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Miss Willie WELCH was in her 90s and a spinster. She lived in Talladega, Al and was very interested in family history. A cousin several times removed met her and they became good friends. Miss Willie died this past year. She gave to my cousin, Jennifer Carswell, some of her papers "A Family Biography of ThomasWELCH of Wales...father of Captain Major Nathaniel WELCH". I believe she will write a book that will incorporate much of the information she received. When the book is completed and published I will let any WELCH, Mallory or Dickinson researchers know how to purchase it.

(Welch family history documets of Miss Willie WELCH. Three brothers from Wales came to this country, presumably in the 18th century. One settled in North, posterity unknown; 2nd settled in Georgia, posterity known only by fair
complexion and gray hair; 3rd Thomas Welch on the eastern shore of Virginia, from whom thr following descended;
diary of Oliver WELCH.)

Thomas WELCH was born in Wales and died about 1805 in Virginia. From the diary of his grandson Oliver WELCH we learn Thomas migrated to Virginia in 1740. Thomas married and had issue: 1. James WELCH, 2. Thomas WELCH 3. Benjamin WELCH, 4. Miss WELCH, 5. Ms. WELCH, 6. Miss WELCH 7. Capt Mjr Nathaniel Welch.

1782 Orange Co., Virginiqa Census- pg. 97
Family............................ Dwellings .............................other Buildings

Thomas WELCH............... 6....................................1................................................ 1

1. James WELCH Sr., was born in Orange Co., VA. and died in Kentucky. Jame moved to Ky and had numerous posterity, all Baptist. James is the son of Thomas WELCH of Wales. James married Miss ELY, who was born in Culpepper Co. Va and died in y. They have known issue: 1a. Rev James Eli WELCH:

...............1a Rev. James Eli WELCH was bon 1788 and kied afer 1871. James was the son of James WELCH and Miss Ely. James was a distinguished Baptist preacher. At the age of 83 (in 1871) he was living in Missouri in full discharge of his pastoral duties. James married twice, living with his second wife in 1871 and 3 grandchildren living with him. Circumstances easy. [WWW]

2. Thomas WELCH Jr. was born in 1735 and kied in 1821. Thomas married MS Grigsby, daughter of John GRIGSBY and Rosaman ETCHISON. Thomas WELCH and family were of the Presbyterian faith. Ms. Grigsby was born in 1767 in
Rockingham Co., VA. they have issue: 2a. Benjamin WELCH, 2b. Thomas Welch 2c. Mildred WELCH, who married Alexander McCorkle son of John McCorkle. 2d. Miss WELCH, who married Mr. Holmes. 2e. Miss WELCH, who married Mr. Darst. 2f. Miss WELCH who married Mr. Cunningham, 2g. Miss WELCH, whose name and spouse are unknown

3. Benjamin WELCH moved to Ky, is the son of Thomas WELCH of Wales, and nothin of his family is known.

4. Miss WELCH is the Daughter of Thomas of Wales and she married Mr. CHISOLM. Chisolm descendents moved to Lexington, Ky.

5. MissWELCH is the daughter of Thomas of Wales who married Mr Beckam of GA. Mr. Beckam was a singular man. Baptist by rofession, but walked pretty crooked. His wife who resided in GA was a Baptist and an extraordinarily good
woman. They had issue: 5a. Miss Beckam, who married Mr. Cobb, who was once a member of Congress.

6. Miss WELCH is the daughter of Thomas WELCH of Wales and she married Mr. Dawson and they probably moved to Ky. they have known issue: Polly Stev. Dawson.

7. Capt Mjr. Nathaniel WELCH is te son of Thomas WELCH of Wales.... (He is my 4th great grandfather)Nathaniel was born 17 January 1755 in Orange Co., Virginia. He died 20 November 1815 in Madison Co., Virginia. He married Elizabeth Terrell, daughter of John TERRELL and Elizabeth Ann TOWLES, on 18 December 1783. They had issue: 7a. John WELCH, 7b. Melinda WELCH, who married Uriel MALLORY Jr. 7c. Rev. Oliver WELCH, 7d. Capt Nathaniel WELCH Jr.

He married Mary Polly MALLORY, da of Uriel MALLORY and Hanna CAVE secondly.

From Soldiers of Virginia 1776, v3 page 1221

"Nathaniel WELCH, Quarter Master, Warrant 9559 for 638 2/3 acres issued July 30, 1853 to heirs generally of Melinda MALLORY, one of heirs of Nathniel WELCH, who was a Brigade Quarter Master in the Virginia State Line"

"Captain Nathaniel WELCH, Exec. Dept. December 7, 1832. The heirs of Nathaniel WELCH are allowed and bounty for his services at Captain in the State Line on July 4, 1776 to the end of the war. John Floyd, Governor. Received of Register Warrant 7288 for 888 2/3 acres in favor of Nathaniel WELCH. Signed Oliver Welch. (p 775)

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