Wayne County PA Schools -

Old Stone Jug School

School:  Old "Jug" Schoolhouse
Approximate Date: 1896/97
People Identified:  Names are at the bottom of picture.
Teacher:  Delbert Wells

Inscription below picture reads:

   Teach Delbert Wells is shown with school children in front of the old "Jug" Schoolhouse.  The "unmarried" names of the girls are used.  Those marked with asterisks are known to be deceased now. 
    First row (from left):  Arvilla Swingle*, Alton Sisco*, Nathaniel Swingle*, Gertrude Beers, Mabel Beers*, Eva McKinney, Mabel Robinson, Ethel Robinson, Ralph Swingle, Mildred McKinney*, Bessie Beers.
    Second Row:  Edna Swingle, Luella Swingle*, Martha McKinney*, Mable McKinney, May Beers*, Blanche Swingle, Mattie Frisbie, Bertha Swingle*.
    Third Row:  Mary Cobb*, Mabel Wells*, Frank Chumard*, Walter Reed*, Orrin Beers*, Cornelius Reed*, Garfield McKinney*, Harley Reed*.
    Fourth Row:  Dean Swingle*, Frank House*, Teacher, Delbert Wells.

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