Ledgedale Cemetery, Salem Township

Black, Lucia, 1877-1939 (dau of Samuel Foulkrod & Hannah M. Fish)
Bloss, Roese, Anna M. (Wife of Philip Roese)~~1868-1949
Buck, Johannette, 1827-1904 (wife of Henry Krieger)
Congdon, Cila, 1888-1970, twin of Mary (dau of Samuel Foulkrod & Hannah M. Fish)
De Long, Sidney N. (Son of Amos and Sophia De Long), d. Feb. 29, 1861, age not readable
Eibes, Kenny J. (Our Grandson)~~1952-1976 (Mausoleum)
Fish, Hannah M., b. 1857, d. 1922 (wife of Samuel A. Foulkrod)            
Fitze, Baby, 1875-1875 (child of John E. Fitz)
Fitze, Ellen, 1861-1962 (dau of John E. Fitz)
Fitze, John, 1867-1868 (son of John E. Fitz)
Fitze, John E.~~1833-1876
Foulkrod, Samuel A. , b. 1852, d. 1929 (husband of Hannah M. Fish)      
Griffiths, Edna H.~~1909-1960 (Mausoleum)
Heffley, Mary, 1857-1935 (wife of John Schrader)
Krieger, Charles~~1903-1938 (Mausoleum)
Krieger, Ella, 1861 1937 (wife of William Krieger)
Krieger, Eva~~1887-1924 (Mausoleum)
Krieger, Frederick, June 24, 1806- Aug. 17, 1883, 77y, 1m, 23d
Krieger, Henrietta (mother)~~* (Mausoleum)
Krieger, Henrietta~~1914-1921 (Mausoleum)
Krieger, Henry C., d. Sept. 4, 1890, 27y, 9m, 7d
Krieger, Henry, 1825-1885 (husband of Johannette Buck)
Krieger, Henry~~* (Mausoleum)
Krieger, John, 1855-1909 (husband of Matilda Oberl)
Krieger, John~~1884-1945 (Mausoleum)
Krieger, Philip (father)~~1859-1930 (Mausoleum)
Krieger, Philip H.~~1886-1918 (Mausoleum)
Krieger, Sophia, 1864-1914 (wife of William Stermer)
Krieger, William, 1871 1950 (husband of Ella Krieger)
Long, Lizzie R. (In Memory Of Daughter of E.T. & Sallie A. Long), d. May 6, 1856, 4y, 4d
Mack, Mary P., 1888-1958, twin of Cila (dau of Samuel Foulkrod & Hannah M. Fish)
Marshall, Charles, 1882-1924 (son of Robert Marshall & Isabel Surplus)
Marshall, Robert , 1850-1927 (husband of Isabel Surplus)
Oberl, Matilda E., 1865-1931 (wife of John Krieger)
Patterson, David, d. July 1, 1866, 96y, 5M
Phillips, Hannah S. (Wife of John A Fearde (not sure if A. is middle initial, or part of last name)), Jul 16, 1812-Mar 20, 1864 GAR flag 1861-1965
Rineslane, Caroline, Apr. 22, 1826 - Aug.15, 1897 (wife of Philip Stermer)
Roese, Clara (Scholl) (wife of John E. Roese) Aug.18, 1831- Feb. 6, 1898 (Inscribed: REST WTH JESUS) Roese, Estette~~23 Sept. 18?? (more not readable) (Shares tombstone with Josephina)
Roese, Henrietta, d. Nov. 21, 1882, 75y, (Inscribed: From Her Only Daut).
Roese, John~~Born Dec. 6, 1824-Died Oct. 16, 1896 (husband of Clara Scholl)
Roese, Josephina~~12 APRIL 18?? (stone not readable)  (Shares tombstone with Estette)
Roese, Mary, Oct. 12 1829 - Mar. 24, 1905 (wife of Philip Schrader)   
Roese, Philip~~Born Aug. 22 1862-April 10, 1899 (husband of Anna M. Bloss Roese)   Inscribed: AT REST
Rose, Henrietta M.~~July 1, 1891-May 20, 1921
Runyan, Edith, (dau of Vincent & Emma Runyan), d. Apr 7 1897, 8y, 3m, 20d
Schrader, Christian, Jan. 29, 1861-Aug. 19, 1910
Schrader, John P., 1894-1957 (to the right of John and Mary Heffley)
Schrader, John, 1853-1922 (husband of Mary Heffley)
Schrader, Philip, d. July 3, 1888, age 67y, 9m (husband of Mary Roese)(more- can't read)
Stermer, Henry S., Oct. 12, 1859 - Jan. 24, 1914
Stermer, Philip S., Oct.16, 1823 - May 30, 1902 (flag GAR 1861-1865) (husband of Caroline Rineslane)
Stermer, William, 1882-1931 (husband of Sopia Krieger)
Surplus, Isabel, 1855 1922 (wife of Robert Marshall)

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