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KOPP, ORTH  Pictures submitted by John Kopp.  

John Louis Kopp and Emilie Amelia Orth of Honesdale, Pennsylvania.  Emilie was the daughter of Honesdale residents Heinrich Wilhelm Orth and Anna Margaretha Petri of Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, he born in Niedau and she in Steinfurth.  The photo was taken 8 February 1880, christening day of their second child, Charlotte Caroline Kopp, seated in mother's lap.  Seated in the father's lap is their first child, my grandfather, John Andrew Kopp.

From approximately 1872 until 1890, John Louis was a Honesdale tombstone and monument maker, during those years making many of the cemetery stones located in the Wayne County area.  He and his eventual partner, Luther Peck, had their tombstone business located on the spot where the Honesdale Police Station now stands. 

Approximately 1890 John and Luther dissolved their partnership, whereupon John left Honesdale and moved his family across the river to Cochecton, New York.  In Cochecton, he continued to make tombstones until his death.

John and Emilie came to have seven children, one dying in infancy.  The remaining six (one boy, five girls) grew up in Cochecton, all becoming teachers at the Cochecton schoolhouse.


Photo, taken in Cochecton, is also of John Louis Kopp, a few years before his death in 1921


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