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Stanton, King, Hill, Perkins, Tallman, Campbell, Grelett -

Submitted by Anne Freeman

Far Left with glasses: Leone D. Hill (Oct 24, 1875- Jan 27, 1934) Center Rear: Anna Pearl Hill (Oct 22, 1879 - Jul 19, 1954)

Front Right: Glen Cora Hill (Sep 1886-Nov 10,1990) Left Rear: Minnie Stearns (May 18, 1871- )

Leone, Anna, & Glen were the daughters of Henry & Ellen Amelia (King) (Stearns) Hill. (Second Marriage)

Minnie was the daughter of William Edgar Stearns & Ellen Amelia King. (Her first marriage)

  Leone D. Hill married Edwin Stanton

Anna Pearl Hill married Harry Ward Buckland

Glen Cora Hill married John Waters

Minnie Stearns married Judson Lott

Leone D. (Hill) Stanton (Oct 24, 1875-Jan 27, 1934) and her husband Edwin Lovern Stanton (July 6, 1872-July 22, 1954) Leone was born in Preston Township, the daughter of Henry & Ellen Amelia (King) (Stearns) Hill. Edwin was born in Shehawken the son of John Washington & Adelia Celesta (Campbell) Stanton.

This is a four generation photo of mothers and daughters.

Clockwise from top: Leone D. (Hill) Stanton, Minerva H. (Tallman) King, Hazel Althea Stanton, Ellen Amelia (King) (Stearns) Hill.

  Minerva died in 1913 and Hazel was born in 1901. I would date this photo c. 1910

Clockwise from top: Leone (1875-1934), Lione "Lyle"(1878-1960), Ellen (King) Hill (1844-1925) , Glen (1886-1990), Henry (1847-1917)

Center Middle: Anna "Pearl" (1879-1954)

Egbert Tallman Stanton (Mar 11, 1886-Dec 22, 1940) was the son of John Washington Stanton and Adelia Celesta Campbell.  He was married to Alice Prentice and had one daughter Helen Francis.  He died in Port Dickinson, NY where he had been the mayor.

The Henry Hill Family About 1888.

Robert Kennedy King (April 27, 1815-Aug 7, 1886) was born in Pleasant Mount the son of Benjamin and Eunice (Kennedy) King.  He was the husband of Minerva Harriet Tallman. He is buried in the Old Shehawken Cemetery.

John Washington Stanton (Apr 17, 1843 - Feb 28, 1920) and his wife Adelia Celesta Campbell (Feb 19, 1844 - Nov 09, 1920) .  This may be a wedding photo circa 1862.  John was the son of John and Rhoda (Tallman) Stanton and Adelia was the daughter of Thaddeus Campbell and Louisa "Eliza" Grillett (Grellett). John & Adelia had 12 children.  They are buried in Shehawken Cemetery, Shehawken, PA

Henry Hill (Jun 2, 1847 - Mar 22, 1917) and his wife Ellen Amelia King (Jul 1, 1844 - Jan 29, 1925).  Henry was born in Ireland and the son of John & Christina (Civers) Hill.  Ellen was the daughter of Robert Kennedy King & Minerva Harriet Tallman. Ellen was previously married to William Edgar Stearns.


Elihu Tallman (Mar 28, 1781 - Sep 9, 1867) was born in New Bedford or Dartmouth, MA the son of William & Rhoda (Akin) Tallman. He moved to Mt. Pleasant, Wayne County in 1800 and in buried in Old Stanton Hill Cemetery, Shehawken, Wayne County, PA.  He was the spouse of Lucretia Perkins. (photo coming tomorrow). The photos of Elihu & Lucretia came from Bruce Campbell of Anchorage, AK. He is a descendant of Christopher Palmer Tallman, son of Elihu & Lucretia.

Lucretia Perkins (Sep 10, 1780 - Mar 21, 1871) was born in Stillwater, Saratoga County, NY the daughter of Christopher & Rebecca (Palmer) Perkins. She is buried in the Old Stanton Hill Cemetery in Shehawken, Wayne County, PA.  She is the spouse of Elihu Tallman. The photos of Elihu & Lucretia came from Bruce Campbell of Anchorage, AK. He is a descendant of Christopher Palmer Tallman, son of Elihu & Lucretia.

Louisa "Eliza" Grillett (Grellett) Campbell (Nov 25, 1818 - June 1899) was born in France or New Jersey.  She was the daughter of Francis J. Grillett (Grellett). She was married to Thaddeus Campbell ((sep 24, 1794 - Abt 1884). They had 12 children.  This photo courtesy of Bruce Campbell.

Minerva Harriet (Tallman) KING Nov 04, 1819-Mar 22, 1913 was born in Mt. Pleasant, Wayne Co., PA. She was the daughter of Elihu & Lucretia (Perkins) TALLMAN and the wife of Robert Kennedy KING.  Minerva & Robert's daughter is in the photo above: Ellen Amelia (King) (Stearns) HILL


Left: John Stearns (Jan 14, 1869- ) was the husband of Lola Niles. John was the son of William Edgar Stearns and Ellen Amelia King.  This was Ellen's first marriage.

Right: Lione Henry Hill (Nov 7, 1878-Sep 2, 1960) was the husband of Bess Niles. Lione was the son of Henry Hill and Ellen Amelia King.  This was her second marriage


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