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, Alice R., , d March 28 1858, [mostly unreadable, towards bottom says „CLIFFš]
, Maria, ,d Feb 23 1851
Adams, Dea Lester P., ,d Sept 29 18(6?)4, AE (64?) Years & 11 months
Adams, Lester P., Deacon, d. Sep 29, 1814 (husband of Margaret Adams)
Adams, Lester T., Co.B., 3 Pa Inf.
Adams, Margaret T., b. Dec 13 1806 at Red Hook NY, d. March 9 1891 at Gibbon Nebraska, wife of Lester P. Adams. [Top side of stone reads „MOTHERš, and inscription on front of stone reads „We shall meet to part no moreš]
Adams, Philip M., b/d May 2 1850[ Ų unsure if this is b or d date, son of Lester P. and Margaret T. Adams, 2 unreadable lines.]
Adams, Sergt. Lester T., [no birth/death dates, but military info: Co. B, 3 PA Inf., GAR 1861-1865, POS of A No279 PA]
Brown, Gabriel S., , d Nov 11 1863, AE 73 Yr‚s 7 mo‚s & 18 days [husband of Margaret, father of Isabella]
Brown, Gabriel S., [pillar monument is unreadable, but next to it is a military start that reads „GAR 1861-1865š(on same monument is Jane L. Brown)]
Brown, Isabella M., , d Oct 9 1860, AE 30 y & 5 m & 1 d, daughter of Gabriel Brown
Brown, Jane L., , d Aug 16 18(68?), aged 8 yrs & 10 mos., daughter of (Gabriel?) Brown [Ų on same pillar monument at Gabriel s. Brown]
Brown, Jane Lorimer, b. 1842, d 1915, wife of Thomas M. Brown [„MOTHERš stone next to large one]
Brown, Margaret M., b 1874, d 1946
Brown, Margaret, , d Jan 29 1876, aged 80 years, wife of Gabriel S.Brown
Brown, Thomas M. b 1828, d 1902, [husband of Jane Lorimer „FATHERš stone next to large one]
Brown, William, , d Jan 3 1870, aged 56 yrs
Brown?, „Jamesš [ stone to the direct left of Margaret Brown.]
Correll, Benjamin (written Benj. On the stone), b July 18 1801, d Jan 19 1886, [husband of Maria (2nd wife) and Dorothy(1st wife).]
Correll, Dorothy, b Sept 10 1802, d June 1854, wife of Benj. Correll [Ų a separate stone leaning on Dorothy‚s side of the pillar stone readsš DOROTHY wife of Benjamin Correllš.]
Correll, Maria, b May 1 1779, d Jan 25 1889, (sa?) and wife of Benj. Correll
Correll,-pillar memorial with 3 names, Benjamin, Maria, and Dorothy.
Dickson, Robert (MD), b June 8 1786 in Lochmaben Scotland, d April 21 1872 in Scranton PA
Dickson, Wm. G, b Oct 11 1843, d June 13 1865
Dunstone, John,  died May 28, 1849 age 14y,11m,14d (son of John & Sarah Dunstone)
Gilpin, Jane Howe, b May 13 1933, d Jan13 1998, wife of Willis James [Gilpin]
Gilpin, Willis James, b June 12 1930, d Oct 16 1996, [husband of Jane Howe]
Howe, Abram S., died Nov 2, 1853 age 51y,4m,10d
Howe, Alice S., ,d May 22 1853, AE 1 yr 10m & 20d. [Stone also reads „Daughter of Phineas and Mary A. Howeš, plus unreadable inscription]
Howe, Alice S., died Aug 22, 1853 age 1y,10m,20d (daughter of Phineas & Mary A. Howe)
Howe, Alice,  died Oct 18, 1848 in the 76 year of her age (wife of Phineas Howe)
Howe, Alice, , d Oct 18 1848, in the 76 year of her age, wife of Phineas Howe, [plus unreadable inscription]
Howe, Celeste A. Purdy, b June 11 1849, d Feb 22 1904, wife of Clark Howe [son Chester on same stone]
Howe, Chester. B? or C? July 24 1872, d Sept 4, 1878 [son of Celeste and Clark Howe]
Howe, Elber W., died Jan 17, 1873 age 33y, 9m, 26d (son of Phineas & Mary A. Howe)
Howe, Emily L.,  died May 23, 1873 age 30y,2m,16d (wife of Windsor M. Howe)
Howe, Hon. Phineas, ,d May 30 1879, aged 78 yrs 2 ms & 2 days, „In God We Trustš, [husband of Mary A. Howe]
Howe, Morella A., ,d June 11 1859, AE 21y 1m & 28d. [Stone also reads „daughter of Phineas & Mary A. HowešŲ this stone is badly broken]
Howe, Phineas, died Jan 27, 1843 in the 81 or 7? year of his age (husband of Alice)
Howe, Rebecca, b Aug 7 1808, d June 26 1897, top reads „MOTHERš
Kerr, James, , d Dec 12, 1862, AE 66 years
Kerr, Mary, , d Nov 30 1881, aged 70 yrs, „Asleep in Jesus. Blessed sleep. From which none ever come back to weepš
Mole, Charles, b March 30 1854, d April 18 1856, son of Wm W. and Elizabeth MOLE [different spelling than parent‚s, but on same stone] (this is a pillar memorial with William - husband, Elizabeth-wife, and Charles - son)
Molle, Elizabeth, b April 17 1819, d Nov 26 1876, wife of Wm. W. Molle [this is a pillar memorial with William - husband, Elizabeth-wife, and Charles Ų son]
Molle, William W., b Jan 6 1807, d Dec 25 1882, husband of Elizabeth Molle [this is a pillar memorial with William - husband, Elizabeth-wife, and Charles Ų son]
Purdy, Celeste A.,  June 14, 1849 - Feb 22, 1904 (wife of Clark Howe)
Service, Libbie J., d Mar 13 1870, aged 31 yrs 2 m‚s & 13 d‚s, [this is a pillar memorial with Robert on other side, stone reads „Children of Samuel and (Fran?) Serviceš]
Service, Robert N., , d Mar12 1870, aged 41 yrs 6 m & 1 day,[ this is a pillar memorial with Libbie on other side, stone reads „Children of Samuel and (Fran?) Serviceš]
Service, Sammy, , d Mar 31 1870, aged 16 yrs 3 ms & 29d‚s son of Samuel & (Fran?) Service. [There is a small unreadable stone to the right of Sammy.]
Taylor, Will M., ,d April 15 1869, AE 22 years [additional writing unreadable]
Thompson, Agnes Brown, , d June 5 1859, aged 44 years, wife of Thomas Thompson
Thompson, Willie, , d (Jan?) 30 (1864?) AE 11 years, son of (?)Thompson [Ų note: very hard to read stone.]
Wall, Sarah H., , wife of Ezra Wall
Yates, Benjamin T., died Sept 3, 1876 age 67y, ?m, 17d (husband of Mary)
Yates, Mary,  died Apr 18, 1853 in the 45 year of her age (wife of Benjamin T. Yates)[nee Jarvis]

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