Wayne County Wills & Estate -

William Cobb

0955011  Wayne Co, PA Orphans Court Vols. A-B 1803-1855

Book A 1803-1852

No. 32 p. ?  At an Orphans Court held at Bethany in the County of Wayne on the 30 Apr 1817 before Abisha Woodward & Moses Thomas Judges of the said County the petition of Asa Cobb Brother & heir at Law of William Cobb late of the Township of Salem in the County of Wayne Decd was read setting forth that your petitioners said Brother died intestate without issue leaving a widow named Rosina, Asa Cobb your petitioner, Cyprian Cobb, John Cobb, Ebeneser Cobb Brothers of the said Intestate Angelina Cobb & Hudder Cobb Minor children of Henry Cobb Decd a Brother of the intestate Abigail who intermarried with Henry Moore sister of the said intestate, Patty formerly Patty Rider who intermarried with James Brown, Charles Starks, Hiram Starks, William Starks, Enock Starks, Sally Starks, Jemima Starks & Elsey Starks children of Jemima a sister of intestate formerly Jemima Cobb who first intermarried with Isaiah Rider who afterwards died leaving the aforesaid Issue seven of whom to wit Charles, Hiram, William, Enock, Sally, Jemima & Elsey are in their minority all heirs at Law of the said William Decd.  And that the said intestate died seized in his demure as of see of & in a certain messuage plantation & tract of Land situate in the Township of Salem County of Wayne Bounded by Lands of Lot No. 406 ... of the allotment of the late Edward Tilghmans land containing about 100 acres ... Also the equal undivided third part of one saw Mill & privileges for carrying on said Mill situate in the Township aforesaid on the Branch of Wallen Paupack on Lands Adjoining Cyprian Cobb. 

Your petitioner therefore prays your honour to award an inquest to make partition of the premises aforesaid to and among the legal Representatives of the said intestate in such manner & in such proportion as by the Laws of this Commonwealth is directed if such partition can be made without prejudice to or spoiling the whole but if such partition cannot be made thereof as aforesaid then to value & appraise the same as also the five parts if division or partition ...

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