Keen's Cemetery, Canaan Township

Buckland (Tennant), Betsey A. born 1807; d 1897 (wife of Horace Buckland)
Buckland, Ara d age 13 yrs; daug/son? of Horace & Betsey
Buckland, Betsey Ann (Tennant), b 1808; d 11 March 1897(wife of Horace Buckland)
Buckland, Charles D.   b. January 30, 1817   d. August 28, 1848 (Husband of Eunice Jaggars)
Buckland, Chester   b. April 14, 1782   d. May 25, 1854 (Husband of Esther McKee and Sarah Hills)
Buckland, George W.   b. 1836   d. February 21, 1915 (Son of Louis H. and Phoebe Jaggars Buckland; Civil War Veteran; Pvt., CO F 50th NY Eng Regāt)
Buckland, Horace born 23 Oct 1806; d 11 May 1884 (stone says 1897)(husband of Betsey Tennant)
Buckland, Jennette d 1 yr. 8 mo.; daug of Horace & Betsey
Buckland, Joseph W.   b. November 30, 1838   d. May 8, 1915 (Son of Louis H. and Phoebe Jaggars Buckland; Civil War Veteran; Sgt., CO F 50th NY Eng Regāt)
Buckland, Lucian d 6 weeks; son of Horace & Betsey
Buckland, M. Linda born 1850; d 1865; daug of Horace & Betsey
Buckland, Mary   b. July 27, 1814   d. August 07, 1886 (Wife of Samuel Jenkins)
Buckland, Sarah A. d age 13 yrs.; daug of Horace & Betsey
Buckland, Silas   b. June 6, 1845   d. February 3, 1907 (Civil War Veteran; Pvt., CO G 3rd Regāt PAVOLS)
Buckland, Susan   b. July 4, 1845   d. August 8, 1847 (Daughter of Charles D. and Eunice Jaggars Buckland)
Buckland, Thomas J.   b. June 6, 1841   d. September 4, 1869 (Son of Louis H. and Phoebe Jaggars Buckland; Civil War Veteran; Pvt., CO A 137th Regāt Inf)
Clift, William P.   b. June 1, 1834   d. 1912 (Civil War Veteran)
Corby, Leo J., born Feb 10, 1930, died Jun 30, 2003, of Hazleton, formerly of Steene
Denslow, David A   b. 1843   d. June 21, 1865 (Civil War Veteran; Pvt., CO M 17th PA Cav 162nd Regāt PAVOLS)
Denslow, Martin L.   b. 1842   d. March 4, 1863 (Civil War Veteran; Pvt., CO D 77th Regāt PAVOLS)
Eaton, John W. 1852-1929 (husband of Lillke L. Hudson)
Evans, Richard S.   b. March 9, 1841   d. June 2, 1863 (Civil War Veteran; Pvt., CO A 137th Regāt Inf)
Freer, Gordan M.   b. June 5, 1926   d. December 19, 1982 (WWII Veteran)
Hills, Sarah, wife to Chester Buckland, 8/31/1785 - 4/17/1873
Hudson, Lillie L, 1857-1935 (wife of John W. Eaton)
Humphfreys, Richard   b. May 4, 1909   d. December 24, 1973 (WWII Veteran)
Jenkins, Horace   b. September 27, 1833   d. September 9, 1868 (Son of Samuel and Mary Buckland Jenkins; Civil War Veteran; Cpl., CO M 17th PA Cav 162nd Regāt PAVOLS; POW)
Justice, George A. Jr.   d. May 20, 1961 (WWII Veteran)
Justice, Marian M. (Cole), 1914 - 2001
Keen, Elihu C.   b. 1798   d. March 17, 1878 (War of 1812 Veteran)
Keen, James B.   b. August 13, 1829   d. September 29, 1911 (Civil War Veteran; 1st Lt, CO M 17th PA Cav 162nd Regāt PAVOLS)
Keen, James Lee   b. November 22, 1928   d. April 19, 2001 (Korean War Veteran; Pvt 2nd Cl, U.S. Army)
Keen, James Neil   b. December 28, 1894   d. March 12, 1978 (WWI Veteran; Seaman, U.S. Navy)
Keen, Mathias (Revolutionary War Veteran)
Kennedy, Harold A.   b. May 27, 1913   d. December 13, 1983 (WWII Veteran; PFC, U.S. Army, 132nd Inf Regāt)
McCormick, John T.   b. May 21, 1935   d. December 19, 1982 (Vietnam War Veteran)
Minor, John E.   b. May 30, 1895   d. May 27, 1967 (WWI Veteran; PFC, U.S. Army, CO C 312th Mach Gun BN)
Phillips, Samuel   b. 1831   d. 1904 (Civil War Veteran)
Potter, Elton W.   b. 1906   d. 1989 (WWII Veteran)
Steinback, Byron    (Civil War Veteran; Pvt., CO A, 43rd Regāt Inf)
Stevens, Ada May   b. August 23, 1876   d. May 07, 1972 (Wife of Daniel Horatio Swingle Jr)
Swingle, Ada May Stevens, 23 August 1876 - 7 May 1972 (Mother of Helen)
Swingle, Helen Sarah   b. March 7, 1900   d. December 31, 1967 (Daughter of Daniel Horatio and Ada May Stevens Swingle)
Tennant, Betsey Ann   b. 1808   d. March 11, 1897 (Wife of Horace Buckland)
Wertman, Irene E. Coons, of Binghamton,  d. 29 Jan 2004, age 78, (wife of Delbert L.)

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