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arribou Petition

Petition of William Graham for Himself and Other Inhabitants of CARRIBOU, Pictou, Aug. 15th, 1809

That your Petitioners who are Protestants arrived in this Province a few years ago and they have settled on Lots of Land at Carribou, on which no improvements were made previous to their taking possession of them. Since then they have improved their lots and built houses on them.

Carribou Petition
NAMENo. of their familes
Kenneth McKenzie1
Duncan McKenzie1
Roderick McKenzie3
John McKenzie3
Murdoch McKenzie4
Kenneth McLeod7
John Campbell6
Norman McDonald5
John McLeod4
Donald Morison1
Murdoch Morrison8
Donald Murray4
John McFarlan8
Finlay McLeod3
John McLeod6
William McLeod5
Angus Morrison7
John McLeod3
Finlay McDonald5
Donald McDonald6
Ewen Cameron2
John McPhie2
John McDonald9
Ewen McDonald2
William Matheson2
Duncan Munro8
William Graham5
Edward Lindward2
Robert Logan5
James Logan2
John Logan1
Donald McIntosh8
Donald Cameron1
David Murdoch8
James McConichle8
Henry McAngus7
Robert Bone6
Angus McLise7

Compiled by: Morgan Robertson

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