St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Narrowsburg, Sullivan Co., NY

Name Birth Death Addl Information Date Submitted Submitted By Misc.
Creamer, John G.

21 Apr 1925

10 Oct 2002

husband of Elizabeth A. Potochney

Prior to August 2008  

of Beach Lake

Curtis, Carl Darrow

14 Jun 1953

27 Nov 2002

husband of Kristin (Morton) of Sterling

Prior to August 2008    
Danelski, Kazimier

06 Nov 1915

03 May 2003

husband of Charlotte Marcinkiewic, d. 1994

Prior to August 2008  

of Welcome Lake

Guilfoyle, Angela (Cleary) 17 Dec 1915 05 Dec 2002

wife of Edward Guilfoyle, d. 1968 of Waymart and Narrowsburg NY

Prior to August 2008    

Osias, Alfred Julius

10 Jan 1910

07 Dec 2002

husband of Ethel Josephine (Weeks)

Prior to August 2008    
Rodgers, James J.

04 Nov 1929


husband of Corry, of Hawley

Prior to August 2008  

Bryant Funeral Home, Honesdale

Santiso, Thomas  

06 Dec 2002

of Lake Ariel

Prior to August 2008  

James Wilson Funeral Home, Lake Ariel

Weeks, Ethel Josephine  

29 Apr 1989

of Hawley, wife of Alfred Julius Osias

Prior to August 2008    

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