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Daniel Kimble

Daniel Kimble of Texas Township in the County of Wayne ...

beloved wife Jane two beds bedsteads and bedding, one Bureau Mahogany varnished her wearing apparell one table six chairs all of which are now in her possession at the White Mills farm house.  And I also give $200 per annum to be paid in equal quarterly payments of $50

dau Amelia the residue of my household goods ... together with the bond this day assigned to her for one thousand dollars against the Honesdale and Mast Hope Plank Road Company and the half Share of Residue hereinafter bequeathed will constitute her just share of my estate

dau Amanda Carr wife of John Carr the sum of $500

Grandson Daniel Long? $700

Son Daniel Kimble Junior $1,200

Son Joseph Kimble $1,000

Grandson Philander Kimble son of Abisha Kimble $500

Phineas G. Goodrich my Executor hereinafter named the sum of $500 in trust to be paid to my son Perry Kimble in such sums and at such times as he shall deem most condusive to his welfare. 

[authorized executor to sell what is left] and My son Daniel Kimble Junior shall have one share, My Son Joseph Kimble shall have one share, My Daughter Amelia Kimble the half of one share and the remaining one half share shall be divided equally among the children of my Daughter Leucretia Dils who may be living at the time of my decease.  .... Phineas G. Goodrich Executor

16 Dec 1851.  Signed: D. Kimble.  Wit:  Earl Wheeler, Charles S. Minor, James S. Bassett.

For probate See Registers Court Docket No. 1 page 16 &c.

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