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ictou Obituaries -- "R"

REDMOND, Velda Elizabeth -- Hamilton Cemetery, River John

RICHARD, Vina Alma -- Our Lady of Lourdes RC Cemetery

ROACH, John Robert -- Kenzieville Cemetery

ROBERTSON, Anne Louise [Williams] -- Hattie Cemetery
ROBERTSON, Annie L. -- Hillside Cemetery, Trenton
ROBERTSON, Charles Alexander -- Hillside Cemetery
ROBERTSON, Charles Alexander [Charlie] -- Kenzieville Cemetery
ROBERTSON, Harry Vernon -- Auburn Cemetery
ROBERTSON, Lester Ross -- Kenzieville Cemetery
ROBERTSON, W. Everett -- Kenzieville Cemetery
ROBERTSONWilliam Warren [Bill] -- Kenzieville Cemetery

ROBESON, Alfred Parker -- Riverview Cemetery
ROBSON, John James -- Thorburn Cemetery

ROSE, Ada Maude -- Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax
ROSE, Alexander [John] -- Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax
ROSE, Alexander [Sandy] -- Brookside Cemetery
ROSE, Eliza Catherine [Honey] -- Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax
ROSE, James -- Riverside Cemetery, New Glasgow

ROSS, Alfred Gordon [Alfie] -- Kenzieville Cemetery
ROSS, Rita May [Robertson]

RUSSELL, Edith Mae -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens
RUSSELL, Mary Agnes [Cameron] -- Auburn Cemetery

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