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Mallory Wills

The bulk of the wills listed below was provided by Jennifer Carswell, a cousin.

She is in the process of writing a book and has a great deal of information.

WilI of Thomas MALLORY
- Abstract from District Registry of the Probate Division of His Majesties
Court of Justice at Chester
DD. 8 Rector of Eccleston in ye Countie of Lancaster
- dated July 10, 1661, proved November 21, 1671

In Nom. Din Amen. I Thomas MALLORY, D.D. and rector of Eccleston In ye county of Lancaster being week of body but of perfect mind and memory make this my Last will end testament. Im'r'is I deliver up and comend my Spirit unto ye hands of my gretious Redeemer, Jesus Christ, leaving my body to be buried by my executrix hereafter named in ye Chancell of eccleston before named in the night as the Late Bishop of Chester was. As for that smell parcell of goods and chettells uhich the providence of the Almighty hath bestowed upon me I dispose of in manner end fore as followeth.

First: I give unto Frances, my dear wife, the sum of two hundred end fifty pounds to make up that sum of money which is in her nephew Dr. MILLINGTON's hand four hundred pounds. As also the bed end clothes which belong unto it whereon we have lain since our Intermarriage end all her wearing epperell, rings, jewels, end my Stone Horse.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to my son Thomas in Virginia, the sum of twenty shillings to buy himself ring; to my son Roger MALLORY in Virginia ye sum of five pounds. To my son John MALLORY, Druggister in London, the sum of twenty
shillings to buy him ring. To my daughter Mary Forde, the Like sum; To my daughter Jene Stamp, the sum of one hundred pounds to be paid unto her within six months after my decease or before in case she be married again with the consent of my executrix. To my daughter Susanna the sum of twenty pounds and upon better deliberation thirty pounds more.

ITEM: I give and bequeath to ye poor of Eccleston the sum of five pounds; To ye poor of Northern the Like sum. To my servants Joe RAVEHSCROFT, James Charlton, wary Kenneyon, Anne Potter, if they continue in my service until my
decease, to each the sum of twenty shiliings for their good and faithful service.

ITEM: My mind and will is that the forementioned four hundred pounds which is my bequest to my deer wife, Frances MALLORY, extend no further than to the use and occupation and at her decease to be divided among my children that shall be alive, viz. one hundred pounds to my son Thomas MALLORY in Virginia; end the rest to such of my children as she in her discretion shall think most diserve and went.

Lastly, I appoint and constitute my wife, Frances, aforesaid executrix of this my Last will end testament. Given under my hand end Seal the 10th day of July 1671-Thomas MALLORY L.S. In ye presence of Thomas WHITTINGHAM, Jr, I.R.

Memoran: That these words of Leaving one hundtcd pounds to my son John were expunged In the presence of us. signed: Thomas WHITTINGHAM, Mary Kenion

Abstract of Will of John MALLORY- citizen and Leather seller of London (Youngest son Capt. Roger Mallory)
- May 23 1747, pro December 6, 1752 by Widow Mary MALLORY, executrixs

To my wife and her heirs my estate of Stretford, Langthorn co. Essex. ALso I give to her Lease of my house in the Strand. To treasurer of St. George's Hospital L100 for use of sick and Lame there. To treasurer of the New Foundling Hospital for use of that charity L100. To Mr. Galfidus MANN and Mr. Richard COOKE, 20 guineas each for mourning. I make my wife sole executor and give her residue of my estate on condition that she pays to said Mr. MANN and COOKE L4000 within 3 years to be held by them in trust as follows: To pay interest to my wife for Life end after her death to pay children of brother
William MALLORY near Jamestown, Virginia L400; in King William County, to children of sister Elizabeth Palmer 3L300; to children of my brother Roger L1200; to children of my brother Thomas L1200 - to children of my sister (Jane) QUARLES L500; to children of my brother Charles L400: To children of my cousin ([nephew) Francis MALLORY of James River in Virginia L2OO; If any said children die their shares shall go to their lawful representation. WIT: Charles WARING, John VICKERY, John LOCKER

Will of William MALLORY. Sr.
- August 17, 1718 pro. February 15, 1720; ELizebeth City Co. Virginia

To my son Francis MALLORY the plantation whereon I now dwell bounded by Line marked from Mr. Thomas WYTHE to Mr. Anthony ARMSTEAD; to my son William MALLORY residue of my Lands to be jointed in him at age 16 yrs,
give my personal estate (except my copper kettle) to be equally divided between my son William and daughter Mary and Anne; I give the kettle to Joint executors of this will Mr. Thomas WYTHE to be overseer. Teste: John BEAN, Ann BEAN. [BK 1715-1721, PtI]

On May 2, 1693 Ann, wife of William MALLORY, appointed as her attorney her father-in-law, Captain Roger MALLORY of King and Queen Co. Virginia. On December 18, 1696, William MALLORY gave to his son Francis MALLORY one
negroe and a grey mare in Lieu of 40 pounds Legacy due him from his grandmother Ann Wythe, who was the wife of Thomas WYTHE, Burgess of Elizabeth City Co. Virginia in 1680.


Francis Mallory (Only Son of Capt. Thomas Mallory of Brindle, Lancaster Eng., 1636 and Charles City Co., VA )???




Will of Francis MALLORY


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The following taken from Orange County Will Book 4, 1801-1814
Will of ANDREW SISON made 6 Dec 1800, rec 26 July 1802
Appoints Son in Law, Jacob Kiblinger, full heir of his pssessions and his
Will of HENRY EASLY, made 19 Feb 1792, rec 27 Sept 1802
Gives all his Estate to his Sister, Mary Brasfield's Children;
Appoints Catlett Conway and Caleb Abell his Executors
Will of ELIZABETH THOMAS of Madison County, made 27 April 1802,
rec. 28 June 1802.
To Daughters Mary Clark, Frances Beckham.
To Sons Joseph and William
To Grandsons Joseph and Henry Willis
Appoints Son, Joseph, and friends Ambrose Clark and Abner Beckham Executors
Will of GEORGE MORTON made 28 Nov 1798, rec 27 July 1801
Daughters Jane Terrill, Nancy, Frances and Susannah Morton
Wife Jane, Executrix and friends Uriel Mallory and William Morton, Executors
Will of JOHN BLEDSOE made 12 Sep 1800, rec 27 July 1801
Nephews, Sons of his Brother George and Wife Lucy; George, John and Moses
Brother Williams's eight sons; John, Joseph,James, Benjamin, William,
Isaac and Jacob to whom he give all his lands in Kentucky except 100 acres
which he gives to John Perry, Son of Pierce Perry;
Gives unto Elizabeth Mallory, Dau of Uriel Mallory
Wife Elizabeth, Executrix, friends Uriel Mallory and William Morton
Will of RICHARD EMBRY made 29 May 1801, rec 27 July 1801
Wife Judith, and at her death Estate to William Embry Walden, if he has no
heirs to Richard's Sister, Judith Roberson.
Wife Judith sole Executor
Will of GEORGE MORTON made 21 November 1801; rec 27 Dec 1802
Son George, Daughther Elizabeth and Wife Elizabeth.
If his Children do not survive to inherit to go to the three youngest
of his deceased Brother, Jackson, George and Jeremiah Morton
Will of ELIZABETH BELL made 3 Feb 1803, rec 28 Feb 1803
All her Estate to her Son, VALENTINE JOHNSON, whom she appoints her Executor
Will of MILDRED JAMES made 28 Oct 1802, rec 25 April 1903
Daughter, Betty Smith, Son James; Grand Daughter Milley James.
To Milly Atkins her equal part with her Brothers
Joseph Atkins, Administrator.

Will of Francis MALLORY
- dated January 7, 1742. pro. July 18, 1744

To granddaughter Ann MALLORY 5 negroes, if she dies before coming of age to son Johnson MALLORY; to cousin (niece) ELizebeth READE L15 providing she is of age 21 years or marries. If not, to Johnson MALLORY; Capt. TABB a gold ring; son Johnson MALLORY Land in Warwick end this also the reversion of Land in King William Co. now in possession of Indians, he to be sole executor" Test: John TABB, nargeret Tabb, William BEAN.

lal Johnson MALLORY died abt May 1762 and is the son of Francis MALLORY and Anne JOHNSON. Johnson married Diana and they have issue: lala. Mary MALLORY, lalb. Margaret MALLORY. lalc. Ann MALLORY, who married Henry KING. lald. Edward MALLORY, lalc. Francis MALLORY:

Will of Johnson MALLORY
- dated May 9, 1760 pro May 5. 1762

Gave daughter Margeret MALLORY 1400 current money, 6 Large silver spoons, 6 tea spoons and 4 negroes, the same to my daughter Mary; to daughter Ann King - cattle; to son Francis Land in Back River and all Land in Warwick being 200 acres; to son Edward land and plantation at Haynes Creek, this county. all Lands and plantation in York end 4 negroes; to son Frances silver set of Bucklery troopers and militia arms; wife to have dower; to Henry KING one mourning
ring 20s; remainder of estate to sons Edward end Frencis; Henry KING to be trustee for Frances. Exex: wife Diane with son Francis and Edwerd [15V99]

lale Col. Francis MALLORY died narch 8. 1781 while commanding a small force of militia opposing a far superior force of British Regulars under Lt. Col. DUNDAS [14V431-7 for battle description]. Francis is the son of Johnson MALLORY and Diana. Francis was married twice before age 21 and once thereafter. He 3rdly married Mary KING, sister of Miles KING. They have
issue: lelel. Charles King MALLORY:

Last will and Testament of Roger MALLORY
Will dated Sep 6. 1743; pro Sep 23. 1743.
- Golsan. Gholsan Family History, James Mallory BLACK, Orange Co. Virginia;
Will Book, #1, F. Virginia 03a, Pt.2, p290.

I, Roger MALLORY, of the Perish of St. Thomas in the Co. of Orange, being sick end weak in body, but of Perfect mind, memory, thanks be given to Almighty god, Do make this my Last will and Testament in Form and wanner Following--.

First and principally I recommend my soul to Almighty God that gave it hoping through the merits, Death and passion of my Savior Jesus Christ to be raised up at the Last Day end my Body to be interred in the Earth st the Discretion of my Extrs. hereafter named.
ITEM: I give unto Tavenor BEALE the Land that I bought of Nicholas CHRISTOPHER the said Tavenor BEALE paying to my Extrs. the Just sum of Forty-five pounds Curt. money as shall be hereafter mentioned.

ITEM: I give my Whole Estate to my beloved wife, Sarah Mallory during her natural Life and then to be equally divided between my children.

ITEM: I constitute and appoint and appoint my beloved wife Executrix and my Friend Tavenor BEALE Executor of this my Last Will and Testament revoking all Wills by me heretofore made, Ratifying and Confirming this to be my only will, so Witness my Hand and Seale this Sixth day of September 1743. His mark - Roger
[Signed, Sealed and Published in the Presence of: Samuel POUND,
Thomas BRYAN, Thomas JONES





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