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ictou Obituaries -- "S"

SAMSON, Frank Sullivan -- Springhill Cemetery

SAPIER, Bella Lou -- Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church Cemetery, Pictou Landing

SCAMMELL, Dr. H.L. -- Abercrombie Cemetery
SCAMMELL, Isabella [Dunbar] -- Abercrombie Cemetery

SCOTHORN, Donald Wayne -- Hardwood Lands Cemetery, Hants County

SCOTT, Marion Irene -- Abercrombie Cemetery

SEMPLE, Harvey Wellington -- Brookside Cemetery

SHEPPARD, William Albert [Sooney] -- Fairview Cemetery, Halifax

SIMPSON, Kathleen Ella [Stewart] -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens

SMITH, Isabella Elizabeth -- Holy Name Cemetery, Westville
SMITH, Jessie Helena [Lena] [Sinclair] -- Bridgeville Cemetery
SMITH, Simeon -- Granton
SMITH, Travis Guy -- Cape John Cemetery

SNELL, Martin Frederick [Fred] -- Brookside Cemetery

STEWART, Anna J. [Munn] -- St. Phillip's Cemetery, Westville
STEWART, Dellas Helen -- Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Cemetery
STEWART, Margaret Isabel -- Kenzieville Cemetery

SUTHERLAND, George Henry Glen Bard Cemetery
SUTHERLAND, George Hugh -- Hamilton Cemetery

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