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Data on this page has been submitted by Dan Felkins.  The letters (approx 50) were found about 50 years ago(1950) in a trunk in a landfill, dating from 1803 through the Civil War.  Other prominent names in these letters are: Cable (cousins to the Palmer family), Hine and Walling.  Some of them show delivery to or from Orson, Mount Pleasant, Wayne County, PA.

All of the letters are Palmer family members and acquaintances.  

Three of the Palmer family members buried in the Orson (Hine) Cemetery are mentioned in some of the letters.  Dan also has many letters written by Jane Palmer (wife of Comfort Palmer) to her son Abner, a sergeant in the Civil War.

Mr. & Mrs. Alba Hine 25th Wedding Anniversary Invitation 18 Jan 1910 - [Per Merry Ann Newton:  This was an invitation for the 25th anniversary of Alba's first marriage to Etta May Walling. Alba was a merchant and post master in Orson. He was the son of Royal Hine and Sarah Johnson, and Etta May Walling was the daughter of Simeon Walling and Melvina Haynes.]

Letter to Comfort & Jane Palmer from Phebe Nicoll, 11 Mar 1905


Letter to Comfort Palmer from his brother in Buffalo, NC, 1852


Letter to a cousin from Halcyon (on death of Comfort Palmer?) 06 Mar 1870


Letter to Daniel Palmer from his mother Jane Palmer, 14 Jul 1861


Letter to Uncle from Abner, July 1864


Letter to Uncle from Abner, May 1868


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