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Gleaner & Luzerne Advertiser

2 Jan. 1812

John JONES, informs his Friends and the Public in general, that he has removed to his new house, opposite the Jail, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, where he has constantly on hand an Assortment of Boots, Ladies & Gentlemen’s Shoes, of the best quality and newest fashions, which will be sold cheap for Cash or on a shrt (?) credit.

Wanted immediately Five Journeymen Shoemakers. Those who are good workmen and posses steady habits, will meet with constant employment and good wages, by applying as above.

Francis M’SHANE, Esq. to Miss Frances, dau. of Col. E. BULKELEY, in this town on Sunday evening last, by Rev. HOYT.

Nails. The subscriber has removed his Nail Works, to the new Factory on Franklin Street, Wilkesbarre, nearly back of Col. BULKELEY’S. His Nails will be sold, at wholesale, on more advantageous terms than they can be procured from abroad and being cut under the strong heat of a coal fire, will be found much less brittle that what are made in the prisons, or the manufactories of places, where fuel is used sparingly. Gentlemen at a distance, who want a quantity, may find it advisable to send their orders beforehand, as the general demand will probably often exceed the stock made up. Francis M’SHANE.

William ROSS, Esq. is appointed Treasurer of Luzerne County.

10 Jan. 1812

James BARNUM to Miss Julia TREADAWAY, in this town on Sunday evening last, by Rev. HOYT.

George SIWELY to Miss Frances STEWART (no date)

Jonathan S. BROWN to Miss Ann READ, both of Wilkesbarre, at Kingston on Sunday evening last, by David PERKINS, Esq.

Elijah IDE to Miss Elizabeth PARKER, at Kingston (no date)

Nicholas OVERFIELD to Miss Harriot STERLING, at Braintrim on 2nd inst., by H. W. CHAMPION, Esq.

James HARRIS to Miss Ruth ROGERS, at Braintrim, on the 1st inst., by J. FASSET, Esq.

Solomon BATES, of Tunkhannock to Miss Ann GREEN, of Wysox, at Wysox, on the 31st inst., by Wm. MYER, Esq. [should have been ult?]

Letters on Hand at the Tunkhannock Post Office, Dec. 31, 1811:

Stephen BALL

Stephen BALL Jr.


Ezekiel NEWMAN


Gamaliel STEWART

Bethany SELLY, Tunkhannock

David W. TAYLOR, Bridgewater

Darius BIXBY


William MARSH


Thomas H. MICKS

Levi SMITH, Rush


Letters on Hand at the Post Office in Kingston, on Jan. 1st, 1812:





Sheffield COANE

Sarah HOYT


Ebenezer PARISH

Moses SCOVELL, Esq.




Letters on Hand at the Post Office in Wilkesbarre on Jan. 1st, 1812:

Peggy AMES


Elisha BLACKMAN, Jr.







Joseph CAMP


Reuben COE





Moses BARBY, Huntington

Jonathan FRISBY


Joseph FELL


Martin HIRT

David R. HASWELL, Cabot

Nicholas F. HORTON

Roswell H. HALE



John JOHNSON, Huntington



Lodge No. 61

Elizabeth M’CAFFERTY, Huntington










William SANTEE, Salem



Daniel SMOTHERS, Shickshinny

Nathan STARK

Samuel TRACY




Rosewell WELLES

Uriah WILLIAMS, Huntington


Jacob CIST, P. M.

17 Jan. 1812

For Sale, The Farm and Plantation, on which Jonas INGHAM, Esq. now lives, and also that on which Amasa WELLES now lives, both lying on Wyalusing Creek, and being part of the Manor of Dundee, together with the Buildings and other Improvements thereon. The terms of payment will be one fourth in cash, the residue in three annual installments, secured by mortgage on the premises. Possession will be given to the Purchaser on demand. Apply to the subscriber in Philadelphia. John R. COATES.

Notice — The subscriber offers to sell or rent the Tavern House, now occupied by William CARN, in the village of Nescopeck, opposite Berwick, it is an excellent stand for business; the terms will be accommodating. Also, his Stand in Wilkesbarre, which he now occupies; it is an excellent stand for a store, or any kind of mechanical business. The terms may be known on application to the subscriber. Benj. DRAKE N. B. All persons that are indebted to the subscriber are requested to make immediate payment, and save cost, as he is under the necessity of collecting his debts, to enable him to pay where he owes, and he sincerely hopes that this notice will not be neglected.

24 Jan. 1812

Joseph DENNIE, Esq., Editor of the Port Folio, died last Tuesday in Philadelphia

The Wilkesbarre Academy — The present Quarter has this week, commenced and the managers of the Academy would inform the public that the usual course of Study is pursued — viz. History, Composition, the Latin and Greek Languages, Rhetoric, Logic, Mathematics, including Natural Philosophy and Astronomy, are taught by Garrick MALLERY, the former Principal of the Academy. Geography, English Grammar, Penmanship, Book-Keeping, Arithmetic, Reading and Spelling are taught by Thomas BARTLETT and Andrew BEAUMONT. The Trustees and Managers of the Academy assure the public that all possible attention shall be paid both to the instruction and morals of the Youth committed to their charge.

Caution — I hereby caution all Persons against taking an assignment of a certain Judgment Note, on Interest, given by the Subscriber to Aaron ROBERTS, the 21st last March, for about fifty Dollars, and due the May following. Said Note was sold to Jacob BLANCHARD, of Plymouth Township, with twenty-one dollars and twenty-five Cents, endorsed upon the Note, on the 28th day of August last, and on the 29th said Note was paid by the subscriber. I am determined not to pay said Note again, unless compelled by law. Peletiah PIERCE, Kingston.

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held on Feb. 10th — Court of Common Pleas suit of Benjamin DRAKE and the other suit of Glover LAIRD against Coonrad TEETOR, will sell all the right, title, or interest of Coonrad TEETOR, of, in and to a house and lot situated in the borough of Wilkesbarre and bounded by John Francis DUPEY, Lord BUTLER, new street, containing 20 perches and 5/10 land.

Notice — Those persons who are desirious of facilitating the Communication from Wilkesbarre, on the Route by the way of Wrightsville, to or near the house of Arnold COLT, are requested to meet at the house of John CORTRIGHT, on the 23rd inst., at an early hour in the evening, as a preparatory measure to the promotion of the same.

31 Jan. 1812

A man of the name of Joseph YOTER who lived a few miles this side of Lewistown, made a violent attack, a few evenings since, upon his Wife, with an axe, with which he cut her on both sides of the neck, until her wind pipe could be seen, and fractured her scull so as to let out a part of her brains. The first information of this diabolical act communicated, by YOTER himself, to several of his neighbors, who at his request, have lodged him in the Lewistown Jail. This poor unfortunate woman, we understand, is still living but very little hopes are entertained of her final recovery. (Hunt. Gazette)

Mrs. Christina Wilhelmina, wife of G. N. LUTYENS, died at Upper Providence, aged 53 years. (date of her death is in a fold but maybe 12th inst.)

Asa RIDER, of the township of Nicholson, died at Delhi, NY on the 21st Dec. last, in the 19th year of his age.

John W. TRUESDALE, Printer, formerly of this town, died at Canandaigua, NY, aged 26 years (no date)

Letters in the Post Office at Pittston, Jan. 1st:



Ebenezer DRAKE




Clement WEST

Days of Appeal for the Levy of County Tax for the year 1812 to be held in each township between Feb. 17th and Mar. 20th.

7 Feb. 1812

Over! Over! Over! It is for the convenience of my customers as well as to enable me to discharge my Rent which is now due, that I call upon you to settle your accounts up to this date, while I am in your road to and from Wilkesbarre. You that have done your years of ferrying will wait for no further compliments, but call immediately and settle up your accounts, and if you cannot discharge the accounts we can settle the Books. E. WILSON, Ferryman

Fire! We learn with regret, that last week the house of Archibald MURRY, of Sugar Loaf, on the Berwick Turnpike, was consumed by fire, with the furniture and many valuable papers.

A short time ago the Grist-Mill and Saw-Mill, and about 30,000 feet of boards, belonging to Zenas BARNUM, of Lackawanna, were consumed by fire. The loss is estimated at about 3000 dollars. This loss of an industrious man, stripping him of the labours of his life, must be severely felt. What renders the situation of Mr. BARNUM, more peculiarly distressing, is that it is but a year or two since his house, was consumed. In other places, when a worthy citizen suffers severely by an accident of this kind, it is customary for the people to unite, and to make up a considerable portion of his loss. Are the people of Luzerne less humane and generous than their neighbors? It is earnestly recommended that a subscription should be circulated in each township, and be divided between Mr. BARNUM and Mr. MURRAY in proportion to their losses.

John J. WARD and Adney S. ATKINS, Tailors, inform their friends and the Publick in general, that they have taken a shop on the north side of the Public Square, three doors west of Jonathan HANCOCK’S Tavern where work will be done in a neat and fashionable manner, and at a very short notice. N. B. One or two Journeymen tailors, can have constant employment by applying at above.

Leonard LOTT, died at Braintrim on the 9th Jan., 68 years old.

Public Notice - Citizens of Ontario District, there is a probability that our territory will be organized into a separate County for judicial purposes at the present session of the Legislature. You are therefore requested to give a very general attendance at a meeting proposed to be holden at the house of Wm. MEANS, Esq. on 22nd Feb. next, for the purpose of transacting the business preparatory of such an event should it take place as above suggested.

Farm For Sale — In Wilkes-Barre Township, bounded by main street and about a mile from the publick buildings. The farm contains about 500 acres of land, 30 of which is of excellent meadow, 100 fit for plough and 50 that may be converted into the best pasture. About 150 are now under improvement. On the premises are 2 houses, a frame barn, about 200 bearing apple trees, and excellent well of water, a fine spring and a never failing stream running thro’ the farm. The back land is timbered equal to any lot in the township, and there is on the lot an inexhaustible Coal Mine. Terms will be reasonable, and possession given the first of April next. Samuel BOWMAN, Wilkes-Barre.

14 Feb. 1812

Mrs. Rebecca DOLPH, died on Jan. 30th in Providence, at the advanced age of 96 years and 8 months, leaving a very numerous succession, among which are some great grand children’s children.

James BROWN, died at Pittston, aged 99 years and 2 months. (no date)

The Agricultural Society of Philadelphia, at their Anniversary Meeting in Jan. last, having received information of the very extraordinary exertions of two young men in Luzerne County, and their great success in destroying those destructive animals Cougars, commonly called Panthers, resolved to present each of them with a Silver Medal. The names of the meritorious young men, are Zalmon HOLMES and Hesse NORTON; they live in Clifford Township. The dies are now cutting and when finished no time shall be lost in forwarding the Medals.


21 Feb. 1812

Estate of Asa RIDER, late of Nicholson, requests payments and claims. Elisha HARDING, Admin.

H. BUCKINGHAM, has just received a Consignment of Whiskey, to sell by the Barrel. Some of which will be disposed of for Lumber, on certain conditions. Kingston.

Henry WELLS, Esq. to Miss Sally, daughter of Col. John SPALDING, married at Sheshequin, Lycoming Co. (no date)

Jno. MILLER, Merchant died at Athens, lately.

Ferdinand M’DUFFEE, died at Wysox, no date.

Luzerne Co. Statement 1811

28 Feb. 1812

Joseph WHEELER to Miss Betsey MILLER, at Kingston, on Wednesday evening last, by Rev. HOYT.

Caution — All persons are cautioned from taking an assignment on two Notes given by the subscriber to Elizabeth KOCH. The said Notes were given on certain conditions which have never been performed, he is therefore determined never to pay them. Abraham BALLIET, Nescopeck Township.

For Sale — A Grist and Saw Mill, Lying on the South branch of the Tunkhannock Creek, for cash only. Marshal DICKSON.

6 March 1812

Domestic Attachment — Matthias HOLLENBACK vs Peter STEVENS, in the Court of Common Pleas. The subscribers having been appointed by the said Court, Trustees of the Creditors of the Defendant in the above case, require all persons indebted to the said defendant to pay and deliver all sums of money and property due and belonging to the said debtor to them, and all Creditors of said defendant are desired to deliver to the subscribers their respective demands for settlement. Jonathan HANCOCK, Joseph SLOCUM, Wilkesbarre.

Caution — Whereas my wife, Charity, on the 13th inst. Declared a separation, without any just cause or provocation, I therefore forbid all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account, for I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting. James VANCE, Harmony, Susquehanna.

Jesse CRISMAN to Miss Polly HARTZELL at Hanover (no date)

13 March 1812

Our State Legislature has been talking about many things, and doing but few. There are now before the House, several matters in which Luzerne is interested:

  1. An act to improve the breed of sheep in Luzerne
  2. An ace regulating the mode of selling unseated land for taxes
  3. An act to incorporate a Stone Coal Company in the County of Luzerne
  4. A bill is also before the House for organizing the County Districts of Ontario and Susquehanna

Communication - Manual TURNER, of Huntington, Luzerne Co., together with the well known virtues of Dr. CRARY’S Pills, is a convincing proof that the public will be greatly benefited by them. He was for a number of years afflicted with pain in the breast, sickness at stomach, want of digestion and distressing cough. Many Physicians supposed him to be affected with a consumption of the lungs. In the fall of 1810, being in a very weak condition, by the solicitations of friends, he was induced to take a portion of CRAY’S Pills.

They discharged during their operation; a great number of small worms; he was much better, but in March 1811, feeling his old disorder returning, he took a double potion. In their operation, a worm was discharged, which measured seven feet in length, and about half an inch diameter; at the same time about 60 smaller ones, a species of the same. Since that time he had enjoyed good health.

The above statement as it respects myself, is true. Manuel TURBER

Lands for Sale — Pursuant to the last Will of Silas JACKSON, deceased, will be sold at Vendue, on April 7th, at 10 o’clock, at the Court-House in Wilkesbarre:

  1. 8 Tracts of Unseated Land, containing upwards of 3,300 acres lying on the south branches of Towandee Creek, in Ontario County, adjoining lands of Joseph PRIESTLY and others — a map of said Land may be seen by applying to Wiliam MEANS, Esq., at Towandee
  2. About 1900 acres unseated Land lying on Mehoopany, Shickshinny and Wapwallopen Creeks in Luzerne Co. The title to the above Land derived from Commissioner’s Sale for taxes
  3. About 20 acres of improved land being part of a tract formerly owned by the heirs of Richard DILLEY, being known by Lot #22, in the 2nd Division in Hanover Twp. This will be sold subject to a claim which the township of Hanover has against it of twelve dollars per annum
  4. 5 shares in the Easton & Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Company and 11 shares in the Pepacton Turnpike Company — Also a number of new Windsor Chairs and a quantity of Shoes.

Elizabeth JACKSON, Joseph SINTON, Charles MINER, Executors, Wilkes-Barre

20 March 1812

To be sold or rented — A house and lot, situated within a few rods of the Court House in Wilkesbarre. It is an excellent stand for a Tavern or Store. Matthew COVELL.

Domestic Attachment: Matthias HOLLENBACK vs Peter STEVENS. In the Court of Common Pleas. The subscribers having been appointed by the said Court, Trustees of the Creditors of the Defendant in the above case, require all persons indebted to the said defendant to pay and deliver all sums of money and property due and belonging to the said debtor, to them, and all Creditors of said defendant are desired to deliver to the subscribers their respective demands for settlement. Jonathan HANCOCK and Joseph SLOCUM, Trustees, Wilkesbarre.

A handsome new Bell has just been purchased, and hung in the Meeting House, in this Village. It is the first bell that has ever been provided for religious purposes in the county. The tone is sweet and clear. Its weight is 680 lbs. There are four lines case on the outside of it:

George Hedderly, Founder. Philadelphia, Aug. 6, 1811

Gloria in Excelcis Deo. Fili Dei Miserere

I will sound and resound unto they people

O Lord to call them to they word.

Salmon KINNEY to Miss Polly GORDON, married at Braintrim by Rev. KIMBERLINE (no date)

George LANE, of Bridgewater to Miss Sally OSTERHOUT, of Tunkhannock, at Tunkhannock, by Rev. N. SMITH (no date)

Joseph EARL to Miss Harriot HICOK, at Tunkhannock, by C. AVERY, Esq. (no date)

Thomas BRINK, formerly of Wyalusing died at Orwell, Ontario Co., on the 10th inst. He was well esteemed by those who knew him, and was a worthy and an honest man.

Died in this town last week, Mrs. Sarah SMITH and her son, John REED. Mrs. SMITH was lying at the point of death when her son, a lad of about 18 years, was brought in from a journey, very sick. The meeting exceedingly affecting. The son had been delirious from his fever. When supported to the bed-side where his mother lay, a beam of reason for a moment relumined his mind. He laid his hand on her cheek. "My dear Mother" said he faintly and he was led away, and his mother soon expired. He survived but a few hours. A suitable funeral discourse was delivered on the occasion by the Rev. BIDLACK, and the mother and son were buried in one grave. (no date)

Josiah, a promising son of Josiah LEWIS, Esq., died at Kingston, of the whooping cough, aged 3 years. (no date)

A child of Mr. REEDER died at Newport (no date)

Caution — Whereas some persons have been cutting and taking away Timber from my land in Hanover, this is to give notice that any further trespasses of that nature will be prosecuted to the extent of the Law. Alex. JAMESON, Salem.

27 March 1812

The Luzerne Association have recommended to the Churches in their Union to set apart Thursday the 9th of April, as a day of humiliation, fasting and prayer.

Estate of John MILLER, late of Athens twp., requests payments and claims. Joseph KINGSBURY, John SALTMASH, Admin’rs., Athens.

Estate of Leonard LOTT, late of Braintrim Twp., requests payments and claims. Leonard LOTT, Joseph BURGESS, Admin’rs.

Private Sale — To be sold at the residence of the subscriber in Wrightsville, 4 yoke of working Oxen, a pair of very large Bay Horses, well matched, six years old, all in prime order. Also two Waggons, some fresh Milch Cows, Ploughs, Harrows; as the subscriber declines farming any longer and wishes to dispose of them. Thomas WRIGHT

About 500 feet of whitewood plank, will be sold at public vendue, as the property of Jacob HART, deceased, on April 4th next, at the mill of Peter HALLOCK, in Pittston. Cornelius CORTRIGHT, David SCOTT, Admin’rs.

3 April 1812

Caleb SHORES and Miss Anna HORTON, both of Wysox, married at Wysox on the 29th March, by Wm. MYER, Esq.

The Launch!! We are authorized to state that on April 10th at 2 o’clock P. M. will be launched form the Ship Yard at this Port, the vessel ___ on the Stocks. The Stockholders are requested to meet at the house of John P. ARNDT at 10 o’clock of the said day, on important business and those who are in arrears are desired to come prepared to pay the balance due their stock.

Afflicting — On Sunday last while the Susquehanna was at its height, Philip, son of John P. ARNDT, a fine little boy about 8 years old, was seen in a large boat fastened to the shore. When evening came, Philip was first remarked to be absent. A search was immediately made for him but in vain. A dreary night was passed by his friends. Hope still lingered on the ___ders of despair. Morning came and there was no tidings of their son. There is no doubt but he had fallen from the boat ad was lost to them forever.

Abel P. DODGE, came from Pomfret, Conn, was going to his friends in Tunkhannock, came to this place last week. He mentioned the name of Dr. JACKSON, Tunkhannock. He had lost one leg ____ing amputated near his body. He seemed delirious, but his derangement it is supposed arose from his illness. On Saturday morning he died and on Sunday decently interred. His friends may call for his property at this office.

New Judicial District — The bill erecting the counties of Wayne, Susquehanna, Tioga and Bradford, into a Judicial District, has passed into a law.

My Son — About 8 years old, with snuff coloured velvet clothes, and laced boots, fell from a Boat on Sunday the 29th inst. into the Susquehanna River, and most probably is lodged below this place. Should any person or persons find the said body, they are requested to secure it in the best possible manner and give information to the Subscriber, so that it may be returned to its Parents, or be interred in a respectable manner for which all charges shall be generously paid by John P. ARNDT. Wilkes-Barre. Those Editors circulating their papers below this place on the river, are requested to give the above one or more insertions.

Stephen TUTTLE has removed his Store to the place formerly occupied by Allen JACK.

10 April 1812

Charles LOMBAERT and Miss Ann, daughter of John ARNDT, Esq., all of Easton, were married on the 14th ult., by Rev. POMP

Letters in the Post-Office at Plymouth, April 1st:

Phinehas PRESTON, Huntington

Samuel DODSON, Huntington

Peter GOULD, Plymouth

Leonard DEVENS, Plymouth

Rev. John KIMBERLINE, Plymouth


C. LANE, P. M.

Letters in the Post Office at Pittston, April 1st:


Elizabeth BROWN

Ebenezer DRAKE

Napthali HULBUT

Samuel LEWIS


Cornelius NEPHEW


Thomas SMITH



Public Vendue — Land in Plymouth Twp. to be sold the first Tuesday in May at the School House, in the middle District of said Township: Three Meadow Lots, Three House Lots and a number of back Lots. Ebenezer PARISH, Griffin LEWIS, Jonah ROGERS, Committee.

Letters in the Post Office at Kingston, April 1st:








Sheffield COON

Henry COY


Daniel BRACE


17 April 1812

____well IVES, of Lawsville, PA to Miss ___ziah THRALL, married at Kent, Conn. (no date)

The Launch on Friday last. The boat was built on the bank of the river, 100 feet from the water and 15 feet perpendicular height above it, so that she had a considerable distance to move. The boat measures between 50 and 60 tons. Her colors were flying from her stern, and near thirty persons were on board. The after block was knocked away — every eye was fixed — all was anxiety — but she did not move. The news of the Embargo had just come in town, and she seemed aware that there was no business for her on the ocean, and she might as well lie in dry dock. The men on board all gathered near her bow and then run in a body to the stern. She started — moving for half a minute slowly — the velocity increased, and she slid most gracefully into her destined element, amid the shouts of thousands. As she met the water, Capt. CHAPMAN, christened her in the usual style, "The Luzerne, of Wilkes-Barre. Great credit is due to Mr. MACK, the ship right who built her and whose superintendence she was launched, and to Mr. ARNDT the principal proprietor, who had been chiefly active in her building. We hope her voyage down the crooked and rocky Susquehanna may be safe, tho our hopes are not without some fears for her safety, as she draws without ballast four feet water.

Estate of James M’LEAN, late of Canaan Twp., Wayne Co., request payments and claims. Catharine M’LEAN and Joseph WHEATCRAFT, Admin’rs.

Letters remaining in the Post-Office at Tunkhannock, on April 1st:




Nathan YOUNG

Loamia MOTT, Rush



Bethany SELY


Phineas WYMAN

Hezekiah REED

Isaac BROOKS, Tunkhannock

Griswold PHELPS, Nicholson

Elijah BARNUM, P. M.

Letters on hand at the Post-Office in Wilkesbarre, April 1st:


George Adam BLANK








Jabez EARL











Leonard LEAS


Andrew M’CLURE

William MOORE



Philip REED




Christian SAX



Susannah SMITH






Crandall WILCOX





Jacob CIST, P. M.

24 April 1812

Regimental Orders —To meet at the house of Joshua MOGER, in Wysox Twp., the 27th inst., completely equipt for exercise, as the law requires. Theron DARLING, Lieut. Col. 144th Regt., Orwell

Regimental Orders — To meet at the house of Jude GOODALE, in Tunkhannock on the 27th inst., complete uniform, with your side arms. David B. WHEELER, Lieut. Col., Tunkhannock.

1 May 1812

Parthena GORDON has opened a Milliner’s Shop on Bank Street, Wilkes Barre.

Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of the late Col. DENISON, died in Kingston on Tuesday last.

The house of David COMPTON, near Meadville, Penn. Was consumed by fire on the 28th March, and two children perished in the flames.

8 May 1812

Mr. NEWMAN, of Tunkhannock, died at Columbia (to which place he had been on a raft, aged 26 years. (no date)

Thomas DAVENPORT, died at Plymouth, aged about 64 years (no date)

Mrs. Mary, consort of Jesse HICKS, died at Salem, on the 28th April, aged 47 years.

Borough Elections held was held on Tuesday and the following gentlemen were elected:

Burgess: Lord BUTLER

Town Council: Isaac BOWMAN, John P. ARNDT, Joseph SINTON, Jesse FELL, John


High Constable: William A. GEORGE

Borough Ordinance — for laying out and regulating the Public Streets, Lanes and Alleys in the Borough of Wilkes Barre.

Lost — A Pocket Book on the road between Calvin CONE’S and my house in Providence. A generous reward will be given to any person who will return it with the contents. Daniel WEDEMAN, Providence.

Take Notice — Those indebted to the subscriber by Book Account or Due Bill, are desired to call and pay him by the 15th day of May. Those who do not comply, will, after that time, find the demands against them in the hands of C. AVERY, Esq. for immediate collection. Abel MARCY, Tunkhannock.

A Stray Cow broke in the enclosure of the subscriber — The owner is requested to call, pay charges and take her away. Joseph VON SICK, Wilkes-Barre

A stray Mare came to the enclosure of the subscriber in Hanover — had on an old saddle and portmanteau. The owner is desired to come, prove property, pay charges and take her away, Robert ROBBINS, Hanover.

15 May 1812

The "Art of Penmanship", taught in 15 days, starting 1st June next, at a writing school in one of the rooms of the Academy upon the newest and most approved plan. T. ROGERS, Jr. N.B. Terms of Tuition, four dollars per scholar for one course of lessons.

Caution — Whereas on the 13th March 1812, Jacob WICKIZER, of Wysox did covenant and engage to indemnify and exonerate me from all debts heretofore contracted, or that should hereafter be contracted by my son, Isaac GREEN, in consequence of misconduct, thereby become his Guardian by agreement between the Parties concerned; and where at the time certain persons are in the habit of charging me with his contracts. Therefore know ye, all whom it may concern, that the mal-conduct of the said Isaac, has been and still is such, that I am determined not to be liable in any way, directly or indirectly to be called on, on his account, and all persons are forbid to trust him on the faith of my credit. Dated at Wysox, 5 May 1812. Willard GREEN

T SHEPHERD, respectfully informs the inhabitants of Wilkes-Barre, that he intends to open a Dancing School. He teaches all the newest and most fashionable Cotillions, Country Dances, Fancy Dances, &c. that are now in practice in the City of New York.

A Great Bargain! The Subscriber offers for private sale his farm, in Wysox Township, near the mouth of Wysox creek, and the river Susquehanna; the many advantages which said place possesses, in point of water, neighborhood, as well as soil, being all Flat or Bottom Land, well cleared, cultivated and fenced, and lying adjoining the town plot of New Baltimore, containing about 125 acres. It is presumed that any person desirous of possessing so valuable a property (as its excellence is exceeded by none in the county) will view it before a purchase. Terms and conditions made known by applying to the Subscriber, living on the premises. Henry STROPE, Wysox.

Domestic Attachment: Matthias HOLLENBACK vs Peter STEVENS, in Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co. The subscribers will attend on the 25th, 26th and 27th May next, at the house of Joab PICKET in Rush Twp. Those indebted to the said defendant, are requested to attend at the above time and place and make payment. And those who have demands against him are requested to exhibit them for settlement. At the same time and place, will be sold a number of Articles of Household Furniture, the property of said STEVENS. Jonathan HANCOCK and Joseph SLOCUM, Trustees.

22 May 1812

The Gleaner is this week impressed on paper from the New Mill of Messrs. BUCKINGHAM, CHAHOON, TUTTLE and PARKER. The enterprize of these gentlemen is worthy of public patronage. They have erected the first Paper Mill in the County, at a considerable expence, and must depend upon the citizens for the supply of Rags, and for the sale of their paper, to remunerate them for the expence. Our Merchant — our public Officers and our citizens generally, it is hoped will encourage the manufacture of our own county, by supplying themselves with paper from the Kingston Mill, in preference to buying from abroad. But ladies, after all, without your friendly aid, their exertions will be unavailing; unless you will save your Rags, the Mill will be useless. But the patriotic ladies of Luzerne we are confident will never be remiss in any thing that will benefit the county, and particularly in encouraging so valuable an enterprise as the manufacture of paper. Our advice is, that in every house where there exists a disposition to be frugal and to encourage domestic manufactures, the girls should fix a Rag Bat in some handy place, and that every Linen, Cotton or Silk Rag, or shred, should be saved, and sent to Buckingham & Co. or their agents.

29 May 1812

Stop The Thief and Runaway. 5 Dollars Reward. Ran away from the subscriber, on Sunday last, an Apprentice to the Copper-smith Business, named Daniel M’ALPIN. He is about 15 years of age, stout built, but small of his age, light hair, fair complexion, and down look when spoken to. Had on a dark roundabout jacket, linen trowsers of fustian color, laced shoes; what else not recollected. He is much addicted to lying and swearing, and took with him a number of Copper Ladles, and a quantity of Spelter solder, which he stole from his master, and will probably offer them for sale, as he had no money with him. It is supposed he is going to Northumberland or Harrisburg. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting or employing said Runaway, under the penalty of the law. The above reward will be paid to any person who will apprehend said runaway, and return him to the subscriber in Wilkesbarre, or secure him in any Jail in the state. Peter GALLAGHER, Wilkesbarre.

Lost on 19th inst. at the house of Charles OTIS, a Red Morocco Pocket-Book, considerable worn; containing one $3 Bill on the Manhattan Bank, No. 1777, dated May 10th, 1808; one $10 county order given to John WILSON; one ditto. For $2.50 cents, the No. not know; one ditto given to Isaac OSTERHOUT, for fifty dollars, and sixty five cents, and one $5, bank note which is crossed. Whoever shall return the Pocket Book with the contents to the subscriber, shall be reasonable rewarded. Jude GOODALE, Tunkhannock.

An infant son of Dr. S. T. BARSTOW died lately at Wysox. (no date)

5 June 1812

Caution: All Persons are hereby cautioned against taking an assignment of a certain Note which I gave to Calvin WHEELOCK, dated sometime in Feb. 1810, to be paid in Oct. 1812, for sixty-seven Dollars, fifteen Cents, as I have not received any thing for said Note, I am determined not to pay it unless compelled by law. Thaddeus PRENTICE, Braintrim.

We are authorised to say, that a partnership does not exist between the Proprietors of the Kingston Paper Mill, as mentioned in the advertisement hitherto published in the Gleaner.

Was Found, On the 21st April last by the subscriber near his Saw Mill on the Turnpike Road, a Pillow Case, containing two Work Bags, with sundries therein, two silk and one calico gowns, two Shawls, and a sundry other women’s apparel. Also some dollars &c. in silver, and a Note of hand given by James BARTON to Mary OVERFIELD. The owner by proving property, and paying the expence can have the said Goods on application to me at my house. Jacob MERWINE.

Notice. Whereas by An Act of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed on the 13 March 1812, entitled "An act to authorize the governor to incorporate a company for making an artificial road from, at, or near the village of Belmont, in the county of Wayne, in a southwardly directions along or near the course of the north and south State road, until it shall intersect the Easton and Wilkesbarre turnpike road in Northampton county." Miers FISHER, John READ, Peter S. DUPONCEAU, Stephen GIRARD, Benjamin TILGHMAN, of Philadelphia, Conrad KRIDER, John ROSS, George KELLER, Samuel REESE and Adam HECKMAN, of Northampton county; Samuel STANTON, Thomas MEREDITH, Asa STANTON and Joseph WOODBRIDGE, of Wayne county, were appointed commissioners to do and perform the several things therein mentioned. Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of the directions of the said act, books for the purpose of receiving subscriptions to the stock of said company, will be opened at the Merchants’ Coffee House in the City of Philadelphia; at the Easton Hotel, in the borough of Easton, in the county of Northampton, and at the house of Samuel STANTON in the village of Belmont, County of Wayne on Monday the 8th June next, at which time and place two or more of the said Commissioners will attend as directed by said act. By order of the Commissioners. Benj. TILGHMAN, Secretary.


At Norwich, Conn. On the 22nd inst. Elihu TOWNSEND of New-York of the house of K. & E. TOWNSEND & Co. married to Miss Eliza NEVINS, of the former place.

Died suddenly — Thomas FANNING, Esq. (No date or place of death)

12 June 1812

Carding Machine. The Subscriber informs the Public that his Carding Machine, in Kingston is in complete repair, where work will be done in the best manner, and or the shortest notice. Wool will be taken at the Store of ROBINSON & KING in Wilkes-Barre, and returned there when carded. The price will be 8 cents per lb. Pay down, or 10 cents, if charged. Isaac HOLLISTER, Kingston.

19 June 1812

Estate of Thomas DAVENPORT, late of Plymouth Twp., requests payments and claims. John DAVENPORT, Thomas DAVENPORT, Robert DAVENPORT, Jesse FELL, Executors.

Take Notice. Those Customers that pay me for my work, are entitled to my sincere thanks, and those that do not pay me, must settle their accounts soon, and then they can get more work. Wm. BARKER, Kingston.

26 June 1812

This is to certify that by the use of Dr. Asa JOHNSON’S Fever Drink, my wife, Catharine, has recovered from a state of great indisposition of body, beyond everyone’s expectation; so that for some months she has been able to do her house work and take care of her family — she was confined to the bed a great portion of her time for twenty years, and for part of the time could not turn herself without help; and she thinks she has received the cure from the use of said Fever Drink. Jonah and Catharine ROGERS, Plymouth, Luzerne Co.

Also giving accounts of above medicine:

Artimesa PRESTON, Huntington, Luzerne Co.;

Benjamin, son of James PETERMAN , John WHITEMAN, Elizabeth KEELER, Christian

LAUBACH, Charity HESS, Jacob STOCKER, Catharine ROBINS, Grace STONE, Jesse PENNINGTON, Jonathan COLLEY, all of Fishingcreek Twp., Northumberland Co.;

Margaret RAKER, of Muncy Twp., Lycoming Co.;

Christopher WINNARD, Jesse HARRIS, James STACKHOUSE, Tamor ROBBINS, Andrew

LUNGER, Sarah HANE, Anala BASFORD, Catharine WOOD, all of Greenwood Twp., Northumberland Co.;

John LYON, son of John ROSE, all of Derry Twp., Northumberland Co.;

Rachel ROSE, of Danville, Northumberland Co.

Barbary SMITH, of Northumberland Co.

Hannah HOLMAN, Thompson’s Town, Juniatta

Kingston Building Lots For Sale — Sixty Four Lots for building in Kingston Twp., opposite the great Raft and Ark Eddy at Forty-Fort. Some lots have buildings erected on them. The draft and plan of the whole Town Plot, which will give a full and satisfactory description of the lots, with their situation, can be seen by applying to the subscriber. A large house, which has heretofore been occupied as a Tavern and Store, and other lands adjoining the above, will be sold or rented, for all of which the payments will be made easy. Also, a tract of land situated in Solon Twp., Chenango Co., NY, containing six hundred acres, for sale. Philip JACKSON, Kingston.

Mail Stage. The Subscriber informs his friends and the Public that he has commenced running a Stage from Wilkes-Barre to Painted Post, in the state of New-York, once a week. All those who wish to have a passage, shall be accommodated in the best manner. The Stage starts every Saturday at 7 o’clock A. M. Coonrod TEETOR.

Declaration of War — An Act declaring War between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the dependencies thereof, and the Untied State of America and their Territories., has been passed.

3 July 1812

Federal and Constitutional Republicans, Friends of Peace, Commerce and Freedom, You are invited, one and all, to join in Celebration of the glorious Anniversary of American Independence, on 4th July next, at the house of John P. ARNTS. John EVANS, Garrick MALLERY, Charles MINER, Committee of Arrange’t.

Lyman SHOLES to Miss Fanny FELL, married in Wilkes-Barre on Wednesday evening last, by Rev. BIDLACK

Mrs. STERLING, wife of Daniel STERLING, died at Braintrim (no date)

Mason F. ALDEN died. (no date)

Lyman SHOLES, Saddler & Harness Maker, has commenced business at his shop on the Public Square, Wilkesbarre.

10 July 1812

Notice — Those who are indebted to J. & W. BARNES, on account for the late firm of BARNES< TRACY & Co. are solicited to call and settle their accounts agreeable to the subjoined article. James BARNES, 16 June 1812. The copartnership of BARNES, TRACY, & Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All concerns relative to the Partnership, are to be settled by James BARNES. James BARNES, Peleg TRACY and William BARNES, Wilkes-Barre, 14 Oct. 1811.

Estate of Mason F. ALDEN, late of Braintrim Twp., request payments and claims. Mary ALDEN, Wm. T. ALDEN, Admin’rs., Braintrim.

Beech and Maple Lands. The Subscriber as Agent ot John B. WALLACE, Esq., offers for sale to actual settlers, on easy terms, about 14,000 acres of land situated on the head waters of Meshoppen and Hop-bottom Creeks, in the township of Bridgewater, Susquehanna Co. This body of land originally consisted of 29,000 acres, more than half of which has been purchased and settled by industrious Farmers from the state of Connecticut. Also as Agent to Col. PICKERING and the Heirs of Gen. HAMILTON, about 10,000 Acres, situated on the waters of Snake Creek, in Bridgewater Township and Lawsville in said county. This body of land is surveyed into small farm lots of about 100 acres each, for the convenience of settlers. Putnam CATLIN.

Great Bargains. A Vendue will be held at the Public House of Peter GALLAGHER, on Saturday the 18th inst. for the sale of a number of building lots, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre. One of the lots is admirably situated for a brick or tan-yard. Terms remarkably accommodating.

Dead Letters, Wilkes-Barre Post Office, July 1st:





Rachael BROOKS


Samuel BAIRD

Timothy BARNES

Stephen BARNES



Bathsheba COTTLE

Elisha COLE






John FIX


Wyllys HYDE



Martin HIRT

Oliver HELME





Lathan HEWIT












Christn. LUEDER



Conrad LINES

Alonzo DE LUCE

Henry MACK

Romeidge MILLER

Betsey MARCY











Elizabeth SILL

Frederick SMITH


Benj. STID






Phineas WIMAN

Joshua WYETH



Rachel WHITE

Roswell WELLES


Jacob CIST, P. M.

17 July 1812

Notice — All who are indebted to Dr. S. HAYDEN, are requested to settle their accounts, either by Note or payment, by the first of August next. Those who slight this invitation will have their accounts left with an Attorney for Collection. Samuel HAYDEN, Braintrim.

Letters on Hand July 1st at the Tunkhannock Post Office:

Paris ALDRICH, Rush


Mary BEACH, Beach Grove

Lott BREESE, Kingston

Joseph Camp

Andrew CANFIELD, Rush


William GRANGER, Rush

Myron KASSON, Bridgewater

Sidney KNOWLTON, Rush

J. MEYER, Keelersferry

W. KEELER, Keelsersferry

Loami MOTT

Dawid (?) OWEN

Isreal RUSSEL, Rush

Hezekiah REED




Nathan YOUNG, Rush

Wanted Immediately, 4 Journeymen Boot & Shoemakers, to whom good encouragement will be given, if they can come well recommended. William SNYDER, Sheshequin (4 miles below Tioga Point)

Letters remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, July 1st:

Elizabeth BROWN

Huldah BROWN






Comfort SHAW

Letters on hand, Post Office, Kingston, July 1st:












Morgan YOUNG




24 July 1812

Notice — The Public are hereby cautioned against purchasing certain Lands in Luzerne County, advertised for Sale by the Sheriff of said County, on the 4th day of August next, in virtue of the Testatum Venditioni Exponas issued at the suit of Moses RUSH, against John BOYD, Administrator of Samuel WALLACE, deceased; the said lands being the property of Samuel MEREDITH and George CLYMER. Thomas MEREDITH, agent.

5 Dollar Reward — Strayed from the enclosure of the Subscriber on the 18th May last, a small Red Ox, seven years old last spring. The above reward will be given to any person who will return said Ox. James SMILEY, Tunkhannock.

31 July 1812

Appointments by the Governor:

Charles FRAZIER, Prothonotary, Register , Recorder, &c. of Susquehanna Co.

William THOMPSON and Davis DIMOCK, Associate Judges of the same county.

Taken up by the Subscriber about the last of June, at Plymouth, a Raft of hewn timber, with a quantity of white oak Staves on board. The owner is to prove property; pay charges and take it away. Apply to Capt. S. VANLOON, at Plymouth, or to the Subscriber in Wilkes-Barre. Reuben THOMPSON

7 Aug. 1812

Thomas B., 16 year old son of John STIVERS, died at Newport on Monday the 29th ult.

A son of John CAREY, deceased, died lately after a long and painful illness. (no date or first name)

Peace, Commerce & Freedom — There were at the meeting, the proceedings of which we publish below, about 200 citizens. John CAREY, an old revolutionary soldier and patriot, presided. Mr. CAREY, has taken but little part in politics for many years, and has long been considered on the Democratic side, but now, where he sees the liberties for which he fought and bled, endangered by the imprudent conduct of the men in authority, he frankly expresses his opinion, that the interest of the nation will be promoted by a change of men and measures. Thousands who have heretofore voted for the men in power, entertain the same opinion with Mr. CAREY, and will step for the friends of Peace, Commerce and Freedom. Dark as is the present hour a ray of hope, breaks thro ’the gloom. Our elections are the strong holds of freedom. Let the people awake their true interests and the republic safe. Electors of the Counties of Luzerne, Susquehanna and Bradford Counties, met at the courthouse in Wilkes-Barre:

John CAREY appointed Chairman

Alekr. JAMESON chosen Secretary.

Ebenr. BOWMAN, Nathan BEACH and Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Committee to draft resolutions expressing the sense of said meeting.

Notice — The partnership of VOGEL and ANDERSON was dissolved on the 11th June by mutual consent. The Hatting Business, will be carried on by Hugh H. ANDERSON, at the old stand where work will be finished in the neatest manor.

New Tavern — The Subscriber informs the public that he has opened a House of Entertainment, on the east side of Centre Square, in the borough of Wilkes-Barre, sign of the Farmer and Mechanic; where he hopes by keeping a good assortment of Liquors, the other Refreshments, to merit and receive a portion of the public calls. Peter GALLAGHER.

14 Aug. 1912

Caleb BROWN to Miss Sally BATES, married at Tunkhannock, on Sunday the 26th July by Rev. Newton SMITH

Miles AVERY to Miss Betsy SMITH, at Tunkhannock by Cyrus AVERY, Esq. (no date)

Notice — The Co-Partnership of the late firm of DELAMANOM & Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Those indebted to said Firm by Book Accounts, Notes, &c. will settle and make payment to Lewis DELAMANOM; who will continue to transact the business as usual. Lewis DELAMANOM, & Co., Wilkesbarre, Aug. 10.

Stray Sheep — Came to the premises of the Subscriber about the middle of July last, Four Sheep. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take them away. James BROWN, Pittston.

Estate of Thomas BRINK, late of Orwell Twp., requests payments and claims. John TAYLOR, Admin., Wyalusing.

Turnpike Notice — Whereas by an Act of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, passed on the 31st day of March, 1812, entitled "An Act to enable to Governor to incorporate a company for making an artificial road, by the best and nearest route, from the town plot of New-Baltimore, in the county of Bradford to the New Milford Turnpike, at or next the first mile stone of said turnpike," William MYER, Theron DARLING and Parly COBURN, of the County of Bradford and John P. ARNDT and Benjamin DORRANCE of the County of Luzerne were appointed Commissioners to do and perform the several things therein mentioned. Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of the directions of the said Act, books for the purpose of receiving subscriptions to the stock of said company, will be opened at the house of Jacob MYER, in Wysox, the 3rd Monday in September, and at the house of John P. ARNDT, in Wilkesbarre, the same day, at which time and place, two or more of the said Commissioners will attend as directed by the said act.

21 Aug. 1812

Notice — The Baptist Church of Christ at Bridgewater, in the County of Susquehanna, and State of Pennsylvania, having received correct information, that there is a report in circulation in the county of Luzerne, and in some parts of the State of New York, that our beloved Elder Davis DIMOCK, has preached doctrine denying the divinity of Christ; and that at one time a large number of his hearers left the house where he was preaching; and that the church had taken up the matter, and entered into labor with him, but got no satisfaction, and some say they heard the Church had excommunicated him; some have heard there was a difficulty in the minds of the Church, and a labor taken with the Elder, but have not heard what he had done. We therefore believe it to be our duty, to do all within our power to stop the report that the evil consequences that naturally follow such reports, may be prevented. We therefore certify to all People, that we know no cause or ever occasion for such reports, and humbly request the Printers of Public Newspapers to give it one insertion in their papers. Done by order of the Church, July 12th. Stephen WILSON, Church Clerk.

I BOWMAN, has for sale at his Currying-Shop in Wilkesbarre, all kinds of leather, of the best quality.

Wanted, A Loan of A thousand or Fifteen Hundred Dollars, On a Mortgage of improved real Estate, worth double the sum, or more if required. Apply at this Office.

To The Public - The Subscriber has opened a house of Entertainment, at the sign of the Buck, at the corner of Northampton and Main-Streets, in the Borough of Wilkes Barre. He hopes by his care and attention to obtain the public patronage. Benjamin PERRY.

28 Aug. 1812

Notice — The Co-Partnership of J. J. WARD and A. S. ATKINS, Tailors, is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Wilkes-Barre, Aug. 22nd. N. B. Adna S. ATKINS will continue to carry on the business at the same stand, where he respectfully solicits the patronage of his friends an the public.

Attention Cavalry! The Troop of Horse, belonging to the 35th Regt. Penn. Militia, are requested to meet at the Court House in Wilkes-Barre, on Saturday the 5th day of September, completely equipped for exercise as the law directs. Isaac CARPENTER, Capt., Kingston.

John DENNISON to Miss Anna FREEMAN, married at Tunkhannock on the 23rd inst. by Rev. N. SMITH.

4 Sept. 1812

Mrs. Amos FELL, died at Pittston lately, she was formerly of Bucks Co. She was a woman highly esteemed by a large circle of acquaintances — and her exit in the midst of usefulness, is a cause of sincere regret to her family and friends.

Estate of David SMITH, late of Exeter Township, request payments and claims. Benjamin BAILY and Samuel CARVER, Admins.

11 Sept. 1812

Law of Pennsylvania. An act to improve the breed of sheep, in the counties of Luzerne, Northumberland and Delaware.

Sec. 1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in general assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, that no ram shall be permitted to run at large in the counties of Luzerne, Northumberland and Delaware, between the first day of August and the first day of December, under the penalty of two dollars, to be recovered from the owner of such ram, as debts of equal amount are recoverable in this commonwealth, and unless the said penalty be paid within three days after demand is made by the person taking up the same; Provided always that before demand is made as aforesaid, three days previous notice shall be given at ten of the most public places in the township where such ram was taken; & if no owner can be found in twenty days after such notice, as aforesaid, the ram shall be forfeited, and become the property of the then possessor. John TODD, Speaker, of the House of Representatives and P. C. LANE, Speaker of the Senate. Approved — the 27 March, 1812. Simon SNYDER.

Eleazer CARY to Miss Frances SLOCUM, at Pittston (no date)

Joseph A. LYMAN, of Bridgewater to Miss Ann, daughter of Elihu HALL, of Braintrim, at Braintrim by Rev. KIMBERLANE (no date)

To Be Sold at Public Vendue, On the north-side of Public Square in Wilkesbarre, on Thursday the 24th and Friday the 25th Sept. A Quantity of Merchandize, Consisting of Clothes, Calicoes, Vestings, Velvets, Shawls, Handkerchiefs, Ribbons, Hard-Ware, Combs, Books, Medicine, Groceries, Paints, Clocks, Rum and Molasses Casks, with many other articles, to tedious to mention. The above will be sold on credit. Terms made known on the day of the Sale by the Subscriber. Any Merchant that should be in want of any of the above Articles, can be furnished at a lower rate, than they can be had in Philadelphia. Elisha DELANO. N. B. The Subscriber flatters himself, that there will be no need of compulsory means being used to obtain settlements with his customers without delay.

Notice — The Commissioned and Staff Officers of the 45th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, are hereby directed to appear at the house of David OSTERHOUT, in Tunkhannock, on Monday the 28th day of Sept. inst. at 10 o’clock A. M. in complete uniform, with their arms for exercise, agreeable to law. D. B. WHEELER, Lieut. Col. 45th Reg., Pennsylvania Militia, Tunkhannock.

Notice to Aliens — The crisis requires, that the Laws of the United States should be enforced, so far as the national safety may require, relating to Alien Enemies. They are therefore hereby notified, that they may take the necessary steps to become Citizens. Josiah WRIGHT, D. M., Wilkesbarre.

To the Electors of Luzerne County. Observing in the Proclamation of the Sheriff that he has mentioned by one Commissioner to be chosen for Luzerne County at the next election. I therefore give this Publick Notice, that I shall consider my seat vacant when the County of Susquehanna is organised, I shall therefore decline holding a seat on the Commissioners Office after the next election. Thomas PARKE, Wilkes-Barre.

18 Sept. 1812

Sarah AYERS, widow, died at Plymouth on the 24th ult, aged 75 years

Mrs. Sarah, wife of Davis DIMOCK, died at Exeter, on Thursday the 3rd August, after a very long period of indisposition, aged 60 years.

Mrs. Grace, wife of James Le Ray de Chaumong, of Le Raysville, State of New-York, and daughter of Charles COX, of New-Jersey, died at Geneva (in Switzerland) on the 14th April last.

Mrs. FISH, died at Kingston on Saturday last, at an advanced age.

Notice — Is hereby given to all concerned, that after the first day of October next, all Notes for Discount must be presented at the Bank on Wednesday preceding Discount Day before 3 o’clock of said day. Per Order of the Board, John BETTLE, Cash’r, Office of D. & D., Wilkes-Barre.


25 Sept. 1812

Last Notice — All persons indebted to the Subscriber, are requested to make immediate payment ot Jacob & Joseph SINTON. Those who neglect will find their Accounts in the hands of a Magistrate very soon. Grain at the market price will be received. Sidney TRACY, Wilkes-Barre

At a Meeting of Delegates from most of the townships in Susquehanna County, convened at the house of Isaac POST, in Bridgewater, on Sept. 14th, John TYLER, was called to the Chair and Isaac A. CHAPMAN, chosen Secretary. Resolved unanimously that we recommend to the consideration of our fellow citizens, the following persons as candidates, to be supported at the next General Election for the offices annexed to their names:

Commissioners: Myron KASSON, Caleb RICHARDSON, JR., Joshua W. RAYNESFORD

Sheriff: John CARPENTER, Edward FULLER

Coroner: Joseph WASHBURNE, Rufus LINES

At a Meeting of the Delegates form the Townships of Wyalusing, Towanday and Wysox, at the house of William MEANS, Esq., on the 14th Sept., to nominate suitable persons for County Officers, for the County of Bradford. Jonathan TERRY, Esq. was called to the Chair and Ebenezer B. GREGORY, appointed Secretary. Recommended are:

Commissioners: Clement PAINE, William MYER, Justus GAYLORD, Jr.

Sheriff: John TAYLOR, of Wyalusing and Abner C. ROCKWELL, of Towanday

Coroner: Reuben HALE, Esq.

Gilbert SMITH, died in this town (no date)

A. C. STEWART, Attorney at Law, married to the amiable Mrs. Rachel MILLER, daughter of Capt. F. CRISMAN, of Hanover (no date)

Valuable Property for Sale:

  1. That well known stand for Water Works, in Pittston Twp., on the Lackawanna, known by the name of Wright’s Forge. It is the best situation for Mills and Manufactories of every description in the county. On the premises are a Forge, at which is now made considerable quantities of Iron, three good Saw Mills, now in operation; a large quantity of Wood Land; and a valuable house now occupied as a Tavern; This tract contains about 250 acres.
  2. In the same township about 1800 acres of land, well timbered, not under improvement
  3. A Farm in said township, containing about 500 acres, about half a mile from the Forge, 200 of which are under improvement. On this Farm is an Orchard, much valuable meadow, a house, barn, &c.
  4. About 250 acres of land in said township, on this farm is an Orchard and a small but valuable improvement
  5. The excellent Farm on which the Subscriber lives, called Wright’s-Ville, situated in Wilkesbarre, about two miles from the court-house. This farm contains about 1000 acres of land, a large part of which is excellent for meadow, ploughing and pasture. ON the premises are a large and complete Grist Mill, with a superior pair of Burr stones, a pair of common, and a small pair for hulling buckwheat, four good bolts; the whole is complete order. A Saw Mill entirely new, four dwelling houses, four barns, together with other Out-houses, Orcharding, &c. Possession will be given in the Spring.

The Subscriber will also sell all his stock, farming utensils, &c. The Terms will be one third cash down, one third in a year, and the remaining third in two years, with interest secured on the place.

Thomas WRIGHT, Wrights-Ville.

Notice — The Partnership of George and Charles LANE, this day is dissolved by mutual consent. Business will in the future be conducted by George LANE, Plymouth

2 Oct. 1812

Bradford Meeting - A meeting of Delegates of six township in the Co. of Bradford, held at the house of Ebenezer B. GREGORY, Towandee Twp., on Sept. 26, selected and nominated a number of suitable persons qualified to fill several offices, necessary at the commencement and official organization of the County of Bradford. Col. Joseph KINGSBURY was called to the Chair and William F. DININGER, appointed Secretary. The following were chosen:

Sheriff: John SPALDING, 2d, Abner C. ROCKWELL

Commissioners: Joseph KINNEY, Esq., William MYER, Esq., Justus GAYLORD, June.

Coroner: Harry SPALDING, John TAYLOR, Wyalusing.

Calvin SUMMERS to Miss Polly BARNUM, at Lawsville, Susquehanna Co. (no date)

Mr. RIDER, died at Nicholson at an advanced age.

Public Meeting - Delegates from several townships in Luzerne and Susquehanna, convened at the house of Charles OTIS, Tunkhannock Twp., on Sept. 16th. Present were from Luzerne Co: Benjamin SLOCUM, Joseph WRIGHT and Jonathan BUKELEY. From Susquehanna Co.: Richard BARNUM, Obadiah CARPENTER and Isaac A. Chapman. Jonathan BULKELEY was appointed Chairman and Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Secretary. The following were elected: Senate: Nathan PALMER Also that Joseph WRIGHT and Thomas PARKE, be Delegates to represent these counties to form at ticket for the Congressional District to be held at the house of John BROWN, Berwick, on 26th inst.

Public Meeting - Delegates from several townships in Luzerne Co. met at the Court House I Wilkes Barre on Aug. 5th, John CAREY was called to the chair and Jesse FELL appointed secretary. Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Esq., was chosen to be placed on the ticket for County Commissioner for three years and Col. Napthali HURLBUT to be placed on ticket for County Commissioner for one year. On motion and seconded, voted that Henry BUCKINGHAM, George MILLER and Joseph JAMESON be placed on Ticket as Auditors.

9 Oct. 1812

American Republican Meeting was held at the house of John MINTZ, Innkeeper at Towanda Twp., Sept. 29th by a large number of citizens. Silas SCOVEL was called to the chair and Joshua WYETH, appointed Secretary. John MINSK? was chosen for sheriff of Bradford Co. and Eliphalet MASON, Jesse HANCOCK and Isaac CHAPEL as Commissioners. Jacob BOWMAN for Coroner.

Daniel COLLINGS to Miss Melinda, daughter of Maj. E. BLACKMAN, in this town, last evening.

Elias HOYT, merchant of Kingston to Miss Polly WESTON, of Bridgewater, at Bridgewater on Friday last.

Letters on hand at the Pittston Post-Office, Oct. 1st:

Elizabeth BENNET



Thomas EVANS




Comfort SHAW, Exeter

John VAUGHT, Capouse



Secure the Robbers! $50 Reward. Last night between the hours of 10 and 1 o'clock, the house of the subscriber was broken open by some persons unknown, and a large desk taken out between thirty and forty rods, and there broken open, and $500, or thereabouts in Silver and Gold taken out and carried off, together with one of the small drawers, in which was one ticket in the Susquehanna Lottery, No. not recollected; and also one surtout coat, almost new, made of black home-made fulled cloth, lined with yellow flannel, with small pewter buttons, with wire eyes. Whoever will discover and secure the said robbers so that they may be brought to justice and the property recovered, shall have the above reward, or a part in proportion to the money recovered, and the thankful acknowledgements of the subscriber. John PHILIPS, Pittston.

Vendue will be sold at the subscriber's house on Tuesday 20th inst, at 10 o'clock, a variety of household and kitchen furniture, among which are beds and bedding, desk and book case, tables &c. M. HOLLENBACK, Jr. Any person having demands against him is requested to present them as soon as convenient.

Public Sale on Oct. 19th at the house of Col. George P. RANSOM, Plymouth, will be sold to the highest bidder, a raft of pine timber (hewed) and a quantity of Oak Staves. Stephen VANLOON, Reuben THOMPSON, John SHAW.

16 Oct. 1812

Letters on hand at the Post-Office, Kingston on Oct. 1st:


Elisha ATHERTON 2nd


Samuel BREES





Cynthia DRAKE


John LEE


Archippus PARRISH



Abraham PYKE





Letters on hand at the Post-Office, Plymouth, on Oct. ?:

Eleazor LEDOM, Plymouth

Henry HEPLER, Salem


Solomon TRESCOTT, Huntington

Peter BRINK, do

Richard DODSON, do

Thomas Holmes, do

Peter WIANT, do

Rev. BIDLACK, Kingston

C. LANE, P. M.

23 Oct. 1812

Ira CORY to Miss Maria ATHERTON, at Providence by J. FELLOWS, Esq.

Miss Ellen CHERRY, died in this town, after a lingering illness (no date)

Elijah BARNUM, died in Tunkhannock, aged 32 years (no date)

Luzerne Election: The following were elected:

Assembly: Benjamin DORRANCE and Charles MINER

Commissioner (3 years): Cornelius Courtright (1 year): Napthali HURLBUT

Auditors: George MILLER, Henry BUCKINGHAM and Joseph JAMESON

Land for Sale by the subscriber, Zebulon MARCY, Tunkhannock:

#1) One tract of land containing 372 acres, 123 perches. One extraordinary good saw-mill, one good grist-mill, a blacksmith shop, with trip-hammer and boring machine, all in good order. The gristmill and shop subject to a lease until April next. Possession of Land, house, barn, sawmill &c. immediately given.

#2) One tract containing 462 acres, 32 perches, with a house and small improvement, lying on the post-road, both in township of Putnam, held by certificate.

#3) 1147 acres, 34 perches, held by Sheriff's deed, bearing date 19 Sept. 1803, all taxes regularly paid, as by receipt will appear, thro' which the post road now passes, and a turnpike already laid out.

#4) One undivided half of one other tract, containing 312 acres and 33 perches, held by patent, well situated on the public road, with a small improvement &c. For particulars apply to the owner living within about three miles of the most remote.

6 Nov. 1812

Deed Lost - Lost at Archippus PARISH'S Tavern in Kingston, on 18th Sept. last, or between there and Keeler's Ferry, in Exeter. The said Deed from Jesse FELL, of Wilkesbarre, to Thomas MITCHELL, of Tunkhannock. Whoever finds the Deed, and will give information so that the Subscriber can get it, shall receive a reasonable reward from the subscriber. Thomas MITCHELL, Tunkhannock.

Estate of E. BARNUM, late of Tunkhannock Twp., requests payments and claims. Richard BARNUM, Exec.

Calvin EDWARDS, Taylor, informs his friends and the public in general, that, having lately engaged a new Journeyman direct from Philadelphia, he will be enabled to do work in the newest style, and most approved fashions. Gentlemen favoring him with their custom may rely on having their work done with the utmost neatness and dispatch. Wilkes-Barre

Tavern - The subscriber informs the Public that he has taken the tavern, lately occupied by William C. JOHNSON, 3rd door below the Public Square, Main Street, Wilkes-Barre, where he intends keeping good accommodations for all civil people, who may please to favor him with their custom. Nothing uncivil will be countenanced, as he is determined to keep his House quiet and peaceable. Elisha DELANO.

Election Returns for Luzerne Co.

Will be sold by Public Vendue at the late dwelling house of Elijah BARNUM, deceased, in Tunkhannock Twp., on Nov. 20th at 10 o'clock A. M., all the personal property of said Elijah BARNUM, deceased. Consisting of one horse, one cow and calf, one wagon and one cart, sawed timber in a barn, beds and bedding and household furniture, and a number of other articles too tedious to mention. Richard BARNUM, Exec., Tunkhannock.

Notice - The public are informed that the subscriber has come to a determination to resume the practice of the Law; and will faithfully attend to any business in the line of his profession which may be intrusted to his charge. Nathan PALMER, Wilkes-Barre

18 Nov. 1812

Notice. The undersigned informs all persons indebted for goods delivered at Pittston Store, that in consequence of a settlement of the business which he has transacted for Allen JACK, Esq., it has become necessary that their accounts should be settled immediately. E. CAREY, Pittston. N. B. After the first of January next the accounts and notes will no longer remain in my hands for collection.

Lands for Sale:

#1) An undivided and equal half-part of 5 tracts held in company with the heirs of Josiah HAINES, late of Northumberland, deceased, containing in the whole 1832 acres, situated in Derry Twp., Northumberland Co. (was purchased from John BRADY in 1795, viz. $1 per acre)

#2) 3400 acres in one body, situated on the head waters of the south branch of Towandee, on or near the head waters of Loyalsock, Bradford Co. the Susquehanna and Tioga Turnpike road, will run thro' or near these lands. They are near the 11 mile tree, from the forks of Towandee and about 15 miles from the mouth. Apply to: Casper W., Luke W., Isaac W., Isreal W. MORRIS, executors of Samuel W. MORRIS, deceased, Philadelphia.

#3) Tract of good land, called "Greenfield", containing 310 acres, patented in 1776, situated on the heads of Sugar Run, in Bald Eagle Twp., Centre Co.

#4) One tract containing 304+ acres, taken up in 1776 by Daniel REES, situated on the branch of Shickshinny, in Wyoming twp., Luzerne Co., supposed to be about 10 miles from Berwick being the same place, on which John WANDELL now (or lately) resides. Apply to William Cox ELLIS, at Muncy, who is fully authorized to dispose of the two last mentioned tracts to Jacob & Joseph SINTON, at Wilkes-Barre, or Isaac W. MORRIS, No. 144, South 4th St., Philadelphia.

Letters on Hand at the Post-Office, Wilkesbarre on Nov. 1st:



Philip ABBOT





William BENNET



Eleazer BROWN


Commissioners of Luz. Co.


Solomon CHAPIN







Leeonard DEVINS



Thomas EAGER

John FOX

Elizabeth GRIFFIN



Benja. K. HAYDEN

William M. HART



Jabez HYDE

Philip Andrew JONES

Elizabeth JACKSON



Stephen C. KING

Daniel KEESY

David KING

James LACY





Patrick M'ALLENY



Artimesa PRESTON






Christian SARVER


Gilbert SMITH


Frederick SMITH



Barnard ULP






Hiram WARD



Robert YOUNG

Jacob CIST, P. M.

A New Fulling Mill. The subscriber informs his friends that he has built anew mill, half a mile south from where the old mill stood, which is now running and ready to receive cloth. Having been to New York and purchased all kinds of Dye-stuff, and a new Shearing Machine, he will be enabled to do work in the neatest

manner. Grain, Lumber, or any other merchantable produce will be taken in payment, but no trust given. He will receive cloth at Robinson & King's store, Wilkesbarre, and at Mr. CAREY'S Store in Pittston, and will be returned to each place when dressed. Each piece of Cloth must be marked with cotton or linen. Lot BREES, Kingston.

20 Nov. 1812

Strayed from the enclosure of the subscriber in Newport, a red steer, two years old this fall, without any particular mark. Whoever will return the said steer shall be generously rewarded. Abraham WILLIAMS, Newport.

Strayed from the Plantation of the subscriber on or about the first of October last, a dark bay mare, about 14 hands high, stout built, natural trotter, with a star in her forehead, and square dock, her back much galled with the saddle, and barefoot. Also a last Spring's horse colt, of middling size, with a strip in his forehead, and some white hairs can be discovered on close examination; the colt id not belong to the mare. Whoever will give information, or return them to the subscriber in Braintrim Twp., Luzerne Co., shall receive a reasonable reward for their trouble. Daniel STERLING. It is supposed that they have gone into the State of New York, as they came from Owego.

Amos BRANCH, of Plainfield to Miss Henrietta, second dau. of Lemuel DORRANCE, Esq., late of Sterling, Conn., in Sterling Conn. (no date)

Paul KEELER, died in Exeter, aged 66 years (no date)

27 Nov. 1812

To men of Patriotism Courage and Enterprize!! Every able bodied man who shall be enlisted for the army of the US, for the term of 5 years, will be paid a bounty of $16 and whenever he shall have served the term for which he enlisted, or obtained an honorable discharge, stating that he had faithfully performed his duty whilst in service, he shall be allowed and paid in addition to the aforesaid bounty, three months pay, and 160 acres of land and in case he should be killed in action or die in the service, his heirs and representatives will be entitled to the said three months pay and 160 acres of land to be designated, surveyed, and laid off at the public expense. For the sake of those who may not prefer a term of service for 5 years, government allows a period of enlistment for 18 months, still offering the same rich compensation as above specified, except the donation of land. Those who may feel any interest in the welfare of our common country, will embrace the present opportunity of showing their patriotism by enlisting themselves under the banners of the US. Those who may not be impelled by these motives, may find means in the same employment of satisfying their wants - enlarging their fortunes, or gratifying their passion for pleasure: For which they will make immediate application to the subscriber. Robert GRAY, Capt. 16th Reg. US Infantry, Commanding Recruiting Rendezvous, Wilkesbarre.

House of Representatives of Pennsylvania

Northampton and Wayne: Daniel W. DINGHAM, Henry WINTERS, Abraham HORN, Philip


Northumberland: Samuel BOND, A. M'CLENACHAN, Leonard RUPERT, George KREMER

Luzerne: Benjamin DORRANCE and Charles MINER

Lycoming: Henry WELLES and John FORSTER

Ezra RITTY died at Sugar Creek at an advanced age. (no date)

Absconded from the house and service of the subscriber on the night of 25th October, Walker M. HINMAN, a lad in the 17th year of his age, light complexion, short hair, had on when he went away, a blue coat, striped vest, tow trowsers, old shoes and shirt, wolled hat half worn; some other apparel taken, not at present recollected so as to describe it. These are therefore to forbid all persons harboring or trusting said lad on the penalty of the law. John HINMAN, Wysox.

5 Dec. 1812

Jonathan O. MOSELEY Jr., of this county to Miss Dorothy TAYLOR, at East-Haddam, Conn. (no date)

The trustees and managers of the Wilkes-Barre Academy inform the public that the superintendence of the institution is now entrusted to Mr. JENNISON, for a permanent engagement of three years at least.. Students will be instructed in all or any of the following branches, viz. Spelling, Reading, Penmanship, Book-keeping, Arithmetic, English Grammar, in its various parts, Geography and the use of the Globes, History, Composition, the Greek and Latin Languages in all their respective classical a----ors, Rhetorick, Logic, Mathematics, in all the different branches, including Natural Philosophy and Astronomy and generally all the branches of science which are taught in any of the Academies of our Country. The studies of Scholars, if requested, will be so calculated, as to prepare them for an admission into any College, which may be desired; or the pupils by a longer continuance at the Academy may obtain the substance of a complete scientific education.

11 Dec. 1812

Hats of all kinds, for sale cheap for cash, at the house of Thomas INGERSOLL, Wilkes-Barre.

First & Last Notice - All persons indebted to the subscriber are earnestly requested to call and settle their accounts on or before the first day of January next. Those who neglect this notice will find their accounts in the hands of Thomas DYER, Esq. for collection. Edward FELL, Wilkesbarre.

Bridgewater & Wilkes Barre Turnpike - Stockholders are given notice that an election will be held on Jan. 4th at the Court House in Wilkesbarre for President and 12 managers, treasurer and such other officers as may be necessary to conduct the business of the company. Geo. DENISON, Secretary, Wilkesbarre.

Coshecton & Great Bend Turnpike - Stockholders are given notice that an election will be held on Jan. 4th at the house of Silvanus HATCH, Great Bend for the purpose of choosing the requisite officers to conduct business of the company for one year. Solomon MOORE, Secretary.

Milford & Owego Turnpike - Stockholders are given notice that an election will be held on the first Monday of January next for the annual election of officers at the house of Isaac POST in Bridgewater. Putnam CATLIN, Secretary.

18 Dec. 1812 (page 1 & 2 missing)

Invitation - All free and accepted Masons, with the fraternity of Lodge #61, are hereby invited to attend the Communication at our Lodge Room, the 28th inst. at 10 o'clock A. M. An appropriate Discourse will be delivered and the Society walk in procession to dine at Mr. ARNDT'S. Eleazer BLACKMAN, Thos. A. HELMS, T. B. OVERTON, Committee of Arrangements, Wilkesbarre.

Notice - The partnership of BARNUM and FELL, is this day dissolved by mutual agreement. All persons indebted to said firm are requested to make immediate payment to Zenus BARNUM. Zenus BARNUM & Aaron FELL, Pittston. Dec. 1812

$10 Reward. Deserted from the Recruiting Rehdezvous at this place, on the morning of the 16th inst., Thomas M'CAFFERY, aged 32 years, 5' 10 /12" high, brown complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, and by profession a cooper, had on when he left the barracks, an old brown coat, waistcoat not known, brown pantaloons, an old fur hat, short woolen stockings and coarse shoes. The above rewarded and all reasonable charges, will be paid for apprehending and delivering to any Military Officer in the service of the US, said deserter. Thos. A. HELMES, Capt. 1st Reg. L. D., Wilkesbarre.

25 Dec. 1812

Notice - Constables and others, holding Warrants for the Collection of Militia Fines in the 45th Reg. Penn. Militia are hereby notified that unless they pay the amount due on said Warrants to John BUCKINGHAM, Pay-Master, by the 16th Jan. next, they will be proceeded against according to Law. Captains who have not notified the Pay-Master to whom they have directed their Warrants, and have neglected taking proper means for collecting the fines in their respective companies, are likewise notified that unless th amount is paid in by the above time, they will be dealt with in the same way. D. B. WHEELER, Lieut. Col.

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