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ictou Obituaries -- "W"

WALKER, Gertrude [Trudy] -- Thorburn Cemetery

WALLACE, Arthur D. -- Lorne Street Cemetery

WARD, David Earle -- Riverton Cemetery

WEIR, Ald. J.
WEIR, Andrew
WEIR, Mrs. Andrew
WEIR, Rev. Andrew Stewart -- Pownal Cemetery
WEIR, Andrew
WEIR, John J. [ex-Mayor]
WEIR, John Jamieson -- Lorne Street Cemetery
WEIR, John Junior -- Lorne Street Cemetery
WEIR, John Livingstone -- Brookside Cemetery
WEIR, Jonathan
WEIR, Margaret
WEIR, Walter Alexander Fraser -- Brookside Cemetery
WEIR, William
WEIR, William -- Riverside Cemetery

WHITE, Herbert James -- Heatherdale Memorial Gardens
WHITE, J. Edward [Ned] -- Lorne Street Cemetery

WIER, Edward A.

WILLIAMS, Catherine C. [Kit] -- Glen Bard Cemetery
WILLIAMS, John Donald

WILSON, Dr. Arthur H.
WILSON, Florence P. [Lottie] -- Auburn Cemetery
WILSON, Stella Cecelia -- Springville Cemetery

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