Lookout Cemetery, Damascus Township

Abbeal, Casper     Nov 2, 1855 -  June 7, 1938
Abbeal, Marquerite   1854  -  1942  (wife of Charles E. Rutledge)
Adams, Mildred R. d. 10/12/1910 (wife of Alpheus G. Hill)
Arthur, Susanna 1845-1922 (wife of Francis Toms)
Baldwin, Laverne D. 1921-1986 (daughter of Sylvester and Prudence Baldwin)
Baldwin, Prudence 1884-1970 (wife of Sylvester Baldwin; mother of Laverne D. Baldwin)
Baldwin, Sylvester 1883-1950 (husband of Prudence Baldwin, father of Laverne D. Baldwin)
Bass, Annie M. 1852-1924
Bass, Emma E. 2/9/1854-3/8/1911
Bass, John 12/20/1854-11/27/1941
Bohling, Margaret 12/10/1866-12/25/1931 (wife of Herman Steffen; mother of Alice, Fredrick, Herman & Margaret)
Bortree, Buell A. Sr. 1912-1989 ( husband of Jessie Bortree)
Bortree, Jessie M. 1916-1939  (wife of  A. Buell Bortree)
Bortree, Russell E. 12/27/1939-4/16/1984  US Air force Korean War flag
Bosch, John 1910-1983 (Funeral home marker says 1911)
Brown, Audrey L. 1903-1977 (same plot as George and Lillie Skinner)
Brown, Mary C.   1876  -  1913   (wife of William T. Slater)
Brown, Mary C. 1876-1913 wife of William slater; mother of Thomas & another son)
Bruce, Benjamin F. 1848-1907 G.A.R., Co. B, 91 NY Inf. (husband of Julia A. Turner, father of Franklin Bruce)
Bruce, Franklin 1883-1920 (son of Benjamin Bruce and Julia Turner)
Clausen, Lena 1902-1980 (wife of Merton Gager)
Clauson, Charles M.   1859  -  1936  (husband of Ursula Kellam)
Coddington, Sarah J. 1870-19-- (wife of William Flynn; mother of Sarah May Flynn; 2nd wife of Lewis G. Hill)
Cole (baby son) 2/5/1903-3/1/1903;  "We'll never say Good bye in Heaven" (son of Theodore & Katie Cole)
Cole (father) 1844-1929 GAR (father of John W. Cole)
Cole (mother) 1844-1918 (mother of John W. Cole)
Cole, Emma E. 2/9/1854-3/8/1911 (wife of John N. Cole)
Cole, John N. 12/20/1854-11/27/1941 (husband of Emma e. Cole)
Cole, John W. 1873-1913 (husband of Thilda Cole)
Cole, Nora  1889  -  1967  (wife of Arnold E. Rutledge)
Cole, Nora 1889-1967 (wife of Arnold Rutledge)
Cole, Theodore 11/9/1877-9/26/1904 (husband of Katie Cole; father of baby son Cole)
Cole, Thilda 1882-1965 (wife of John Cole)
Cook, Clarabelle 1926-1975 (wife of Donald S. Cook; mother of Robert E. Cook)
Cook, Donald S. 1911-2000 (husband of Clarabelle Cook; father of Robert E.Cook)
Cook, Robert E. 9/23/1948-6/5/1970 Penn PFC 514 QMCO;BSM  PH ; Vietnam marker; (son of Donald S. & Clarabelle Cook)
Cron, Harry 1905-1976 (wife of Maggie Cron)
Cron, Maggie 1917-  (wife of Harry Cron)
Dailey, Ford 1884-1964 (husband  of Lulu Dailey)
Dailey, Lulu 1891-1940 (wife of Ford Dailey)
Drumm, Willaim T. (husband of Phebes Hodencamp)
Eaton, Sarah J. 8/26/1857-9/17/1934 (wife of John Schnakenberg; mother of Harry Schnakenberg)
Edsall, Effa    1898  -  1899   (buried with Robert H. Edsall)
Edsall, Joseph E. 1841-1918 (husband  of Sarah J. Everman)
Edsall, Robert H.   1848  -  1908  (buried with Effa Edsall)
Eggelton, Charles H. 1885-1954
Eggelton, Kathryn M. 1889-1969 (wife of Charles Eggleton; mother of M. Thelma Eggelton)
Eggleton, M. Thelma 1915-1929 (daughter of Charles aned Katherine Eggelton)
Elmore, Adeon  1886-1959 WWI marker (son of Leonard and Mary Rutledge Elmore)
Elmore, Leonard 2/8/1859-2/15/1929 (husband of Mary G. Rutledge; father of Adeon Elmore)
Everman, Sarah J. 1847-1910 (wife of Joseph E. Edsall)
Ewain, Hager A. 1863-1910 (wife of John Ewain; mother of William Ewain)
Ewain, John 1857-1923 (husband of Hager A. Ewain; father of William Ewain)
Ewain,William 1882-1899 (son of John and Hager Ewain)
Ferguson, Alice E. 1854- 1933 (wife of David Layton)
Flynn, Sarah May 10/27/1904-6/18/1907 "Of such is the  Kingdom of Heaven"(daughter of William and Sarah Coddington Flynn)
Flynn, William R. 1868-1926 FLT 100F (husband of Sarah J. Coddington; father of Sarah May Coddington)
Fulkerson, Charles E. 1854-1920 (son of Charles and Mary Fulkerson)
Fulkerson, Edwin S. 1829-1887  (husband of Mary S., father of Charles E.)(same star emblem as Sam Rutledge)
Fulkerson, Mary S. 1837-1894  (husband of Edwin Fulkerson; mother of Charles Fulkerson)
Gager, Merton 1896-1966 (husband of Lena Clausen)
Gieschem, Anna 1875-1961 (wife of Herman Schnakenberg; mother of Clara, Herman, J. August, William and Dorothy Schnakenberg
Gillow, Bert A. 1876-1941 FIT 100F
Gillow, Carl 1903-1930 (husband of Mary Hansen)
Gunderson, Ralph W. Sr. b. Feb. 20, 1950, d. Nov. 16, 2002 husband of Rev. Doris A. (Sandor) of Harding, Luzerne Co.
Hansen, Mary 1910-1999 (wife of Carl Gillow)
Harrison, Lena P. Hawley 1/2/1894-4/9/1962 (next to Ray Hawley)
Hartz, Anna L. 1906-1993
Hartz, Paul F. 1926-1940 (grandson of John R. and Jeanette Maudsley Wilcox)
Hawley, Alfred S. 1873-1931 (son of Sullivan and Mary Mogridge Hawley)
Hawley, Blanche   1865  -  1955  (wife of Samuel J. Rutledge)
Hawley, Grace M. 1883-1930 (first wife of Lewis G. Hill; mother of Florence Hill)
Hawley, infant daughter of Ray E. Haley)
Hawley, infant son of Ray E. Hawley
Hawley, Ray E. 4/28/1894-7/3/1932 (FLT emblem)
Hawley, Sullivan 1832-1914 GAR flag (husband of Mary P. Mogridge, father of Alfred S.)
Hill, Alpheus G. 11/19/1909-8/3/1948 (husband of Mildred R. Adams)
Hill, Emma D. 1910-1984 (wife of Nelson Hill)
Hill, Florence M. 3/11/1905-7/11/1908 (daughter of Lewis and Grace Hawley Hill; sister of Melvin and Nelson Hill)
Hill, Harris G. 1880-1967 (husband of Hattie A. Hillson of Joel G. and Mary Jane Hill; brother of Lewis G. Hill)
Hill, Hattie A. 1882-1976 (wife of Harris G. Hill)
Hawley Hill; brother of Nelson Hill; second husband of Margaret Steffen)
Hawley; son of Joel G. and Mary Jane Hill; sibling of Harris Hill)
Hill, J. Waldron 8/5/1906-1/26/1925 (next to Harris Hill)
Hill, Joel G. 1917-1987 (husband of Marjorie Hill)
Hill, Joel G. 8/1/1845-3/15/1919 GAR Post 198 (husband of Mary Jane Flynn Hill)(former State Senator)
Hill, John A.   1877  -  1956   (husband of Mary Latourette)
Hill, Lewis G. 1875-1939  Spanish-American War marker (husband of Grace M.
Hill, Marjorie G. 1924-1995 (wife of Joel Hill)
Hill, Mary J. 1/23/1848-12/14/1901 (wife of Joel G. Hill)
Hill, Melvin Grant 11/11/1903-3/25/1967 WWII flag (son of Lewis G.and Grace; 2nd husband of Margaret Steffen)
Hill, Nelson G. 1906-1979 (husband of Emma; son of Lewis G.and Grace Hawley Hill; brother of Melvin Hill)
Hinkley, Frank 1927-1981 (husband of Louise Hinkley)
Hinkley, Lillian 1883-1953 (wife of Luman Hinkley)
Hinkley, Louis 1926-   (wife of Frank Hinkley)
Hinkley, Louise (Jennings) d. Dec. 10, 2002, age 77 wife of Frank L. Hinkley, d. 1980 of Lookout
Hinkley, Luman 1876-1947 (husband of Lillian Hinkley)
Hodencamp, Alfred L. (on B. Hodencamp stone)
Hodencamp B. (also Myrtle E, Alfred L. and Freddie I. on same stone)
Hodencamp, Freddie I. (on B. Hodencamp stone)
Hodencamp, Henry 1877-1947 (husband of Edith Totten)
Hodencamp, Myrtle (on B. Hodencamp stone)
Hodencamp, Phebes (wife of William T. Drumm)
Hughes, Mahala L. 1881-1903 (daughter of William and Honor Lake)
Joy, Mary Elizabeth 6/1/1874-6/10/1898
Kahrs, John 1866-1939 1866-1939 (husband of Margaret Sunderman)
Kellam, George T.    1845  -  1921  (husband of Mary Olive Wilcox)
Kellam, John J.   1862  -  1944  (husband of Emily Rutledge)
Kellam, Ursula   1871  -  1957  (wife of Charles M. Clauson)
Kiernan, Emma K. 1908-1980 (wife of John W. Kiernan)
Kiernan, John W. 1904-1964 (husband of Emma K. Kiernan)
Kimble, William      1845  -  1922  (husband of Elizabeth Rutledge)
Lake, Honor 1849-1907 (wife of William)
Lake, Welcome 1881-1906 (son of William and Honor Lake)
Lake, William 1841-1906 (husband of Honor)
Lake, William 1883-1947
Latourette, Mary   1875  -  1968  (wife of John A. Hill)
Layton, David K. 1851-1937 (husband of Alice e. Ferguson)
Layton, Dorothy K. 1905-1922 (daughter of Elbridge and Josephine Layton, sister of Hazel M. Layton)
Layton, Elbridge 1873-1958 (husband of Josephine; father of Hazel & Dorothy Layton)
Layton, Hattie 1/1/1876-6/20/1936 (wife of Floyd Lord)
Layton,  Hazel M. 1901-1906 (daughter of Elbridge and Josephine Layton; sister of Dorothy Layton)
Layton, Josephine 1875-1959 (wife of Elbridge Layton; father of Hazel & Dorothy Layton)
Lester, Caroline 1847- (wife of Benjamin Schwab)
Lockwood, Alice 1897-1941 (wife of James Lockwood)
Lockwood, James F. 9/5/1898-5/27/1975 (wife of Alice Lockwood)
Lord, Floyd 11/6/1875-9/22/1944 (husband of Hattie layton)
Loy, Mary Elizabeth 6/1/1874-6/10/1898
Maudsley, Jeanette 1870-1961 (wife of John R. Wilcox; grandmother of Paul F. Hartz)
Maudsley, John H. 1902-1968 (son of John R. and Amanda L. Rhodes)
Maudsley, John R. 1854-1934 (husband of Amanda Rhodes; father of John R.)
Mawdsley, Joseph 1859-1915
Mawdsley, Sarah E. 1874-1943 (wife of Joseph Mawdsley)
McKechnie, Dorothy Mae 5/26/1909-5/31/1913   "Our darling asleep in Jesus" (dau of Thomas N. & Agnes M. McKenchnie)
Miller, Maria S.  1852  -  19__   (wife of Israel N. Tyler)
Mogridge, Mary P. 1839-1926 (wife of Sullivan Hawley, mother of Alfred S. Hawley)
North, Maggie E. 1891-1924 (wife of Bert A. Gillow)
Oliver, Blanche C.    1892  -  1969  (wife of William W. Varcoe)
Powell, Moses 2/17/1885-9/1/1950
Rhodes, Amanda L. 1859-1938 (wife of John R. Maudsley; mother of John H. Rhodes)
Rodenburg, Agnes R. d. 4/30/1943  age 77 years  (wife of Lewis Rodenburg, mother of Chester)
Rodenburg, Chester 1906-1983 (husband of Mildred Rodenburg; son of Lewis & Agnes Rodenburg)
Rodenburg, Lewis d. 2/7/1910  age 42 years (husband of Agnes Rodenburg, father of Chester Rodenburg)
Rodenburg, Mildred 1904-1996 (wife of Chester Rodenburg)
Rutledge Arnold duplicate (R&dove emblem)
Rutledge, Alma B. (Brunner) d. May 16, 2003, age 88, wife of Edward Rutledge of Williamsport, formerly of Equinunk Starrucca Cemetery
Rutledge, Alma B. 1915- (wife of Edward Rutledge)
Rutledge, Arnold E.  1886  -  1941  (husband of Nora Cole)
Rutledge, Charles E.   1849  -  1918  (husband of Marguerite Abbeal)
Rutledge, Clyde E.   Dec 12, 1899 - April 8, 1965
Rutledge, Edward 1912-1993 (husband of Alma Rutledge)
Rutledge, Elizabeth  1855  -  1932  (wife of William Kimble)
Rutledge, Emily   1871  -  1961  (wife of John J. Kellam)
Rutledge, Evans Leroy   1865  -  1941
Rutledge, Mary G. 2/14/1851-5/28/1924 (wife of Leonard Elmore, mother of Adeon Elmore)
Rutledge, Samuel J.  1866  -  1942  (husband of Blanche Hawley)
Rutledge, Samuel J. (duplicate) (grave metal emblem R with 5 stars, a dove & lilly)
Schenk, Rev. Wm.T. 1876-1938 Methodist preacher (husband of M. Iona Tyler; on back side of Israel Tyler monument)
Schnakenberg, Clara 1/1/1896-7/8/1896 (daughter of Herman Schnakenberg & Anna Gieschen, sibling of Dorothy, Herman, J. August and William)
Schnakenberg, Dorothy 1914-1918 (daughter of Herman Schnakenberg and Anna Gieschen; sibling of Clara, Herman, J. August and William)
Schnakenberg, Harry 1879-1953 (son of John and Sarah Schnakenberg)
Schnakenberg, Herman 1863-1955 (husband of Anna Gieschem; father of Clara, Herman, J. August, William and Dorothy Schnakenberg)
Schnakenberg, Herman 1897-1980 (husband of Ruth Maudsley Schnakenberg; son of Herman and Anna Gieschen Schnakenberg; sibling of Dorothy, Clara, J. August & William)
Schnakenberg, J. August 1902-1994 (husband of Laura E. Schnakenberg; son of Herman and Anna Gieschen Schnakenberg; sibling of Dorothy, Herman, J. August & William)
Schnakenberg, John  12/26/1851-1/21/1943 (wife of Sarah J. Eaton, father of Harry)
Schnakenberg, Laura E. 1910-1977 (wife of J. August)
Schnakenberg, Ruth 1899-1984 (wife of Herman Schnakenberg)
Schnakenberg, William H. 1900-1962 (son of Herman and Anna Gieschen
Schnakenberg; sibling of, Dorothy, Clara, J. August and William)
Schwab, Benjamin 1840-1905 (husband of Caroline Lester)
Shuman, Mary Jane 1857-1901 (wife of Albert J. Shuman)
Shumnan, Albert J. 1845-1928 (husband of Mary Jane Shuman)
Skinner, George C.  1871  -  1943  (buried with Lillie A. Skinner)
Skinner, John G. 2/11/1861-4/12/1952; PA Cpl 47 US Volunteers Inf. (husband of Maria Skinner)
Skinner, Lillie A.   1878  -  1955  (buried with George C. Skinner)
Skinner, Lulu 1884-1908 (wife of Henry P. Swendsen)
Skinner, Maria 1836-   (wife of John G. Skinner)
Slate, Sam L.H. GAR GR.L. NY GAV (same plot as Henry Ward)
Slater, son of Willaim and Mary Brown Slater)
Slater, Thomas    1908  -  1913    (buried with William Slater)
Slater, Thomas (son of William and Mary Brown Slater)
Slater, William    1897  -  1897  (buried with Thomas Slater)
Slater, William T.   1877  -  ____   (husband of Mary C. Brown)
Slater, William T. 1877- (husband of Mary C. Brown, father of thomas and ?)
Steffen, Alice 10/2/1894-12/23/1953 (daughter of Herman and Margaret Bohling
Steffen, Frederick  1909-1980 (husband of Gertrude Steffen; son of Herman & Margaret Bohling Steffen; sibling of Herman, Margaret and Alice)
Steffen, Gertrude 1911-1984 (wife of Frederick Steffen)
Steffen, Herman 1/10/1985-11/27/1970 (son of Herman and Margaret Bohling Steffen and sibling of Alice, Frederick and Margaret)
Steffen, Herman 4/1/1865-11/3/1914 (husband of Margaret Bohling, father of Alice, Frederick, Herman & Margaret)
Steffen, Margaret 1/22/1906-10/16/1987 (wife of Frank Talley and Melvin Hill) (son of Herman and Margaret Bohling Steffen; sibling of Herman, Frederick & Alice)
Sunderman, Margaret 1868-1934 (wife of John Kahrs)
Swendsen, Henry P. 1877-19-- (husband of Lulu Skinner)
Talley, Frank 9/25/1910-5/30/1942 "lost at sea"; WWII flag (first husband of Margaret Steffen)
Toms, Cora Walker - wife of Howard
Toms, Elwin; infant son Toms, Elwin - infant son of Darwin and Mabel Dudgeon Toms, July 14 - October 30, 1904
Toms, Francis 1837-1914 (husband of Susanna Arthur) (same star as Sam Rutledge)
Toms, Howard
Toms, Violet Mae 8/24/1909-11/1/1916, dau of Darwin Toms and Mabel Dudgeon
Totten, Edith 1890-1952 (wife of Henry Hodencamp)
Traver, Lela M. 1907- (same stone as George W. Whitman)
Turner, Julia A. 1853-1917 (wife of Benjamin Bruce; mother of Franklin Bruce)
Tyler, Israel N.   1836  -  1905  (husband of Maria S. Miller)
Tyler, M. Iona   1876  -  1911  (wife of Rev. Wm. T. Schenk)(buried w/Israel N. Tyler)
Umstader, Kristin Marie 1967-1986 "To know her was to love her"
Varcoe, Nina Pauline   May 18, 1924 - June 5, 1925  (dau of Wm W & Blanche C.Varcoe)
Varcoe, William W.   1886  -  1941    (husband of Blanche C. Oliver)
Ward, Henry  GAR Co. E. Pa H.A. (same plot as Sam Slate)
Whitman, George N. 1930-1947 (same stone as Lela M. Traver)
Wilcox, Amanda 1856-1934 (wife of Jacob S. Wilcox)
Wilcox, Harvey E. 1818-1823
Wilcox, Jacob S. 1855-1941 (husband of Amanda Wilcox)
Wilcox, John R. 1860-1938 (husband of Jeanette Maudsley; grandfather of Paul F. Hartz)
Wilcox, Mary Olive   1851  -  1919  (wife of George T. Kellam)
Wilcox, Pvt William G. 1895-1916 Am. Legion flag,  Co. A. 316th Inf
Wood, Betsy 1940-1934 (wife of Moses Wood)
Wood, Moses A. GAR? G.D.15?; LIPA INF (husband of Betsy Wood)
Young, Charles 1913 (On Dave Young monument)
Young, Clarence 1918-1937 (On Dave Young monument)
Young, Dave (also on  stone: Clarence, Jesse, Waldron, Charles and George)
Young, Florence 4/1/1892-7/4/1967 (A bluestone heart shaped marker w/apparently hand carved lettering and "done by his wife, Leanna", "Love your grandson, Gary Young")
Young, George 1915 (on Dave Young monument)
Young, Hulday 4/2/1896-8/3/1897 (child of Virgil and Prudence Young)
Young, Jesse 1923- (on Dave Young's monument)
Young, Prudence E. 1859-1935  (wife of Virgil Young; mother of Hulday Young)
Young, Virgil 1849-1938 (husband of Prudence E. Young; father of Hulday Young)
Young, Waldron 5/19/1925-9/16/1944  PA PFC 362 Inf; WWII marker (on Dave Young monument)

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