and Elfa left home. Daniel dident come home to help milk this morning got home this afternoon some time. Jim laid to bed till half past one then he and Henry set out our late cabbage plants got hone a quarter after 3 then he just raised the devil around till chore time. Warren and June went out to her dads he is moving in the morning. Ves was real drunk when he got home. Ves gave Jim 5 dollars from his pay.

  Saturday July 7 1945

Jim just wouldent do a thing he had that money from his father and wanted to go to Grant Swingles and stay all night. I wanted him to help hoe but he wouldent started before noon for Grant Swingles wants to stay all night and said help tomorrow yet. June and Warren went out to help her dad move. Daniel mowed the side hill here by the house and painted his car. Earl Rivenburg came up from Honesdale. Daniel went to Elinors tonight. Ves was awful drunk again tonight.

  Sunday July 8 1945

Boonie really came home to help milk. I had a very hard night last night and this morning. Minnie Lamberton sent me two nice heads of lettuce and a big soup bone by Warren this morning. Ves is planting more of his garden this morning. After diner Dan went and got Elinor and she stayed till late in the evening. Then Warren and June and babies came home from Junes dads then Daniel took them home and came home in time to help milk Monday morning.

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