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Ancestor Patriots of Wayne Chapter Members

  • Belknap, Abel, MA, PVT
  • Bennett, Stephen, CT
  • Berry, Shears, MA, PV
  • Berry, Ephraim, MA, PVT
  • Castor, Jacob, PA, ENS
  • Chapman, Elijah, CT
  • Colby, Willaby, NH
  • Connelly, John, MD, PVT
  • Decker, Solomon, NY
  • Dickinson, Jesse, CT
  • Du Mont, Peter, NJ
  • Evans, John, NJ, PVT
  • Felker, George Godfrey, PA, PVT
  • Freeman, Silas, MA
  • Jenks, Joel, MA, PVT. PA
  • Jennings, Isaiah, PA
  • Lassley, John NY
  • Linton Elijah Jr., VA
  • Little, Peter, NC
  • Lounsbury, Epenetus, NY
  • King, Thomas, PA, NC, PVT
  • McFarland, James, MA, LT
  • Mitchell, Nathan, NY
  • Murphy, John, NY
  • Parker, Benjamin, CT
  • Parker, Thomas, CT
  • Parkman, Alexander, MA, LT
  • Porter, John, MA, SGT
  • Porter, John Jr., MA
  • Prentiss, Benjamin, MA
  • Samsun, John, SC
  • Schley, Thomas, MD
  • Shipman, Edward, CT
  • Short, Asa, MA, PVT
  • Spencer, Elam, CT
  • Transue, Abraham Sr, PA
  • Transue, Elias, PA
  • Van Cleve, Isaac, NJ
  • Van Doren, Bergun NJ
  • Van Doren, John, NJ
  • Van Doren, Martha Lott, NJ
  • Van Doren, William, NJ
  • Van Lew, Denice, NJ
  • Van Lew, Frederick, NJ
  • Van Voorhees, Garrett Sr., NJ
  • Williams, Richard, NC

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