Wayne County PA Historical Newspapers

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Tidbits -  January 12, 1888, The Forest City News

Submitted by Merry Ann. 


The only place in town to get first class oysters is at the F.M. Gelatt's.

The funeral of Mrs (Charlotte) Hine took place on Monday, Jan 9, at the M.E. church. A number of relatives and friends from Scranton, Forest City and Hine's Corners were in attendance.

Little York and Vicinity:

We have nothing much to write this time that will interest the readers of this paper, as we are almost shut in by snow drifts. Bad as the roads are drifted, though, we manage to get the Forest City News each week.

We are sorry to learn that Mrs Albert Reynolds is very sick again.

Edson Sanford of Hine's Corners was a welcome guest in our neighborhood last Saturday.

Mrs L. W. Rood paid a flying visit to friends in Uniondale and Scranton last week.

D .J. Golden of Ariel has been visiting at S.D. LaBarr's for the past few days.

Miss Myrtle Wilcox of Pleasant Mt has been visiting friends in Little York this week.

Miss Rose McCabe and her brother Abdon are attending school at Hancock, N.Y.

We are pleased to learn that Miss Jesie Weed is home now, with the intention of remaining the rest of the winter.

E. H. Lord has moved from our neighborhood back to his old home. He moved in the day time, which is better than some of the neighbors did, for they moved in the dead of night.

We understand that Ralph LaBarr has returned home from New York city, where he has been working for the past two months.

There has been no school here this week, as the teacher has been attending the institute at Honesdale.

Lake Como and Vicinity:

Willie Menhennett of Great Bend, son of James C. Menhennett of this place, employed as brakeman on the D. L.&W. railroad, while making up the train at the Notch, near Scranton, on Dec 30. in uncoupling the engine from the train while in motion, fell, and three cars passed over him, the brake beams crushing him to the ties. His funeral was held in the M.E. church at Great Bend on the 2d (2 nd) last. He leaves a wife and one son.

 Tidbits -  January 19, 1888, The Forest City News

Submitted by Merry Ann. 

Little York and Vicinity:

Mrs W.F. Lakin visited friends in Como last week.

We were please to see Carles LaBarr of High Lake in our vicinity last  week.

Frank McKee, who is attending school in Hancock this winter, spent Saturday and Sunday at home.

L. W. Rood sold his butter in Scranton last week. The prices realized were 22 and 23 cents a pound.

Lake Como and Vicinity:

J.G. Holbert has a large number of teams drawing excelisior wood from here to his factory at Equinunk.

L.D. Gillet is doing a triving business in the way of general repairing, and has now on hand all be can do this winter. His health is good since he gave up horse shoeing and incubating.

John Jaycox is fast recovering from a severe cut on his instep.

John Schoonover is slowly regaining his health, under the treatment of Dr. Orchard.

Loss Martin is among the sick.

May Holliday and Harry and Anna Sanford are attending graded school at Starrucca.

 Dr. Corsna has established his office at J.W. Menbennett's and is successfully treating a number of patients. He has also promised to  restore Como to its original pomp and splendor, and to accomplish that has employed the Phillips band, and gives a free-to-all concert every night in his office. His efforts may end like "George Avery's" barn, colapsed from pressure.

Rev. F.M. Tureatine of Equinunk delivered a very able address to a very large audience on the subject of temperance, in behalf of the W.C.T.U., last Sunday evening.

Hines' Corners:

Yesterday was warm and balmy, to day it has been very clear and cold.

Since our last writing of locals John Simpson has lost one of his team horses.

Mrs Thomas Vanhoosen was buried on the 7th at West Preston.

Mrs Ira Hine was buried at Thompson on the 9th last.

The Free Methodist held quarterly meeting at West Preston last Saturday and Sunday. Rev. Mr Clark presided.

Mrs Robert Tennant is quite poorly. The cancer with which she has been so long suffering is relentless in its grasp.

Mrs H.G. Palmer has been quite sick for some time with lung disease. She is said to be recovering under the skilled treatment of Dr. Simpson. 

William H. Chamberlain is seriously ill and has been for a week. Dr. Craft of Herrick Center has charge of the case.

Reports say that L. Tanner has rented J.E. Fletcher's farm for one year and is to take possession the first of next April.

bottom cut off / top cut off - not sure of town:

J. M. Fleming of Forest City was in town Sunday last.

David L. Brown of Wilkesbarre is spending a few days with his uncle W.W. Brown.

Lee E. Brown of Breton, Dakota, was married to Miss Mary S. Brown of this village on Thursday last. We wish them much joy.


William Wilber, an old and highly esteemed citizen of this place, died on Wednesday, the 12 th inst., of typhoid pneumonia. The funeral was held in the M.E. church, of which he was a member forty years. A wife and three children survive him, H.C. Wilbur of Philadelphia, Mrs J.H.

Gordon of Syracuse, N.Y., and Mrs G. M. Rogers of Dundaff, Pa. Mr. G. M. Reynold's of Scranton is visiting relatives in this place.

Henry Brownell has returned after two week's absence on business at Montrose as county auditor.

Warren Reynolds is very sick with typhoid fever.

Benj Lewis has disposed of his personal property and expects to leave for California soon.

C.W. Rogers of Jersey City, Mrs L.P. Blickens and Miss C. E. Roger(n) of Scranton have returned to their homes after attending the funeral of their grandfather, William Wilber.


Elijah Carpenter, General Insurance Agent. Represents none but good companies. Office at Morgan's store.

C.W. Johnson, dealer in all kinds of Boots and Shoes, slippers and rubber good. Give me a call. Store next to Druggists.

John C. Brown, Forest City, Pa. Undertaker. And dealer in all kinds of furniture. Bed room Sets, Couches, Tables, Baby Carriages, Trunks, etc.

W. J. Davis. Clothing. Hats and caps, underwear and furnishing goods.

Tidbits - January 31, 1895, The Forest City News

 Submitted by Merry Ann. 


W.J. Davis was a visitor in Binghamton, Monday.

Mrs Edwin Corey, of Uniondale, called on friends here, Friday.

Mrs Walker, of Carbondale, was the guest of her son, J.J Walker, Sunday.

An infant son of John W. Jones died Thursday. The funeral was held Saturday.

Bernard, son of Mr and Mrs M. Kearnes, died this morning of membraneous croup, aged one year and six months.

The Ladies Aid society of the M. E. church will meet at the home of Mrs George Martin, on Railroad street, next Wednesday afternoon.

Prof J. L. Morgan, leader of St Agnes church choir, is preparing for the rendition of Weigand's new mass on Easter Sunday morning.

William Watkins and Ella Hine, both of this borough, were married in Scranton, yesterday, by Rev W.J. Watkins, an uncle of the groom.

George C. Westgate, N.E. Brundage, F. W. Westgate and W.G. Reynolds spent Monday and Tuesday at Long Pond, near Welsh Settlement, fishing for pickerel. They secured a splendid catch of large fish. Seventy-five was the exact number they brought home.

Thomas Alexander, father of R. E. Alexander, of this place, died yesterday afternoon. He was born in Orange county, N.Y., June 6, 1802, and was consequently nearly 93 years of age. Funeral services will be held Saturday, at the home, and internment will be at Pleasant Mount.

Prof J.L. Morgan, Nellie McGraw, Tessie Medleton, Sarah and Katie McKernon, Barbara McDermott, Nellie Sullivan, Rose Meddleton, Mary Sullivan, Delia Kane, Daniel Cotter, Frank Brennan, Joseph McDermott, John Bell, Patrick McKernon, Frank Doud, Joseph McKernon and Phillip Thomas went to Jermyn, Thursday, to attend the Sacred Heart fair. They gave a musical entertainment there.

Thomas Rabitski, while working in the slope of the Forest City colliery, one day last week, met with an accident which may cause him the loss of his left eye. A cap exploded and a small particle entered the ball of the eye and lodged in the lens, producing a traumatic cataract and consequent blindness in the eye injured. Dr Dwyer is treating the man at present. He will be compelled to have an operation performed later if he hopes to regain his sight.

A meeting of the stockholders of the Rook Cliff Water company was held in Carbondale, Saturday, and the following officers were chosen for the coming year: President, W.A. May; secretary, and treasurer, Levi Patterson; directors, R.H. Patterson, William Bowers, Thomas Levison, E.M. Peck and G.W. Hankins. An annual dividend of 5 per cent was declared. The company has spent $30,000 in improvements the past year, and now furnishes Forest City and Vandling with the purest of water from the new Brace brook reservoir by means, of 44,000 feet of pipe.


Lithuanium Catholic Church - Rev Father Kouras, priest

Baptist - Delaware street - J.E. Egan, pastor

Welsh Congregational Church - Delaware street - Rev J.G. Evans, pastor

St. Agnes Catholic Church - Delaware street - Rev Father J.J. Coroner

Presbyterian - Main street - Rev P. R. Kennedy, pastor

Methodist Episcopal - Main street - Rev J.C. Hogan, Pastor

Christ Episcopal Church - Dundaff street - Rev F. Marshall, rector


Carbondale Pioneer Steam Laundry, Mrs J.W. Larrabee, Agent.

Packages received at J.W. Larrabee's place of business up to 10 o'clock each Monday evening and returned the same week on Friday.

Tidbits - February 4 ?, 1897  Forest City News

Submitted by Merry Ann. 


Dr. C. E. Taylor he fills prescriptions.

Minnie Stephens, of New York, is home on a visit.

George Benton, of Carbondale, was a visitor in town, Monday.

Dunn's the jeweler, 5c spectacles not much good, but for 25c you can get something that you can use.

L.W. Pentecost, of Washington, Iowa, a former business man of Forest City, is visiting friends in the borough.

Owing to sickness, Rev G.B. Stone was unable to conduct services at the Methodist Episcopal church last Sunday.

The machinery at the elctric light plant is all in place, the wires are strung through the streets, and it is expected that the borough will be lighted by electricity some time next week.

Last Saturday afternoon Mrs Alfred Jones, of this borough, received the sad intelligence that her father, Thomas Williams, of Taylor, had been suddenly killed by a fell of rock while at work in the mines. Mrs Jones left immediately for Taylor. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at the home.

Dr L.L. Sprague, president of Wyoming seminary, will preach a sermon in the Methodist Episcopal church, next Sunday evening. At the morning services Rev G.B. Stone will preach on "Conscience".

Occasionally we hear some one ask "Who is to be our next postmaster?" and an echo answers back "who?". Thus far the applicants are not in evidence. Can it be that a sense of modesty is withholding the names of those who would willingly assume the responsiblity?

The sidewalks and crosswalks in the borough afford very little advantageover he middle of the street following a fall of snow, and in moving about one is compelled to wade through slush or snow or to pick his way over slippery sheets of ice. A very little attention on the part of property owners will remedy this evil. Clean your walks. (not much aschanged in 104 years!)

John Hadley, who was on trial last week at Montrose on the charges of assault and battery and desertion, was found guilty and sentended to pay a fine of $5 and costs of prosecution. He was also sentenced to give bonds in the sum of $100 to keep the peace and be of good behavior toward all citizens, and especially toward Bridget Hadley.

W.H. Chamberlain, of Hine's Corners, Wayne County, died suddenly last Thursday morning from the effects of a paralytic stroke with which he was taken the day before. Deceased was quite well known in this borough, and in his own county was one of her most prominent citizens. He was 52 years of age and leaves a wife and one daughter. The funeral services were held Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, in the Methodist Episcopal church at Hine's Corners.

Mr and Mrs T.C. Manzer were called to South Gibson, Monday, on account of the serious illness of Mr Manzers parents.

The youth of the town have been making use, the past week, of Depot street, as a place for riding down hill. The boys no doubt enjoy the pleasure, and it seems harsh to stop them but the speed attained by the time they meet Main street is sure to cause serious injury to some one in case of a collision.

Last Sunday evening, Rev P. B. Kennedy, of the Presbyterian church, preached a sermon on the doctrines of Mormonism.

Owing to his increasing practice in Forest City, Dr J.W. McGuire, of Vandling, has been compelled to open an office here. He can be found daily at Davis' drug store, from 3 to 4 p.m.

Tidbits - October 31, 1897 Forest City News, Forest City, PA

Submitted by Merry Ann. 


Dr. C. E. Taylor, he fills prescriptions.

Last Friday was observed as Arbor Day by the pupils and teachers of the graded school.

Mrs H.F. Aldrich, spent Sunday as the guest of Mrs W.J. Davis, at Scranton.

School was closed this week on account of the county Teacher's institute meeting at Montrose.

A number of Forest City people attended the races at Anthracite park, Tuesday and yesterday.

George S. Dunn and wife, of Jermyn, visited their parents, Mr and Mrs Robert Dunn, the first of the week.

Dr. Dwyer, in his announcement in this issue, calls your attention to his large and elegant assortment of goods.

Mrs Sarah Menhennett and daughter, Grace, and Ms E.J. Monroe were guests of Mrs W.J. Davis, at Scranton, Monday.

The members of the Ladies' Aid society of the Methodist church were guests of Mrs W.S. Bryant, of Mayfield, yesterday.

Mr and Mrs T. W. Cunningham returned Monday from their wedding trip. They will occupy Mr Cunningham's residence on south Main street.

D. E./F. Rutan and wife and E.B. Edwards and wife are at Honesdale, where they have been attending the meetings of the state Baptists' convention.

Dr. Thomas Jones, of Scranton, who was a classmate of Dr. B.W.

Blakeslee, at the University of Pennsylvania, is visiting the latter at his home on Delaware street. Dr. Blakeslee expects soon to locate in the west for the practice of profession, probably in Omaha, Neb.

J.H. Connelly, of Starrucca, visited friends in the borough, Tuesday.

Hon. Philo Barritt, of Uniondale, was a visitor in the borough, Monday.

Lee Horton, of Whites Valley, was a business visitor in the borough, Saturday

The young daughter of Mr and Mrs George Esmay is ill with diphtheria.

Attorney H.O. Watrous, of Carbondale, called on friends in the borough, Monday.

Thomas F. Johns, of Pleasant Mount, was a visitor in the borough, Monday.

T.P. McCormick and Bro.'s building on South Main street has been repainted.

Mrs N.E. Brundage and daughter are spending the week with South Gibson friends.

Anna McLaughlin, of Scranton, is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs John McLaughlin.

Albert Kenyon and wife and two children spent Sunday with Mrs Kenyon's sister, Mrs John McLaughlin.

Mr and Mrs W.S. Thomas and child, of Providence, were guests at the home of Owen Rowlans, at Vandling, last week.

Rev and Mrs J.L. Williams are in attendance at the Pennsylvania Baptist state meetings being held at Honesdale, this week.

Rev G. B. Stone attended the sessions of the Honesdale District Ministerial association, held at Clifford, Monday and Tuesday.

Jack Chambers, of this place, and "Reddy" Connoly, of Simpson, will meet in a fifteen round boxing contest at the latter place, this evening.

The youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs A. L. Morgan is recovering from an attack of diphtheria. Another of Mr Morgan's children has contracted the disease.

The number of cases of diphtheria in the borough seems to be increasing daily. The best preventive to the spread of this dread disease is the proper isolation of each case and we are pleased to state that the health officers are performing their duy is this respect.

Mrs Thomas Brown and daughter, Mame, were visitors in Scranton, Tuesday.

Dayton Hine, of Thompson, visited relatives in the borough, Monday and Tuesday.

At the last meeting of the school board it was decided to raise the salary of Gretta M. Dunning, who acts as assistant principal in the graded school, to $40 per month.

Sheriff Ward Deuel, of Montrose was in the borough, yesterday, and levied upon the goods of M. P. Jacobs, on an execution issued to C. E. Taylor, et al. The sale will take place next Tuesday.

Michael Gilnot, who works in No.2 shaft of the H.C.&L company's mines, had two fingers of the right hand crushed between two mine cars, last Friday. His injuries were dressed by Dr. Dwyer.

George Michael, of this borough, an employee at the D. & H. sawmill, at Stillwater, met with a very painful accident last Friday. While sawing a piece of timber his left hand came in contact with the saw and the four fingers and the thumb were nearly severed from the hand. Dr. Grander dressed the injured member and Mr Michael will probably retain the full use of the hand.

Rev and Mrs J.E. Broadhead left this morning for Nichols, N.Y., where Mr Broadhead will perform the ceremony this afternoon, uniting in marriage his brother, Samuel Broadhead, of Old Forge, and Margaret Dunham, of Nichols. They will return home this evening, accompanied by the newly married couple, who, after spending a few day here, will take up their residence at Old Forge.

The Epworth league program, as announced in last week's issue, was carried out in the M.E. church, Tuesday evening, with but one change, George Maxey, jr. reciting "Ingersoll's Soliloquy at the Tomb of Napoleon," instead of delivering an oration.

Earl, two-year-old son of Mr and Mrs William Watkins, died yesterday afternoon of diphtheria.

Tidbits -  May 5, 1905, The Forest City News

Submitted by Merry Ann.

Irving Pentecost is home from Jefferson Medical college, Philadelphia, for the summer vacation.

Mrs W.J. Jones and two children, who have been spending a week at Herrick Center, returned home on Sunday.

Mr and Mrs J.M. Brown and two children of Hyde Park, spent Sunday with relatives here.

The skin of an alligator, thirteen feet long, which was captured in the Florida everglades by W. H. Hill, is on exhibition in the store of R. S. Ingalls & company.

Mr and Mrs N.E. Bissell, of Montrose, were here Friday on their way from Crystal Lake where they spent a few days.

A.E. Wheeler and family of Dorrancetown, Luzerne county, came to Forest City Saturday on their automobile and returned home Sunday.

Misses Norma Amer, Bertha Darrow, Lizzie Lewis, Winifred O'Hara and Teresa Ording are attending the summer school of Prof. Pease, at Uniondale.

Miss Harriet Hutchins, one of the teachers of the Carbondale High school, witnessed the commencement exercises at the Opera house Thursday evening and was a guest of Mrs D. R. Bramen.

Prof. R.M. Archbald, principal of the Waverly school, was a caller in town this week, feeling content over the successful completion of a school year, and happy as the papa of a three weeks old boy should be.

Mr and Mrs W.D. Owens spent several days of last week in Philadelphia, where Mrs Owens attended the annual session of the grand lodge, Order of the Eastern Star, as a delegate from Ruby chapter of this place.

Mr and Mrs J.D. Lott have taken up their residence at 1414 Fordham avenue, Green Ridge. Mr Lot has accepted a position as foreman for the Emery Manufacturing company, makers of a patent slate picker. Mr Lottwas here Sunday placing one in position in No.2 breaker.

Invitations are this week being issued by Mr and Mrs W.H. Fletcher, of Herrick Center, to the marriage of their daughter, Laura Edith to J. Newton Corey, of Uniondale. The news of the approaching nutials will be gladly received by a large circle of friends of the young couple. Miss Fletcher is one of Herrick Center's most charming young ladies, and Mr Corey is a prominent and popular resident of Uniondale.

Misses Bertha and Sarah White, of Carbondale, Mame Gallagher, of Mayfield, and Jennie Congdon, of Scranton, attended the commencement exercise last week.

Max Heller and company, Monday, purchased the Fleming store in which they are now doing business, with the adjoining lot. It is a good business location and a valuable property.

A magazine writer wants to know the four sweetest words i the English language. "Enclosed please find check' is a quartet that is hard beat when addressed to a newspaper man.

C.M. Leonard and Harry Leonard are being detained in Scranton by the United States court officers, awaiting the arrival of Judge Archbald to take bail for their appearance as witnesses in the Lowry bankruptcy case.

The Rt. Rev, Bishop Talbot will hold services and administer confirmation in Christ church Friday evening, May 19 at eight o'clock.

One of the most elaborate dinners the city of Scranton has ever known, will be given in honor of the Rt. Rev Bishop Michael John Hoban, D. D., to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary to the Catholic priesthood. No wines or liquors of any kind will be allowed and the bishop, it is said, has refused a gift of $10,000 which his fellow-priests in the diocese had proposed to present him as a token in remembrances of the event.

F.B. Carter, Esq., left Sunday for the state of Washington, where he expects to locate if he can find a favorable opening. Mr Carpenter has been a practicing attorney in Forest City for several years and has been borough attorney for three terms. Prior to locating here he resided near Uniondale, and has a wide circle of acquaintances in this vicinity who will be interested in his future. Mr Carpenter has promised that they shall hear from him in a series of letters to the News. Mrs Carpenter and the family are spending the summer at their old home near Cottrell lake. They expect to join Mr Carpenter in the fall.

Charlotte, the little daughter of Mr and Mrs William Watkins, died Monday morning after a short illness with scarlet fever. She was born November 12, 1901, being three years, six months and four days old. The funeral took place Wednesday afternoon. Rev. E.A. Marvin officiating.

Internment was made in Hillside cemetery. The pallbearers were George Watkins, Stanley Melville, Arthur Brown, and Haydn Butler. A large number of floral tributes were sent to the bereaved family by sympathysing friends and they were carried by May Stratford, Dannie Davis and David Williams.

Mrs Norman English is seriously ill. Her complication has symptons of spinal meningitis. A trained nurse is in attendance.

The many friends of Mrs Rose Blakeslee, wife of Dr. Wm. R. Blakeslee, of Newport News, Va., will be saddened to learn of her very serious illness in a New York City hospital, where she has undergone a surgical operation. Her husband and her son, Dr. E.W. Blakeslee are with her.

Mrs Catherine Kearns and daughters, Kate, Rose and Mary, left Wednesday for Boston, where they will make their future home. They have been residents here for many years, and were highly regarded in the community. Miss Kate has for several years, been one of the most efficient teachers of the High school. A farewell party was given in honor of Miss Rose at her home Monday evening.


The First National Bank invites you to acquire the banking habit. It is one that you will often thank us for suggesting. Don't wait for a whole lot of money. Start with what you have. John Lynch, President - J.J.

Walker, Cashier.

J.H. Davey and Benj. A. Crowther (Davey & Crowther) Architects. Branch offices, Miners' Bank Building, Pittston, Pa. Main offices, Coal Exchange, Scranton, Pa. Telephone connections.

Tidbits - November 21, 1912 The Forest City News

Submitted by Merry Ann.


Mrs C. J. Jay, a native of England, was buried last week. A good mother and a Christian wife. "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord" Six Odd Fellows have recently lost their wives and the M.E. church has lost five good members.

Mr Broughton, of Rileyville, has been visiting his daughter, Mrs Walter Dix.

Mrs E. Blewitt died at Bigelow lake last week leaving five small children beside her husband.

Eggs are 40 cents per dozen. In New York City they are 72 cents per dozen. Thus the middle man charges 32 cents per dozen over the producer and the consumer pays the bill.

The woods are full of hunters with fine success. Plenty of game. Everybody welcome. Come up and have a good shoot.

The store of J.E. Tiffany, Esq., was visited one night last week by thieves. Looting the safe of money, watches, etc. We are not all ready for the millenium yet by a long shot. Our laws and those who dispense them favor the criminal hence the encouragement for other scoundrels.

The minister whose horse was hurt in a bad sluice says he will sue the town. Better sue the supervisors. The town can't help it. Such road officials ought to be prosecuted.

Mrs Myron LaBar has returned from a visit with her son, Charles, of Susquehanna.

Mrs R.W. Mills spent the last week end in Scranton.

Mary Peck spent last week with friends in Endicott.

ORSON news:

Those attending the funeral of N. F. Hine, of Scranton, were D .J. Hine, S. H. Hine, L.A. Hine, E.W. Hine, Elmer Hine and Mr and Mrs A.F. Hine.

Rev Leham was quite ill, Tuesday.

Mrs Adelaide Chamberlain, of Starrucca, and Mrs D. P. Hine, of Orson were calling at Mrs Elvira Box's Tuesday for dinner.

Hot and cold water are being put in the parsonage.

Woody Brownell is erecting a chickery on his lot.

(bottom cut off - top cut off - not sure of township:)

In the pager contest held here this summer, Glenn Howell, captain for the reds and Ralph Gelatt for the blues, the reds were the victors and were royally entertained in the church parlors on Friday evening by the blues. A large amount of paper and book were gathered and will net the Epworth League a good sum of money.

B.F. Michael and daughter, Marjorie, of Laceyville, visited relatives here last week.

Mrs Harry Michael has purchased a new piano.

Mr and Mrs Howell Morgan, of West Scranton, visited their cousins, Mr and Mrs E. R. Anthony, last week.

Mr and Mrs T. Anderson entertained relatives from Honesdale last week.

The funeral of Fred Walker will be held at the home of his sister, Mrs Garfield Brundage on Tuesday of this week.

TIRZAH news: (?)

Nov 18 - Mrs Lizzie Dart is visiting friends and relatives in Gibson.

C.V. Walker is on the sick list this week.

Mr and Mrs George Cook, of Carbondale, are visiting at George Giles.

Charles Foster is spending several days hunting in Pike county.

Harry Davis lost a good horse yesterday.

Mr and Mrs R.I. (T.) Lee have returned home for the winter.

Olive Price is staying with her sister, Mrs Charles Foster during the absence of Mrs Foster's husband.

D. J. Breese is making repairs on his house, known as the Tiffany house preparatory to occupying it soon.

J.J. Walker was on business in Forest City and Carbondale on Wednesday.

Al Lee, of Aldenvile, visited his cousin, N. G. Lee last Tuesday.

Mr and Mrs F. E. Owens and children are visiting Mrs Owens relatives at Lake Ariel.

Mr and Mrs N. G. Lee attended the sale at George Wolff's, Niagra, last Tuesday.

D. J. McPherson was professionally engaged at A.C. Coreys Saturday and attended the public sale of S.I. Bunnell.

F. J. Walker and John Calkins are doing carpenter work for D. J. Breeese.

Mrs James McPherson accompanied by her son, spent Friday with her daughter, Mrs Basil Bennett at Pleasant Mount.

Mr and Mrs R.G. Lee, Mr and Mrs N. G. Lee, Reba and Ralph Lee spent Monday of this week visiting an hunting at Elkdale.


No 18 - Miss Clara Derrick called on relatives and friends in Forest City and Vandling last week.

Miss Margaret O'Neill, of Rock Lake, and Miss Regina O'Neill, of Pleasant Mount, were Sunday callers at P. H. Kennedy's.

Aaron Loomis, of Farno, is assisting O. W. Cowparthwaite with his numerous duties.

Our sick list, Mrs G. F. Sherwood and Arthur Freis, are not improving very rapidly.

Floyd Avery is at Lestershire working in the shoe shop.

Mrs G. L. (I.) Cobb visited relatives at Starrucca, Nov 10 and 11.

Mr and Mrs James Wademan visited Mr and Mrs William Hathaway, Nov 10


Dr. A.L. Craft is spending some time in NY.

Lawrence Savige, principal of Sterling high school, was a guest of his brother Prof. Savige here Sunday.

Mrs Frank Walker and daughter, Emma were Scranton callers Saturday.

Born to Mr and Mrs Henry Corey a son, Nov 4th Rev Hunter, of Pleasant Mount, filled the pulpit of the M.E. church Sunday evening.

Mr and Mrs Ray Avery, of Susquehanna, were guests here Sunday.

The L A S of the ME church meets with Mrs A.L. Craft for dinner, Thursday.

R.I. Lee and wife, of Creamton, were guests of his parents recently.

A number of Herrick Center people attended the funeral of Frank Crosler at Thompson Friday.

A.B. Tingley is visiting friends in Peckville.

For sale - blankets, robes, harness, whips, collars. Harness and shoes of all kinds repaired by W. E. James, Forest City.


The following were entertained at George Carr's over Saturday and Sunday: Mrs Charles Tonkins, of Carbondale, Mr and Mrs Z. N. Carr and daughter, and A.G. Jones, of Forest City, Mr and Mrs J. Stearns, of Starruccca, Mrs I. S. Reed, W. Reed, Mrs A.G. Tinklepaugh and son, of Windsor, NY

A son was born to Mr and Mrs George Flynn, Nov 10.

Vivian and Fannie Watson have returned home from Waymart Mr Sinclair, of Scranton, is spending a few days at R. Watson's.

Beatrice Caffery is visiting her sister, Mrs O. Madden in Scranton.

Andrew Monaghan attended institute in Honesdale.

Clare Doyle, of South Preston and Ora Dix, of Starlight, were unied in marriage Nov 14 in Honesdale.

Alice Carr has returned home after spending a few days in Carbondale.

Mrs John Monaghan is visiting her brother in Forest City.


Nov 19 - Rosalle Ireland is spending a few days in Carbondale.

Jas. Stackman, of Carbondale, recently visited John Coyles.

Mrs Margaret Dalton is visiting friends in Forest City and vicinity.

Mrs Hugh McCabe fell down a flight of stairs on Monday, injuring her shoulder and severly cutting her wrist.


Mrs Benny Pherigo, of Nicholson, has returned home after spending several days with her parents, Mr and Mrs Jake Pherigo.

James and Russel Marcy were business callers at Scranton last week.

Mrs Martha Bell is visiting her daughter, Mrs Gordon Depew at Montrose.

Thieves are getting most to bold and making their visits too frequently lately in this little town. If they are wise they will be more careful in the future or will meet with a warm reception with a dose of BB shots.

Judson Atherbolt and wife, of Luzerne, are visiting relatives in this place for a week.

Leo Sullivan is recovering nicely from the accident he received some time ago by being hurt. His horse became frightened at some object and threw him over a bank at Howard's corners.

Edson Barnes and sons, Earl, and Lester visited the former's brother, Will Barnes, at Susquehanna, Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs John Casey is entertaining guests from Scranton for a few days.

William Corey who has been working J.E. Gardner for the past few months has returned home.

We regret to hear that Mrs W.B. Manzer of Lenox, is not much improved at this writing.

Mrs Elmer Corey has recovered from her recent illness.

Frank Johnson and family attended the funeral of his father at Waverly last week.

Oscar Reynolds, of New York, Judson Atherbolt, of Luzerne, T. B. Cameron, of West Lenox, A.J. Cameron, of Lenox, were guests of Elmer Corey's Tuesday.


Nov 18 - Mr and Mrs W.S, Miller, of Foster, were calling on friends in this place last Friday.

The literary society will meet at Mrs George Brownell's next Thursday afternoon.

Mr and Mrs A.G. Johnson spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives in Edella.

Mrs. B. E. Clarkson spent last week with her friend, Mrs Earl Conrad.

Tidbits - April 24, 1929 Forest City News, Forest City, PA

Submitted by Merry Ann.

Mr and Mrs Arland Pease and Mr and Mrs Jack Ronk, of Conklin,NY, were calling at O.C. Wakefield's, on Tuesday evening.

Mrs. E.R. Gelatt, on Friday, entertained a dinner party consisting of Mrs. Mary Potter and Mrs. Effie Sparks, of Gelett, Mrs. Hattie Whitney, Mrs. Mary Dutcher, Mrs. Irene Foster and Mrs. May Thomas.

Mr and Mrs R.O. Barnes were calling on relatives in Starrucca, on Saturday last.

Miss Ella Avery, of Scranton, who has been assisting in the care of her cousin, Frank Potter, of Lanesboro, is spending a few days at the home of her cousin, Amos Potter.

Gus Ames, of Binghamton, who recently returned from his winter sojourn at Daytona Beach, Fla., is the guest of his cousins, Mr and Mrs O.C. Wakefield.

Quite a number from here attended the entertainment at the Glenwood Grange Hall on Friday evening last.

Mrs Ethel Thorn entertained the following relatives and friends on Sunday: Mrs Gertrude Starbird, Misses Freda and Beatrice Starbir, Franklin Barnes, Mr and Mrs Marvin Price, and son, Millard, and Miss Beatrice Davis, of Fiddle Lake.

Mrs O. C. Wakefield was called to Endicott, on Friday, to care for her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Harold Wakefield, who was very sick with tonsilitis.

Mr and Mrs F. M. Pease, and son, Gordon, and Elmer Moxley spent Wednesday with Mr and Mrs Floyd Bingham, at Thompson.

Mr. and Mrs Warren Bass visited their son, Adrian, at the hospital in Susquehanna on Sunday. He is gaining nicely from his recent severe accident.

Miss Gertrude Pease, of Lanesboro, spent the week-end at her home.

O. F. Potter and son, Leonard, and Mr and Mrs Clark Potter, of Ulster were calling at Amos Potter's on Sunday.

Mrs J. E. DeWitt who has been suffering for several days with the flu is improving.

Mr and Mrs B. F. Burdick, of Waymart, were guests on Sunday of their brother, W. H. Burdick.

William Fox, the genial South Gibson merchant, was calling at O. C. Wakefield's on Sunday evening.

Our school was closed last week on account of the illness of the primary teacher, Miss Marion Bryant, of North Jackson.

Miss Maruel Kennedy, of Avoca, was calling on her uncle, B. E. Leonard, on Sunday afternoon. Ben has been wrestling with the flu, the past week.

Mr and Mrs Arland Pease, of Conklin, were guests on Sunday, of their parents, Mr and Mrs F M. Pease.

Mr and Mrs Ira McKeeby, of Endicott, Mr and Mrs Gelatt and Mr and Mrs D. D. Foster, were guests on Sunday of Mr and Mrs B. O. Barnes.

Prof Merritt Light has been spending the past week at his home in Rush.

A party of six from Avoca and Pittston, were entertained at Hotel Roberts, on Sunday.

About one hundred friends and parishioners from North Jackson and Jackson, met at the Methodist church on Wednesday evening, to say farewell to Rev E. A. Silvernail, and his daughter, Ardith. Rev Silvernail has very acceptably served the charge for the past three years, and the good wishes of his many friends go with him to his field of labors at Sterling. Miss Ardith will remain at Thompson until her graduation in June.


Dan Figura has returned to his home from State hospital, Scranton, where he recently underwent an operation for appendicitis.

Mr and Mrs George Dibble entertained a cousin from the state of Wyoming, recently.

Mrs. Curtis Spencer and Mrs Mary Reynolds, attended the funeral of Mrs. Carolyn Hine, at Orson, Thursday.

C. E. Lloyd recently sold a horse to Jay Card, of Lakewood.

Olga Rewiski, was a caller at Hancock, Monday.

Mrs Mary Reynolds is visiting friends and relatives in Binghamton, for a week.

George Dibble, and son, unloaded a care of lime at Lakewood, Monday.


Orson, April 23. Miss Marguerite Patton is confined to her home having had ptomaine poisoning.

Mrs. Ward Hall and Miss Reba Hine, were called here by the death of Mrs Carrie Hine.

A. F. Hine was a business caller in Scranton last week.

S. T. Jay and daughter, Mrs Millard Transue, spent the week-end in Endicott.

Harry Crosier, of Thompson, has beeen engaged paper-hanging at F. A. Arthur's.

Rev and Mrs James Nankeville, spent the week-end in town and Rev Nankeville preached Sunday evening.

S. T. Jay and Mrs Transue were business callers in Thompson on Tuesday.

Friends of Rev and Mrs Williams, gathered at the parsonage, Monday evening and spent a social evening.

Mr and Mrs C. W. Brownell, Mr and Mrs B. H. Sanford, Mr and Mrs A. E. Sampson, Mr and Mrs R. E. Bennett, Mrs Maria Lee, K. B. Lee, Gertrude Brownell, Hilda Sanford, Hilman Sanford, and Lester Sampson attended meeting at Starrucca, Tuesday night.


Wayne County Savings Bank, Admr. to Thomas A. Mason and wife, 59 acres in Preston.

The Farmers National Bank of Deposit, NY to William R. Churchill and wife, about 266 acres in Buckingham, $1,200.

Ada L. Fisher and husband to Herbert A. Bryant, property in Mt Pleasant.

Ralph E. Warfield and wife to, James K. Hornbeck, property in Equinunk. 

Tidbits -  February 24, 1938 Forest City News, Forest City, PA

Submitted by Merry Ann.


Mr and Mrs John Felton were visiting relatives in Harpursville, NY on Friday.

A son was born to Mr and Mrs Freeman Manser, Jr. on February 15th.

Mr and Mrs Melvin Pickering, Mrs Homer Gow, Mrs Glenn MacDonald and June and James MacDonald spent Saturday in Binghamton.

Mr and Mrs Howard Merritt attended the wedding of Mr Merrit's sister, Glady's Merrit who married Guy Hall of Binghamton, February 10th.

Mr and Mrs Homer Gow were callers at the home of Mr and Mrs Raymond Bennett, Lewis Lake on Sunday.

Mrs Johnson is spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs C.H. Tiffany, Harford.


The Mesdames Curtis Spencer, Fred Benedict, Charles Lloyd and Leroy Reynolds attended the Larkin Club meeting at Mrs L. Bennett's of Lakewood, Friday.

Frank Chamberlain of Hancock, called on Spencer's on Tuesday. He and Mr and Mrs Curtis Spencer attended the funeral of Mrs Adelaide Chamberlain at Orson, Tuesday afternoon.

Betty Figura and Olga Rewiski made a business trip to Scranton on Wednesday.

Lloyd Reynolds and Garfield Lloyd called on Kenneth Reynolds, Sunday.

Mr and Mrs Stanley Parson and family of Dickson City, spent the week-end at Suska's.

Eelyn and Ida Benedict and Floyd Baudendistel of Johnson City, called on their parents, Mr and Mrs F. D. Benedict, Saturday evening.

Mrs Eldredge Axtell, daughter, Alice, of Barboursvile (sic), spent Sunday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Charles Lloyd.


Mrs H. G. Wescott and Mrs Hward Price spent Friday with relatives at Binghamton, NY.

Favor Smith of Lake Placid, NY spent Saturday with Mr and Mrs F. A. Wilcox.

George DeVall (sic) who is attending aviation school at Mercer, NY, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr and Mrs William Da Vall (sic)

Mrs A. L. Stevens of Nicholson, spent the past week with her daughter, Mrs Harold Davis.

Mrs Donald Horn and daughter, Barbare Jean, of New York is spending some time at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Frank Kaminski.

Mrs. Katherin Merritt of Kingsley, spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs Bruce Belcher.

(bottom cut off - next column top cut off, not sure of this township:)

Mr and Mrs F. (or W.) A. Wilcox and daughter, Joan, and son, Sterling spent Sunday with their parents, Mr and Mrs Fred Wilcox of Harford.

Mrs F. F. Ressaguie spent Thursday at Binghamton.

Mr and Mrs G. (or C.) W. Michael, son, George, and Mrs Minnie Price of West Clifford, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Howard Price. A dinner was served in honor of their son, Nell's birthday.

Dr and Mrs G. D. Thomas of Montrose, spent Thursday evening with Mrs Ruth Marcy and Mrs Margaret Howell.

Mr and Mrs H. T. Howell spent Monday with Mr and Mrs Arthur Owens at Olyphant.


Nat Benson, Susquehanna, has been spending the past week with her cousin, Mrs Orva Olin, returned home on Sunday.

Classes in Church Memebership will be held at Jackson and Lake View Baptist this week.

Jason Benson and Mrs Bertha Craft were invited guests at a dinner on Tuesday evening at the home of Mr and Mrs Newton Benson, the occasion being Newton's birthday

Russell Pease accompanied Rev E. Jones to Elkdale, Sunday night. Mrs Pease visited Mrs Jones and called on friends in town.

Truman Benson, Binghamton, Mr and Mrs Clinton Foote, Hallstead, and Miss Alice Melhuish, Montrose, were callers at O. L. Olin's Sunday afternoon.

Mrs Carrie Pease and son, Gordon, were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs E. L. Burton, Oakland, on Sunday.

Mr and Mrs Elton Peck received a very fine valentine, a 7 1/2 pound daughter. Name, Ardith Louise.

The Valentine social at the home of Mrs Celia Leonard last week was very well attended and enjoyed.

Remember to bring shhears and thimbles to the Ladies' Aid at the home of Mrs Sturat Holmes on Thursday. Rags will be cut and sewed for rugs.

Mr and Mrs Charles Leonard and Mr and Mrs Bissell Brown were dinner guests of Mrs Cellia Leonard and Mrs Beva Schimpff, one day last week. Mr and Mrs Hubbard Payne were also guests one day.

Mr and Mrs Ellery Ogden, Washington, D.C., and Mr and Mrs Willis Odgen, Thompson, were guests of Mr and Mrs Bernard Slocum on Sunday.

Mrs Anna Barnes and Billy were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Willis Wrighter, Thompson, on Sunday, and visited with Mr and Mrs Alton Wrighter, Washington, D.C., who were spending the week-end with their parents.


Members of the Queen Esthers met Wednesday evening February 16th with Clarence Doyle at his home. Following the business meeting a delightful social hour was enjoyed and dainty refreshments served to Mr and Mrs R. C. Lewesley, Marion Utter, Evelyn and Edna Rhone, Carolyn Hine, Mabel Howell, Eleanor and Winifred Doyle, Frieda Ross, Hilda Sanford, Elsie Johnson, Ella Conklin, Virginia Keefer, Donald and Paul Hyde, George LLewllyn, Hilman Sanford, Walter Doyle, John Arthur. The society cleared $18.00 at their oyster supper.

Mr and Mrs Tom Groover, Mr and Mrs Ray Groover of New Milford, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Bill Groover.

Roland Hine and Russel Arthur of Endicott, spent the week-end of February 12th at their homes here.

A quilting party was held at the home of Mrs George Lamb on Thursday.

The bountiful dinner was enjoyed by Anna Dutcher, Blanche Bingham, Ada Barton, Mildred Coffrey, Beatrice Wrighter, Lizzie Callender, Lois Callender, Lydia Douglas, Beva Sprague, Edith Hubbard, and Spencer Callender.


Lake View Baptist Church - morning worship 10 am, Jackson Baptist Church - morning worship 12 noon, Elkdale Baptist Church - afternoon worship 2:30, and Herrick Center Baptist Church - evening service 7 p.m. - all by Rev. E. Jones, Pastor (busy man!)

Forest City Methodist Episcopal Church - worship hour 11 a.m., and the Vandling Methodist Episopal Church - worship hour 10 a.m., by Rev. E. W. Morrison, Minister

Tidbits -  June 3, 1939, The Forest City News

Submitted by Merry Ann.

Mrs Gertrude Starbird and Miss Beatrice Starbird spent Friday in Carbondale.

Rev Harold Bassett, Mr and Mrs Harvey Smith and Mrs R.J. Spencer and Ina Burdick attended a Youth Conference Rally at Allentown over the week-end.

Mr and Mrs F.M. Davis, Rev and Mrs Munyon attended services at the M.E. Church, Carbondale on Sunday evening.

Miss Kathryn Thacher, Carbondale, and Mrs Ida Decker of Montdale, were guests at the the home of R.W. Thacher.

Mr and Mrs Will Powell, of Clarks Summit, were guests of Mr and Mrs F.M.Davis, Sunday.

Miss Sarah Denney spent Sunday at the home of her brother, Walter Denney at Fiddle Lake.

Lurene Denney, daughter of Mr and Mrs Walter Denney, Ararat, has returned home for the summer vacation. She stayed with her aunt, Miss Sarah Denney and attended the Forest City High School.

Mrs Alice Decler spent Thursday night with Mrs Daniels.

Mrs Katherine Thacher, of Carbondale, called on Mrs Ralph Thacher last week.

Mrs Beverly Burdick was a caller in Forest City, Monday.

Mr and Mrs Edgar Bishop, of Honesdale, spent Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Dan Gibson, Jr. and family.

Mrs and Mrs Claude Zieglar spent Monday at Binghamton.

Mr and Mrs Al Smith were callers in Clark Summit over the weekend.

Mrs Mary Coleman and son, Max, Mr and Mrs Nelson Coleman, Mr and Mrs Clarence Horton were guests Sunday of Samantha Boles, Gelatt.

Louella Burdick has returned to her home after spending several days in Carbondale.

A birthday party for Mrs Luther Ely was held Sunday at their cottage at Lake Ely. Mr and Mrs Jams (sic) Lowry and Mrs Kate Rimron were among those attending.

Mrs Augusta Stark is ill at her home.

Mrs Amber Prescott has returned to Ohio, after spending sometime here with her mother, Mrs Marguerite Manzer.

Members of the Herrick Center graduating class returned Sunday after enjoying a three day visit at the World's Fair. Those making the trip were: Ellen McPherson, Lois Churchill, Lucille Burdick, Boyd Finch, Ben Montgomery, Art Flynn, Nicholas Urda, Mrs Everett Burdick, and Miss Ann Dutchman, faculty member.

Orson news:

Miss Naomi Lepro, of Endicott, N.Y., spent the week-end of May 27th with her parents, Mr and Mrs Frank Lepro.

Mr and Mrs. C.N. Hubbard in company with Mr and Mrs Charles Arthur, of Lanesboro, spent Sunday, May 28th with relatives in Oneonta.

Raymond Rhone, of Johnson City, was a business caller in town on Saturday.

Mrs and Mrs Steve Upright and family spent Sunday with relatives at Varden.

Mr and Mrs Harold Rach and son, have returned to their home at Cherry Ridge, after spending the winter at Regan's Lakeside Inn.

Mr and Mrs. L.L. Furman, of Middletown, were recent guests at S.N. and R.S. Callender's.

Miss Spellman and Miss Cotter, of Carbondale, are working for Mrs Conrad Regan.

Mrs Emaline Taylor of Endicott, is spending some time with Mrs. Eva Whipple.

Roland Hine, of Endicott, was called here by the death of his father, Clinton M. Hine.


Ducan MacArthur, age 96, died Thursday morning at the home of Mrs Jennie Sankey, Waymart. He was born in Scotland and came to this country when he was nine years of age. Mr MacArthur was a Civil War veteran, having enlisted at Narrowsburg, N.Y., during the opening days of the war. He is survived by two daughters, Mrs Charles E. Breese, Carbondale and Mrs Mame Schimmell, Honesdale; three sons, Frank, of Allentown; George of Bethel, N.Y. and Harold, of Lansing, Mich., also several grandchildren and three sisters, Mrs Elizabeth Hatler, Honesdale; Mrs Anthony Heim, Scranton; and Mrs Thomas Waite, Weitherfield, Conn. The body was removed to the Valentine funeral home at Honesdale, from where the funeral was held on Saturday afternoon at 1 p.m. Burial was at Damascus.

George E. Smith: Death claimed George E. Smith, 79, at his home in Scott township on Thursday. He had been ill two weeks. He was a member of the Montdale Methodist church. Mr Smith is survived by his wife, Adelaide; three daughters, Mrs Charles D. Oakley, Montdale; Mrs Frank Williams, Waymart and Mrs Walter Short, Thompson; three sons, Ernest, Harry, and Jabez Scott and a brother, E.L. Smith, Chapman Lake. Funeral services were held at the home Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Burial in Sandy Banks cemetery.

Prokop Opryshyko, 50 a resident of Union Dale, died at 11 o'clock, Friday morning in St. Joseph's Hospital, Carbondale. He was admitted for medical treatment Wednesday. Mr Opryshyko has spent most of his life in Susquehanna County. Surviving are his wife and several children.

L. O. Sampson - Lester O. Sampson, 77, Starrucca, died Thursday at his home. Mr Sampson was a carpenter by trade and had resided in this region his entire lifetime. His only survivor is a son at home. The funeral was held at Starrucca on Sunday at 1:30 p.m., with the Rev. Jones, Starrucca Baptist Church, officiating. Internment, Thompson cemetery.

George Gifford, 70, a resident of Lenoxville, died at noon Monday in Barnes Memorial Hospital, Susquehanna. Besides his wife, he is survived by a brother, Owen Gifford, Elkdale, and three sisters: Mrs George Hallstead, Elkdale; Mrs Charles Johnson, Tompkinsville, and Mrs G.W. Warner, Scranton. The funeral as held on Wednesday with prayer at 1:30o'clock and services in Lenoxville M.E. Church at 2 o'clock. Internment, Clifford cemetery. 

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