East Dyberry Cemetery, Dyberry Township

Arnold, Lulu A., 1872-1962 (buried with John T. Herron)
Avery, Fred J., 1881-1937 (buried with wife Mae Bates)
Avery, Leland D., 1874-1935 (husband of Jennie a. bishop)
Avery, Lydia, 1838-1935 (wife of William T. Fuller)
Bates, Andrew J., 1871-1885 (son of and buried with Jacob Bates & Jerusha Hunter)
Bates, C. Spencer, 1866-1945 (buried with wife Sadie Bates)
Bates, Edmund, W. 1876-1964 (husband of Verna Bishop)
Bates, Emily, 1888-1944
Bates, Eugena M., b.2/10/1924, d.7/26/1983 (wife of Roland Bates)
Bates, George Edmund, 9/14/1908-4/24/1945
Bates, George L., 1868-1961 (husband of Geneva Scambler)
Bates, Hazel F., "Baby" daughter of W.A. and S. F. Bates
Bates, Ida (footstone with Jacob Bates and Jerusha Hunter)
Bates, Jacob, 1843-1924 (buried with Jerusha Hunter)
Bates, Judson J., 1884-1963 (husband of Olive Bates)
Bates, Linda A., 5/5/1951-12/18/1988 (daughter of Roland and Eugena Bates)
Bates, May, 1881-1920 (buried with husband Fred J. Avery)
Bates, Olive I., 1889-1988 (wife of Judson Bates)
Bates, Robert S. 1841-1927 (buried with wife Mary V. Dann)
Bates, Roland, 1880-1916 (husband of Mabel Kimble)
Bates, Roland, b.8/11/1917, d? (husband of Eugena M. Bates)
Bates, Russell G., 1898-1973 (son of Georg L. Bates and Geneva Scambler)
Bates, Sadie, 1870-1951 (buried with husband C. Spencer Bates)
Bishop, Jennie A., 1878-1952 (wife of Leland D. Avery)
Bolkcom, James, 1/21/1817-8/21/1888 (buried with Lucy Ann Hoel)
Brown, Eunice E. (wife of Samuel J. Wilmarth) May 12, 1859, Nov. 2, 1925
Dann, Mary V. 1856-1942 (buried with husband Robert S. Bates)
Day, Edith M., 1877-1955
Day, George M.,10/8/1840-4/29/1927 (husband of Lucretta Hunter)
Day, Henry (footstone with George M. Day and Lucretta Hunter)
Day, Libby, 10/29/1870-11/2/1899 (daughter of George M. Day and Lucretta Hunter)
Day, Minnie (footstone with George M. Day and Lucretta Hunter)
Eldred, Carl "Juddy"  Dec 1, 1929 - June 2, 1993
Eldred, Carl E.  1906 - 1983
Eldred, Chloe L.  1910 - 1979
Eldred Claude V. 1911-1996
Eldred Delma E. (wife of Claude V. Eldred) 1913-1969
Fuller, William T., 1837- Dec 30, 1909 (husband of Lydia Avery)
Gleason, Ezra, 1853-1918 (husband of Mary E. Gleason)
Gleason, Mary E., (wife of Ezra Gleason)
Herron, John Tl, 1875-1937 (buried with Lulu A. Arnold)
Hoel, Charles, 5/7/1807-4/30/1853 (buried with Sala Hoel)
Hoel, Elizabeth, May 27, 1895 (buried with Lewis Hoel)
Hoel, Jacob, 2/19/1855 (with wife Phebe Hoel)
Hoel, Lewis, 10/18/1831 (buried with unknown)
Hoel, Lewis, May? 1889, age84yr, 10 m (buried with Elizabeth Hoel)
Hoel, Lucy Ann, 5/1/1834-12/25/1907 (buried with james Bolkcom)
Hoel, Phebe, 11/27/1837 (buried with husband Jacob Hoel)
Hoel, Sala, 3/13/1811-6/4/1884 (buried with Charles Hoel)
Hollister, Bryce Elwin, DVM, of Honesdale,  b. 1916, d. 12-1-2001.
Hunter, Jerusha, 1843-1918 (buried with Jacob Bates)
Hunter, Lecretta, 12/27/1844 - 4/4/1909 (wife of George M. Day)
Kimble, Mabel, 1878 -    (wife of Roland Bates)
Knehr, Jean Louise Kinsman, d. July 4, 2003, age 98, wife of Adolph L.d. 1960
Martin, Dorothy
Palmer, Harry, 1877-1951(stone says "father", "mother" "Effie")
Perry, Tammy Lyne d. Dec. 13, 2002, age 39 wife of Daniel Perry, d. 1989 of Ocala FL, formerly of Honesdale
Pulis, Lydia, 1891-1966
Pulis, Phebe A., 11/18/1819-10/1/1910 (daughter of Jacob Hoel and Phebe Leonard)
Scambler, Geneva S., 1869-1950 (wife of George L. Bates)
Scambler, George (who fell at the battle of Winchester, VA 9/19/1864)(buried with William Scambler)
Scambler, Mary, 6/16/1887, age 55
Scambler, William, 1864, (died in London, England) (buried with son George Scambler)
Shuman, Armeger F. Aug. 8 1880, Dec. 17, 1945
Shuman, Pearl (Wilmarth) Mar. 8, 1888, July 3, 1953
Tolley, Charles E., 1896-1978 (husband of Mildred Tolley)
Tolley, Mildred B. 1901-1997 (wife of Charles E. Tolley)
Wilcox, Ivan L. Sr., b. June 7, 1927, d. July 9, 2003, husband of Liddie T. Brown m. Aug. 29, 1950, of Rileyville
Wilmarth, Halsey H. Oct. 3, 1892, Nov. 7 1963
Wilmarth, Samuel J. March 3, 1859, Sept. 21, 1935
Wilmarth, SGT. Samuel H. (son of Halsey H. Wilmarth) Oct. 11, 1918, Oct. 16, 1944

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