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Your post MUST relate to Pitcairn Island otherwise it will not be listed. ONLY persons living, born, died, married, originating in or moving to one of these islands may be posted here.

Important: if you make a mistake when posting your information, please do not re-submit the whole item again.

This will save space and time for all concerned.

Surnames Project submissions will be retained at the collection site for a period of 1 month or until 150 submissions have been recieved, which ever comes first. They will then be transferred to the surmames archive where they will be available for viewing or download as a text file.

EXAMPLE Surname:

Surname List : SMITH

Content :

SMITH, Daisy May; English; Pitcairn Island; b.1861 - d.1920;

Mary SMITH - 16 Blacks Rd, Enfield, NSW


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