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ictou Obituaries -- "Mac"

MacCULLOCH, Daniel William -- Blue Mountain Cemetery

MacDONALD, Alverda Barbara [MacDougall] -- Sunny Brae Cemetery
MacDONALD, Arnold E. -- Foxbrook Cemetery
MacDONALD, Betty Anna Mae -- Scotch Hill Cemetery
MacDONALD, Daniel Roderick -- Holy Name Cemetery, Westville
MacDONALD, George A. [Gunner] -- Hillside Cemetery
MacDONALD, Harold Gordon -- Kenzieville Cemetery
MacDONALD, Hector Hugh -- Stella Maris Cemetery
MacDONALD, Margaret Melinda -- Haliburton Cemetery
MacDONALD, Marion Leverne
MacDONALD, Martin Lindsay -- Glen Bard Cemetery
MacDONALD, Nancy Alma [Nan] [Hartling]
MacDONALD, Sarah May -- Scotch Hill Cemetery

MacDOUGALL, Thomas Francis -- Our Lady of Lourdes RC Cemetery

MacFARLANE, Jean Katherine (Dee) -- Laurel Hill Cemetery
MacFARLANE, John B. -- Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery, New Glasgow

MacGILLIVARY, Agnes Elizabeth -- Holy Cross Cemetery
MacGILLIVARY, Angus -- St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Cemetery
MacGILLIVARY, Annie C. -- Riverton Cemetery

MacGILLIVRAY, Annie Caroline -- Christ the King R.C. Church Cemetery
MacGILLIVRAY, Gordon Lawrence -- St. Mary's R.C. Church Cemetery, Lismore
MacGILLIVRAY, Sister Marie Berchmans -- Bethany Cemetery, Antigonish
MacGILLIVRAY, Mary Ann (Mae) -- South River Cemetery
MacGILLIVRAY, Mary Jane -- Holy Cross Cemetery

MacGREGOR, Ina Gray -- Auburn Cemetery
MacGREGOR, Robert Allison -- Hamilton Cemetery

MacINTOSH, Christena Ross [MacDonald] -- Thorburn Cemetery
MacINTOSH, Derek Graham -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

MacIVOR, Allan James

MacKAY, Gladys Mae -- Lorne Street Cemetery
MacKAY, James Murray -- West Branch Cemetery, River John
MacKAY, Joan -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens
MacKAY, Rev. J. Donald -- Riverton Cemetery

MacKENZIE, Annie Mary -- Dartmouth Memorial Gardens
MacKENZIE, Bert -- Auburn Cemetery, Westville
MacKENZIE, Clarence G. -- Springville Cemetery
MacKENZIE, Edna (Coulter)
MacKENZIE, Helen -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens Cemetery
MacKENZIE, Henrietta (Rita) Margaret -- Earltown Cemetery
MacKENZIE, John William -- Riverside Cemetery
MacKENZIE, Lois Elizabeth -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens Cemetery
MacKENZIE, Marion -- Lorne Street Cemetery
MacKENZIE, Mary Campbell
MacKENZIE, Thomas Neil -- Foxbrook Cemetery, Hopewell
MacKENZIE, Violet May -- Haliburton Cemetery

MacLAREN, Tom -- Auburn Cemetery

MacLEAN, Bessie (Betty) -- Brookside Cemetery
MacLEAN, David Arthur -- Brookside Cemetery
MacLEAN, Donald Charles -- Hillside Cemetery
MacLEAN, Elizabeth Manira -- St. Columba Cemetery
MacLEAN, Rev. George Murray -- MacLean Cemetery
MacLEAN, George Robert -- Bellevue Cemetery
MacLEAN, Greta -- St. Joseph's Cemetery
MacLEAN, Irene Thorne -- Fairview Cemetery
MacLEAN, Jean -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens Cemetery
MacLEAN, John R. -- Old Barn Cemetery
MacLEAN, Joyce Kathleen -- Pictou Island Cemetery
MacLEAN, Peter Vincent -- Stella Maris Cemetery
MacLEAN, Priscilla -- Brookside Cemetery

MacLELLAN, William Fraser (Shoo) -- Abercrombie Cemetery
MacLELLAN, Rev. Dr. William Lloyd -- Bethel Cemetery, Scotsburn

MacLENNAN, Christena Marie [Tena] -- Gladstone Cemetery, Four Mile Brook

MacLEOD, Albert (Bert) -- Thorburn Cemetery
MacLEOD, Edna Louise -- Hattie Cemetery
MacLEOD, Elmer George -- Brookside Cemetery
MacLEOD, Ernest Phillip -- Murray River Cemetery
MacLEAN, Fred -- Hamilton, Ontario
MacLEOD, Iona Norma A. -- Glen Bard Cemetery
MacLEOD, John M. -- Abercrombie Cemetery
MacLEOD, Vernon Franklyn -- Gladstone Cemetery
MacLEOD, William Grover -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

MacMASTER, John Graham -- Stella Maris Cemetery, Creignish

MacNAUGHTON, James -- Auburn Cemetery

MacPHERSON, Colin Bernard

MacQUARRIE, Hugh Allan

MacRAE, John William -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens


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