Edwards Cemetery, Salem Township, Wayne County, PA

There are numerous graves marked with natural-stone markers. Most of these are probably the offspring of David & Lucinda and George & Eudora who died in childhood. These include Miles, Milton, Archie, Frank, Friend, Amanda, and Floyd.

Chapman, Eliza Edwards, 1871 1937 (wife of Elmer Chapman/Daughter of Albert Edwards & Lenora Glossenger)
Chapman, Elmer, 1869 1945 (husband of Eliza Edwards)
Chapman, Ethel
Devine, John, 1867 - 1935
Edwards, Abner, 1887 1937 (nephew of David Edwards)
Edwards, Albert, 1844 1909 (son of Thomas Edwards & Eliza Carter, husband of Lenora Glossenger)
Edwards, Calista Bonham, 1870 1963, (wife of Fred Edwards)
Edwards, David , 1839 -1921 (Son of Thomas Edwards & Eliza Carter)
Edwards, Eliza Carter, 1808 1885 (wife of Thomas Edwards)
Edwards, Eudora Snyder, 1837 1891 (wife of George Edwards)
Edwards, Fred, 1870 1942 (son of David Edwards & Lucinda Chapman, husband of Calista Bonham)
Edwards, G. W. (George), 1834 1899 (son of Thomas Edwards & Eliza Carter, husband of Eudora Snyder)
Edwards, J. S. (Joseph), 1848 1884 (son of Thomas Edwards & Eliza Carter, husband of Laura Chapman)
Edwards, Laura Chapman, 1850 1935 (wife of Joseph Edwards/Sister of Lucinda Chapman)
Edwards, Lenora Glossenger, 1845 1912 (wife of Albert Edwards)
Edwards, Lucina, 1851 1862 (daughter of Thomas Edwards & Eliza Carter)
Edwards, Lucinda Chapman, 1839 1918 (wife of David Edwards/Sister of Laura Chapman)
Edwards, Thomas J. , 1806 -1883 (husband of Eliza Carter)

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