St. Cecelia's Cemetery/Hilltop -  Mount Pleasant Township

Ackley, Florence M. March 30, 1886 - May 5, 1983
Alexander, Irene  1915-  wife of William Alexander
Alexander, William   1909-1986  husband  of Irene Alexander
Alnick, William J.  Jun 23, 1918- Dec 13, 1987  husband of Elizabeth A. Carley, T SGT USA AIR CORP  WWII (two stones)
Arnold, Bradley  died Nov.  29, 1979  infant
Arrigan, Ann 1876- before 1880;(sibling of Mary & Thomas Arrigan)
Arrigan, Hannah 1845-1930 wife of Richard Mansfield; daughter of William & Mary Arrigan; (mother of James Francis , Daniel, John, Honora, Mary, Hannah I & II, & Julia; sister of Margaret, Julia & Micheal)
Arrigan, John F.  1904-1965  husband of Mary E. Arrigan;( son of William J & Mary McGraw)
Arrigan, Julia  1853-1913  wife of Edward Farrell;  mother of William, (Mary & Elizabeth)
Arrigan, Margaret  1830-1921  wife of Bernard Megivern;( daughter of William & Mary  Arrigan; mother of Margaret,James and Daniel E.
Arrigan, Mary  d. Apr 5, 1894, wife of William Arrigan;  Co. Waterford, Ire.
Arrigan, Mary 1874- before 1880;(sibling of Ann & Thomas Arrigan)
Arrigan, Michael  died Dec. 23, 1923  husband of Ann Carey;( father of William J., Mary, Ann & Thomas . Second wife, Mary Walsh; third wife Bridgit Murray)
Arrigan, Thomas 1877- before 1880;( sibling  of Mary & Ann Arrigan)
Arrigan, William  Apr. 20, 1886  aged 77 years  native of Co. Waterford, Ireland  (husband of Mary; father of Michael, Margaret, Hannah, Julia & Bridget)
Arrigan, William J.  1872-1911  husband of Mary McGraw;( father of John F. ;son of Michael Arrigan & Ann Carey)
Bass, Harriet  1863-1946  husband of James B. Megivern &( mother of Dorothy & Daniel, Leo, C. Emmett, A., Josephine & Mary)
Battle, Annette F.  1895-1989  wife of Leo F. O’Neill
Biondo, Geraldine Feb  16,  1928 -  wife of Francis T. Wood; (sister of Peter)
Biondo, Peter P.   1926-1984  husband of Patricia M. Biondo
Bourke, Ann  1934-  wife of Robert E. Fives;( daughter of Jasper and Helen Freiler Bourke)
Bourke, Charles O.  1907-1987  husband of Mary Fives; (brother of Jasper V. Bourke)
Bourke, Jasper V. 1905-1988  husband of Helen E.( Freiler; brother of Charles O. Bourke)
Brehony, Agnes  (no dates)  child of P.B. & Bezie Brehony
Brehony, Delia (no dates) child of P.B. & Bezie Brehony
Brehony, James S. (no dates)  child of P.B. & Bezie Brehony
Brehony, William  (no dates)  child of P.B. & Bezie Brehony
Brennan,  Loretta  born Sept. 4, 1890; died Jan. 18, 1893   child of John D. & Mary A. Brennan
Brennan, Agatha born Feb. 5, 1888; died Dec. 17, 1892  child of John D. & Mary A. Brennan.
Broderick, Catherine  1829-1910  wife of John O'Neill
Brown, Mildred W. Nov 30, 1899-Aug 26, 1991
Brundage, Bonnie J.  Jul  18,  1943-    wife of J. Thomas Fives  married Sep 30, 1972; (daughter of Warren & June Frisbie Brundage)
Buckley, Robert  L. 1921-  husband of Romaine Flynn
Burke, Florence C. 1917-   wife  of Gerald C. Flynn; (daughter of James & Mary McGraw)
Burke, James H. 1881-1959  husband of Mary E. McGraw
Canavan, Anna  d. Nov  1872 age 81 yrs. wife of Bartholomew Canavan
Canavan, Bartholomew Jul 10, 18??, age 66 yrs
Carey, Ann  died Aug. 9, 1894  aged 50  years;  wife of Michael Arrigan;mother of William J. , Mary, Ann & Thomas )
Carley, Bridget  died Oct 24, 1867  aged 36 years, wife of Thomas Carley;mother of William P. (& Michael J.)
Carley, Consuelo B.  Jul 25, 1928- Oct 1,1999; (daughter of T. Frank Carley)
Carley, Elizabeth A. 1927-1988  wife of William J. Alnick; (daughter of T. Frank Carley)
Carley, Francis T. 1938-1969  son of William & Margaret Haggerty Carley
Carley, Leo   1906-1921, (son of Michael & Mary E. Farrell, sibling of William & William & T. Frank)
Carley, Lilile  Dec 3, 1964; baby (funeral home marker; son of John & Rita Carley; grandson of William & Margaret Haggerty
Carley, Michael  J. 1856-1930   husband of Mary E. Farrell;( son of Thomas & Bridget;father of William, T. Frank & Leo )
Carley, Richard J.  1949-  son of Sidney F. & Irene Carley
Carley, T. Frank  1905-1982  (son of Michael & Mary Farrell; sibling of William & Leo; father of Consuello & Elizabeth )
Carley, Thomas died Jan  8,  1885  aged 65 years & 18 days; husband of Bridget Carley; father of William P. & (Michael J.)
Carley, William   1902-1991  husband of Margaret Haggerty; father of FrancisT. ;(son of Michael & Mary Farrell Carley) T. ;(son of Michael & Mary Farrell Carley)
Carley, William  P.  died June 21, 1878 age 12 years &  5 mo, son of Thomas and Bridget Carley)
Carr, Irene 1910-1986  wife of  Sidney Carr, mother of Richard J.
Carr, Richard J.  1949-  son of  Sidney & Irene
Carr, Sidney F.  1906-1984  husband of Irene Carr; (father of Richard J. )
Casey, Norman V. 1904-1976  husband of Regina Kennedy
Caveny, Mary  (wife of Patrick Caveny; gave land for  cemetery)
Caveny, Patrick (husband of Mary Caveny,  gave land for cemetery)
Cheevers, Patrick T. 1869-1943  husband of Catherine Cheevers
Chimosky, Charlotte  1906- 1998  wife of William S. Hutchinson; mother of William A. & John George)
Clark, Gene (Eugene), born and died in 1875 (infant son of Thomas Clark & Brigit Egan)
Clark, Jennie  died Jul 8, 1872 - Jul 8, 1872; ( daughter of Thomas & Brigit Egan)
Clark, Thomas Dec.12, 1832-July 3, 1895  husband of Brigit Egan; father of Jennie; there is also a large monument to the memory of the Thomas Clark Family)
Clark, William  March 27,1861-May 5, 1885  next to Thos. Clark plot
Clift, Alvina  1941-  wife of Anthony J. Komar
Clune, Annie T.  1865-1938  wife of J. Edward O'Neill; (mother of Faustin L. & James A. O'Neill)
Coffey, Edward  1893-1950  husband of Margaret O'Brien;( son of Thomas & Mary O'Neill Coffey)
Coffey, Thomas V. 1866-1936  husband of Mary R. O’Neill;( father of Edward Coffey)
Coleman, Josephine B. 1921-1993  wife of William  J. Coleman
Coleman, William J. Mar 1, 1925-Mar 10, 1974  husband of Josephine B. Coleman; PFC USA WWII
Conlogue, Charles S. age 3 years; son of Peter & Matilda Cronan
Conlogue, Cyril A. age 4 years; son of Peter & Matilda Cronan
Conlogue, Dennis  1861-1946  same  stone as Katherine & Marie Conlogue; (son of Peter & Matilda Cronan)
Conlogue, Katharine  1884-1947  same stone as Dennis & Marie Conogue;( daughter of Peter & Mitilda Croner )
Conlogue, Marie  1897-1950  same stone as Dennis & Katharine Conlogue;( daughter of Peter     & Matilda Cronan)
Conlogue, Peter  1845-1928  husband of Matilda A. Cronan; father of Charles S.& Cyril A., (Catherine, Waler & Marie)
Conlogue, Walter J.  1892-1960  husband of Kathryn V. McKane;( son of of Peter & Matilda Cronan
Connolly, John J.  1879-1935  husband of Isabell Kelly; father of  John Louis
Connolly, John Louis  1905-1926  son of  John J. &  Isabell Kelly
Connor, James T. died Jul. 21, 1910  husband of Julia A. O’Neill
Conolouge, William P.   1931- July 26, 2003  wife of Jane Barret Weaver, (son of Walter & Katherine McKane)
Corman, Henry B. d. Dec 23,1888, age ?
Cornan, Catherine 1840-1915  wife of James O’Neill; (mother of Annie, Edward, Charles, Mary, Catharine & Christina; sibling of Mary)
Cronan, Mary 1837-1876  wife of Thomas, (mother of Eliza, Eliza, Anna M.,James T.; sibling of Catherine)
Cronan, Matilda   1854-1934   wife of Peter  Conlogue; mother  of Charles S. &  Cyril A.,(Catherine, Waler & Marie)
Crowe, Dianne M.  Sep 24, 1947- Jan 6, 1996  wife of Joseph B. Fives; married Aug 26,1972; photograph; (daughter of Lewis & Betty Crowe)
Cunningham, Catherine T. 1870-1940 wife of Henry T. O’Neill;  mother of Frances, Leo & Joseph, Anne, John & James A., ( Edward, Charles,Thomas, Mary, Catherine, Christina & Matilda)
Cush, Dennis J. 1945-1979  husband of Doris Cush
Cush, Doris R. May 12, 1946- Jun 30, 1992  wife of Dennis Cush
Daley, Sarah L. 1873-1922  wife of Peter M. Grimes;  mother of of Catherine
Day, Dorothy A. 1886-1889  daughter of Frank & Mary Megivern
Day, Frank O.  1891-1983, husband of Mary Megivern; father of M. Harriet
Day, M. Harriet 1920-1922  daughter of Frank & Mary Megivern
Dean, James  1869-1960  sister of Mary
Dean, Mary  Dec 2, 1882  age 54  wife of Patrick Walsh
Dean, Mary G.  1876-1964   wife of William B. O’Neill ;( sister of James)
Denio, Reubin W.  Mar. 9, 1857-   husband of Rose E. MacNamara (buried in   Wheeler Hill,  Pleasant Mt. with second wife, Jennie Spencer)
Derrick, Andrew  no dates
Derrick, John G. died Jan. 8, 1923, husband of Josephine E. Steigerwald
Derrick, Rose  1886-1974  wife of Charles Flynn; (mother of Gerald, Romaine, Veronica  & Madelynn )
Dix, Frances A. 1909-1978  wife of Thomas J. White; (daughter of Frank & Elisabeth Peck)
Dolan, Julia  Dec.  20, 1818-Feb. 15, 1885  wife of Thomas Pritchard
Doyle, Brigit  (Bridget) born about 1822; wife of Michael Doyle; mother of Catherine Doyle)
Doyle, Catherine died 1895; daughter of  Brigit & Michael Doyle)
Doyle, Edward born about 1869-Mar  30 1897; (wife was Ellen O'Neill who later married John MacDavit; son of  Patrick)
Doyle, Michael  born about 1810; husband of Bridget Doyle; father of Catherine Doyle)
Doyle, Patrick  born about 1830  husband of Julia Haggerty; father of Edward)
Dunn, Bridget  d. Sep 31 1869, age 58 yrs.; native of Co. Tipperary; husband of Mr. Clinnen, erected by her brother, Patrick (all are natives of Co.Waterford)
Dunn, Francis died 1868  age 6 mo. child of Pat & Hannah Dunn
Dunn, John J.   Sept. 23, 1902 - Apr. 12,1956  S. SGT  PA  2114 Base Unit  AAE   WWII;( son of Bill & Cecelia McCormick Dunn)
Dunn, Julia A. 1892-1985  wife of Paul M. Kennedy,( mother of Pauline M. Kennedy)
Dunn, Julia Ann died Aug 8, 1888 aged 70 years, 2 m & 7 d (wife of Patrick Fives) (mother of Joseph T. ,Eliza, Julia, Margaret & W.B.; sister of Pat, Bridget & Mary)
Dunn, Margaret  died 1872  age 3 years  child of Pat & Hannah Dunn
Dunn, Mary died May  6, 1867 age 50 years   (wife of Edward Egin); born Co.  Tipparary, Ire. Erected by her son and daughter, John Egin and Bridget M.
Dunn, Patrick, (Sep 1829-Sep 17, 1898 ; husband of Hannah Mansfield; brother of Julia, Bridget & Mary; father of Margaret & Francis; grandfather of Julia  Dunn; native of Ireland )
Dunn, William   husband of Cecelia McCormick; father of John J.; son of Patrick & Hannah Mansfield, next to son)
Dunne, Patricia  1926-  wife of William E. O'Neill; (daughter of Tom & Isabella Canivan) great granddaughter of Pat Dunn Isabella Canivan) great granddaughter of Pat Dunn
Egan, Bridgit (Bridget) d. Sep  24, 1879 , age 44 yrs,  3 mo & 28 dys.wife of Thomas Clark, mother of Jennie
Ellen Haggerty Fives; brother of Marie Fives;  N J PVT CO M 9 INF WWI  (Govt  marker gives dates:  Jul 25, 1892- May 7, 1956  According to Tom Fives, gov't marker is correct)
Ellison, James  died before 1990
Ellison, James, Mrs.  died before 1990
Enslin, Milard  Oct. 15, 1918 - Jul 31, 2003, wife of Christina Coffey
Enslin, Millard A., b. Oct. 15, 1918, d. July 31, 2003, husband of Christine Coffey m. May 25, 1951
Evans, Fred J.  Sep. 19, 1878-Feb. 9, 1952  on plot of Patrick H. and Julia Haggerty Fives. (No  relation; was a handy man.)
Farrell, Catherine  d. May 5, 1887 age 61 yrs.;  wife of James Haggerty;( mother of John B. , Ellen, Catherine & Mary H. ; sister of Mary & Francis)
Farrell, Edward  1845-1927  husband of Julia Arrigan,( son of Francis Farrell);  father of William,(Elisabeth & Mary )
Farrell, Elizabeth a. 1895-1975 wife of Albert  W. Paynter, mother of Marguerite (& Julia P.; daughter of Ed & Julia Arrigan)
Farrell, Mary  1810- Apr 8, 1889  wife of John Fives;( mother of Ellen, Bridget, James T. & Patrick)
Farrell, Mary E.  1878-1911  wife of Michael J. Carley;( daughter of Edward & Julia Arrigan; mother of William, T. Frank  & Leo )
Farrell, William 1883-1913  (son of Edward & Julia Arrington)
Fitzsimmons, Catherine E. 1866-1949  wife of Patrick H. McCloskey, mother of Edmund I. & Michael L.
Fives, Anna May  1904-1993  wife of James A. O’Neill;( daughter of William & Ellen Haggerty; mother of Vincent P. & William E.)
Fives, Brigit  1832-1878  wife of Thomas Haun;  mother of Anna Haun
Fives, Daniel   born 1876  son of James H. & Margaret Kearney Fives
Fives, Eliza  Ann  died Apr 12, 1880 age 28y,2m,11d; wife of Thomas Pritchard;( mother of Mary Ellen, Charles E, James F. & Eliza Ann; daughter of Pat & Julia Dunn)
Fives, Ellen  1858-1937  wife of Thomas O’Neill; (daughter of Paul & Margaret Fives; second husband John MacDavit)
Fives, Ellen  Nov. 27-1848- Aug 27, 1890  wife of John D. Megivern;( daughter of John & Mary Farrell; mother of Steven, Marcus J., Mary & Margaret)
Fives, Emmett,  1898-1937 (child of James H. & Margaret Kearney)
Fives, J. Thomas  Jul 4, 1930-   husband of Bonnie J. Brundage  married Sep 30, 1972; (son  of Michael & Rose Gill)
Fives, James H.  1872-1922  husband of Margaret Kearney; father of Raymond, Joseph, Emmett,Paul) Leo, Mary, David & Daniel ; son of James T. &  Mary Megivern Fives)
Fives, James P.  Dec. 20-1893-Mar.  29, 1985 ( son of William & Ellen Haggerty); (one grave marker lists dates as 12/20/95 - 5/21/85  According to Tom Fives, gov't marker is correct)
Fives, James T. 1843-1930  husband of Mary McGivern  (Megivern);( son of John &  Mary Farrell; father of James H.)
Fives, John  died Feb 28, 1877 aged 60  husband of Mary (Farrell);  native Co. Waterford, Ire.; father of James T, Patrick, Bridget & Ellen )
Fives, John d Aug. 6, 1881 aged 7d (son of William and Margaret O;Neill)
Fives, John Vincent  1897-1922  (son of William and Ellen Haggerty)
Fives, Joseph   1900-1927  child of James H. & Margaret Kearney
Fives, Joseph B. Mar 25, 1942-  husband of Diane M Crowe ; married Aug 26, 1972; (son of Michael & Rose Gill)
Fives, Joseph T.  Sept.  24, 1854-July 28, 1908; (son of Patrick & Julia Dunn Fives)
Fives, Julia A. Jan. 12, 1843-Feb. 6, 1884  first wife of Patrick O'Neill;(dau of Patrick & Julia Dunn; mother of Catherine, William B. & Rev. Paul)
Fives, Katherine E.  1876-1910  wife of Paul  M. O'Neill;( mother of Gerald, Jerome & Rev. Raymond  O'Neill; daughter of William & Margaret O'Neill)
Fives, Leo  1907-1976  WWII flag (son of James H. & Margaret Kearney ; sibling of Daniel, Raymond, Mary, Emmett & Paul)
Fives, Margaret  1839-1905  (wife of Paul O'Neill; mother of Charles & Elisabeth O'Neill)
Fives, Margaret  1886-1977  wife of James F. McCormick;( daughter of William & Margaret O’Neill ; mother of Paul J. & J. Benedick )
Fives, Marie  1901-1991  sister of William J.,James P., Vincent Michael, Ana May, Catherine & Margaret)
Fives, Mary 1910-1958  wife of Charles O. Bourke; (daughter of James & Margaret Kearney)
Fives, Michael B. 1902-1963  husband of Rose V. (Gill; son of William & Ellen Haggerty; father of Robert, J. Thomas, Joseph & Regina Fives)
Fives, Patrick no dates  husband of Julia Dunn; (father of T. Joseph Fives,  Eliza, Julia, Margaret & William)
Fives, Patrick F.  died Jun 19, 1880  aged 5 years, 4 months and 16 days son of William and Margaret  O’Neill ; (sibling of John)
Fives, Patrick H.  1846-1936  husband of Julia Haggerty; (son of John & Mary Farrell)
Fives, Paul  1902-1915   son of James H. & Margaret Kearney
Fives, Raymond  1897-1919  child of James H. & Margaret Kearney
Fives, Regina M.  1936-1998  daughter of Michael & Rose Gill
Fives, Robert E.  1934-1996  husband  of Ann Bourke;( son of Michael &  Rose Gill)
Fives, William B. 1850-1936  husband  of ( Margaret O’Neill) & Ellen Haggerty; (father of Patrick, Kathryn, James, John Vincent , William,Michael B., Margaret & Anna May)
Fives, William Joseph 1894-1956 husband of Anna F.Nixon; son of William &
Flaim, Louise V. 1882-1957  wife of Joseph J. Mitterer
Flemming, Margaret  died Apr. 28, 1889 ; (daughter of Martin & Mary Murrey )
Flemming, Martin  1825-1905 husband of Mary Murrey; father of Revs. Martin J & Thomas      Margaret & Mary A.
Flemming, Martin J. Rev.  1868-1950 ; large cross; second smaller stone has no > date;son of Martin & Mary Murrey
Flemming, Mary A. 1858-1877;  daughter of Martin & Mary Murrey
Flemming, Thomas J. Rev.  1870-1900;( son of  Martin & Mary Murrey)
Flynn, Charles 1879-1931  husband of Rose Derrick;( father of Gerald, Veronica, Charles C., Romaine  &  Madelynn)
Flynn, Gerald C. 1915-1995  husband of Florence C. Burke; (son of Charles & Rose Derrick)
Flynn, Madelynn M.  1924-1982   wife  of Glenn Olver; (daughter Charles & Rose Derrick)
Flynn, Romaine 1927-1974  wife of Robert L. Buckley;( daughter of Charles & Rose Derrick )
Flynn, Veronica  Feb  20, 1911- Dec 9, 1986  wife of Jerome O’Neill;( daughter of Charles & Rose Derrick)
Freiler, Helen E. 1911-1996  wife of Jasper V. Bourke
Gallick, Adele  1941-  wife of Thomas P. Mansfield
Garvey, John B. born  Nov 4, 1927  son of Mary Loretta Kennedy Garvey
Garvey, John Dennis Feb. 2, 1936-   husband of Dorothy Masquras
Gethins, James 1826-1901  husband of Margaret Murphy; father of Sarah
Gethins, Sarah  1867-1911  daughter of James & Margaret Murphy
Gill, Loretta  1887-1890  daughter of John & Mary Megivern, (sister of Rose.) metal marker
Gill, Rose V.  1903-1988  wife of Michael B. Fives; (daughter of John & Mary Megivern ; mother of Robert, J. Thomas, Joseph & Regina )
Gorman, Henry  no dates
Gorman, Maria  (also Mary) 1849-1922  wife of Michael Kelly; mother of Patrick, (Edward & Michael J.)
Gorman, Mitilda  died 1898 age 78 years; wife of Patrick McGuire
Grimes, Anna E.  died Nov. 21, 1883  child of David & Elizabeth
Grimes, Catherine  1865-1926  husband of Daniel E. Megivern;( daughter of David & Elisabeth;  mother of Eugene B., Joseph & Thomas)
Grimes, David   Aug. 22, 1822-Mar. 24, 1844 ( husband of Elisabeth Grimes ; father of Ellen, Anna, Catherine & Michael ); born in Co. Armagh; erected by his wife, Catherine.
Grimes, Elisabeth  no dates wife of David Grimes; mother of Michael, Ellen, Catherine & Anna
Grimes, Ellen T. died Nov. 17, 1883  (child of David & Elizabeth Grimes)
Grimes, Michael T. died June 12,  1880 (child of David & Elizabeth Grimes)
Grimes, Peter M. 1865-1938  husband of Sarah L. Daley
Guarino, James J. Jan.  20, 1960-Nov. 10, 1993  Beloved son of (John & Teresa,brother and uncle)
Guarino, John B. d. 06 Nov 2003, husband of 1.  Theresa Schimmoller d.1992; 2nd Lillian Skubic
Guarino, John B. Nov. 4, 1927-   wife of Theresa A. Guarino
Guarino, Theresa A. Dec. 20, 1927-May  25, 1992  wife of John B. Guarino
Hagerty, Thomas  died June 4, 1874 age 48  years  native of the  Parish of  Lismore, County Waterford.  Erected by his wife (Ann Hines ; father of John J.& Thomas P.; sibling of James, Patrick, John & William); Civil War Flag
Haggerty, Agnes B.  1892-1926  wife of Faustin L. O’Neill;  (daughter of Peter  & Frances Kearney;  mother of Dorothy H)
Haggerty, Alice C. 1863-1942  wife of James P.  McKane;( daughter of William &  Catherine O’Hearne ; mother of James V., William  & Katherine )
Haggerty, Catherine 1853-1902  wife of John O’Neill; (daughter of James & Catherine; mother of Agnes, John, James & Frances)
Haggerty, Charles Oct. 4, 1886-Jan. 4,  1956  PA PFC 174 AERO SQ WWI;( son of  Thomas & Julia Mansfield ; brother of Thomas F., James P., Leo, , Paul & William)
Haggerty, Ellen  1863-1924  wife of Willaim B. Fives; (mother of John Vincent, Michael B., William, Anna Mae, James & Marie, sister of Catherine, Mary & John)
Haggerty, James  d. Aug 14, 1877 age 59;
Haggerty, James (1819)-Aug 14, 1877;age 59; husband of Catherine Farrell;  sibling of Patrick, John, Thomas & William; father of Mary H., Ellen, Catherine & John;  native of Ireland; Civil War marker.In  middle of clump of lilacs
Haggerty, James P.  Mar. 8, 1910-Jan. 11, 1964  PA Tec 5 586 AAA AW BN CAC WWII;(son of Thomas P. & Julia Mansfield)
Haggerty, John  1857-1910   son of William & Catherine O’Hearn
Haggerty, John  died May 28, 1886, age 57 yrs.; native of Co. Waterford, IRE; erected by wife, Margaret O’Brien; (brother of William)
Haggerty, John B.  1855-Apr 3, 1870  son of James & Catherine Farrell
Haggerty, John died Aug. 18, 1881 aged 58  years  native of Cappoquin (?), Co Waterford; (brother of James, William H., Patrick & Thomas)
Haggerty, John J. 1871-1948;( son of Thomas & Anna Hines)
Haggerty, Joseph B.  1906-1925  son of Thomas P. & Julia  Mansfield ; WWI flag
Haggerty, Julia  1861-1921  wife of Patrick Fives; (daughter of William & Catherine O’Hearne)
Haggerty, Julia 1857-1938  wife of James O’Brien; ( mother of Julia A. & Thomas F. ; daughter of Patrick & Mary O’Hearne )
Haggerty, Leo J.  1903-1976  husband of Margaret O’Hara;(son of Thoms P. & Julia Mansfield Haggerty)
Haggerty, Margaret  1847-1910  wife of Patrick O'Neill; daughter of  William & Mary Walsh)
Haggerty, Margaret  1900-1979  wife of Willaim Carley; mother of Francis T. ;  ( daughter of Thomas & Julia Mansfield )
Haggerty, Mary  1888-1970  wife of John A. McGraw; (mother of Charles A., Kathryn  R., Mary E. & Gerald J.;  daughter of Thomas P. & Julia Mansfield)
Haggerty,  Mary  1856-1910  daughter of Patrick & Mary Haggerty; same stone (sister of) Peter Haggerty
Haggerty, Mary  1918-1995  wife of John McGraw
Haggerty, Mary  died July 10, 1882, age 31  wife of James; McCusker; (daughter of James & Catherine Farrell)
Haggerty, Mary  Jan 19,  1883 age 87 yrs; wife of William Haggerty
Haggerty, Patrick died Dec. 20,  1901  aged 80 yrs.  husband of Mary O’Hearn;(father of Peter,    Mary & Julia ; brother of  James, John, Thomas & William)
Haggerty, Patrick,(son of William & Catherine O'Hearn ; brother of Patrick, John & Peter)
Haggerty, Peter  1865-1913   son of William & Catherine O’Hearn ; brother of Patrick, Thomas, John & William
Haggerty, Peter 1861-1934  husband of Kathryn Kearney & Frances Kelly); same stone  as Patrick Haggerty;( son of Patrick & Mary O’Hearn)
Haggerty, Thomas  (dates unreadable) (son of Patrick & Mary O’Hearn)
Haggerty, Thomas  Jan 1, 1871- 1897  son of William & Catherine O’Hearn
Haggerty, Thomas F. 1890- MAR, 24, 1931 son of Thomas & Julia  Mansfield ; PA PVT 153 DEPOT  BRIG  WWI
Haggerty, Thomas P. 1858-1938   husband of Julia Mansfield; father of Joseph B.,  Thomas F, William, (James P., Leo, Charles, Mary & Margaret )
Haggerty, William  1804-Dec. 25, 1900 husband of Mary Walsh;  brother of James, John, Patrick & Thomas)
Haggerty, William  1828-Nov 18, 1893; husband of Catherine O’Hearn; father of William, Thomas, (Patrick,  John, Alice & Julia)
Haggerty, William  1863-1890  ( son of William & Catherine O’Hearn
Haggerty, William  1897-1950  son of Thomas & Julia Mansfield
Halligan, Bridget  1830-1898  wife of James Kerlin
Halligan, Edward,  no dates  son of Thomas & Catherine
Halligan, John  no dates  son of Thomas & Catherine
Halligan, Thomas J.  1860-1935  husband of Catherine Mulroney;( father of Edward & John)
Haun, Anna  1858-1874  daughter of Thomas & Brigit Fives
Hayes, Leon J. 1902-1990  husband of Edith W.Hayes
Hines, Anna  Jan 1847- Feb 1885  wife of Thomas Haggerty
Hutchison, Baby Girl  Mar 24,  1972  same stone as Regina Ann Hutchinson
Hutchison, John George  1937-1979 husband  of Regina  SGT USA KOREA;(son of William & Charlotte Chimozy)
Hutchison, Regina Ann  1934-1978; same stone  as Baby Girl Hutchinson; (Wife of John Hutchison)
Hutchison, William A. 1932-1975  AIC USAF KOREA; (son  of William & Charlotte Chimosky)
Hutchison, William S.   1902-1970  husband of Charlotte A. Hutchinson;( father of William  A. & John George)
Kearney, John died Sept.16, 1870 in the 73 year of his age.  ? Co. Mayo
Kearney, John H.   1864-1902   same stone (first husband  of) Frances Kearney Haggerty and Martin & Patrick Kearney
Kearney, Kathryan  1871-1911  wife of Peter Haggerty;( daughter of Martin) same stone as Patrick Haggerty
Kearney, Margaret  1874-1938; wife of James H. Fives;  mother of Raymond, Joseph, Emmett, Leo, Mary,David & Paul; (daughter of M. Kearney; sister of John & Kathryn)
Kearney, Martin  1866-1906  same stone as John H. & Patrick Kearney & Frances  Kearney Haggerty; (father of Kathryn)
Kearney, Mary no dates wife of John Kearney; ( mother of Matthew)
Kearney, Mary no dates wife of Matthew Kearney
Kearney, Matthew  no dates  son of John Kearney; wife of Mary Kearney; brother of Patrick
Kearney,  Patrick  1878-1938  same stone as John H. &  Martin Kearney & Frances Kearney Haggerty (brother of Mathew)
Kearney, Thomas no dates
Kelly, Anna 1855-1925  first husband John McCormick; second husband Michael  Arrigan.; mother of James, John & Cecelia
Kelly, Bertha M.  1914-1982  wife of John E. Kelly
Kelly, Catherine D. Aug 17, 1914
Kelly, Edward 1882-1960’s son of Martin & Maria Gorman
Kelly, Frances  1875-1937   wife of John Kearney &Peter Haggerty ; sister of Michael & Ed
Kelly, Helen M.  1920-1999  wife of Joseph A. McDonough;( daughter of Mike & Margaret Megivern)
Kelly, Isabell  1877-1934  wife of John J. Connolly;  mother of John Louis
Kelly, John  E.  1913-1967  husband of Bertha M. Kelly; son of Michael & Margaret Megivern
Kelly , Joseph A. Sr. Jun 21, 1915-Feb 24, 2000  husband of Catherine D. Kelly;( son of Michael & Margaret Megivern; father of Michael John;  grandfather of Kimberly Kelly)
Kelly, Kimberly  May 24, 1968-Jun 23, 1968; funeral marker on plot of Michael J. and Margaret  McGivern Kelly;(great  granddaughter of Joseph & Catherine  McDonough Kelly)
Kelly, Martin  died Jun 7,1886  87 years old;( husband of Mary Gorman; father of Edward , Frances & Michael J.)
Kelly,  Michael 1831-1888  husband of Mary Gorman; father of Patrick W.
Kelly, Michael J. 1880-1962  husband of Margaret McGivern; ;(father of John E.  & Joseph A. & Helen K. ; son of Michael & Mary Gorman) funeral marker same plot, Kimberly Kelly, ( granddaughter)
Kelly, Michael John  Jan 23, 1952- Jan  13, 1991; (son of Joseph A. &  Catherine D.McDonough)
Kelly, Patrick W.  1884-1911  son of Michael and Maria Gorman
Kennedy, Anne Kathryn  1890-1981  (daughter of Philip H  & Gertrude G. O'Neill) Kennedy, Charles  A.  Mar.  25, 1896-Jan. 26, 1968  PA PFC US ARMY WWI
Kennedy, Gertrude Violetta 1897-1927   child of Philip H  & Gertrude G. O'Neill
Kennedy, Jerome  no information
Kennedy, John D.  Sep  19,  1919  aged 55 years 5  mo. ( husband of Anna O’Neill and Catherine O’Neill; brother of Phillep K.; father of John D.,James, Katheryn, Leo, Pauline & Mary)
Kennedy, John D. died Jun 20, 1914  age 55 yrs;(son of John)
Kennedy, John Jerome  1888-1904   child of Philip H  & Gertrude G. O'Neill Kennedy
Kennedy, John S.  1897-1931  husband of Catherine R. Standish ; son of John D. & Anna O’Neill plot next to Annie O’Neill and Raymond A. Kennedy
Kennedy, Joseph Henry,  1886-1949   child of Philip H  & Gertrude G. O'Neill;
Kennedy, Leo  J. Oct  15, 1895-Oct. 6 1963  PA CPL  103 Aero SVC SQ WWI;( son of John D.; husband of Mary Monahan)
Kennedy, Margaret (or Margueritte) K. 1901-1995; wife of John C. Wurdsinger
Kennedy, Mary Beatrice  1885-1927  child of Philip H  & Gertrude G. O’Neill ;
Kennedy, Mary Loretta  Nov  8, 1910 - Jan.  22, 1986   wife of Mr. Garvey; mother of John Dennis Garvey
Kennedy, Mary T.  1897-2000  wife of Leo J. Kennedy
Kennedy, Paul M. 1891-1918  husband of Julia A. Dunn;( father of Pauline M. ; son of Phillip K. & Catherine Gertrude O’Neill)
Kennedy, Pauline  1914-1979  wife of Mr. Muchitz;(daughter of John D. & Catherine O’Neill)
Kennedy, Pauline M. May 12, 1919-Jul 20, 1940; daughtrer of Paul M.& Julia A. Dunn Kennedy
Kennedy, Philip H.  1857-1918  husband of (Cathrine) Gertrude O'Neill; (father of Mary Beatrice, Gertrude Violetta, Joseph Henry, John Jerome,Paul, Philip James, Margaret, Regina & Anne Katherine; son of John D.
Kennedy, Philip J. Feb 26, 1920-Sep 16, 1951   NY  SFC 8009  Service Unit  WWII; (son of Philip James)
Kennedy, Philip James  1899-1979   child of Philip H  & Gertrude G. O'Neill
Kennedy, Raymond A. died Jun 29, 1895 age 1 year 11 months; son of J.D. and Annie O'Neill
Kennedy, Regina K. 1904-1961  wife of Norman V. Casey; (daughter of Phillip K.  &  Catherine Gertrude O’Neill)
Kennedy; sibling of Gertrude Violetta, Joseph Henry, John Jerome, Mary Beatrice & Anne Katherine
Kerlin, James  1822-1892  husband of Bridget  Halligan
Kieb(?), Ellen (dates below ground) wife of Thomas Meagher
Kiernan, Chael J. 1886-1971  (sic: on Kiernan  plot)
Kiernan, Garrett  1855-1940  husband of Mary J. Meagher
Kiernan, Loretta M. 1890-1965
Kiernan, Rose W.  1881-1959
Kirby, Ellen  wife of Thomas Meagher
Komar, Anthony J.  1933-1999  husband of Alvena  picture of farm on  stone
Lastrange, Mary E.  1908-1994  wife of John F. Arrigan; (daughter of John  & Sadie McCormick
Macnamara, Rose E.  Oct 13, 1870-Jun 3, 1905  first wife of Reubin W. Denio
Mallon,  Mary Ann no date  wife of Patrick O’Neill; born Tyrone, Ireland
Mansfield, Daniel 1871-1913 son of Richard and Hannah Arrigan
Mansfield, Hannah (I) 1878-79  daughter of Richard & Hannah Mansfield
Mansfield, Hannah L.  1882-1937 (wife of Patrick Dunn ; sister of Richard & Mary; aunt of Mary E. & Jas. Francis Mansfield; mother of Margaret & Francis)
Mansfield, James Francis  1889-1958  same stone as sisters Mary E. & Hannah L. Mansfield; (son of Richard &  Hannah Arrigan)
Mansfield, John 1878-1879   child of Richard and Hannah Arrigan
Mansfield, Julia  1868-1939  husband of Thomas Haggerty; mother of Joseph B., Thomas F. , William Haggerty, (Charles  & Margaret)
Mansfield, Margaret 1874-1879  child of Richard and Hannah Arrigan
Mansfield, Mary  1829-1915  native  of Co. Waterford;( sister of Richard & Hannah Dunn)
Mansfield, Mary 1829 (?)-1918 daughter of Richard & Hannah Arrigan
Mansfield, Mary E.  1869-1937  same stone (sister of) Richard & Hannah
Mansfield, Mary E. 1869-1937  same stone Hannah L. & Jas. Francis
Mansfield, Richard  1835-1914    native of Co. Waterford, Ireland; father of James Francis; William, Honnora, Margaret, John & Daniel; ( sibling of Mary E. & Thomas Mansfield)
Mansfield, Thomas P.  1941 - d. April 13, 2002, husband of Adele (Gallick; son of Tom & Anita Fives)
Mansfield, Thomas P. Jr., of Mt. Pleasant,  b. 3-31-1941, d. 4-13-2003, (husband of Adele G. Gallik, m. 11-5-1960)
Mansfield, William  1876-1878  child of Richard and Hannah Arrigan
Masquras, Dorothy   wife of John Dennis Garvey   no date
Mayock, Anna  1887-1973  wife of Harry A. Walter; mother  of Edward, Harry , Valentine & Joseph P. Walter
McCloskey, Agnes d. Nov 25, 1879, age 24 yrs, 5 mo, 14 days;  wife of Bernard O'Neill
McCloskey, Bernard  1824-1880   husband of Catherine
McCloskey, Catherine  1818-1878  husband of Bernard McCloskey
McCloskey, Edmound  1897-1900; son of Catherine E. Fitzsimmons; father of Edmund & Michael
McCloskey, Joseph
McCloskey, Michael  1895-1966
McCloskey, Patrick 1863-1922  wife of Catherine E. Fitzsimmons, father of Edmund I. & Michael L.
McCormick, Catherine 1905-1969    child of Joseph M. & Matilda O’Neill;
McCormick, Ceilia   wife of William Dunn;  daughter of John  McCormick & Anna Kelly
McCormick, J. Benedict  1926-1982  husband of  Susanna Ryan; (son of James & Margaret Fives)
McCormick, James F. 1880-1970  Husband of Margaret Fives; ( son of John & Ann Kelly; father of Paul J. & J. Benedict)
McCormick, James V. Jan. 22,  1907-Nov. 27, 1969  child of Joseph M. & Matilda O’Neill ;  PA S.SGT 51 FIGHTER SQ  AAR  WWII
McCormick, John  1885-1957  next stone to Anna McCormick Arrigan;( son of John & Anna Kelly)
McCormick, John  died Nov. 24, 1884  age 54 years;(husband of Anna Kelly; son of Michael & Catherine; father of John, James  & Celia )
McCormick, Joseph M.  1869-1959 husband of Matilda O’Neill; father of Mary, James V.,& Catherine; (son of William)
McCormick, Marguerite  1804-after 1880  wife of Michael McCormick
McCormick, Mary 1903-1992  daughter of Joseph M. & Matilda O’Neill
McCormick,  Mary A. died Dec  4, 1904  aged 71 years  wife of Patrick McKane; daughter of Michael McCormick;  mother of James P.
McCormick, Michael  died Nov 11, 1872  age 84 year; (wife of Catherine; father of Mary M. &  William)
McCormick, Paul J.  Aug 22, 1916-  husband of Doris M. McCormick; (son of James & Margaret Fives)
McCormick, William  died Oct. 17, 1895  age  65 years; son of Michael & Catherine
McCusker, Mary  Jul 19, 1882, age ?
McDonough, Catherine D.  Aug 17, 1914-   wife of Joseph A. Kelly, Sr.;( mother of Michael & John ; grandmother of Kimberly Kelly; siser of Joseph)
McDonough, Joseph A. 1916-1976  husband of Helen M.( Kelly; brother of Catherine); Sgt USA WWII
McGivern, Mary  1844-1923  wife of James T. Fives; (dau of  Marcus & Sarah Donnely; mother of James H., Raymond, Daniel, Paul & Elliot)
McGowan, Catherine  Jan. 1937; child of Timothy & Margaret Toolan
McGowan, Ellen  Sept. 1945   child of Timothy & Margaret Toolan
McGowan, James  June 1929; child of Timothy & Margaret Toolan
McGowan, John  June 1942;  child of Timothy & Margaret Toolan
McGowan, Margaret  July 1941;  child of Timothy & Margaret Toolan
McGowan, Timothy 1903  husband of Margaret Toolan; father of James, Catherine, Margaret, John & Ellen
McGranaghan, Mary  husband of Daniel Megivern
McGranaghan, Mary 1866-1940  second wife of  Patrick O’Neill
McGraw, Charles A. 1916-1972 ( son of John  A. & Mary Haggerty)
McGraw, Elizabeth  1883-1918  wife of Stephen Megivern;(daughter of Hugh McGraw; mother of John P. )
McGraw, Gerard J. 1921-1996  ( son of John  A. & Mary Haggerty)
McGraw, Hugh  d. Nov, 2, 1887 age 77 yrs; husband of Mary
McGraw, John  1846-1885  husband of Elizabeth O’Neill; father of Kathryn, (John & Mary) GAR; (son of Richard)
McGraw, John  A. 1885-1956  husband of Mary Haggerty; (son of John & Elisabeth O’Neill;  father of Charles A., Kathryn R., Mary E. & Gerard J.)
McGraw, John B. 1875-1877
McGraw, Joseph P.  1878-1956  husband of Agnes O’Neill; (son of Richard & Penelope Ryan)
McGraw, Kathryn 1881-1903  daughter of John & Elizabeth O’Neill
McGraw, Kathryn R. 1923-1989 ( daughter  of John A. & Mary Haggerty)
McGraw,  Mary  1876-1939  wife of John Steinwald; daughter of Richard & Penelope Ryan; mother of Mary
McGraw, Mary  1879-1948  wife of William J. Arrigan; (mother  of John F. ; daughter  of John & Elizabeth O’Neill )
McGraw, Mary  died Aug. 26, 1892  aged 76 years  wife of Hugh McGraw;( mother of Mary McGraw)
McGraw, Mary E. 1881-1940  wife of James E. Burke; ( daughter of Hugh )
McGraw,  Mary E.  1918-1995 ( daughter of John  A. & Mary Haggerty)
McGraw,  Mary M.  1886-1958  wife of Joseph McGraw
McGraw, Richard  1843-1908  husband of Penelope Ryan; father of John, Mary & Jospeh P.
McGreery, Ellen d. Feb 19, 1878 age 28 yrs; wife of Mr. O’Neill, daughter of Edward and Mary
McGreevy, Edward D  died Mar 22, 1878, age 55 years , husband of  Mary McGreevy, father of Katie & Ellen
McGreevy, Kate  Mar 19, 1878 age 22  yrs. daughter of Edward & Mary (back can not be read)
McGreevy, Mary  wife of Edward McGreevy
McGuire, Eliza ,daughter of Mary & John who died June 13,  age 3 years & 10 days (same stone as Mary)
McGuire John   died June 15   age 58  (husband of Mary); father of Eliza
McGuire, Mary died Jun 14 (no year), age 58 years  County Roscommon (wife of John McGuire); mother of Eliza
McGuire, Patrick, husband of Mitilda  Gorman
McKane, James P.  1865-1942  husband of Alice C. Haggerty;( son of Patrick &  Mary McCormick McKane; father of James V., Kathryn & William)
McKane, James V.  1902-1960  husband of Josephine Schmidt; (son of James P. &  Alice Haggerty; father of John W.)
McKane, John  W  1946-1947  son of James V. & Josephine Schmidt
McKane, Katherine  V.  1894-1973; wife of Walter J. Conlogue
McKane, Kathryn V.  1894-1973  wife of Walter J. Conlogue; (daughter of James & Alice; sister of Thomas V & William)
McKane, Patrick died Aug 9, 1894 age 72 years;  husband of Mary A. McCormick; father of James P.
McKane, William  Nov 7, 1896-Feb. 7, 1960 son of James P & Alice McKane PA  PVT MEDICAL DEPARTMENT  WWI
Meagher, Dennis Aug 4, 1867 age 30 yrs.
Meagher, James  no further information
Meagher, Mary J.  1856-1901  wife of Garrett Kiernan
Meagher, Thomas  born in Co. Tipperary  died 1885, wife of Ellen Kieb  Rest of stone below ground
Meagher, Thomas  Sep 25, 1868-Aug 6, 1876; son of Dennis & Mary
Megivern, Adrian  1906-1938  son of Marcus J & Christina O’Neill Megivern
Megivern, Agnes   child of Daniel E. &  Catherine A. Megivern; no dates
Megivern, Bernard  1827-1910  husband of Margaret  Arrigan;( father of Margaret, Daniel E and James ; son of Owen  & Mary  b. St. Julianna)
Megivern, C. Emmett  1891-1965  husband of Antoinette (Spry; son of James & Harriet Bass)
Megivern, Charles  1931-1997  son of Eugene B. & Julia E. Paynter
Megivern, Charles  died as infant;  son of Marcus J & Christina O’Neill
Megivern, Daniel no dates ( husband of Mary McGranaghan; (son of James & Harriet Bass))
Megivern, Daniel E. 1862- _, husband of Catherine A. (Grimes; father of Eugene B., Thomas & Joseph; son of Bernard & Margaret Arrigan)
Megivern, Eugene B. 1903-1967  husband of Julia E. Paynter;( son of Daniel & Catherine Grimes) ; father of Charles
Megivern, James  1871-1926  son of Bernard and Margaret Arrigan
Megivern, James B. 1858-1914  husband of Harriet Bass, (father of Josephine, Leo J.,C.Emmett, Daniel & Mary)
Megivern, John D. no dates  husband of Ellen (Fives; son of Marcus & Sarah Donnely; father of John H., Steven, Marcus J., Mary & Margaret)
Megivern, John H.  1877-1959 wife of Charlotte Tully ( son of John & Ellen Fives)
Megivern, John P.  Mar 17, 1913-Apr. 12, 1982  son of Stephen & Elisabeth McGraw
Megivern, Joseph E.  1899-1934  child of Daniel E. &  Catherine A.
Megivern, Joseph P. no dates  child of Daniel E. &  Catherine A.
Megivern, Josephine  1894-1986  wife of Conrad J. Munger; (daughter of James B. & Harriet Bass)
Megivern, Leo J.  1889-1974; (son of James & Harriet Bass)
Megivern, Marcus J. 1874-1921  husband of Christina V. O’Neill; father of Adrian (& Charles; son of John & Ellen Fives)
Megivern, Margaret  1862-1895  daughter of Bernard & Margaret  Arrigan
Megivern, Margaret  1882-1925  wife of Michael J. Kelly; funeral marker on plot: Kimberly Kelly;(greatgranddaughter of John & Ellen Fives );(mother of John E. & Joseph A. & Helen)
Megivern, Mary  1886-1970 wife of Frank O. Day;( mother of Dorothy ; daughter of James & Harriet Bass )
Megivern, Mary E.  1872-1942  wife of Charles A. O’Neill; ( mother of Charles B; and Anna;  John and Vincent (on separate stone), Leo, James, Loretta,& Geraldine; daughter of John B. &  Ellen Fives)
Megivern, Mary M. 1886-1958  child of Daniel E. & Catherine A. Megivern
Megivern, Stephen  1885-1935  husband of Elizabeth McGraw;(father of John P.)
Megivern, Thomas 1901-1920  son of Daniel & Catherine Grimes
Miscavage, Vincent J. Sr.  1910-1977  husband of Mary I. (O’Neill)
Mitterer, Joseph J.  1880-1944  husband of Louise V. Flaim
Monaghan, Mary T. 1897-2000  wife of Leo Kennedy
Moran, Anna  died 1895; husband of Edward Moran; mother of Edward & Patrick Moran
Moran, Edward  1939   son of Annie & Edward
Moran, Edward  died Dec  23, 1887  aged 63 years; husband of Annie Moran; father of Patrick & Edward Moran
Moran, Patrick  1902  son of Annie & Edward
Muchitz, Pauline  1914-1979
Mulgrew, Anna  1825-1913  wife of Hugh O’Neill
Mullins, Johanna  Jun 15, 1889, age 55 yrs;  wife of James Mullins; native of Lismore Parish, Co., Waterford
Mulroney, Catherine  1874-1919  wife of Thomas J. Halligan;( mother of Edward & John Hallaigan)
Munger, Conrad J.  1893-1985  husband of Josephine Megivern
Murin, Eileen  April 12, 1938 - Dec. 19, 2001 (daughter Agnes White Murin)
Murphy, Margaret  1838-1910  wife of James Gethins; mother of Sarah Gethins
Murrey,  Mary 1830-1899 wife of Martin Flemming; mother  of Revs. Martin J., Thomas & Mary A.
Neberdowski, Lottie  1909-1994  wife of Michael Vansavage; mother of Walter Vansavage
Nixon, Anna F. 1904-1958  wife of William J. Fives
O'Brien (O'Brine) Christopher
O'Brien, James  1855-1927 husband of Julia Haggerty,( father of Julia A., Margaret & Thomas F.)
O'Brien, Julia  1894-1926  child of James & Julia Haggerty
O'Brien, Margaret  1893-1972  wife of Edward Coffey;( daughter of James & Julia Haggerty)
O'Brien, Thomas 1899-1928   child of James & Julia Haggerty
O'Hara, Bridget  wife of Michael O’Hara
O'Hara, Clayton Christopher  Apr 20,1977- Apr 24, 1977; infant son of (Bill & Jane Firmstone)
O'Hara, Ellen 1858-1932  wife of James E. White; on front of J. Frank White;( mother of Thomas J., Edith W., Agnes & Mildred )
O'Hara, Margaret  1908-1960  wife of Leo J. Haggerty;( daughter of John O’Hara, buried in St. Julianna)
O'Hara, Mary 1861-1923  wife of Andrew J. Whitehead; sister of Ellen
O'Hearn, Catherine  born 1827  wife of William Haggerty; (sister of Mary ; mother of Thomas,  William, Patrick, John, Julia, & Alice & Peter)
O'Hearn, Mary   died Apr. 19, 1906  aged 84 years, wife of Patrick Haggerty; ( mother of Mary, Peter, Catherine, Julia, John, Thomas & William)
Oliver, (or Olver) Glenn R. 1922-   husband of Madelynn M. Flynn
O'Neill, Agnes  1880-1917  wife of Joseph P. McGraw; (daughter of John & Catherins Haggerty)
O'Neill, Anna  died May 28, 1870 age 23 yrs, 4 mo.  (first wife of John D. Kennedy; daughter of James & Cathrine Cronan)
O'Neill, Anna 1900-1913   John &  Vincent on same stone;( daughter of Charles A. & Mary E. O’Neill; sister of Charles B.)
O'Neill, Annie 1865-1875  daughter of Willaim & Mary A.
O'Neill, Annie E.  died May  29, 1890 aged 23 years 4 months; first  wife of John D. Kennedy;  (child of Henry and Catherine T. Cunningham ).
O'Neill, Austin Mary Rosanna  died Oct 24, 1869,  ages 24 yrs, 4 mo, 9days. (this is  on one of Eliza O'Neill's stones)
O'Neill, Catherine 1877-1939   wife of Patrick Cheevers; (daughter of James & Catherine Cronan)
O'Neill, Catherine Jul 9, 1871-Jan 11, 1930   wife of John Kennedy; (daughter of Patrick & Julia Fives)
O'Neill, Catherine Gertrude 1861-1965, wife of Philip Kennedy, (daughter of John & Catherine Broderick; sibling of Ellen, James T, & Paul;  mother of Joseph, Viole, Mary, Philip J., Paul, Margaret & Regina)
O'Neill, Charles A.   1868-1943  wife of Mary E. ; father of Charles B, (Leo, James P., John, Vincent, Loretta, Anna & Geraldine)
O'Neill, Charles B. 1907-1935  son of Charles A. & Mary E.
O'Neill, Christina V.1878-1921  wife of Marcus J. Megivern; (daughter of James &  Catherine Crowan; mother of Adrian & Charles)
O'Neill, Dan  1966-1980; (son of James &  Deloras Remson; grandson of James A. &  Anna M. Fives O'Neill)
O'Neill, Dorothy Nov. 1, 1920 - Mar 1, 2003, wife of Donovan W. Stiles (dau of Faustin O'Neil & Agnes Haggerty)
O'Neill, Eliza died May 3, 1893  aged 17 years & 6 months. daughter of E.& A O'Neill    There are 3 stones for Eliza O'Neill. This is on one of the stones
O'Neill, Eliza Ceclia  died Jan. 28, 1871 aged 19 years & 2 months wife of Edward O'Neill, daughter of Patrick & Mary A. O'Neill; sister of Austin, Mary, Rosanna
O'Neill, Elizabeth  1856-1947  wife of John McGraw; (daughter of John & Catherine Broderick;) mother  of Kathryn ( & Mary)
O'Neill, Ellen  1867-1937  wife of Edward Doyle & John McDavit
O'Neill, Faustin L. 1894-1937  husband of Agnes B. Haggerty;(son of Edward & Annie Clune; father of Dorothy H. ; brother of James P.)
O'Neill, Frances 1884-1901 child of John and Catherine Haggerty O'Neill
O'Neill, Francis 1908-1923 son of Paul & Katherine Fives O'Neill
O'Neill, Francis, no date child of Henry and Catherine T. Cunningham O'Neill
O'Neill, Francis A. 1908-1923 son of Paul M. & Katherine Fives
O'Neill, Francis J. Jan 15,1908-Aug. 7,1969 Kentucky PFC Army Air Force WWII
O'Neill, Gerald Jan 28,1969(most likely death date); infant son Vincent & Margaret Theis O'Neill
O'Neill, Gerald L. Aug 26, 1909- Mar 19, 2001 (son of Paul & Katherine Fives O'Neill; twin brother of Jerome)
O'Neill, Geraldine 1913-1967 wife of Joseph Peskur;( daughter of Charles & Mary Megivern; mother of James)
O'Neill, Gertrude 1861-1965 wife of Philip Kennedy; parent of Mary Beatrice, Gertrude Violetta, Joseph Henry, (John Jerome, Philip James & Anne Katherine; sibling of Paul M., Elizabeth & James)
O'Neill, Gertrude C., 1861-1965, stone says „Requiescant in Paceš (wife of Phillip Kennedy)
O'Neill, Henry 1864-1915  husband of Catherine T. Cunningham, ( son of Thomas & Mary Cronon); father of Annie, Frances, Leo & Joseph, John and James A. ( Edward, Charles,Thomas, Mary, Catherine, Christina & Matilda)
O'Neill, Hugh 1823-1903 husband of Anna Mulgrew
O'Neill, J. Edward  1865-1927  husband of Annie T. Clune;(son of James & Catherine Cronan; father of Faustin L. & James A.)
O'Neill, James 1836-1904 husband of Catherine Cronan;( father of Annie, Edward, Charles, Mary, Anna, John, Paul & Thomas, Catharine & Christina)
O'Neill, James 1870-1875 son of William & Mary
O'Neill, James 1878-1879 son of John and Catherine Haggerty O'Neill
O'Neill, James no date child of Henry and Catherine T. Cunningham
O'Neill, James 1906-1965 T Sgt USA WWII; (son of Charles & Mary Megivern)
O'Neill, James A. 1900-1944 husband of Anna May Fives;(son of J. Edward & Annie Clune; father of Vincent P. & William E. Michael)
O'Neill, James M. (Nov 26,) 1906-(May 12) 1965 PA TEC 4 USA WWII
O'Neill, Jerome J. Aug 26, 1909- Apr 27, 2000  husband of Veronica J. O'Neill;(son of Paul & Katherine Fives;(twin brother of Gerald)
O'Neill, John 1829-1914 husband of Catherine Broderick; (father of  Elisabeth, Catherine Gertrude, Paul M. & James T.)
O'Neill, John 1844-1889 wife of Catherine Haggerty, (father of John P., James, Frances, & Agnes)
O'Neill, John 1903-1905 child of Charles A. & Mary E. O'Neill
O'Neill, John 1904-05 son of Paul & Katherine Fives
O'Neill, John child of Henry and Catherine T. Cunningham (no date)
O'Neill, John Jerome Sept. 15, 1882-Aug, 24, 1887 son of James & Margaret O'Neill
O'Neill, John P.1875-1877 son of John and Catherine Haggerty
O'Neill, John W. 1904-05 son of Paul M. & Katherine Fives
O'Neill, Joseph no date child of Henry and Catherine T. Cunningham; on same line as Leo O'Neill
O'Neill, Julia A. died Aug 20, 1890 aged 23 yrs, 3 mo. & 22 d. (wife of James T. Connor; daughter of Paul & Margaret Fives)
O'Neill, Kate died Jan 23, 1882 age 34 years & 10 months.(husband of John Reilly); daughter of Patrick & Mary A.;(mother of Fred, Margaret, Mary & Loretta)
O'Neill, Leo no date child of Henry and Catherine T. Cunningham O'Neill; on same line as Joseph O'Neill
O'Neill, Leo F. Sep 13, 1895-May 11,1960; husband of Annette F.(Battle, son of Charles & Mary Megivern);  PA CPL MG CO 60 INF WWI  two stones
O'Neill, Lorettta H. 1899-1969 wife of Wilber E. Waterman; (daughter of Charles & Mary Megivern)
O'Neill, Margaret died Nov 7, 1896 age 37 yrs, 7 mo, 19 days (first) wife of William B. Fives; mother of Patrick, Kathryn, John & Margaret)
O'Neill, Mark G. 1876-1964 same plot as Rev. Paul E & William B. O'Neill
O'Neill, Mary 1837-1876 wife of Thomas O'Neill
O'Neill, Mary died Feb. 2, 1877 aged 49 years (wife of Mr. O'Neill)
O'Neill, Mary 1903-1905 (daughter of Paul & Kathryn Fives O'Neill)
O'Neill, Mary A. died Nov. 4, 1902  wife of William O'Neill
O'Neill, Mary Ann died Feb 2, 1877 age 48 yrs. wife of Patrick O'Neill
O'Neill, Mary E. 1872-1942 wife of Charles A.; mother of Charles B.
O'Neill, Mary Francis 1885-1888 daughter of Thomas (on back of William & Mary)
O'Neill, Mary I. 1914 wife of Vicent J. Miscavage
O'Neill, Mary R. 1871-1925 wife of Thomas V. Coffey;(daughter of James & Catherine Cronan; mother of Edward)
O'Neill, Mary Roseanna (Sister Austin) died Oct 24,1864  24 years, 4 mo, 9 days
O'Neill, Matilda 1875-1951 husband of Joseph M. McCormick; (daughter of Thomas & Mary Cronan;  mother of Mary, James V. & Catherine McCormick; sister of Henry)
O'Neill, May C. 1874-1895 (husband of Mr. Riley; daughter of John & Kate O'Neill, sibling of (all on same stone), Margaret and Fred
O'Neill, Michael V. 1963-1987 (son of Vincent P. & Margaret Theis; brother of Gerald)
O'Neill, Patrick 1811-1900 husband of Julia Fives
O'Neill, Patrick, Mar 22, 1881 age 80 yrs. Husband of Mary Ann Mallon; born in Ireland
O'Neill, Patrick J. 1844-1926 husband of Mary H. McGranaghan & Margaret Haggerty
O'Neill, Paul died Apr 16,1885 aged 51 years (husband of Margaret Fives; father of Julia, Ellen; sibling of John, Thomas, James & Edward)
O'Neill, Paul E.,Rev. May 20, 1875-Oct 30, 1907; ordained July 4, 1903; huge cross, small marker same plot as William B. & Mark G. O'Neill; (son of Patrick & Julia Fives)
O'Neill, Paul M. 1866-1940 husband of Katherine Fives; son of John & Catherine Broderick O'Neill; father of Mary, Francis, John W.(twins Gerald & Jerome & Rev. Raymond)
O'Neill, Peter Donald
O'Neill, Raymond A., Rev. Oct  30, 1906- Jan 14, 1976; ordained May 21, 1932 ; (son of Paul & Katherine Fives)
O'Neill, Thomas B. 1888-1952 husband of Sarah Payne; (son of Henry & Catherine Cunningham; father of Thomas, Mary & Francis)
O'Neill, Thomas H. 1832-1920 husband of Mary; (father of Eliza, Anna M., James T.,Matilda, James & Edward; brother of John, James, Edward & Paul)
O'Neill, Thomas Henry 1864-1920 husband of Ellen O'Neill
O'Neill, Thomas J. April 29, 1888-Aug. 12, 1952 husbnd of Sarah Payne; PA PVT 13  Infantry WWI (son of Henry & Catherine Cunningham; father of Mary, Thomas & Francis)
O'Neill, Veronica J. Feb 20, 1911- Dec 19, 1986  wife of Jerome J.  O'Neill
O'Neill, Vincent, no date infant; child of Charles A. & Mary E.
O'Neill, Vincent P. 1931-1992 (husband  of Margaret Theis; son of James & Anna May Fives ; father of Michael V. & Gerald)  KOREA  FLAG
O'Neill, William  died  Feb. 22, 1891 husband of Mary A. O'Neill;(father of Annie & James)
O'Neill, William B. 1879-1961 same plot as Rev. Paul & Mark G. O'Neill;(husband of Mary Dean; son of Patrick & Julia Fives)
O'Neill, William E. 1927-1980 husband of Patricia Dunne; (son of James A. & Anna Mae Fives)
Pachuta, Patricia Ann Dec. 18,  1950-1999 (daughter of William & Dorothy Talty) lighthouse on stone
Pachuta, William Jun 13,  1928- Apr 18, 1985 husband of DorothyTalty; PFC US ARMY KOREA; mother of Patricia Ann Pachuta
Payne, Sarah  1889-1956  wife of Thomas J. O'Neill; (mother of Mary, Margaret, Thomas & Francis)
Paynter, Albert W. 1885-1954  husband of Elizabeth A. Farrell; father of Marguerite & (Julia P.)
Paynter, Julia E. 1909-2000  wife of Eugene B. Megivern;(daughter of Albert & Elizabeth); mother of Charles
Paynter, Marguerite 1906-  daughter of Albert W. & Elizabeth A. Farrell
Peskur, James 1944-  son of Joseph & Geraldine O'Neill
Peskur, Joseph 1913-1997 husband of Geraldine O'Neill; father of James
Piorkowski, Stanley J. 1918-1980  TEC 5 USA  WWII
Pritchard, Eliza Ann d. Apr 27, 1880  aged 15 days; daughter of Thomas & Eliza Ann
Pritchard, James Apr 12, 1880 (infant son of Thomas & Eliza Ann Pritchard)
Pritchard, Mary Ellen died Jul 17, 1879  aged 3 years & 17 days; daughter of Thomas & Eliza Ann
Pritchard, Thomas Apr 4, 1808-Mar. 27, 1886 husband of Julia Dolan
Quinney, Doris M. Jun 29, 1916- Feb 1, 1997 wife of Paul J. McCormick
Riley, Fred 1881-1897 (Brother of) All on same plot, Margaret and May (& Loretta; son of John & Kate O'Neill)
Riley, John 1844-1921 (husband of Kate O'Neill; father of Fred, Margaret, Mary, & Loretta)
Riley, Loretta no dates (daughter of John & Kate O'Neill).
Riley, Margaret 1879-1944 daughter of John and Kate O'Neill  All on same stone, Fred and May
Riley, May C. 1874-1895
Ryan, Penelope 1849-1936 wife of Richard McGraw; mother of John & Joseph P.
Ryan, Susanna no dates wife of J. Benedict McCormick
Schaefer, Charles G. 1916-1972 husband of Dorothy L. Schaefer
Schaefer, Dorothy L. 1916-  wife of Charles G. Schaefer
Schmidt, Josephine 1903-1985 wife of James V. McKane; mother of John W. McKane
Spry, Antoinette 1906-2001 wife of C. Emmett Megivern
Standish, Catherine R. 1907-1931 wife of John S. Kennedy
Steigerwald,  Mary 1904-1941 daughter of John & Mary McGraw
Steigerwald, John 1870-1941 husband of Mary McGraw; father of Mary;(brother of Josephine)
Steigerwald, Josephine E. died Apr 6, 1941; wife of John G. Derrick;(sister of John)
Steigerwald, Leo M. 1899-1956 husband of Virginia Steigerwald
Steigerwald, Virginia 1899-1940  wife of Leo M. Steigerwald
Stiles, Donovan W. Nov 12, 1910- Oct  27, 1984  husband of Dorothy E. Stiles TM3 US Navy WWII plaque & stone
Stoehr, Dorothy R. 1914-1980 wife of Edward W. Stoehr
Stoehr, Edward W. 1907-1982  husband of Dorothy R. Stoehr
Talty, Dorothy  A.  no  dates  wife of William Pachuta; mother of Patricia Ann; sister of Patricia )
Talty, Patricia M. 1926-  wife of Peter P. Biondo, sister of Dorothy
Theis, Margaret  1933-  wife of Vincent P. O’Neill; (mother of Michael V.& Gerald)
Toolan, Margaret  died1895  wife of Timothy McGowan;( mother of James, Catherine, Margaret, John &  Ellen)
Tully, Charlotte  1880-1962  wife of John H. Megivern
Undoney,  Michael   1891-1973 (emigrated from Italy at age 16; funeral marker with John Riley;( lived with Turlip family)
Urban, Albert  1904-1994  husband of Martha T. Urban
Urban, Martha T.  1916-  wife of Albert Urban; ( sister of Mrs. James Ellison)
Van Savage, Lottie  1909-1994  wife of Michael Van Savage; mother of Walter
Van Savage, Michael, of Honesdale,  b. 8-25-1908, d. 3-28-2002, (husband of Lottie Nebzydoski, d. 1994)
Van Savage, Walter  1942-1963  son of Michael & Lottie Vansavage
Walsh, Katherine 1859-Mar 6, 1935  second wife of James P. Burke
Walsh, Martin   Dec 3, 1882  age 53
Walsh, Mary  died Jan 19,  1883 age 67 years; wife of William Haggerty (mother of Mary and Alice H. McKane)
Walsh, Mary died  Dec  2,1882 aged 54 years  wife of Patrick Walsh; native of Galway touches Martin J. Welch
Walter, Dorothy J. 1918-  wife of Joseph  P. Walter
Walter, Edward O.  1910-1975  ( son of Harry & Anna Mayock)
Walter, Harry A.  1881-1920  husband of Anna Mayock;( father of Edward O, Valentine, Harry A., Helen & Joseph P.)
Walter, Harry A. Dec. 20, 1907-Oct. 25, 1964   PVT 98 BN, 1 REG’T  3860 UNIT  WWII; (son of Harry & Anna Mayock)
Walter, Helen M. 1919-   (daughter of Harry A. & Anna Mayock)
Walter, Joseph P.  1909-1973  husband of Dorothy J. Walter;( son of Harry & Annie Mayock ;  WWII)
Walter, Valentine  Feb 12, 1914-Oct 11, 1969  PVT CO H 108 INF WWII; (son of Harry Anna Maycock)
Waterman, Wilber E. 1902-1981  husband of Loretta H. Waterman
Welch, Martin J. Dec. 3, 1882  aged 33 years   touches Mary Walsh
Whalen, Francis  Aug. 22-1894-Mar.  21, 1961  PA PVT INFANTRY WWI PHI
White,  Agnes   Jan 4-1897-April 23,  1990  wife of Mr. Murnin; (daughter of James & (Ellen; mother of Eileen)
White, Edith 1894-1990  wife of Leon J. Hayes;  daughter of James & Ellen O'Hara
White, J. Frank 1890-1921 son of James E. & Ellen O'Hara
White, James E. 1858-1934  husband  of Ellen O'Hara; back of stone:  J. Frank  White; (father of Thomas J., Edith W., Mae, Rosella, John & Mildred.)
White, John  1897-1917 (son of James E. & Ellen O'Hara)
White, John 1819-1897 (father of James E.)
White, Mae R. 1892-1928 daughter of James & Ellen O'Hara
White, Mildred  Nov. 30, 1899-Aug. 26, 1991;(wife of Mr. Brown;  daughter of James & Ellen White)
White, Rosella  no dates (daughter of James & Ellen O'Hara)
White, Thomas J. 1903-1961  husband of Frances A. Dix; son of James & Ellen O'Hare
Whitehead, Andrew  J. 1861-1916 ( husband of Mary White )
Wood, Francis T.  May 14, 1922- Feb 20, 1997, husband of Geraldine Biondo,TEC 5 USA WWII  plaque & stone
Wurdsinger, John  C. Dec. 21, 1899-Dec. 26, 1989 US Army WW I  & II;(husband of Margaret Kennedy) plaque & stone

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