Wayne County Marriage Records

 Presbyterian Church Records, Mount Pleasant, Pa., Session Records, v. 1-3, 1814-1921 P. 292
 Transcribed from LDS Film 1312379 by Donna Lewis
Comments, questions, and implied information in square brackets
 Register of Marriages by R. Kessler
1865 Jan. 10 Benj. S. Waterous of Scranton to Adelia Milleron of Uniondale
" April 16 Benj. F. Wickes of Clarksbourgh Va. [to] Carrie Louis Abbot M.Pl. [Mount Pleasant]
" " 24 Joseph M. Stanton of Clinton [to] Janette Stephenson Mt. Pl.
" Sept. 1 Rufus C. Niles of Lebanon to Libbie O. Simpson Preston
" Decembr 24 Hosmer Fowler of Madison Ct [?] to Eunice Wilcox, Mt. Pl.
1866 April 29 Aron Monroe [of] Preston to Nancy C. Lamonte of Preston
  Sept. 20 Daniel Sanford of Preston to Catherine Allen [of] Scott
1866 Novbr 15 Wm Henry Spencer to Grace Giles both of Mount Pleasant
Married by Rev. Jas. B. Fisher
1867 May 16 Edward A. Wright to Celia H. Bass both of Mount Pleasant
 Married by Rev. Jas. W. Raynor
1871 March 16 T. F. [?] Johns of Prompton + Elizabeth A. James of Mt. P.
Married by Rev. A. J. Schlager
[1873] Nov 30/73 Henry Miner and Lizzie Sliapley [?] of Waymart, Pa.
" Dec 16/73 Edwin Tennant & Ella Wilcox both of Preston
[1874] Oct 28/74 Sidney B. Bennett of Starrucca to Sarah E. Wright of Mount Pleasant
  Nov 18/74 James W. Moase to Ella A. Chittenden Both of Mount Pleasant
  Dec 22/74 Franklin E. Spencer of Mount Pleasant to Anna M. Benedict of Preston
 Married by Rev. Arthur Folsom
  June 19:1877 Rudolf Harmes and Katie A. Atwater of Mt. Pleasant
 Married by Rev. J. Ludlow Kendall
1883 Nov 21 A. G. Dimick and Miss L. Merithew [sp?] of Uniondale, Pa.
  Nov 21 R. Wonnicott and Miss S. Ball of Waymart Pa.
  Nov 21 A. Keene and Miss C Miner [of Waymart, Pa. -- ditto marks]
1884 Feb 13 Clarence Pierce and Miss Emma Mills of Uniondale, Pa.
  April 1 Chas E. Wright and Miss Bertha M. Alexander of Pleasant Mt.
  Oct. 27 Fenelou [sp?] B. Brock of Washington, D.C. + Lilian Burritt of Uniondale
[1885] May 7/85 Walter E. Lake and Susie E. Hankins of Pleasant Mt.
  Oct 29/85 W. H. Kessler of Brandt + Minnie Atwater of Pleasant Mt.
[1886] June 1/86 Bernard Carpenter of U. D. [Uniondale?] + Lizzie Brown of Pleasant Mt.
  Aug 3/86 L. A. Willard of Kirksville Mo. + A. M. Warner of Kirksville, Mo [?]
  Oct 28/86 C. E. Vosburgh of Millon N.Y. and Josie E. Ludlow of Millon N.Y.
[1887] Sept 15/87 Herman Harmes of Pleasant Mt and Lara A Winner of Pl. Mt.
[1888] Jan/12/88 Lee E. Brown of Dakota and Mary S. Brown of Pl. Mt. Pa.

St. John's Episcopal Church, Hamlin, Wayne Co., PA. Pages 202/03.

Solemnized by Rev. Ed. Mendenhall

William E. BORTREE and Miss Lydia CLEMENTS December 10, 1856
Thomas M. BURRERS and Miss Sarah LONG June 13, 1855
Robert HARFORD and Miss Sarah BROOKS June 13, 1855
Elisha J. BUTLER and Miss Maria CARUTH June 21, 1855
Oakey R. HARDING and Miss Annette SIMONS April 2, 1854
Thomas HARFORD and Miss Frances Jane SIMONS August 22, 1854
Christopher BEELER and Miss Jane SIM(P)SON November 23, 1854
Robert McDEVITT and Miss Irene WILBUR May 24, 1857
Joshua NEVILLE, Jr. and Miss Susannah DOBSON June 20, 1860
John FITZE and Miss Sarah MORAN October 13, 1860
Daniel MARTIN and Miss Ellen DECKER October 12, 1861

Solemnized by Rev. R. H. Brown

Eli G. BARNES and Mrs. Harriet WALLACE October 13, 1867
Levi Alford WILCOX and Matilda A. SMITH October 25, 1867
Phineas T. HOWE and Hannah E. MEGARGELL February 3, 1869
Davis E. CIPHERLY and Mary L. MEDLAND December 5, 1869
Charles Milcher CARLTON and Sarah J. MOLE (no date written)
Henry POTTER and Matilda HARRIS 1872
Austin LESHER and Maggie BISBING April 9, 1874
William Riley (S or L)INQUET and Anna E. SMITH August 19, 1876
Samuel HOPPS, Jr. and Amanda E. SIMPSON April 7, 1877
William James WALKER and Ella BIDWELL May 1878
Lewis T. BATSEL and Frances M. PERRY August 7, 1879
John L. WARNER and Mary L. BORTREE September 21, 1879
All the entries are typed as they were written. It appears each minister wrote his own entries.
Data submitted by Diane Andreasen

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