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Sławin (Slawin) Villages

Sławin, Sławinek and Wola Sławinska

The 3 villages of Slawin (my name, as there isn't an official one)lie on the sides of the valley of the Czechowka river. These villages contain the remains of 2 old estatesand have an on-going history of being places of rest and relaxation of the people of the city of Lublin.

A now closed row of shops from the 1960's, it was poorly located in comparison with newer shops created in the 1990's.

In Slawinek is a dworek that was once part of the Czartoryski family estates. The iron gates still have the family emblem, but the dworek has been divided into flats for workers at the nearby Skansen (village museum). This skansen is built on what was part of the original estate.

This is the entrance to the dworek, dating probably to the middle of the 19th century.

Just down the road are these storage rooms, disused now.

Following the Czechowka river upstream we pass this extended cottage, plastered probably over timber.

A slightly larger house, this time with asbestos roofing. The statue in the garden probably means that this is a priests residence.

A much patched wooden cottage in a very poor area.

Another poor cottage.

Probably part of the original estate, but I am not quite sure what the original use of this building was.

This is a drying shed for a small brickworks.

and these are the wagons used to carry the bricks along a short track.

This small building is in the middle of a fish pond.

Now we have progressed as far as Wola lawinska.

This building consists of semi detached cottages, each with its own, mini-dworek, pillared porch.


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