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Lysander and Angeline Manley Harding with their 6 children.

The picture was taken around 1874. Front row: Angeline, Harriet Jeane, Lysander, and Jenkins (he died in rain barrel soon after this was taken). Lysander left the family at some point and moved to Oregon. He is buried there. Back row: Elisha, Hugh, Sara Ellen Harding Stevens (died of typhoid fever shortly after this picture was taken), and Alvah Everett Harding. Alvah was already married and had children of his own. I know that at this point he had at least a daughter (Lillian, I think) and James, my great-grandfather. They say that Lysander left because of his grief at the loss of 2 children (Jenkins and Sara). That may be, but I know that toward the end, he and Angie did not get along. Elisha's wife Sara Myers died of a fall at what became my grandparents' home up on the farm. James was about 12 years old. Elisha then left to also move to Oregon, but I don't know where he is buried. If anyone else knows, I would be happy to hear from them. Not trying to bore you with all of this, but it may help someone else.

Charol Abrams