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Memo from David Dole:

As we said six weeks ago on October 30th, 2000 on this PGCS website - -
"OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS !" and, as if to prove the old adage,  "The Early Bird gets the Worm ! !

Oct. 30th we advised on this site that the PGCS website would disappear after December 31st UNLESS a
genealogically-related 501 (c) (3) group would accept PGCS as a gift.  Well-l-l-l. . .

Memo from: David W. Dole - December 19, 2000

This is to advise you that:
Effective December 16, 2000, the Harris County (TX) Genealogical Society (HCGS) acquired the Publishers Genealogical Coding Service (PGCS) as a gift.
Transfer of operational data from PGCS Inc. to HCGS will follow as soon as possible and from this point forward, the operation of PGCS is under HCGS control.
a. The Harris County (TX) Genealogical Society expressed interest in the acquisition of PGCS on 11/4/00,
b. PGCS, Inc. (David W. Dole) contacted HCGS on 11/7 with both "information pertinent to consideration of David Dole's offer to transfer ownership..." and its 6 questions asking for information regarding the HCGS group,
c. HCGS answered our six questions satisfactorily on 11/20,
d. We provided HCGS with a draft of the proposed "Agreement" regarding the gift on 12/02,
e. We mailed a final agreement, executed by PGCS, Inc. on 12/11,
f. HCGS executed the agreement on 12/16 and
g. HCGS returned the agreement to PGCS, Inc. on 12/17/00.

May I express my personal thanks to the over 750 of you Internet "travelers" who have "registered" on the PGCS website and, with the material supplied, have "gone after" your local newspapers to try to convince them to use PGCS codes in their obituaries.  (And if you failed, know that it's worth trying again - and this time take a bunch of your like-thinking friends with you!)
I hope your interest and enthusiasm for PGCS will continue ... that you will cooperate in every way with HCGS as they take up the future fulfillment of the PGCS goals.
I am grateful that HCGS, a 26-year-old established group with 80+ members, a full complement of active officers and directors, webmaster and committees, was interested in the PGCS acquisition.
My direct contact came from and negotiations were handled with Loretta "Tommy" Burns, a long-time professional genealogist who is HCGS' parlimentarian, nominating committee "chair" and editor - and who was authorized by HCGS to deal with me on the society's behalf.
PGCS has been "slow growing", but we turn it over to HCGS with one "national" paper and 13 local papers using PGCS coding.  The papers are located in Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri Montana and Texas - plus 1 located in Ontario, Canada . . so PGCS is, at least barely, "International" . . . which I stated years ago was my goal before I relinquished control !
"Thank you," each and every person who has enthused about, worked on and even "invested" in PGCS.  That "invested" is with reference to at least two instances when local genealogical societies have made a deal with the paper - "if you'll use the PGCS codes, we'll pay the small fee."
Please continue your support of PGCS under HCGS ownership and continue to enlist others in the fight to make PGCS universal!

David W. Dole   8102 Highwood Drive    B-125   Bloomington   MN   55438
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