Heazelton Cemetery - Private - Dreher Twp
Akers,  Ella Mae, 1885 -1964, (wife of Leonard Burton Akers, dau of Charles W. Heazelton and Sarah /Elizabeth Loney)
Akers, Arthur, 1873 -1950
Akers, Daisy, Hazelton, 1881 1972 (wife of Arthur Akers,dau of Edward Hazelton and Nancy Masters)
Akers, Jesse, Dec, 1907 Mar 1908 (child of Arthur and Daisy Akers)
Akers, Leonard, Burton, 1881 1919 (husb of Ella Mae Hazelton)
Gilpin, Sarah,  died Oct 17, 1865 age 81y,2d (wife of Abram Heazelton0
Hart, Henry, Dec 9, 1843 - Dec 11, 1920
Heazelton, Abram died Jan 30, 1857 age 88y (husband of Sarah Gilpin)
Heazelton, Edward, Nov 27, 1826 - Oct 27, 1888, age 61y,11m (hus of Nancy Masters, son of Abraham and Sarah Heazelton)
Heazelton, Elizabeth, child of Edward and Nancy Heazelton, no dates given
Heazelton, Richard, (child of Edward and Nancy Heazelton)
Heazelton, Sarah Gilpin, Oct 17, 1865, (wife of Abram Heazelton) age 81y,2d (dau of Richard Sr. Gilpin and Mary Bortree)
Service, Francis, Apr 8, 1832 - Aug 12, 1891
Service, Samuel, Mar 28, 1828 Aug 23, 1908
Simpson, Daisy, 1898 1901 (child of Lulu and O. Frank Simpson)
Simpson, Lulu Hazelton, b.1872, (wife of O. Frank Simpson, she later remarried, dau of Edward Heazelton and Nancy Masters)
Simpson, O. Frank,1858 1904 (1st hus of Lulu Hazelton)
Skelton, Eliza, Hazelton, Jun 10, 1865 (wife of William Skelton, [born 5 Aug 1823], dau of Abraham and Sarah Hazelton)

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