Kingsbury Hill Cemetery, Buckingham Township

Allen, Blanche, 1898-1942 (wife of Ira Black)
Allen, Clarabelle Pobgee 1905-1985 (wife of Edson Allen)
Allen, Edson E. b. Aug 4 1891 - 20 Jul 1966 (husb of  Clarabelle Pobgee Allen)(Pvt, 115 Ammo TN 40 Div, PA)
Allen, Garfield, 6/30/1927-2/13/1994
Allen, Leila Julia, 1/25/1945-1/30/1945
Allen, Norman Mark, 7/21/1964-8/3/1992
Belknap, Abel R. b. 1775 d. Jan. 18, 1845 (first child born on Kingsbury Hill)(husb of Betsey White Belknap)
Belknap, Betsey White b. 1781 d. 29 Sept. 1872 (wife of Abel R. Belknap)
Belknap, D. Brainard b. July 9 1827 d. 1902 (husband of Keziah C. Belknap
Belknap, Ebenezer, 1782 - July 25, 1872, age 90 (he may have been a brother of Abel R. Belknap)
Belknap, Julia DaVall b. 1834/35 d. 1863 age 28 (wife of George H. Belknap) found also in Riverview Cemetery in Hancock, NY.  Not sure which cemetery she is actually buried in.
Belknap, Keziah C. Belknap, Feb. 3 1821 - Aug. 25 1893 (wife of Brainard Belknap)
Black, Blanche Allen b. 1898 d. 1942 (wife of Ira Black)
Black, Fred b. 1876 d. 1944 and also infant children Alice and Betty
Black, Ira b. 1878 d. 1946 (husband of Blanche Allen Black)
Black, Stanley b. 1905 - 1993
Coddington, Elias d. 1862 ABT. 20 years old (son of William & Rachael Coddington)
Coddington, John d. Jan. 10 1861 age 22 (son of William and Rachael Coddington)
Coddington, William d. 1827 (husband of Rachael Kingsbury Coddington)
Cole, Matilda E. Haynes b. Nov. 29 1839 d. 18 Oct. 1883 (wife of Charles Cole who is buried in the Riverview cemetery, Hancock, NY)
Dawden, Mary Jane, 1841-1916 (stone says:  IMO Pope Rev. James & wife Mary Jane)
Dix, Anthony Wayne b. May 15 1948 d. July 5 1980 (son of Olan Richard & Esther Dix)
Dix, Clara M. Doyle  1892 - 1977 (wife of Orva J. Dix)
Dix, Esther Wayman 1925-1946 (wife of Olan R. Dix)
Dix, Olan Richard  1928-1990 (husband of Esther Wayman Dix)
Dix, Orva J. 1889-1984 (husband of Clara M. Doyle Dix)
Dix, Oscar d. 1924 (son of Orva J. and Clara M. Dix)
Gunderson, Anders Norbert, 7/4/1929 - 4/6/1942
Harageons, Elaine, 5/21/1897-8/28/1968
Harageons, James George, 10/26/1886 - 11/18/1953
Haynes, Anna Cramer b. 1806 d. Jan. 23 1873 age 67 (wife of Rodger Haynes)
Haynes, Matilda E., 11/29/1839 - 10/18/1883 (wife of Charles Cole)(There is also a footmarker for Matilda in the Riverview Cemetery, Hancock, Del Co, NY, next to her husband, Charles cole, in the cole family plot. 
Haynes, Rodger b. 1789 d. May 18 1872 age 83 (husband of Anna Cramer Haynes)
Haynes, William d. 1871 (possibly son of Elisha Haynes who was the son of Rodger and Anna Haynes)
Kingsbury, Alice, 1861 (infant dau of Thomas & M.O. Kingsbury)
Kingsbury, Betsey Rose 1824-1856 (wife of Thomas Kingsbury)
Kingsbury, Ervin T., b. 1851 - 11/23/1872 (son of Thomas & Betsy Rose Kingsbury)
Kingsbury, Harris R., b. 1852 - 4/2/1872 (son of Thomas & Betsy Rose Kingsbury)
Kingsbury, Mahala Odgen 1823-1906 (2nd wife of Thomas Kingsbury)
Kingsbury, Thomas b. 1819 d. 1894 (husband of #1 Betsey Rose and #2 Mahala Odgen)
Mallery, Celinda O., d. June 22, 1913 (wife of S.T. Whitaker)
Mallery, Christina D. Belknap, Mar. 16 1816  - Feb. 12 1886/8  (wife of Thomas Mallery)
Mallery, Ella Marie, Aug. 26 1854 -Oct. 3, 1891 age 37 (dau. of  Osmer Devillo Mallery & Edna A. Atwell Mallery)
Mallery, George Addison b. Nov. 29, 1845 d. Apr. 5 1883 (husband of Helen Scott Mallery)
Mallery, Helen Scott b. 1844 d. Apr. 20 1888 (wife of George A. Mallery)
Mallery, Thomas b. Mar. 1 1811 d. Dec. 11 1860  (husband of Chastina W. Belknap)
Morgan, Frank, 1853-1929
Morgan, Hanna, 1851-1942
Neild, Chastina Marion Mallery, Sep 16, 1842 - Apr 10, 1908 (wife of Robert Neild)
Neild, Robert b. 1843 d. 1910 (husband of Chastina Marion Mallery Neild)
Pobgee, George R. 1875 - 1958 (husband of Lula Julia Allen)
Pobgee, Lula Julia Allen d. Jan. 30 1948 (wife of George R. Pobgee)
Pope, James, 1844-1936 (husband of Mary Jane Bawden)
Strem, Sarah, b. 7/31/1812, Hancock, NY) - 7/31/1880 (wife of C.G. Strem)
Strem, C.G., stone unreadable
Transue, Eva Whitaker b. May 1856/66 d. July 8/16  1921 (wife of Whitaker Transue) (dau. of Squire Thomas and Celinda Whitaker)
Whitaker, Arvilla, d. 3/3/1873 (dau of S.T. & C. O. Whitaker)
Whitaker, Celinda O. Mallery b. 1834  d. June 6 1913 (wife of Squire Thomas Whitaker)
Whitaker, Eva J., d. 7/16/1921(dau of S.T. & C. O. Whitaker)
Whitaker, Squire Thomas b. Feb. 1829 d. Oct. 23 1886 (husband of Celinda Mallery Whitaker) Squire and wife Celinda may be buried in Riverview Cemetery
Whitney, Henry O. (unable to read)

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