Tallman Cemetery, Preston Township

This list of buried is considered to be at 95%.  All names below are those that can be successfully read as of summer 2000. Anyone with additional knowledge from past surveys, please consider adding to this list.   Corrections to this data have been provided by several people:   Davie Wells, November 2001; Bruce Campbell.  Feb 2002 he provided the following:  "One of the shortcomings is that Family monuments were placed with everyone's name inscribed -  this doesn't mean that they were eventually buried there.  C. P Tallman's stone has 1st wife's name on it --i.e. Lucinda King.  But she died in 1835 ( not 1885 as listed)  and the cemetery didn't exist until the 1860s.  The Campbell Stone has Julian Campbell's name on it - but he is not buried there, he is buried at Kirkwood Cemetery, Kirkwood, NY."

BACKGROUND In the C.P. Tallman Manuscript this is what Edwin E. Tallman wrote in 1899:  The Tallmansville Cemetery-it is located at Tallmansville, Pa. It was first surveyed Sept. 21st 1872 by Edwin E. Tallman. It was intended to be conveyed by Edwin E. Tallman and wife to C.P. Tallman, Samuel Tompkins, A.B. Tallman, S.P. Tallman and Omar A. Lakin, trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Tallmansville, Pa. A deed was prepared March 17th 1873, but on account of serious dissensions and more serious upheavals in the church they refused to deliver the same, and it was destroyed, Feb. 24th 1874. Burials however were permitted. Anticipating the use of this ground as a cemetery, my own children were buried there Nov. 25th 1863. Other burials followed there up to the present time. Sacred memories cluster around these graves, and this ground has become historic.
     It was recently conveyed by deed to LaVere Tallman as trustee, for the
exclusive use of the lineal descendants of C.P. Tallman, deceased and the wives and husbands, and the real estate of Edwin E. Tallman is charged with perpetual charge for the perpetuation and adornment.  (La Vere N. Tallman was son of Edwin E. and Mary Jane Tallman)

Babcock -3 children
Babcock, David V. (married to Rebecca Tallman, he was C.P. Tallman's brother-in-law)
Benedict, Elva O, d. May 21, 1881, age 1y,1m16d (child of Frederick D. & Olive Lucretia Tallman Benedict)
Benedict, Glenn D., d. Sep 25, 1891 Age 6 yr 6 mon
Benedict, Solon, Sept 19, 1877 - Dec 30, 1901
Campbell, Adolphus D.,1840-1917 (Lieut Co F45 Reg PA Vol Inf) (husband of Jane P. Tallman)
Campbell, Bessie, 1887-1968
Campbell, Clarence? (son of William & Emma)
Campbell, Fred C., 10/14/1870 - 8/12/1891 (son of Adolph & Philena Tallman Campbell)
Campbell, Julian (on Campbell stone - but not buried here.  He is at Kirkwood Cemetery)
Campbell, Philena Jane, 1938
Campbell, Stella, July 4, 1868-Mar 28, 1911 (wife of Gustavus Ulysses Sanford & later Emory Sexmith)
Clark, John
Dow, Philenia, May 5, 1817 - Apr 8, 1900 (wife of Christopher P. Tallman)
King, Lucinda, July 9, 1805 - Aug 23, 1835 (1st wife of Christopher P. Tallman - She is not buried here per "Bruce Campbell" her name is on the stone only)
Neild, Helen, 1909-1910 (daughter of BR & EE Neild)
Newcome, Katie
Pelton, Baby,  1938 (child of Frank & Beatrice (Sexmith) Pelton)
Reynolds, A.D. (lot 23)
Reynolds, George
Reynolds, Mary
Reynolds, Myrtle
Russell, George W. (buried with Maury Russell,lot 27)
Russell, Maury (buried with George W. Russell, lot 27)
Sanford, Gustavus Ulysses, April 27, 1866-Sep 27, 1895 (husband of Stella Campbell)
Sexmith, Dorothy Pelton, 12/5/1900 - 4/9/1901 (dau of Stella & Emory Sexmith)
Sexmith, Stella Campbell, 7/4/1868 - 3/28/1911 (wife of EmoryT. Sexmith & Gustavus Ulysses Campbell)
Tallman, 2 children of Darwin Tallman
Tallman, Alanson D. b. Feb. 2, (or 22nd?) 1870 d. Feb. 23rd 1870 (child of Alanson B. Tallman & Melvina Dix)
Tallman, Bert Vincent b. Oct. 20th 1873 d, Oct. 20th 1873  (child of Alanson B. Tallman & Melvina Dix)
Tallman, Bruitt Clark, b. 4/20/1870 d. 11/24/1878 (son of Darwin W. and Julia (Stanton) Tallman).
Tallman, Christopher Palmer, Apr 22, 1806 - Feb 18, 1889 („At Peaceš)
Tallman, Clare "Palmer" b. Sept (or Dec?), 19th, 1866 "The Greatest Trustworthiness (dau of Alanson B. and Melvina (Dix) Tallman)
Tallman, Dante Dec.12th 1863 - Dec. 20th 1865  (child of Alanson B. Tallman & Melvina Dix)
Tallman, Darwin, Nov. 23nd 1863 - Feb. 5th 1865 (triplet of Edwin Tallman & Mary Jane VanHorn)
Tallman, Della b. Nov. 23nd 1863 d. Nov. 23rd 1863  (triplet of Edwin Tallman & Mary Jane VanHorn)
Tallman, Duane b. Nov. 23nd 1863 d. Nov. 23rd 1863  (triplet of Edwin Tallman & Mary Jane VanHorn)   
Tallman, Edwin E., 1838-1908 (husband of May Jane VanHorn)
Tallman, Francis Alanson b. Jan. 23rd 1883 (?) d. Mar. 10th 1892  (child of Alanson B. Tallman & Melvina Dix)
Tallman, Ina Louisa Palmer, b. May 20th 1862 d. Aug. 12th 1873 or 1878?  (child of Alanson B. Tallman & Melvina Dix)
Tallman, Infant sons, (Dante, Bert, Alanson) (Children of Alanson B and S Melvina Dix)
Tallman, Jane P., Pct 23. 1843- Dec 10, 1938 (wife of Adolphus D. Campbell)
Tallman, Lenore b. 11/5/1882  d. 12/20/1888 (dau. of Darwin W. and Julia (Stanton) Tallman).
Tallman, Philena Dow (2nd wife of C.P.) buried in Apr 1900
Van Horn, Mary Jane b. Aug. 17th 1837 d. Dec. 21st 1895 (wife of Edwin E. Tallman) (unmarked?)

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