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WEIR, Mayor John J.
Ex-Mayor John J. Weir died yesterday at his home, Washington Street. He had not been well for over three years, and suffered very greatly at times. The battle was a varying one and many a man of even robust constitution would have given up, but John Weir possesed a peculiar determination that helped him in the long struggle. He was a man naturally quiet, but in indefatibable worker. He made a success of his personal undertakings. It was thought by those whe were most intimate with him that his hard work undermined his constitution and brought about the illness that yesterday terminated fatally. He took a keen interest in civic matters and for four years served as Town Councillor and two years as Mayor. It was while he was Chief Magistrate that he was first stricken with illness. In the council chamber he was a valued officer and gave an interested and intelligent attention to all Council details. He could be depended upon to take the right course in civic endeavours and was never swerved by fads or other notions. The plain, honest and matter of fact course was his in the town's behalf and the citizens appreciated him for his faithfulness and valuable services. The men of the Easter Chronicle office, both of whom were closely associated with him in the town work during his years of service would say that John Weir was one of the best Councillors and Mayors who sat at the board. John Weir was 49 years of age and is survived by his wife and four children. To them every sympathy is extended.

[Eastern Chronicle, November 16, 1923]

Compiled by: Garry Weir

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