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ictou Obituaries -- "C"

CAMERON, Elmer A. -- Christ the King Cemetery
CAMERON, E. Scott [Scottie] -- Brookside Cemetery
CAMERON,Margaret Jane [Janie] -- Maple Grove Cemetery
CAMERON, Marilyn Anita -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

CAMPBELL, Dr A. Craig -- cremated
CAMPBELL, John Thomas -- Kenzieville Cemetery
CAMPBELL, Muriel Jean -- Scotch Hill Cemetery

CANTLEY, G. Roy -- Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery

CHAMBERS, Bessie -- Riverside Cemetery

CHISHOLM, Daniel Fraser -- Kenzieville Cemetery
CHISHOLM, Evelyn May -- Holy Cross Cemetery

CLARK, Andrew William -- Lorne Street Cemetery

COLLIE, George William -- Heatherdale Memorial Cemetery

CONLEY, Isabell Catherine [Fuller] -- Abercrombie Cemetery

CONNELLY, Cornelius J. -- Gardens of Gethsemane Cemetery, Vancouver, BC

CONNORS [Bigney], Esther Elizabeth - Auburn Cemetery, Westville

CONRAD, Isabell C. [Murray] -- Esteven City Cemetery, Saskatchewan
CONRAD, Pearl Mary --St. Bee's Anglican Church Cemetery

CONWAY, David Hudson -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

COTTER, Ergil Glennie -- Lorne Cemetery

COX, Fred Andrew -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

CRAWLY, Gladys -- Hillside Cemetery, Trenton

CREIGHTON [Ross], Gladys Helene -- Seaview Cemetery

CROOKS, Oscar Theodore [Oc] -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens, Westville

CROUSE, James H. -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens
CROUSE, Katherine Ann -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

CRUICKSHANK [English], Gladys -- Haliburton Cemetery

CUIN, William [Bill] A. -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

CULLEN, John A. [Johnny] -- Our Lady of Lourdes R.C. Cemetery

CUMMINGS, George Everett
CUMMINGS, J. David -- Springville Cemetery

CUNNINGHAM, Robert David - Tatamagouche Cemetery

CURRY, Harold Arthur -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

CYR, Sarah Jane [Sadie] [Kennedy] -- Holy name Cemetery

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