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ictou Obituaries -- "B"

BAKER, James Edgar -- Auburn Cemetery

BARCLAY, Max Allen -- Foxbrook Cemetery

BARR, William F. [Bill] -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

BAUDOUX, Katherine Mary -- Brookside Cemetery

BAYNE, Charles -- Camp Hill Cemetery
BAYNE, Charles H.
BAYNE, Herbert A.
BAYNE, James

BELL, Winnifred Ann [Winnie]

BENTLEY, Raymond Hugh [Ray] -- Abercrombie Cemetery

BOATES, John Gordon -- Brookside Cemetery

BORDEN, Katherine Ann -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

BLACKWOOD, Florence Alva -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

BROWN, Donna Jean -- Brookside Cemetery
BROWN, Elizabeth C. [Wilkinson] [Robertson] -- Kenzieville Cemetery
BROWN, Margaret Jessie -- Lorn Street Cemetery
BROWN, Pamela Christine [MacKay] -- Mountain Road Cemetery

BROWNING, Edna Elizabeth -- French River Cemetery

BUCKLES, Henry James

BUELL, Jean Agnes -- Lorne Street Cemetery

BUSHELL, R. Lee Scott -- cremation

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