Green Grove Cemetery, Mount Pleasant

Arvilla, Blanche, 1877-1886
Bass, Philo S., 1836-1926 (husband of Frances J. Kennedy)
Bass, Rebekah D., 1841-1929 (wife of Charles H. Kennedy)
Bass, Sarah, 1800-1884 (wife of Charles Kennedy)
Benjamin, Sarah Mary, Nov 17, 1744 - Apr 20, 1859 (Rev Vet 1775-1763 Placed by Wayne Charter DAR)
Bigelow, Catharine K., d. Aug 6, 1869 18 yrs (wife of Wilbur Kennedy)
Bigelow, Czrena A., 1821-1897 (wife of Orrin Lester)
Clough, Durinda, 1808-1854
Clough, Melinda M., 1836-1878 (wife of L.W. Sanford)
Conyne, Clara P., 1854-1932 (wife of Horace W. White) (White Plot)
Doyll, Susie M., b.1879, d.1957 (wife of Gail E. White)
Fisher, Ada White, b.1878, d.1942
Fisher, Harry L, b.1874, d.1954
Fisher, Mark L., b.1899, d.1993 (husband of Jeannette H. Reif)
Fletcher, Clara May, (unable to read rest) (dau of Dan & Sophronia Fletcher)
Fletcher, Ellen J., d. July 12, 1862 Age 18y 2m (dau of Dan & Sophronia Fletcher)
Fletcher, Frank, d. Sept 16, 1838 (unable to read rest) (son of Dan & Sophronia Fletcher)
Fletcher, Hattie A. Daughter of ... 9/16/1861 Age 19y 10m (child of CC & MB Fletcher)
Fletcher, Jane E., d. Jul 5, 1853 (wife of Chauncey Fletcher)
Fletcher, Milton D.,  (stone broken) (son of Dan & Sophronia Fletcher)
Fletcher, Olin D. Oct 23∑ (unable to read rest) (child of CC & MB Fletcher)
Fletcher, Sophronia B., d. 2/20/1865 Age 44y 3m 16d (wife of Dan L. Fletcher)
Gamble, Geraldine C. Odell d. 2003, wife of Stephen H. Gamble d. 1988, of Forest City
Graves, Harriet, Aug 18, 1814 - April 18, 1899 (wife of Seth Kennedy)
Haines, Myrtle, b.1893, d.1990 (wife of Harold P. White)
Howard, Edward, 1873-1874, buried in White Plot
Kennedy, Alexander, d. May 24, 1845 Age 20y 9m (son of Nathan L. Kennedy & Pamelia King)
Kennedy, Amos, Oct 13, 1805 -May 16, 1888
Kennedy, Angie, Sept 26, 1890 - July 6, 1891 (child of A.A. & Amanda Kennedy)
Kennedy, Asa, Mar 16, 1817 -Feb 21, 1878
Kennedy, Calvin E., 1875-1930 (date broken)
Kennedy, Carrie L., 1881-1949 (wife of Harry I. Kennedy)
Kennedy, Charles, 11/14/1791-1/27/1871 (husband of Sarah Bass)
Kennedy, Charles H., 1844-1905 (husband of Rebehak Bass)
Kennedy, Edwin,1846-1891 (son of George Kennedy & Famy Stevenson)
Kennedy, Eunice, d. Sep 21, 1818 age 37y 24d 8m
Kennedy, Eunice, Sep 25, 1775 - Mar 18, 1848 (wife of Benjamin King) (on stone: „To their memory by Grand Childrenš)
Kennedy, Frances J.,1843-1928 (dau of Harriet Graves and Seth Kennedy, wife of Philo Bass)
Kennedy, George W., 1819-1905 (husband of Famy Stevenson)
Kennedy, Gilbert H., 1877-1944
Kennedy, Grace, Mar 9, 1880 - Sep 27, 1884 (child of A.A. & Amanda Kennedy)
Kennedy, Harry I. Kennedy 1882-1978 (husband of Carrie L. Kennedy)
Kennedy, John C., Sep 11, 1845 - Mar 6, 1851
Kennedy, Lewis, d. Nov 30, 1852 Age 30y 4m 21d
Kennedy, Nathan L., Apr 13, 1871 90y 3m(stone laying on ground mostly covered)
Kennedy, Nathan R., 5/22/1839 Ų2/5/1900 (husband of Catharine E. Lester)
Kennedy, Nelson E., (stone broken on the ground)
Kennedy, Nelson E., June 25, 1836 - Apr 27, 1860
Kennedy, Porter, 1838-1910, GAR 1861-1865 (son of Sarah Bass & Charles Kennedy, husband of Alissa M. Squire)
Kennedy, Ray 1876-1877 (son of Porter Kennedy & Alissa Squire)
Kennedy, Robert, d. July 1, 1858 Age 85y 9m 23d  (stone:  „... of judgement & „)(husband of Elizabeth King)
Kennedy, Robert H., Aug 8, 1810 - Feb 10, 1894 (husband of Charlotte Wheatcraft)
Kennedy, Robert M., 10/14/1817 Ų 7/2/1896 (husband of Henrietta Rittenhouse)
Kennedy, Ruth 1873-1876 (dau of Porter Kennedy & Alissa Squire)
Kennedy, Sarah, b. May 22, 17 (rest is broken) (wife of Andrew Lester)(May 22, 1778 - June 10, 1869)
Kennedy, Sarah P., d. Jan 3, 1845 Age 26y 2m (wife of Seth Kennedy)
Kennedy, Seth, Feb 5, 1812 -May 18, 1865 (husband of Harriet Graves)
King, Benjamin, May 23, 1777 - June 15, 1860 (husband of Eunice Kennedy)(on stone: „To their memory by Grand Childrenš)
King, Elizabeth, d. March 1, 1817 (wife of Robert Kennedy)
King, Hawkins, 1803-1863
King, Hawkins, d. Apr 2, 1863 Age 58y 10m 14d (son of Benjamin King and Eunice Kennedy)
Lester, Albert E., d. June 9, 1877 Age 81y 11m, 21d
Lester, Alice L., 1898-1906 (child of F.P. & S.L. Lester)
Lester, Allie E., 1879-1880 (child of F.P. & S.L. Lester)
Lester, Andrew, May 28, 1778 - Sep 29, 1869 (husband of Sarah Kennedy)
Lester, Catharine E., 4/1/1844 Ų10/13/1925 (daughter of Czrena Bigelow & Orrin Lester, wife of Nathan R. Kennedy)
Lester, Eunice, d. Aug 1, 1826 age 78y (wife of David Kennedy)
Lester, John A., d. Sep 20, 1861 age 18y 9m 13d (son of Orrin & Czrena Ann Lester)
Lester, N., May 1885-1903 (child of F.P. & S.L. Lester)
Lester, Orrin, 1816-1904 (husband of Czrena A. Bigelow)
Lester, Orrin P. d. Jan 22, 1878 Age 29y 1m 4d (son of Orrin & Czrena Ann Lester)
Reif, Jeannette H., b.1896, d.1994 (wife of Mark L. Fischer)
Rittenhouse, Henrietta, Sep 8, 1824 -June 5, 1905 (wife Robert M. Kennedy)
Rude, Amza W., b. Mar 17, 1834
Rude, Cynthia, b. Nov. 5, 1791 - d.Feb. 5, 1881 (wife of Reuben Rude)
Rude, Elis H. 1862? - 1946 (wife of Reed W. Rude)
Rude, Harrison, April 4, 1821 - d. July 322, 1896 (husband of Sarah)
Rude, James J., 1828-1864 (GAR flag marker at the stone)
Rude, Lucinda W., April 28, 1818 - Jan. 18, 1896, (wife of Hiram Ledyard) and son Dan Newman
Rude, Mercena P., 1831 - 1908 (wife of Hiram Borton)
Rude, Reed W., 1878-1942, (husband of  Ellis H. Rude)
Rude, Rena J., 1876 - 1926 (wife of Charles Niford? (name partially obliterated)
Rude, Reuben, b Feb. 15, 1789 - d. April 10, 1877 (husband of Cynthia
Rude, Sarah, d. July 15, 1883 (wife of Harrison Rude)
Sherman, Cynthia, 1799-1845
Squire, Alissa M., 1849-19 (no date) (wife of Porter Kennedy)
Stearns, Rhoda, d. Mar 21, 183 age 48y 1m 27d (wife of David Kennedy)
Sterns, Charlotte C., d. July 20, 1855 Age 28y (dau of Asbbel & Sophia Sterns)
Stevenson, Famy, 1821-1852 (wife of George W. Kennedy)
Terrel, Clarinda M., d. 10/1/1850, age 17yr, 1m, 15 ds (wife of Sameul Terrel)
Vane, Frank, 1884-1884
Wheatcraft, Charlotte Wheatcraft, Dec 24, 1813 - Mar 3, 1894 (wife of Robert H. Kennedy)
White, Edward A.,b.9/12/1873, d.6/16/1874, son of Horace W. & Clara White
White, Elizabeth B. Horton, 1815-1887 (wife of Phillip White)
White, Ezekiel, d. 9/22/1850, age 83 yrs, 6 mo, 23 days
White, Frebun, d. 8/9/1844, age 51 yrs, 10 mo, 22 days
White, Gail E., b.1875, d.1951 (husband of Suie M. Doyll)
White, Harold P., b.1895, d.1961 (husband of Myrtle Haines)
White, Horace W. 1848-1926 (husband of Clara P. Conyne)
White, Mary, d. 11/18/1849, age 79yr, 3 mo, 4 days, Wife of Ezekiel
White, Phillip, 1811-1886 (husband of Elizabeth B. Horton)

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