Wayne County Residents Burial Locations

Name Birth Death Addl Information Date Submitted Burial Location
Ahrens, Tyler Matthew   26 Nov 2002  age 7; son of Donna J. Ahrens of Wayne County Prior to August 2008 No Cemetery Listed
Alexander, Bryan Scott 17 Jan 1981 02 Dec 2002

son of Thomas Alexander; son of  Deborah Impsen Shuman of Honesdale

Prior to August 2008 Maryrest Cemetery, Mahwah NJ
Campfield, Katherine (Lester)     of Hawley,  b. 1916, d. 1-21-2002, (wife of Allan Vincent) Prior to August 2008 No Cemetery Listed
Campson, Delores S. (Vranorsey)  22 Nov 1940 30 Jan 2003 of White Mills; wife of 1. Anthony B. Mauro, 2. Thomas W. Campson Prior to August 2008 No Cemetery Listed
Cerny, James F.   15 Dec 2002  age 58; of Hawley; husband of Kathleen A. Williams Prior to August 2008 H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Clavis, Dorothy Lucille (Kelly) 1930 24 Jan 2002 of Hawley;  wife of John, d. 1966 Prior to August 2008 Calverton National Cemetery, Riverhead, NY
Cook, James   13 Jul 2003 age 66 Prior to August 2008 St. John Evangelist Cemetery
Cook, Marshall E. 1912 11 Jan 2002 of Honesdale; husband of Frances Stark Prior to August 2008 none listed
Coulter, Kenneth A.   21 Apr 2003 of Honesdale; age 78; husband of Agnes Collins Prior to August 2008 cremation Maple Hill
Courtwright, Deborah 15 Jul 1807  26 Apr 1877 Wife of Joseph D. Stanton Prior to August 2008 None Listed
Deavel, Virginia (Miles)   1-2-2003 wife of Howard; of Lake Ariel   None Listed
DiMattina, Donald Thomas 6-8-1963 1-6-2003 of Lake Ariel   St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery, Archbald
Dobrzynski, Theodore J.   Jun 7, 2003 husband of Regina B. Lasiewick; of Hawley   cremation private
Dooley, William G. Sept. 23, 1921 Dec. 2, 2002  husband of Virginia (Zireschke), d. 1993 of Lake Ariel   Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse NY
Dowdell, Joseph O.   9-24-2002 of Lake Ariel; husband of Elizabeth Ruth Harbor Prior to August 2008 cremation, Maple Hill at Salem Cemetery, Archbald
Duffy, Judith (Thomas) 1945 9-29-2002 of Honesdale   None Listed
Dunko, Stephen J. 3-30-1917 8-23-2002 of Hawley   None Listed
Dunlap, Elizabeth F. (Wehnert) 8-1-1909 1-4-2003 wife of Robert James, d. 3-12-1961; of White Mills Prior to August 2008 Laurel Grove Cemetery, Totowa NJ
Earley, Raymond W. 1919 9-11-2002 husband of Beula Highhouse; of Carley Brook Prior to August 2008 None Listed
Eldred, Darlene G. (Vanorden) 1-5-1956 1-1-2003 wife of Eugene M.; of Prompton Prior to August 2008 North Hardyston Cemetery, Homburg NJ
Eldred, David H.    Jun 22, 2003, age 70 husband of Beverly Skour, d. 1988 and husband of Doris Ann Leonard Reynolds Prior to August 2008 None Listed
Engel, Henry 6-13-1938 1-28-2003 of Hawley   None Listed
Evanko, Dorothy H. (Franklin)   1-36-2003??? wife of George, d. 3-22-1991; age 89; of Lake Ariel   None Listed
Fladung, August III   Apr 23, 2003, age 71 husband of Barbara J. Kubiak;  of Lehigh Twp.   Arlington Nat'l Cemetery
Ford, Bernice M. (Kareha)   Dec. 6, 2002 wife of Henry, d. 1975 of Lake Ariel   Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse NY
Frick, Leah Louise Hause   July 12, 2003 age 80   Moravian Cemetery, Newfoundland
Frisbie, Walter Wesley 1929 10-13-2002 husband of Bernadette Schecker; of Hawley   cremation H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg (Monroe Co.)
Fritz, Herbert William   1-23-2003 age 63; of Hawley   Calvary Cemetery, West Coshocten
Fulkerson, Charles Lewis   Jul 1, 2003, age 81 husband of Gladys E. Bagness; of Honesdale   None Listed
Furey, George D. 5-19-1949 2003 age 53; of Lake Como   none listed
Garbe, Sarah Caroline (Hunt), of Honesdale,   d. 3-27-2002, age 89, (wife of Walter)         Mt. Hope/Plains Cemetery, Otisville NY
Geib, Karen M. (Harvey) b. Sept. 26, 1966, d. Nov. 27, 2002 of Waymart service at Jenkins Funeral Home, Waymart         none listed
Gibbons, Helen (Shephard), of Honesdale,  b. 1916, d. 12-11-2001, (wife of John W.)         cremation, Maple Hill at Salem Cemetery, Archibald
Giordano, Alfred, of Honesdale,  b. 1929, d. 11-28-2001.         none listed
Gosman, Robert M., of Equinunk, b.  Aug 20, 1942, d. Jun 28, 2003, (husband of Sally)         none listed
Grady, Francis A., of Tyler Hill,  b. 3-7-1916, d. 1-8-2003, (husband of Carolyn R.)         Twin Tiers Crematory, Endicott NY
Gregory, Monta Jean (Case), of Beach Lake,  d. 11-4-2002, age 52, (wife of Charles Sr.)         cremation, Maple Hill Salem Cemetery, Archbald
Greiner, Elizabeth, (wife of John Greiner)         Prompton Cemetery (This was how this was listed but I don't know of a Prompton Cemetery in Wayne Co.)
Greiner, John N.,  b 1796 (husband of Elizabeth)         Prompton Cemetery


Grey, Carl E. Jr., of Lake Ariel, d. Jun 27, 2003, (husband of Carol Smith)         none listed
Grill, Bernhard, of Beach Lake, b. Jan 31, 1935, d. May 6, 2003, (husband of Ingrid)         Twin Tiers Crematory
Grimm, Georgianna Kathryn Phillips,  of Bethany, formerly of Newfoundland,  d. Jun 11, 2003, age 94, (wife of Lawrence G., d. 2/8/2002)         Moravian Cemetery, Newfoundland

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Gulbrandsen, Henry Jr., of Lake Ariel,  d. 11-11-2002, age 67, (husband of June Reinertsen)         Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Chester NJ
Kasper, Zita I. (Rembecky), of Hawley,  b. 1924, d. 1-16-2002, (wife of Bernard)         none listed
Kehoe, Jean (Callahan), of Waymart,   d. 1-20-2003,  (wife of Joseph, d. 8-31-1983)         none listed
Kent, Eleanor Peterson, of Waymart, d. Apr 18, 2003, age 90, (wife of Harry Kent)         Rahway Cemetery, Rahway NJ
King, Anna M. d. Nov. 16, 2002  age 85 of Poyntelle and Binghamton         Calvary Cemetery, Johnson City, Broome Co., NY
Kohrs, Henry H., of Beach Lake, b. Apr 27, 1929, d. Jun 30, 2003.         cremation Twin Tiers, Endicott NY
Kolakowski, Charlotte (Clark),1932 (19 Oct) - 2002 (30 Oct)(wife of John Kolakowski, d. 11/22/1990)         Bloomingburg Rural Cemetery, Orange Co., NY
Korgeski, Shirley J. (Fitch), of Gouldsboro,  d. 10-18-2002, (wife of Frank A., d. 2-20-1991)         none listed
Kosinski, Mildred (Tumat) 1918 - Aug. 28, 2002 of Gouldsboro wife of Leonard Kosinski d. Nov. 11, 2001         Saint Stanislaus Polish National Catholic Cathedral Cemetery, Scranton
Krager, Henry Woodford, of Hawley,  b. 1922, d. 2-19-2002, (husband of Velma M. Schutz)         cremation, Maple Hill Crematory, Wilkes Barre
Kroll, Anna Christina (Liedka),   d. 12-15-2002, age 77, (wife of Francis James, d. 1969)         service: Sterling United Methodist Church
Kuber, Anne Marie (Kwiatkowsky), of Bethany Twp.,  b. 8-24-1917, d. 9-27-2002, (wife of Dr. Martin E.)         Our Lady of Grace Cemetery, Langhorne, PA
Kuchak, George P., of South Sterling,  d. 12-29-2002, age 81, (husband of Ann Kronck)         service: St. Rita's Church, Gouldsboro
Kuhn, Bernice (Smith), of Honesdale,  b. 1907, d. 1-21-2002, (wife of John M.)         none listed
Laff, Mutya Cozette (Tirol), of Lake Ariel,  b. 1933, d. 9-2-2002, (wife of Robert A.)         none listed
Langan, Dr. William B., of Hawley,  b. 10-31-1913, d. 2-1-2003.         service: Queen of Peace RC, Hawley
Layton, Mariellen (O'Donnell), of Equinunk,  b. 1953,  d. 12-28-2001.         none listed
Lee, Ann (Reynolds) Martini, of Hawley,  b. 1933, d. 1-3-2002, (wife of Glenn R.)         Mt. Zion Cemetery, Honey Brook, Chester Co., PA
Locklin, Edna M. (Singer), of Lakeville, d. 11-12-2002, age 81, (wife of Lewis D., d. 2001)         cremation, Maple Hill at Salem Cemetery, Archbald
Lythgoe, Edgar H., of Gouldsboro, d. Jun 29, 2003, age 94, (husband of Florence Ramsey)         none listed
Mackey, Carol A. (Bonear), of Conyers GA,  d. 1-15-2003, age 59         service: Bryant Funeral Home, Honesdale
Mager, Harold A., of Hawley, d. May 9, 2003, age 74, (husband of Barbara)         H. G. Smith Crematory
Mara, Frank J. d. 2002 husband of Noreen M. Bolger         Saint Mary's Cemetery, Lake Ariel
Marshall, Myrle L., of Gouldsboro,  d. 1-15-2003, age 81, (wife of Bernard)         Cremation Society of Pennsylvania
Martin, Dorothy (Mick), of Hawley,  d. 2-6-2002, (wife of Walter J., d. 2-6-2002)         cremation, H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Martin, Walter J., of Hawley,  d. 2-6-2002, (husband of Dorothy Mick, d. 2-6-2002)         cremation, H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Martinez, Guy Kevin, of Hawley,  b. 1968, d. 2-17-2002, (husband of Alicia Sue Houman)         cremation, H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Masker, Carl D., of Salem Twp.,  b. 5-20-1927, d. 10-26-2002, (husband of Ruth Frisbee & husband of Marguerite Bush)         Edward J. Chomko Funeral Home
Masker, Mary Elizabeth d. Nov. 26, 2002  age 43 of Rileyville         Salem Cemetery, Archbald
Mathews, Edward J., of Honesdale,  b. 7-17-1959, d. 9-14-2002.         None Listed
Meling, Ronald W. Jr., of Hawley,  b. 4-8-1956, d. 1-23-2003.         None Listed
Meyer, Dorothy M. d. Dec. 13, 2002, age 94 of Waymart         Jermyn Cemetery, Jermyn (Lackawanna)
Mikulewicz, Alice (Moken), of Waymart,  d. 11-5-2002, age 90, (wife of Frank, d. 1966, m. 11-25-1931)         Sacred Heart Cemetery, Forest City
Mitchell, Richard George, of Hawley,  d. 10-17-2002.         cremation, H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg (Monroe Co)
Monson, John H., of Hawley,  d. 11-6-2002, age 65, (husband of Geraldine R. Curtiss)         Indiantown Gap National Cemetery
Morris, John T., of Scott Twp.,  d. 1-7-2003, age 83, (husband of Betty)               Gelatt Cemetery, Gelatt
Morrison, Ralph F. Jr., of Lakeville,  b. 12-2-1943, d. 1-25-2002, (husband of Virginia S.)         none listed
Moyer, Betty L. Rendricks, of Hawley,  d. 09 Jan 2004, age 77, (wife of Harold S., d. 10-31-1984)         Moravian Cemetery, Newfoundland
Moyer, Gloria M. (Oslund), of Hawley,  b. 1931, d. 9-23-2002, (wife of William E.)         cremation, H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Myers, Arthur Paul, of Hawley, d. May 13, 2003, age 66, (husband of Ruth Ann Treible)         H.G. Smith Crematory
Myers, Minnie C. (Dapper), of Honesdale,  b. 1907, d. 2-7-2002, (wife of Joseph T., d. 1988)         none listed
McCloughan, Gladys (Pearsall), of Starrucca,  b. 10-1-1908, d. 1-15-2003.         None Listed
McDermott, Arthur P. 1942- Aug. 23, 2002 of Hawley husband of JoAnn (Gardner) McDermott         H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
McGovern, John Joseph, of Hawley,  b. 1926, d. 12-2-2001.         None Listed
McKenna, Marion M. (Miller), of Milanville,  b. 1932, d. 9-27-2002, (wife of John J.)         cremation, Twin Tiers Crematory, Endicott NY
McKenzie, Anna (Mecus) d. Dec. 5, 2002 wife of James J. McKenzie of Lakeville services Queen of Peace Church, Hawley         Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse NY
McNamara, John P., of Lake Ariel,  d. 11-4-2002, (husband of Anna Mae Grell)         cremation, Maple Hill at Salem Cemetery, Archbald
Olsheski, Theodore S., of Paupack,  d. 10-30-2002, age 75, (husband of Magdalene Bauer, d. 1994)         cremation H. G. Smith, Stroudsburg
Nelson, Robert W. Sr., of Hawley,  b. 1916, d. 2-12-2002, (husband of Ruth Elizabeth Kerr, d. 1980)         cremation, H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Nissen, Frank H., of Hamlin,  d. 2-2-2003, age 79, (husband of 1. Margaret Kennedy, 2. Mildred Kavko Wasko)         Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington VA
Nobile, Susanne (Weintraub), of Hawley,  d. 3-30-2002, age 93.         cremation, H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Perry, Blanche C. (Collins), of Lake Ariel,  d. 10-20-2002, (wife of William, d. 1993)         Dunmore Cemetery (Lackawanna Co.)
Pesarchik, Mary (Gadomski) d. Nov 29, 2002  age 87 wife of Anthony J. Pesarchik d. Mar. 29, 1963 of Lake Ariel         St. John the Baptist Cemetery, Throop
Pfleckl, Joseph d. Dec. 12, 2002, age 41 of Beach Lake         Salem Cemetery Archbald, Lackawanna County
Propst, Emma Margaret (Arbes), of Honesdale,  b. 5-11-1922, d. 1-17-2002, (wife of Dr. Harry D., d. 10-10-2001)         cremation, Maple Hill, Salem Cemetery, Archibald
Renner, Catherine Gertrude (Kavanaugh), of Honesdale,  b. 1917, d. 9-19-2002.         none listed
Rickert, Bernard A., of Berlin Twp., b. Jan 19, 1956, d. May 14, 2003.         none listed
Roberts, Mary (Nowalk), of Lords Valley,  b. 4-21-1912, d. 11-10-2002, (wife of Kenneth G., d. 1975)         Church at Hemlock Pines, Lords Valley, interment in FL
Robinson, Ida M. (Haines), of Hawley,  d. 12-15-2002, age 70.         none listed
Rosemergy, Robert Jr., of Hawley,  b. 1930, d. 12-16-2001.         none listed
Rossbach, William F., of White Mills,  b. 2-7-1913, d. 12-21-2002, (husband of Margaret Mullen, m. 9-16-1944))         Hessling Funeral Home, Honesdale
Runft, Daniel A., of Gouldsboro,  b. 8-16-1950, d. 9-16-2002.         Indiantown Gap National Cemetery
Roess, Catherine (O'Brien), of Lake Ariel,  d. 1-31-2003, (wife of Roger)       Prior to August 2008 St. Margaret's Cemetery, Plainville NY
Schaepe, Edward H., of Hawley,  d. 12-30-2002, age 64, (husband of Patricia Ann Latino)         H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Schaffer, Richard G., of Prompton,  b. 8-30-1935, d. 1-4-2003, (husband of Carol Merrilees)         Maple Hill Crematory, Salem Cemetery, Archbald
Schenk, Edith M. Turner, of Waymart,  b. Mar 16, 1909, d. July 1, 2003, (wife of William, d. 4-6-1988)         Riverhurst Cemetery, Endicott NY
Schrey, Florence H. (Nicholson) d. Aug.28, 2002 of Lake Ariel wife of Fredirck R. Schrey d. 1988         Jermyn Cemetery, Jermyn
Schutz, Lela (Wright), of Waymart, formerly of Hawley,  b. 1912, d. 10-5-2002, (wife of William, d. 1998)         Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Kimbles (Pike)
Sciffmacher, Helen R. (Grigo) 1911 - Aug. 23 2002 of Lake Ariel wife of Charles A. Sciffmacher Sr. d. 1977         H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Scull, Freda   1878 1966  (same stone as Francis O. Stevens)         Spring Brook Cemetery, Lackawanna Co, PA
Scutt, Robert Edward, of Honesdale,  b. 1927, d. 1-26-2002, (husband of Judith Woferland)         cremation, H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Shaffer, Charles, of Waymart,  d. Jun 27, 2003, age 64.         none listed
Sheahan, Eva (Hansult)   Nov. 19, 2002   age 103 wife of William Sheahan d. 1942 of Honesdale, formerly of Greeley   Greeley Cemetery, Greeley (Pike Co.)
Sheerer, Ilene R. McMahon    09 Feb 2004 wife of George C.; of Lake Ariel   Prospect Hill Cemetery, Lackawanna Co, PA
Shuman, Everett D., of Honesdale,  b. 12-22-1913, d. 1-29-2003, (husband of 1. Thelma Cade, 2. Doris Warner, d. 1-30-1998)         None listed
Slifko, Barbara T. (Quick), of Hawley,  d. 4-16-2002, age 81, (wife of John)         Perry Cemetery, Blooming Grove Twp.
Smeding, Corrine Ham, of South Canaan, d. May 3, 2003, age 80, (wife of Jerjen, d. 1999)         Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn NY
Smith, Phyllis M. (Kleis), of Hawley,  b. 1914, d. 9-24-2002, (wife of Walter W.)         cremation, H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Smith, Vera Mae, of Beach Lake,  b. 1927, d. 10-8-2002.         cremation, Maple Hill at Salem Cemetery, Archbald
Shaffer, Mary C. (Heflin), of Honesdale,  d. 4-8-2002, age 83, (wife of George A., d. 1993)         service St. Mary Magdalen Church
Steffens, Betty Ann (Elphick), of Hawley,  d. 1-26-2003, age 60.         Northern Bradford Crematory, So. Waverly
Stevens, Arthur B.  1867 1941 (buried with Emma V. Stevens)         Spring Brook Cemetery, Lackawanna Co, PA
Stevens, Donald Austin d. May 12, 2003, age 91, husband of Olga (Smith) d. Oct 30, 1987 of Newfoundland         Moravian Cemetery, Newfoundland
Stevens, Emma V.   1870 1947 (buried with Arthur B. Stevens)         Spring Brook Cemetery, Lackawanna Co, PA
Stevens, Francis O.   born Nov. 22, 1869 died Mar 24, 1919         Spring Brook Cemetery, Lackawanna Co, PA
Stevens, Mary Schatzel   1861 1923         Spring Brook Cemetery, Lackawanna Co, PA
Stevens, S. A.   born Aug 14, 1821 died Mar 22, 1882 (probably Samuel Stevens, husband of Margaret Dale)         Spring Brook Cemetery, Lackawanna Co, PA
Stewart, Agnes (Cooper) 1921 - Aug. 24, 2002 of Hawley wife of Harold Stewart         H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Sullivan, Francis E. d. Dec. 11, 2002 husband of Elizabeth (Sbailo) of Lake Ariel cremation Maple Hill Salem Cemetery         Salem Cemetery Archbald, Lackawanna County
Swenski, Sherry L. (Rasimovich), of East Berlin,  d. 1-8-2003, age 36, (wife of Joseph)         none listed
Tanis, Leonard, Jr. b. 1917 d. Aug.18 2002 of Hawley husband of Josephine (Lewis Smith) Tanis         H. G. Smith Crematory, Stroudsburg
Taraschuk, Ambrose b. Feb. 27, 1917, d. Dec. 12, 2002 husband of Jennie K. (Krogler) m. May 16, 1948 of Calkins Hessling FuneralHome, Honesdale         Salem Cemetery Archbald, Lackawanna County
Theobald, Margaret Biondi (Gowetski) d. Dec 2, 2002  age 96 wife of 1.  Arthur Biondi d. 1950 2.  Jerome Theobald d. 1982 of Honedale         St. Thomas Aquinas Cemetery, Archbald
Todd, Katherine (Honeyman), of Lake Ariel, (wife of Thomas)         cremation: Maple Hill at Salem Cemetery
Trimmer, Robert Irving, of Hawley,  d. 11-9-2002, age 87, (husband of Shirley Moore)         Evergreen Cemetery, Clifton NJ
Valunas, Joseph John, of Waymart,  d. 1-28-2003, age 84, (husband of Eleanor Rose, d. 1981)         Holy Cross Cemetery, East Brunswick NJ
Van Estenbridge, Madelyn M. (Peters) of Waymart b. July 3, 1947 d. Aug. 2, 2002 wife of Donald E. Van Estenbridge         Salem Cemetery, Archbald
Ward, Lillian (Jagger), of Honesdale,  b. 1900, d. 12-18-2001, (wife of Ervin)         None Listed
Ward, Steve, of Gouldsboro,  d. 1-29-2003, age 60, (husband of Dee Laslo)         None Listed
Ward, William Weston, of Lakeville,  d. 1-24-2003, age 78, (husband of Grace Davis)         Hillside Cemetery, Lindenhurst NJ
Warnott, Jane Elizabeth (Hammel), of Hawley,  d. 1-13-2003.         none listed
Wensley, Helena Maria (Eliason), of Seelyville,  b. 5-13-1914, d. 12-28-2002, (wife of John J., d. 12-10-2002)         none listed
Wensley, John J., of Seelyville,  b. 5-11-1921, d. 12-10-2002, (husband of Helena M. Eliason)         none listed
Wetherington, Alicha A. d. Nov. 23, 2002  age 28 of Waymart         Our Mother of Sorrows Cem., Finch Hill
Wheeler, Victorine P., born Feb 6, 1829 in NY and died in Oskosh, WI on Dec 20, 1859 (1st wife of John Eugene Fletcher)          Oskosh, WI
Wilkins, Lois Faye (Weitz) d. Dec. 3, 2002, age 71 wife of Morris B. Wilkins of Honesdale         Beth Israel Cemetery
Wilkinson, Karleen Hope (Kunzman), of Prompton,  d. 1-6-2003, age 60, (wife of James H., m. 4-30-1987)         service: St. Joseph's Church, Forest City
Williams, Gary Robert, of Starrucca,  b. 1-23-1942, d. 12-21-2002, (husband of Gale Medlar)         none listed
Williams, J. Arch Jr., of Lake Ariel, d. 10-6-2002, (husband of Nina McClurg, d. 1989)         Hickory Grove Cemetery, Waverly
Wilson, George R. Jr., of Beach Lake,  b. 4-5-1929, d. 1-16-2002, (husband of Gladys Combs)         Belvedere Cemetery, Belvedere NJ
Winn, Eva (Yurgalavich), of Honesdale,  b. 1921, d. 12-6-2001, (wife of Kenneth Winn, wife of Frank P. Gursky)         none listed
Wombacker, Kathy Ann Bentler,  d. Apr 21, 2003, age 50.         cremation H.G. Smith
Zawisky, John Andrew, of Waymart, b. Dec 29, 1945, d. Jun 22, 2003.         cremation Maple Hill (at Salem Cemetery, Archbald)
Zellman, Stephen, of Lake Ariel,  d. 1-12-2003, (husband of Mary Cuffie)         Maple Hill Crematory, Salem Cemetery, Archbald
Zimmerman, Mildred  7-4-1921 9-20-2002 of Honesdale   Yorkville Cemetery, Pottsville, Schuylkill Co., PA
Zebi, Baldo Aug.  8 1923 Aug. 6 2002 of Lake Ariel   Saint John's Cemetery, Archbald
Zielinski, Mark July 1, 1970 d.  Aug. 10, 2002 of Honesdale   St. Michael's Parish Cemetery, Jermyn

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