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ictou Obituaries -- "G"

GILL, Clifford -- Hillside Cemetery

GILLESPIE, Isabel Mary -- Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery

GOODWIN, Francis Robie -- MacLean Cemetery

GORDON, Esther M. -- Lorne Cemetery

GORMAN, Murray Leroy -- Burntcoat Cemetery

GRANT, Olive Catherine -- Lorne Street Cemetery

GRAY, Jessie [Etta] -- St. Columba Cemetery

GREEN, John Stanley -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

GREENE, F. Keith -- Bridgeville Cemetery
GREENE, Grampian Bella --- Kenzieville Cemetery
GREENE, Henry Grant -- Kenzieville Cemetery
GREENE, Myron Lesley -- Thorburn Cemetery

GUNN, Archibald Sinclair "Claire" Henderson -- Brookside Cemetery

Pictou Obituaries


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