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This part of the site contains the key to locating places within the region and then finding them on a map as well as all the available information we have been able to gather on those places. This is the most extensive place guide on the internet, covering some 6100 places as opposed to the maximum of around 4000 for other sites. There are a couple of hundred places which I have yet to locate, typically vanished localities and those so small you have to be a local to know of them. Very few places have completely disappeared off the map, even if they were totally destroyed during a war they were rebuilt afterwards. Some places have had a name change, but both old and new places are recorded.

Unless you are already very, very experienced with genealogy AND Poland, it is essential that you at least skim through the 'KNOWLEDGE' page as this lists Polish terms, how to use the placename search effectively, how to search if you already know the approxiamate location etc. You might find it worthwhile printing the 'KNOWLEDGE' page out!

There are 2 different pages for 'PLACE-FINDER', one using the Polish alphabet and the other using the English alphabet. The Polish alphabet is basically similar to the English one, except there are some added 'modified' characters, such as an 'L' with a slash through it. Many computers cannot handle the Polish alphabet and some browsers make a right hash of it such that strange looking characters appear. Unless you happen to know the proper Polish characters, it is better for the beginner to use the English alphabet (UK) version. Both files are very big and may take a while to download. Check out the 'KNOWLEDGE' section to learn how to use it.

THE STREET MAP SITE is a separate site where I am putting up all the old street maps that I come across, the range is currently a little limited but will steadily improve.

The 'POWIAT & GMINA' pages are where you will find the maps and the gazetteer of the places. Powiat and gmina are Polish for county and district, these are some of the terms you need to learn if you wish to do effective genealogy in Poland. This is a shortcut link for those who already know where they need to be looking and do not want to load the 'PLACE-FINDER' pages.

If you find a "" button, this will lead you to another page about that particular place. These are generally places I have visited and photographed, so it is worth following the link.

Printing and Bookmarking

This website uses frames, that is it is a special kind of page in the background that contains a number of other pages - the ones that you can see. There are 3 pages on display here, this one where the text is, one on the left with all the menu items, and a simple one at the top with just a 'Lubelskie Gen Web' banner in it.

No matter where you are in the site, if you try to bookmark then all you will get is a bookmark of the frame, which will always take you straight to the homepage. For example, at the moment you will see that your browser is displaying the address of this site as 'http://.... .../index.htm'. If you click on the menu and go to another page, it will still display the same address which is the frame address. If you tried to print a page then it would not do so properly either.

To bookmark or print an individual page then first you must open that page on its own, out of the frame it is in. To do this you need to click the right mouse button with the mouse hovering over the area you want. For a test click the right mouse button with the mouse over this text (NOT over the menu buttons on the left, nor the images at the top of the page!). A box will appear with a variety of shortcut commands in it, and near the top will be one something like "Open Frame in New Window". Click on this one, and then a new window will appear that contains this text, but no menu on the left nor any images at the top. Your browser will now be displaying a page address like 'http://... .../iguide1.html', if you bookmark now then you can return to this page, and you can print the page out with no problem.

You can now close this window down and the original window will still be open. If you later return to a bookmarked page you can recreate the menu on the left etc simply by clicking on the blue diamond motif (next to the 'HOME' button) on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. Note that you can also navigate around this site using the 'SITEMAP' button.


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