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Volunteer Information



To coordinate this Project, please e-mail me with :

"Pitcairn IslandGenWeb - Coordinator" in the SUBJECT line of your message; and

Its as simple as that!


Volunteers may donate existing transcribed documents to be placed on the Internet for FREE. If you wish to donate your transcriptions, please see File Submissions. Then, simply e-mail me with :

"Pitcairn IslandGenWeb - Transcript Donor"




Volunteers may commit to transcribing data. It's easy to join our project as a transcriber. Please e-mail me with :

"Pitcairn IslandGenWeb Volunteer Transcriber"



Lookup Volunteer:

Lookup volunteers are the actual authors or copyright owners of a publication, or they are people who use primary source documentation, with written permission from the author or copyright holder. If you would like to volunteer for lookups, please e-mail me with :

"Pitcairn IslandGenWeb- Lookup Volunteer" in the SUBJECT line of your message; and



Add My Webpage!

If you have a webpage with transcripts, we can add your site to the transcription section. Please email me with:

"Pitcairn IslandGenWeb - Add My Webpage!"

File Submissions


Send your transcripts to the Coordinator after the following checks are made:

  1. Virus-check your files please.
  2. No executable files, gedcoms, copyrighted material, scanned images or graphics accepted.
  3. ASCII text (.txt) files are preferred, i.e., files created in Notepad, BB Edit (then save as ASCII (.txt)), or similar. Please convert your non-text files to ASCII text (.txt) before sending these to us. If you have created a .doc, .wri, .xls, .dbf, etc. file, please save it "as text" in your software program, and assign a ".txt" extension to the filename. Hard returns or "tabs" are not encouraged, as they do not translate the same on all browsers. Please use "5 hard spaces" in place of tabs. Large files may be split. We may, at our discretion, store the same data in several formats.
  4. Data may be lost in transit and we may need to request the transfer once more to ensure we have the full file.
  5. Once submitted, the data cannot be retracted by submitter. (We spend many hours preparing the files in the proper format for viewing and also proofread submitted files. We have to discourage submissions - retractions due to the volume of data and the effort we place into creating a quality archive.)
  6. Use your own discretion in including data on living people.
  7. Do not send copyrighted material, unless it is your own, and you include a statement of permission to use in the document. Note: Public domain records cannot be copyrighted.
  8. Pitcairn IslandGenWeb retains the right to refuse any submission.



Acceptable Transcripts

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