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Photos of Kimble Family and Friends on this page have been donated by Allan Joyce.  Pictures date from 1875-1900. They belonged to (Allan's Great Grandmother) Helen Kimble Simons.  She was married to Artemus Simons and they lived near Hamlin.  Among the original box of pictures there was a note written by Helen that said these are "pictures of my family and friends." Helen's family lived on the border of Wayne/Pike. Artemus' family had been in Wayne since the early 1800's.  Other families in the photos are from the Simons, Kimble, Pellett, Bingham, Chapman, Cross, Bortree, Hazelton, and probably others.  Photos submitted by Allan G. Joyce

Far right is Helen Marr Kimble Simons

Artemus Ward Simons - 1863-1919, and daughter Nancy Simons 1905-1995

Taken in Hawley

Taken in Hawley

A Play Cast?

Caroline Heller Simons 1831-1912

Her daughters from top clockwise - Ella Simons b. 1860; Hettie Simons b. 1875; Jennie Simons; Louise Simons 1857-1911

Andrew Jackson Kimble, son of Brnham Kimble &  Anna Brown of Paupack


 Artemus Ward Simons 1863-1919, was the son of Richard H. Simons & Caroline Heller of Sterling. Helen Marr Kimble 1869-1913 was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Kimble & Nancy Genung Pellett of Paupack

Friend B. Simons (b. 1859 Hamlin - d. Ledgedale, PA), son of Richard H. & Caroline Heller Simons) his wife Lelia Kimble (b. 1870 Pike Co. - d.?), d/o William P. and Miriam Warner Kimble

Helen Marr Kimble Simons (1869-1913) and son Leland Kimble Simons (1896-1950)

Helen Marr Kimble, engagement picture,  she married Artemus Ward Simons   of Hamlin, 21 Jun 1893.

Leland Kimble Simons, c. 1918 (1896-1950), son of Artemus & Helen Kimble Simons 



"Group near porch" the woman standing in back with her hand on the man's shoulder is Nancy Adeline Simons
McDowell 1905-1995, she was raised after the death of
her parents by Joe & Eunice Slocum. The oldest woman
in the picture MIGHT be Nancy Genung Pellett Kimble
1843-1924, from the style of clothes the picture seems
to be taken in the early 20's.

Back says "Kate Slocum"

Leila Kimble Simons was the daughter of William Kimble & Miriam Warner, and wife of  Friend B. Simons. Friend and Leila lived in Ledgedale

Ella Simons



One of the daughters of Andrew "Jack" Kimble  was nicknamed "Nip"

On back - 11 Sept 1896

Taken in Hawley

Taken In Honesdale



Louise Simons Pelton

b. 1857   d. 1911

Wife of Leroy J. Pelton, buried at Hamlin Cemetery



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