Varden/Shaffer Cemetery, Wayne County, PA

Note:   This list is considered to be 90%.  This is a small cemetery and the stones that are left are non readable.  If you have information on unmarked graves or unreadable stones, please advise.

Enslin, Kansas, son of Jacob and Rachel Enslin, 1862-January 3,1865
Evarts, William D.,1853
Quick, Margaret A., wife to Eli Shaffer, 1821-October 31, 1895
Shaffer, Adelia, daughter to Barzilla and Sarah, 1855-May 6, 1861
Shaffer, Albert, 1839-1919 ( Co.A.,15th N.Y. Eng.)
Shaffer, Armina, wife to Edward Shaffer, 1858-January 29, 1881
Shaffer, Barzilla,  October 24, 1821-November 20, 1899
Shaffer, Eli, June 27, 1816-October 5, 1878
Shaffer, Ella, dau. of Albert and Martha, 1874-1922
Shaffer, Floyd E., son of Albert and Martha, 1866-1886
Shaffer, Moses,  September 20, 1813-July 4, 1875
Shaffer, Oscar, son of Moses and Prissila, June 15, 1852
Shaffer, Prissilla, wife to Moses Shaffer, April 8, 1817-November 9, 1880
Shaffer, Sarah, December 26, 1852-February 26, 1931
Shaffer, Sarah, wife to Barzilla Shaffer, September 19, 1814-February 6, 1891
Shaffer, Silvenus, April 18, 1836-September 11, 1875
Swingle, John, 1785-January 3, 1853
Swingle, Lovina, wife to Otho Swingle, Died: 1874
Swingle, Minerva, wife to Oliver H, 1837-November 6, 1894
Swingle, Olive M., dau. to Oliver and Minerva, 1877-February4, 1878
Swingle, Oliver H, 1823-January 28, 1877
Swingle, Otho, 1805-April 17, 1877
Swingle, Sarah O., dau .to Oliver and Minerva, 1857-May 6,1858
Swingle, Sarah, wife of John Swingle, 1789-November 14, 1874
Writer, Martha A., wife of Albert Shaffer, 1837-1912

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