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Info & Photo submitted by Dolores Nonnenmacher Hauptfleisch

 The information which follows with regard to the Swamp Brook School has been extracted from two booklets which were Souvenirs of my Mom (Dolores's) when she attended this school in Berlin Township, Wayne County, Pa.  These booklets are:
"School Day Remembrance", 1929
"Your Teacher's wish on Closing Day is that, in years to come you may recall with joy the hours here spent and all that each dear friendship meant", 1924.


Berlin, Wayne Co., Pennsylvania
May 20, 1924
Milton A. Hogencamp, Teacher

School Officers:  George C. Oliver, President; Charles H. Gevert, Treasurer; William J. Perkin, Secretary; W.H. Marshall; Henry Wenders; David Dillmuth.

PUPILS:  Martha DeReamer, Catherine Kittner, Ona Darling, Andrew Weist, Carl Neugebauer, Frank Darling, Wyman Smith, Leo Schmitt, Mary Bassney, Theo Seely, Helen Schmitt, Helen Bassney, Erma Whitting, Ethel Whitting, Johanna Smith, Teresa Kittner, Milton Whiting, Mildred Bassney, George Harwood, Rockxanna Harwood

 The data from the second booklet follows:

Berlin Twp., Wayne Co., Penn.
May 14, 1929
Teacher, Dorothy Leopold
School Board:  William Marshall, President; William Reining, Secretary; Emmett Oliver, Treasurer

Pupils: Clara Richter, Teresa Kittner, Mildred Bassney, James Darling, Dorothy Miszler, William De Reamer, Edward Michalek, Alfred Harwood, Helen Bassney, Bertha Michalek, Robert Weist, Aloyius Weist, Helen Michalek, Kenneth Miszler, James Weist, Cecilia Bassney, Florence De Reamer,

The following information was supplied to me by my distant cousin:

Joseph Nonnenmacher (my grandfather) served on the Berlin Township School Board in 1918 along with Wm. J. Perkin, H.F. Budd, Edward Richards and Wm. E. Avery. At that time, the students were: Julius Nonnenmacher (my Dad), Frank Nonnenmacher (my Uncle), Anna Bassney (my aunt), Bertha Bassney (my aunt), Mary Bassney (my aunt), Florence Schmitt (my cousin) and Paul Schmitt (my cousin). The teacher was Tessie Maloney.  My grandfather, Joseph Nonnenmacher, was also on the Berlin Township Board in 1914 along with J.W. Lozo, M. J. Conners, Wm. Avery and W. J. Perkin. The teacher was Anna Schmidt.

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