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benezer Cemetery

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Ebenezer Cemetery, Mount Thom, Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

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In Memory of
Mary Ann
who died March 29th, 1887
aged 9 years and 5 months
Orville A.
who died March 23rd, 1887
aged 6 years and 9 months
children of
David and Grace Proudfoot
Orville F.
died Feb 20, 1896
aged 4 years
David R. Proudfoot
died June 19, 1903
Blessed are the dead
who die in the Lord

In Memory of
Nancy Fraser
wife of
Duncan Maxwell
died December 16, 1890
aged 76 years

In Memory of
beloved wife of
John Williams
died February 14, 1881
aged 34 years
their daughter
died November 9th, 1880
aged 3 months

In Memory of
John G. Peacock
died at Houlton, Maine
June 2nd, 1889
aged 35 years
his wife
Isa B. Maxwell
died September 17th, 1897
aged 52 years

In Memory of
James Proudfoot
died October 5th, 1866
aged 69 years
also his wife
Mary Reid
died August 18th, 1881
aged 80 years
both emigrated from
Dumfriesshire, Scotland
in 1830
Thomas Proudfoot
died May 9th, 1877
aged 12 years
Blessed are the dead
Who die in the Lord
In Memory of
Jane Proudfoot
daughter of
James and Mary Proudfoot
who departed this life
February 26th, 1817
aged 19 years

In Memory of
William Dunbar Maxwell
A Native of
Dumfriesshire, Scotland
who died October 6th, 1852
aged 63 years
also his wife
Jane McCallum
A Native of
Argyle, Scotland
who died April 2, 1854
aged 62 years

In Memory of
Duncan Maxwell
A Native of
Loch Broom, Scotland
Born on the
20th July AD 1810
Emigrated to Nova Scotia
AD 1838
Departed this life
on the 20th of April
AD 1869
In Peace

Daniel Maxwell
died December 13th, 1879
aged 19 years
Jane Maxwell
died February 29th, 1884
aged 20 years and 11 months
Sacred to the Memory of
wife of
John Maxwell, Snr.
died August 21st, 1878
aged 57 years

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