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Damascus Grade School

Photo & Names submitted by Paul Jenkins

Photo Dated October 1, 1935

Information from back of photo -

Damascus October 1835 Teacher Mrs. Bessie Mitchell

Left to Right number represents age.  Students identified by Mary Vail Tegeler (1896-1986)

 1st Row Roberta Keesler, Phyllis Geist, Joane Abraham, George Lowe 12, Ella Gray, William Ridgeway, Irene Tegeler 7, Buster Pollock 8, Albert Noble

 2nd Row Evelyn Canfield, Wilma Moran 6, Frederick Tegeler 12, Doris Moran 14, Florence Turner 10, Lila Highhouse, Ralph Price 7, Florence Pollock 10, James Noble 13

 3rd Row  Richard Turner 14, Dorothy Hellmers 6, Ethel Grey, Genevieve Canfield, Mrs. Bessie Mitchell, Louise Giddings 6, Jackie Turner, Reed Derkansky, William Highhouse 6

 4th Row George Gries 8, Leo Klinger 8, Alma Gries 10, Evelyn Tegeler 11, Jackie Tyler 7, Marty Dermody 14, Bob Hellmers, Charles Sutliff 13, Sidney Turner 7

 5th Row Doris Keesler, Betty Coe 8, LeRoy Gries 9, Howard Gries 6, Ernest Derkanski, Rolland Bennet, Jack Noble 10, Charles Watson Tyler 8

Damascus Grade School


Submitted by Paul Jenkins


Damascus Grade School


Submitted by Paul Jenkins

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